Does my Mini have run-flat tyres?

Some vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes and Mini, come factory fitted with run-flat tyres. These tyres are designed to travel for around 50 miles at 50mph in the event of a puncture. One huge benefit of these tyres is that they allow you to get to a safe place in the event of an incident.

Some Minis have been fitted with run-flats since as early as 2003/2004, these could be marked with acronyms such as RFT, ROF, RSC or SSR. Another way to tell if your tyre is a run-flat is that it will not be flat to the floor if you do have a puncture, the reinforced sidewalls are designed to keep the tyre inflated.


This customer had chosen to replace their run-flat tyres with non run-flats, for more information on this just click here!

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