December Snowfall in the Lakes | Winter Tyres in Keswick and Surrounding Areas


We've been hit with a sudden blanket of snow across parts of the UK and motorists have started to worry! We've experienced higher volumes of customers asking about the benefits of winter tyres, so we thought we would give some advice on the subject!

Winter tyres are often mistaken for "snow" tyres, hence the panic for them as soon as snow hits the ground and decides to stick. In reality, winter tyres are "cold weather" tyres, you begin to feel the benefit of them as soon as temperatures drop below 7°C.

The cold weather will begin to harden the rubber compound of your summer tyres meaning the grip to the road surface will worsen and braking distances will increase. Winter tyres are made with a softer compound, meaning they maintain that all important grip to the road surface in colder temperatures.


For more information on the benefit of winter tyres, click here

We also offer a Summer to Winter swap/Winter to Summer swap. These seasonal changes aren't an expensive option and mean you're able to get the most out of both sets of tyres. We can either do this by removing the one set of tyres from the wheels and fitting the other set onto the same wheels, or by leaving the tyres on their own set and just swapping the wheel/tyre set over in one go.

If you'd like to check what we have available in your size in winters, click here.

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