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Boulders, stones and roofing tacks are a common occurrence on the smaller Cumbrian roads and when you are driving in these narrow areas, avoiding these can be a nightmare with the outcome often being a flat tyre. This customer called us whilst in central Keswick to book an appointment for a puncture repair or tyre. Although, whilst confirming the booking with the customer, we discovered it had been driven on in order to get her safely into a carpark in the centre of town. This won't be repairable as the side walls will have torn apart under the cars load!


Once arrived, jacked up and the new tyre installed, we inspected the other tyres for any signs of damage. Unfortunately for the customer, the other side was passed the legal limit for tread depth and needed to be changed as soon as possible! We then headed to our local depot, picked up another tyre and headed back in due course.

When attending a majority of the public's cars, we see the other tyres on the car being about half the tread. Providing the other side of the axle has a similar amount of tread, you are good to go! But, having one side on 2mm and the other side being 8mm for example can cause a whole host of issues particularly in 4x4 vehicles from the transmission wearing faster to the car aquaplaning on one side and gripping the other resulting in a spin.

For every appointment that we attend, a free inspection report is generated and send to the customer's email address after completion. This shows a multitude of data such as; Tyre wear levels; DOT codes and a recommended date to change the tyres over once they have worn down.

If you're looking for a free inspection service or need your worn tyres replaced, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to!


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