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Mobile tyre fitting Cambourne

New tyres Cambourne

We supply and fit new tyres where you want, when you want. Book an appointment down to the minute and our state of the art mobile tyre service vans and fully trained technicians will glide in and quickly replace your worn tyres with your choice of new products....


What could be easier?

What's more, you don't have to pay until the job is done! All our identical fleet of mobile tyre fitting vehicles carry secure mobile chip & pin facilities*. Secure, simple payment following completion of the easiest way to replace or repair your tyres.

Keep fuel costs to a minimum

With the ever increasing cost of fuel we are advising all our customers to consider some simple but very effective tips on how to keep costs to a minimum.

1. Drive sensibly and consider the surrounding environment such as slowing down in the proper manner at traffic lights and not speeding off when lights show green.

2. Keep tyre pressures at correct level and check on a regular basis.

3. Don't overload vehicle and consider removing roof rack and storage units after the summer holidays

4. Change tyres when required as little tread is dangerous and effects fuel consumption.

5. Only use the car if you have too.

6. Call us and we will visit you at home or work saving you time and money on fuel.

Runflat Tyres Cambourne

We are able to come to you at your home or place of work and fit your new runflat tyres in Cambourne so if you are the owner of a BMW, Mini Cooper or Mercedes Benz give us a call now and book an appointment. If a runflat tyre is losing pressure due to a nail, screw or other obstacles you will need to order a replacement tyre as unfortunately runflat tyres cannot be repaired.

Hometyre is Which? Approved for your added peace of mind.


Puncture Repair in Cambourne

If you have a puncture and if it is repairable we will get you back on the road as quickly as possible but if there is some doubt on whether the tyre can be repaired we will bring a replacement tyre with us and if it is not required we will return it to the supplier at no cost to you.It would be advisable to check that your spare tyre is inflated and usable in case of an emergency.

Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS)

Since 2014 all vehicles will have some form of tyre pressure management system fitted and most will have TPMS valves fitted inside the wheels which have a battery life of between three and seven years and in most cases the battery cannot be replaced. We have specialist equipment that can clone a new set of valves and programme them to your vehicles ECU system.

Locking Wheel Nut Cambourne

Before you leave for your holiday check the location of your Locking Wheel Nut and if it is missing give us a call on 0800 783 9310 and we will come and remove bolts with our specialist equipment. It is advisable to read the drivers manual reference releasing the spare wheel for use, particularly if the spare is fixed under the body of the vehicle as some are quite complex to release.

Wheel Alignment in Cambourne

In recent weeks many of our customers are finding that their vehicles are veering to the left or right and this is usually occuring after an impact with a kerb or pothole so the vehicle will require a wheel alignment or as commonly known as tracking.

If the tracking is not corrected, the tyres are likely to wear on the outer or inner edges depending on whether wheels are slightly pointing in or out - so call Hometyre and we will come to you at your home or place of work.

Tyron Bands for Caravans and Camper vans in Cambourne

When it is time to change your caravan tyres and it is recommended that tyres should be replaced after five years it is a good idea to consider fitting Tyron bands to each wheel as they will assist in keeping control of the vehicle in the event of a blow out on your journey.Even if your tyres are relatively new give us a call and we will bring a set of Tyron bands and fit them at your home or a storage centre

Winter tyres removed - Summer tyres fitted

If you need your winter tyres removed and your summer tyres fitted give us a call and we will action at your home or place of work saving you time and money.Here are some useful tips to consider before you set off on your journey.

1. Check that ALL 4 tyres on your vehicle have sufficient tread depth and if you carry a spare wheel check that it is in good condition and fully inflated.

2. If you have locking wheel nuts check the location of adaptor and check you have all the tools in your vehicle to fit the spare in case of a puncture.

3. Carry a torch in the vehicle in case you need to change wheel in the dark.

4. Most new vehicles do not carry a full size spare wheel and many cars do not carry a spare at all so be aware of what to do and who to call in the event of a puncture during your journey.

Front to Rear Swap

A high percentage of punctures occur in rear tyres as foreign objects such as nails are gripped by front tyres and ejected into rear tyres, A new tyre is more likely to deflect an object than an older tyre.

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Excellent service, on time and no hassle. Would definitely use again. Thankyou

Stephen (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 06/08/2018

I thought that the service that I received, both from the person who took my original call and from Keith, was excellent - efficient, pleasant and professional. I'd have no...

Ian Faulkner (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 03/08/2018

Excellent all very good and good price very good

Peter Rule (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 24/07/2018

Keith was excellent, very clear and delivered a great service!

Joshua Hogden (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 14/07/2018

Always an excellent service and very good advice regarding tyres and flexibility for fitting

Alex Graham (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 07/07/2018

Keith was absolutely fantastic. He was extremely efficient and courteous. Would highly recommend. Will definitely be using them again.

Jane Gray (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 03/07/2018

Very much enjoyed your service. Special thanks to Keith who did the work on the tyres of my car. Very professional and nice.

Dmitry Sokolik (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 28/06/2018

Excellent service! I'll be back, though i hope not again too soon!

Sarah Mardon (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 23/06/2018
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