Tyron Bands, Safety First!

What are Tyron Bands? As the name suggests, Tyron Bands keep the Tyre-On the rim in the event of a blow-out or a puncture whilst driving at speed and allow the driver to reach a safe location.

One of the most popular applications  for Tyron bands is installing them onto Caravans and Motorhomes.

The leisure industry frequently uses these products for caravans and motorhomes as they provide a degree of safety if the vehicle encounters an issue with the tyre. It has to be recognised that if the driven vehicle has a tyre issue the driver will generally detect this through the steering wheel/column or by a visual warning (mirrors or dashboard lights). If the trailing vehicle encounters a problem, the driver may not be aware of the issue until it is too late! If the Tyron band is installed onto the vehicle that encounters the issue, it will provide a degree of Runflat capability and allow the user to proceed to a safe location. This then allows then to safely assess the situation and change the wheel.


Installing the bands is not too hard but requires a little finesse. Once the vehicle or caravan has been jacked up and placed on jack-stands the wheels are removed and the tyres inspected. Usually, during the installation of Tyron bands, we are also swapping out the old tyres for new ones. If this isn't the case, we inspect the old tyres for any signs of cracking, perishing or unusual wear patterns. See the blog here for unusual wear! From here the tyres are removed and the wheel inspected for any cracks or signs of corrosion. If corrosion on the bead is present, this area is cleaned back and sealed. After the inspection the tyre is then re-installed back onto the rim with only one bead locked into place. This is when the Tyron band is installed!

Like the letter C, the band comes as a clamp and can be moved about to slide in between the tyre and the rim. After which the band is pulled around the rim to form a complete circle and tightened accordingly. If fitting to a motorhome or vehicle, sometimes these can have TPMS valves (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System valves) when purchasing a band, these need to be declared as they do need a slightly modified band to fit around these units!


From Volkswagen Ups to armoured Toyotas, we have fitted Tyron bands to a multitude of vehicles ranging from 13 to 22-inch wheels.

If you're looking at having Tyron Bands installed on your caravan or vehicle, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to!

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