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Excellent service!! HomeTyre were able to give a specific time slot which was really helpful, as my car tyre broke down 15 minutes from where I live, so I could get there for that...

Mobile Quick Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Miss Smyth - 16/06/2020

Thank you for your amazing and prompt service yet again ! Will use you every time and recommend you to anyone ! 

Mobile Maxxis Tyre Replacement in Hengrover, Bristol - Mr Lapham - 12/06/2020

I just wanted to say - Sergei, the man who came to sort the tyres, was an absolute legend - very patient and went out of his way to help. Good bloke and great service - I'll be...

Mobile Bead Seal and Puncture Repair in Whitehall, Bristol - Mr Cayzer - 11/06/2020

I was very satisfied with the service from Hometyre. Not only was the service given very quickly given (same day !! ) , but the tyre changes carried out expertly by Sergio , who...

Mobile Nexen Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Mr Turner 09/06/2020

Thanks for excellent service when others hd websites that didn't work or couldn't do the job fore three days. 

Mobile Budget Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Mr Metson - 05/06/2020

Two Commercial Tyres for a Volkswagen Caddy in Clevedon - Bristol


We recently had a repeat customer call in to order two new front tyres. As they were looking a little low, they thought it was time to change them over as they tend to do long-haul journeys quite regularly. As this was a Caddy, they require more specific commercial tyres to help hand the load.

Dedicated commercial tyres are normally marked with higher load ratings. This can be found directly after the size of the tyre. For example, 215/65 R16 115/113R Where R stands for the speed rating and the six numbers beforehand standing for the load rating of the tyre. Some light commercial vehicles might only display three numbers after the size, for example, 99H XL. In this instance, we highly recommend going for a tyre that displays "Extra Load" as these have reinforced side walls to help handle the loads. When purchasing a tyre, it's always good to read the size and load directly from the side of the tyre as this will be what the vehicle is capable of.

Before arrival, the customer phoned the office and said they had to go out. Before heading off, they hid the keys and the locking wheel nut in a lock-box and provided the access key to the office so they could forward it across to myself. Like all tyre changes, we inspected the car beforehand and assessed the wear on all four tyres. Having previously been to this customer the new tyres were already on the rear meaning that the front two needed to be changed. We got to work and jacked the Caddy up so that both the front wheels were off the ground. The wheels were then removed and placed on our bench in the van. The bead was broken, the old worn tyre removed and the commercial 235/65 R16 Aplus tyre installed in it's place. This was then inflated to the correct working pressure, balanced and placed back onto the vehicle. Repeating for the other side was a doddle.

Lowing the van carefully back onto the ground, we fully torqued the nuts to the correct setting and gave the vehicle a quick once over to ensure everything was perfect!