Two Caravan Tyres with Tyron™ Band Installation in Bristol

Despite this year being an oddity, we are still receiving orders for caravan tyres to be installed whilst they are stored at local units. This customer was preparing for the potential ease of lockdown and its lifting of restrictions at the south coast caravan sites.

Like most caravan storage area, this one did not allow public access to the yard. However, the customer had thought ahead and removed the caravan from storage and placed it onto the concrete pad outside ready for us to begin our work. During the initial phone call to book the appointment, the customer had also opted to install Tyron safety bands™. These bands fit inside the tyre and just above the dish of the wheel. In normal circumstances, if a tyre encounters a blowout on the motorway, the bead of the tyre will shimmy itself off of the wheel and possibly cause the caravan to flip. With Tyron safety bands™, the bead is unable to compress far enough to come off of the wheel. If your tyre does blow, or encounters a puncture, having these bands will allow you to drive to a safe location the caravan flipping over.


Before installing the new tyres, the old ones were inspected for their DOT code and for any damage. The old ones we were taking off were nearly 11 years old! If the customer had driven on these, the would have been an increased risk of the tyre exploding due to the rubber loosing its elasticity and becoming brittle. With the wheels taken off the caravan and placed onto the workbench in our van, we removed the old tyre and installed the new Tyron band™. After the bands were fitted, installing a new tyre can be a bit fiddly as the whole premise of the Tyron band is to stop the tyres from coming off! However, with our experience, it only took a few minutes.


The same process was repeated on the other side. After the installation, the caravan was lowered back onto the ground and inspected. After the all clear, we took payment from the customer. Before lockdown, we could chip and pin on our mobile card reader. However, we now call the customer from a safe distance and take the card details over the phone. The receipt is then sent via email to help minimise social contact!

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