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As the demand for electric vehicles continues to steam forward, a revolution of tyre technology is slowly burbling away in the background. From manufacturers such as Michelin and Bridgestone, EV(Electric Vehicle) tyres have been in the industry for several years. But, these benefits of these tyres can often be overshadowed by the price. Looking in the future, Nexen (a South-Korean brand) has started to supply electric vehicle specific tyres to brands such as Kia for their EV6. As these mid-range brands start to hit the market, we will start to see more and more competition between brands which should increase performance whilst decreasing price.

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This customer had recently purchased a Tesla Model S and was experiencing a puncture on the front near side tyre. Nothing unusual here. But, upon arrival we noticed that both front and rear axels had budget tyre fitted. Not only will this decrease range but can also impact on the health of the electric motor due to the increased rolling resistance compared to dedicated EV tyres. Although the puncture had entered squarely in the central three quarters of the tyre, we advised the customer to change both front tyres to a Tesla specific option: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 T0. After some research, the customer agreed, and we headed to the local warehouse to pick the tyres.


Back at the car, we chocked the rear and jacked in the special jacking area (with a rubber puck to prevent any damage to the bodywork). The wheels were removed, placed in the van and given a complete inspection. During the tyre swap we also scanned the TPMS units (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, i.e the valves) for any errors. The front off-side wheel was normal, but the near side front threw multiple codes relating to the valve core. Valves designed for Tesla's vehicles are a little different to the standard car but as we specialise in these units, we had the replacement part on the van ready to install and correct the codes.

With both tyres looking just fine, inflated to the correct pressure and balanced on our mobile balancing machine, we installed them back onto the car, torqued the wheel nuts to the correct setting and handed the customer the disinfected pair of keys!

Although on this occasion we performed a swap for the two tyres, to get the best performance on a set of electric vehicle tyres (EV) we would strongly recommend changing in sets of four!

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