Replacement Runflat Tyre for a BMW 3 Series in Bristol

We recently went out to a customer who had a nail in one of their rear tyres. Normally this would not be a problem as most cars are equipped with normal tyres. However, some cars (such as BMW, MINI and Mercedes) are equipped with Runflat tyres. Runflat tyres have a reinforced side wall that allows the tyre to run a certain distance (depending on brand) without any pressure. However, once the tyre has been driven on without any pressure, the inside will become shredded as the lip of the wheel presses down on the soft rubber. Sadly for this customer, the tyre had deflated whilst driving to work.

Upon arrival, we inspected all four tyres for any signs of damage, thankfully they were all perfectly fine! (Apart from the sad looking deflated rear tyre) 

The BMW was then jacked up and the front near side wheel removed. This was then placed onto the bench in our van, the valve core taken out (to rapidly deflate the tyre) and the bead broken. Before installing the new tyre, we inspected the rim for any corrosion, damage or cracks. With any ageing car, there was a small corrosion patch along the bead so before installation of the new tyre, we scrubbed the patch back, cleaned with alcohol and installed a sealant. The sealant helps to fill in the gaps and stops the air from escaping when the tyre is flexing during transit. The new 225/50 R17 Pirelli Run Flat tyre was installed and inflated to the correct pressure. With all our tyre replacements, we balanced the wheel on our balancing machine. 


With the new run flat tyre installed, the wheel was the popped back onto the car, the nuts hand tightened and the vehicle lowered to the ground. After lowering, the nuts were torqued in a star pattern to the correct setting.

Upon completion, we normally ask the customer to chip and pin in regards to payment. However, with the recent pandemic, we gave the customer a quick call and took payment over the phone. The locking wheel nut and keys were sanitised and popped onto the customer's doorstep.

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