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We went out to a customer in Bristol today who was on holiday in the area from Essex. This family had hired a motorhome from a local rental company in their home-town, they hadn't noticed the tyres until they arrived in Bristol.

Upon inspection of the tyres on the campsite, the customer found the below.


Completely bald and illegal tyres! This had been inspected and released from a rental company as a safe and legal vehicle. The recommended tread depth on these tyres is 3mm. Whereas the legal tread depth on these tyres is 1.6mm across the central ¾ in an even band around the tyre.

These don't even come close!

We replaced these with brand new Michelin Agilis Camping Tyres, keeping the customer safe and happy on their travels around the UK.

We don't doubt that this image will be shown to the rental company upon the motorhomes return!

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Are you worried about a potential blowout on your caravan or motorhome?

Have you thought about TYRON Safety Bands?

TYRON Bands are a device which fits onto the wheel well, doing exactly what it says on the tin, keeping the TYRE-ON the wheel in the event of a blowout! Meaning it could save you from a nasty accident.

To find out more about the history of TYRON, click here

If you want to order a set of the bands, you can either add them in the basket alongside your brand new tyres - or for advice on fitting TYRON to your vehicle, just call our team on the above number!


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