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Excellent service!! HomeTyre were able to give a specific time slot which was really helpful, as my car tyre broke down 15 minutes from where I live, so I could get there for that...

Mobile Quick Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Miss Smyth - 16/06/2020

Thank you for your amazing and prompt service yet again ! Will use you every time and recommend you to anyone ! 

Mobile Maxxis Tyre Replacement in Hengrover, Bristol - Mr Lapham - 12/06/2020

I just wanted to say - Sergei, the man who came to sort the tyres, was an absolute legend - very patient and went out of his way to help. Good bloke and great service - I'll be...

Mobile Bead Seal and Puncture Repair in Whitehall, Bristol - Mr Cayzer - 11/06/2020

I was very satisfied with the service from Hometyre. Not only was the service given very quickly given (same day !! ) , but the tyre changes carried out expertly by Sergio , who...

Mobile Nexen Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Mr Turner 09/06/2020

Thanks for excellent service when others hd websites that didn't work or couldn't do the job fore three days. 

Mobile Budget Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Mr Metson - 05/06/2020

Mobile Wheel Alignment for an Audi in Bristol

As cars start to age, the alignment of the vehicle can start to become asque. This customer recently had a set of tyres replaced and had observed that the inside tread of the tyre was wearing down quicker than the outside. As they constantly move from one job to another, a mobile service was ideal for them as we could come out at a time and place that suited them.

Firstly, we jacked the Audi up and inspected underneath for any signs of damage, corrosion or just anything unusual. Everything was as expected for this age. We lowered the car back down and installed the dishes underneath the front two tyres. This allows us to move the steering without causing premature wear on the tyres as they will be free to move. This was followed by placing the gauges on the front and rear of the vehicle. After completing the installation, we got to work checking the alignment and then proceeding to adjust the track rod ends to bring the alignment back into the manufactures tolerance. 
Correcting the alignment can help decrease fuel consumption, excess wear on the tyres and even increase grip and stability at high speeds as the wheels wont be fighting each other. Checking to see if you may need an alignment is as simple as looking at the tyre and seeing if one side (normally the section nearer the car) is balder than the outside (the section facing away from the car). In some instances, you may notice that the centre of the tyre is wearing down quicker than the outside. This is caused by over-inflation and the central section being the only patch in contact with the road. On the flip side, if both the outside edges are wearing and the centre still has plenty of tread, this is normally caused by under-inflation.

If you would like a free alignment check, a puncture repair or a set of new tyres, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454