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Thank you! Great service 

Mobile Single Tyre Replacement - Mrs Anderson - 22/10/2020

Hi I was sorting out my son's puncture in Bristol from my home in Kent.The customer service was excellent as was the service. He will definitely be using you again and...

Mobile Puncture repair in Bristol - Jill G - 08/10/2020

Hi Sergio, I'm more than happy to leave a review. I was very impressed with you, your work and your company and I definitely intend to use you again in the future. 

Mobile Pirelli Tyre Replacement in Bristol - Mr Down - 22/09/2020

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and to Sergio for the excellent service I received from Hometyre earlier today. Very much appreciated. I would have no hesitation is...

Mobile New Rim Installation in Bristol - Mr Hancock - 19/09/2020

Many thanks for yesterday. We were very impressed with the service and will use you again. 

Mobile Light Commercial Tyre Fitting in Bristol - Mr Alloway - 12/09/2020

How To Check Your Tyres – Coming Out Of Lockdown in Bristol

Your car may have been sat on your driveway in Bristol, dormant throughout the UK Lockdown. If you're looking to get your vehicle back on the road, it is very important to check your tyres thoroughly before embarking on your maiden voyage!

Although there has been a country wide push back of MOT dates, according to figures released by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), more than 2.2 million cars failed their MOT test last year due to the condition of their tyres. Further figures released by the DfT (Department for Transport) showed that more than 968 road casualties in the UK last year were caused because of illegal, defective or under inflated tyres.

As well as being extremely dangerous, having illegal tyres can be VERY costly. Here at Hometyre, we wonder how many of you know that you could receive 3 penalty points per tyre and up to a £2,500 fine for illegal tyres.

Even though the minimum legal requirement is 1.6mm, it is recommended that tyres should be changed at 3mm. As below this depth in wet weather, the grooves cannot disperse water fast enough, water builds up under the tyre and there is a greater possibility of aquaplaning.


When we attend customers in Bristol and surrounding areas, we check the tyre pressures of ALL tyres, regardless of how many of them we are changing. We also check the remaining tread on the tyres free of charge and send a report to our customers outlining how much tread is remaining and approximately when we think they might need to be changed depending on their mileage, the age of the vehicle and various other factors.

It is recommended to check tyres every 2 weeks, but even if the average driver checked their tyres every month, or when they fill up with fuel, that would be a great improvement. One method of doing a quick check on the depth of tread is to use a 20p coin. You insert the edge of the coin into the main grooves around the tyre, if you cannot see the outer rim of the coin then your tread is fine, if you can see the outer rim, then it is time to consider changing those tyres, as the rim on a 20p coin is 3mm.


While checking the tread depth, you should also check the pressures of all tyres, including the spare. There is no point in carrying a spare tyre if it is punctured or has no air in it. Your cars correct pressure requirements are generally in one of 3 places: either on a sticker inside the fuel filler lid, inside the driver's door or in the vehicle's manual.

Should you find that your tyres need replacing, then take a look on the Hometyre website, or give us a call on 0333 444 5454 and we will give you advice on your tyres over the phone.