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Being situated halfway up the northern hemisphere, the UK has a super odd climate. One hour it could be bright sun, the next torrential rain and the next snow (this isn't an exaggeration, this happens!). Summer tyres are fit for purpose from 7* and upwards. But, below this temperature, Winter tyres have the upper hand as they harden at a much lower temperature creating more grip in snow and ice conditions (that is a generalisation, you can find more about that here!).

Unlike 20 years ago, all-season tyres are becoming more and more popular as they are specifically designed to cope with the UK's abusive and obtuse weather conditions. Having roughly the same compound as a summer tyre but incorporating the tread patterns of a winter tyre, these types of tyres are swiftly becoming more and more popular and are even fitted to some cars from the factory. Speaking of, we recently headed out to this Range Rover Sport that experience a puncture on the motorway. Fortunately for the customer, the tyre held just enough air for them to get back to the home!


After calling the office and explaining the situation, the customer ordered a replacement 275/40R20 Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S and chose a preferred date and time in mind for the booking. If the tyre could not safely be repaired, we would have the tyre on the van ready to install. But, if the tyre could safely be repaired, we would send the tyre back at no additional charge!

Upon arrival, it was immediately apparent that it was too far gone, the alloy wheel was hanging out the side of the tyre! We then jacked the vehicle up, took the wheel off and popped it into our van ready for removal. During the removal, we did notice some slight visual damage due to being driven on without a tyre to cushion it from the road. But, this was nothing to be concerned about and wouldn't compromise the structural integrity of the wheel! With the old tyre carefully removed (there were sharp metal chords exposed), the new Pirelli all-season tyre was installed, inflated and balanced.

If you're looking at booking a specific time slot to suit your schedule, need a puncture repair or are having issues with your TPMS system, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to!


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