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Nokian iLine - A Greener Tyre

Nokian has launched its latest summer tyre, the iLine, this tyre is aimed mostly at smaller vehicles and medium-sized family cars. There are many key benefits following the design and engineering behind this new tyre, one of which is improvements towards preventing aquaplaning. Although we are heading into the summer, we live in the UK and unfortunately there is bound to still be a lot of rain heading our way, which can lead to aquaplaning.

Aquaplaning occurs when traction is lost between the tyre and the road surface caused by a sheet of water, control of the vehicle is lost which can be incredibly dangerous. The new technology by Nokian uses 'Venturi Grooves' on the inner and outer shoulders, these contoured grooves are located between the tread blocks and work to disperse a larger amount of water. Another contributing factor is the asymmetrical inside-outside tread pattern, also working to remove water between the tyre and the driving surface at a faster rate, leading to that all important reduction in chances of aquaplaning resulting in keeping you and your passengers safer on wet roads.

There is a great focus on aquaplaning with the iLine, as well as the above technology, Nokian have also introduced a water drop symbol as an indicator into the tread to make you, as a driver, aware of the risks. Once the tread reaches 4mm the water drop symbol disappears, indicating the risks of aquaplaning are increased as the tyres wear below this point.


Nokian also show improvements towards fuel efficiency due to the low rolling resistance, this is possible due to the hemispherical, golf ball-like indentations on the walls of the longitudinal ribs controlling the air flow of the tyre. As well as reducing air resistance, the 'Silent Groove' Design also reduces noise levels both inside and outside the vehicle, allowing driving to be enjoyably quiet.

The iLine tyre also shows increased durability, this is due to the pine oil added to the silica tread compound, this works to reduce the temperature of the rubber compound therefore reducing the friction caused by inter-molecular movement. Nokian claim this allows the iLine to last much longer, consume less fuel, roll lighter and minimise harmful emissions.

This new innovation from Nokian will be available in a wide range of sizes from spring 2016, for more information on the iLine and other tyres available from Nokain, please call our friendly team on 0800 783 9310 or visit our website to see the large range of other brands we have available at Hometyre.

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


New tyre for Summer 2016 - Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

Goodyear have recently announced the arrival of their new summer tyre, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, this new performance tyre has a reduction in braking distances on both wet and dry roads. These reductions are around 2.6 metres shorter in wet braking and 1.3 metres shorter in dry braking compared to the average of other well known premium tyres. The new grip booster compound ensures grip to the road surface is greater, again contributing to those all important improved braking distances.


As well as offering these impressive steps towards shorter braking distances, the new reinforced construction technology shows improvements towards handling of the vehicle, cornering performance, fuel efficiency and tread wear.

This tyre is available in select sizes now, with the majority of sizes are predicted to be on sale in March 2016. For more information or to see if we are able to supply your size in the new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3, please call us on 0800 783 9310.


Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ






Continental TS860 - an innovation for Winter Tyres

The Continental Winter Contact TS850 has been dominating the winter tyre market over previous years, coming out on top in just under 50 comparative tests run by the European trade press, automobile clubs and consumer organisations.

Continental have developed the Winter Contact TS860, which is proving to show some next level improvements on the TS850. Braking distances are 4% shorter on ice and 5% shorter on wet and wintry roads. There are also improvements towards handling, grip and general ride quality. These positive steps forward are a combination of a new tread compound put together with a newly developed tread design. The 'Cool Chili' compound has a highly flexible polymer matrix and a high proportion of silica, this reduces braking distances and shows noticeable improvement in traction on wet and wintry road surfaces. This compound is an all rounder and maintains its flexibility even at low winter temperatures, enabling shorter braking distances on wet, cold, icy and snow-covered roads.

Winter Contact TS860_1

As well as the 'Cool Chili' compound, the TS860 has also been designed with 'Liquid Layer Drainage', this basically means that when you brake on an icy road, a film of water is created under the tread, this reduces the tyre's contact with the road. Combined with an additional drainage channel in the tread, this allows the water to drain away much faster, leading to that all important shorter braking distance in cold weather.

Continental are expected to release the new Winter Contact TS860 to retail outlets from autumn 2016, until then, you can view our range of Continental tyres, along with many other premium brands available to you, by clicking here and entering your tyre size. If you would rather speak to a member of our team, just call us on 0800 783 9310 and we will be more than happy to help!

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


The Nightmare of Potholes

At this time of year, potholes are appearing much more often on our roads in the UK. Potholes are created when water seeps into the underlying structure via cracks in the road surface, in the winter this water expands when it freezes, causing the gravel underneath to move. When the weather starts to get warmer and the water melts, a hole is left under the road surface and eventually caves in from the pressure of various vehicles repeatedly driving over it.


Potholes are one of the biggest pains for many UK motorists, I'm sure you would agree! Here at Hometyre we take multiple calls a day from unfortunate drivers who have hit one and suffered a flat tyre. Although approximately 60% of punctured tyres can be repaired, it is often likely that the damage caused by a pothole can be too severe to carry out a repair to the British BSAU159 standards. For more information on puncture repairs, click here.

As well as causing tyre failures, potholes can also knock your tracking out. If you hit a pothole, ensure you pull over and inspect your tyres for any signs of damage, if your tyres appear to be fine but once you begin driving again your steering wheel is vibrating or pulling to one side it is definitely worth getting your wheel alignment (tracking) checked. If the tracking on your vehicle has become misaligned it can cause uneven and premature wear to your tyres over time, which means they will need replacing much sooner. It can also increase rolling resistance which can lead to higher fuel consumption, and nobody wants to be spending more than they have to on filling up their vehicle! For more information on wheel alignment please click here.

If you suffer a puncture or a blow out and would like us to come out to your location to asses the damage, please call us on 0800 783 9310. We always try to repair a puncture if possible, however if it's not repairable, at Hometyre we always ensure we have a replacement tyre on board with us so we can get you back on the road!

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


Benefits of Winter Tyres


December 2015 was one of the warmest on record, with the temperature staying above average for the majority of the month. As predicted, winter has started to hit us at the start of 2016. There were many mornings in January motorists were sat in their car, waiting for those heaters to slowly warm up and clear their windscreen. As well as this cold and bad weather affecting the mood of drivers, it also affects the car itself.

At Hometyre, there is one plan of action we can help you to take, replacing your summer tyres with winter tyres. There are many advantages to switching to winter tyres, many people believe they are only beneficial in minus temperatures, however their performance is much better than that of summer tyres from temperatures below just 7°C. Stopping distances and control are greatly improved, on icy roads your car will stop an average of 11 metres shorter, and braking distances on wet roads are improved by 10%.


Winter tyres also perform much better during aquaplaning, this is basically when there is a sheet of water on the road surface and traction is lost. Drivers lose control of the vehicle and it slides over the surface of the road, winter tyres are able to disperse a larger amount of water than summer tyres which will majorly reduce the chance of aquaplaning, keeping yourself and your passengers much safer on the roads at this time of year. For more information on winter tyres, click here.

To view the full range of winter/cold weather tyres we have at Hometyre, simply click here and enter your required size and you can filter down the options to view just winter tyres using the options on the right hand side of the page. Alternatively, if you would rather speak to a member of our friendly sales team, simply call us on 0800 783 9310.

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


The Importance of Checking Your Tyres


Checking your tyres - something that may often slip your mind, or something that you will do 'next week', this is something that should not be pushed to the back of your mind. TyreSafe have announced that regular tyre checks will reduce casualties and save millions of lives, at Hometyre we also urge motorists to regularly check their tyres are inflated to the vehicle manufacturers recommended pressures and that they have sufficient tread depth. It is important to check your tyres for any uneven wear and also for any cracks that may appear in the sidewall of your tyres.

Illegal or damaged tyres are the single largest contributing factor of all accidents which are caused by vehicle defects. According to the DVSA over recent years, 2.2 million cars annually fail their MoT due to tyre-related issues and on top of that, over the past three years the number of convictions for tyre-related offences has exceeded 15,000*.

A few easy tyre checks are recommended, taking less than a couple of minutes to complete, these should be carried out at least once a month and before a long journey. Simply check tread depth, air pressure and general condition of your tyres. The legal tread depth is 1.6mm in the central ¾ of the tyre in a continuous band around the entire circumference. The correct air pressure for your tyres can be found in the owner's manual, there will be two pressures stated, one for when fully loaded and another for when partly loaded.


To view our guide on how to check your tyres, click here.

If you check your tyres and have any worries regarding whether your tyres meet these standards, please contact us straight away at Hometyre so we can be sure you are driving both safely and legally on the road.

*Survey by the Ministry of Justice 2012 to 2014

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


New Technology - 'DriveGuard' by Bridgestone


On Tuesday 19th January 2016, in Nice, France, Bridgestone launched its latest technology DriveGuard. Over 100 journalists from around Europe were invited to this launch event to see what Bridgestone DriveGuard had to offer.

The engineering of this new tyre allows the driver to continue to drive for approximately 50 miles at a speed of up to 50mph following a puncture, whether this is a sharp piece of glass on the outer edge or a nail straight through the centre of the tread. These tyres are designed for cars with a TPMS valve fitted, once the indicator on your dashboard alerts you to the loss of air you know you have approximately 50 miles to get to a safe location.

As well as offering the driver an additional 50 miles to drive to safety, the tyre allows the car to be able to continue to drive well, maintaining steering control. As well as being a great tyre in an emergency, DriveGuard tyres also offer an 'A' Wet Grip rating, which is the highest wet grip performance, resulting in shorter braking distances.


Bridgestone are expected to market DriveGuard tyres in the most popular sizes but there is talk of widening the size range and possibly introducing cold-weather tyres depending on interest in the product shown by the public. This new tyre is expected to be available for sale in the UK from around April this year. Until then, at Hometyre we stock various other Bridgestone Runflats including the RE050A and the S001, to see the tyres we have available in your size either call our sales team on 0800 783 9310 or visit our website!

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


New Sponsors of Manchester City FC - Nexen!

It has recently been announced that Nexen Tyres are going to be the new sponsor of Manchester City FC, this new partnership will create a buzz for Nexen starting at the Ethiad Stadium and spreading through numerous fans across the globe.

Nexen Tyres are a brand which have been continuously growing over previous years and are becoming more recognised by both dealers and the public. No doubt the brand name will continue to spread following the release of a 30-second advert which is currently airing across various European countries until May 2016, to view this advert simply click here.


Ho-Chan Kang and Ferran Soriano celebrate the signing of the new sponsorship

As well as signing various sponsorship deals, Nexen have also been picking up some well earned awards recently. Across both the Korean Good Design Awards and the US Good Design Awards five of Nexen Tyre's products were nominated, with the Roadian AT Pro RA8 being announced as a winner at both awards due to it's exceptional off-road performance. With Nexen making a big effort to strengthen its presence in the European market, expect to see more of this brand very soon!

At Hometyre we stock a large range of Nexen tyres, simply click here to return to our home page to search for Nexen tyres available in your size and have them fitted to your vehicle at home or work, hassle free!

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


New year, new areas covered!

We're hitting the new year running, with new coverage announcements on the way! First up in 2016 is Aberdeenshire - with Keith making final preparations to begin trading early February. This area should easily and quickly become our leader for winter and all season tyres - certainly as it becomes our most Northerly outlet - after Edinburgh.

From Brighton to Aberdeen, our service remains consistent throughout. On time, in time and delivered by a conscientious and friendly technician on site. We aim to make your tyre purchasing a thing of absolute ease and in a non-pressured (excuse the pun!) environment - YOUR place!

Trading in and around Aberdeen and a much wider part of Aberdeenshire too, Keith will soon be on hand delivering exceptional service for private motorists and businesses alike.

Do you live in Aberdeenshire? With our mobile service you don't need to travel to a garage to replace or repair your tyres anymore - we come to you at home/work - in fact just about anywhere and at specific times of day too*.

Winter tyre fitting has never been easier too! Store your tyres at home at no extra cost.

*Call us for more information on 08007839310.


New Year opening hours

It's been a very busy year and we're truly grateful for your continued custom and support - thank you.
Our sales team will be available to take your calls on the following dates and times this New Year.

Wednesday 30th-    Normal opening hours

Thursday 31st - 0830 to 12.30
Friday 1st -      CLOSED
Saturday 2nd - CLOSED
Sunday 3rd -    CLOSED

Monday 4th - Normal operating hours resume

Please contact the team for fitting availability in your area.

Have a great New Year and please do drive safely throughout.


More to it than you may think!

You've probably never even considered how a tyre is made or what's involved! For most motorists tyres are given very little consideration - other than the annoyance at the often unexpected cost of replacement.

The very real fact is that your tyres save your life EVERY time you drive your car. Really! 

We all want them to last 50,000 miles, often with little or no regular maintenance, through all types of road & weather conditions and speeds - and many assume that despite the assumption that they should handle all this with ease, that tyres should be a fraction of the price!

The end product, however, hides the extensive manufacturing processes, technologies and materials used to produce it! 

Take a look at this short video (you have to live with the slightly dodgy soundtrack though)! It offers a brief insight into the production of a modern car tyre. It's not just a big piece of rubber!!


Worried about insurance implications of winter tyres?

With winter now starting to take a grasp of the nation, there are many motorists nationwide making the switch over to cold weather tyres. If you've never experienced the benefits of these products before, you really would be amazed at the dramatic improvements in cold weather driving. These tyres maintain grip at all temperatures, unlike summer type tyres which harden at zero degrees and below and continue to lose traction thereafter.

In terms of overall vehicle safety, handling and braking performance during our cold, wet and dark winter months, there really is no equal. That said, every year we hear a similar tale or two from clients who have spoken to their insurers prior to fitting these tyres to check if there would be any issues.
Sadly we also encounter stories where said insurers are either charging additional premium values or even suggesting that policies could be made void through the fitment of these items too!
It is
misleading and an utterly deplorable stance for any insurer to either charge for or attempt to prevent a motorist from improving theirs and other motorists/pedestrians safety due to a total lack of understanding of cold weather rubber or indeed just to enterprise.

So... To help clear up any confusion please see below the OFFICIAL line from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) with regards the use of cold weather/winter tyres:


Motor insurers recognise that some motorists may wish to fit winter tyres to their car during cold weather. Motor insurers recognise that, whilst no substitute for common sense driving, winter tyres can have a positive impact on improving road safety. In the past there has been some uncertainty for insured customers about the insurance premium implications of fitting winter tyres to their cars. To assist in reducing this potential uncertainty, the ABI has produced the Commitment set out below which sets out the position of those named motor insurers in respect of the impact on the insurance premiums of their insured customers if a customer wishes to fit winter tyres to their car. As can be seen, often motor insurers will not charge an additional premium when their insured customers use winter tyres, provided that they meet, and are fitted in accordance with, the vehicle manufacturers' specifications and are in a roadworthy condition. However, some motor insurers may require you to contact them to let them know if you do choose to fit winter tyres. The name of your insurer and their contact information can be found on your insurance policy documentation (summary details are provided below). It is important to remember that sometimes your motor insurer may be different from the company that sold you your insurance policy. This Confirmation will apply from 3rd September 2015 to 2nd September 2016 at which time it will be reviewed. Please note that this Commitment only applies to cars used for personal use that are insured under a private or personal use car insurance policy.

The commitment of insurers:

The insurers named below do not require the payment of any additional premium if customers decide to fit winter tyres to their cars, provided that the tyres meet, and are fitted in accordance with, the relevant vehicle manufacturers' specifications and are in a roadworthy condition whilst in use.

A full list of these  insurers can be found here.

Hometyre offer a number of solutions for cold weather motoring including winter tyres, wheel and tyre packages and the new ALL YEAR MICHELIN CROSS CLIMATE TYRE. Call us today for more information on any cold weather motoring solution. 08007839310


Big announcements for key tyre manufacturers

The latter part of 2015 has seen a number of brand developments for premium tyre manufacturers - all competing to capture a greater part of the ever

Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_increasing global performance market

Michelin - Pilot Sport 4

The latest combination of extensive development and innovation highlighting significant improvements 'direct from track'. Indeed, experiences learnt directly

from Michelin's involvement in the Formula E championship, the tyre continuously adapts to the changing road surface due to the interactions between

architecture, tread pattern and materials.A worthy successor to its predecessor, the Pilot Sport 3, this tyre is stated to be the ideal choice for drivers of powerful saloons and sports cars.

Continental Sport Contact 6 - the 'Black Chilli'

Initially available in launch sizes between 19" & 23", the German manufacturers latest Ultra-High Performance tyre is most ideally suited to the pure sports cars such as the Porsche 911, AMG Mercedes and Audi R8 - to name a few. The new compound cites superb atomic connections between the tyre and


road surface - akin to microscopic suction pads operating at nanoscopic levels. With a steady increase in the popularity and demand for larger sized tyres - and with Original Equipment fitting across almost a third of new manufactured vehicles in Europe, Continental have exciting times ahead.

Bridgestone - Potenza S007

Called upon by Ferrari once again to continue with the two prestigious brands long standing partnership, Bridgestone have created a brand new super-sports tyre - the Potenza S007.

Designed initially for the Ferrari F12 - the Italian thoroughbreds most powerful road car ever produced - the tyre is available in both conventional and run flat specifications in 255/35ZR20. The S007 is the latest high performance tyre designed especially for the very high speed sports.

Hometyre supply and fit tyres across all major brands and to all types of vehicles including high specification, prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche etc. Call us today to arrange fitting at you home or work address to suit. We fit at specific times of day too. No waiting - no fuss - just great service.


First real signs of winter this weekend!

We can't complain about the weather and temperatures so far this autumn and early winter, Other than some gusty winds it's been mild and occasionally wet - otherwise pretty good. Is it all about to change though?? 

Certainly this weekend the mercury is about to drop with a rude awakening that's for sure. With wind chill factors taking us into the minuses, we're also expecting widespread snowfall across the UK.

The question, as you'd expect from us, is: are you prepared?  


This week has seen our mobile units across the UK busy fitting motorists' winter tyres back on in preparation for the season ahead - a bit later than most years. Are you current tyres up for colder, wetter weather? Have you considered swapping on to cold weather rubber - or even replacing existing wheels and tyres with a winter alternative? Have you seen the all new all-season tyre from Michelin? The Cross CLimate is the world's first all year round tyre to cater for winter and summer with equal performance!

We've got numerous solutions to keep you safe this winter. Not sure where to start? Call us for some impartial no obligation guidance. 


We're now covering Edinburgh too!

That's right, final preparations are underway to launch the Hometyre service across Edinburgh from the end of October! Tony is the main man operating across Edinburgh and the Lothians and he's really excited about wowing customers with his dedicated services at home or work.

Operating from the finest of mobile workshops he carries out a number of services including:

  • New tyre replacement - car, 4x4, light commercial vans, caravans, trailers and motorhomes.
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignment (tracking)
  • Locking wheel nut removal
  • Alloy wheel resealing
  • Tyron bands - supplied and fitted
  • On site tyre inspections
  • Winter tyres, all season tyres, run flat tyres
  • To-the-minute appointment times
  • Pay in advance or upon completion - it's your choice!
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted

Never used a mobile service before? Relax - not only are we Which? accredited but we've been operating since 2003 and cover a large section of the UK already.

We've tens of thousands of very happy and loyal customers who call us back time and time again. After all, why pay the same or more for tyres or tyre related services where you have to make all the effort going to them? What's more, we're clean, tidy and a friendly group of likeminded individuals who really do go the extra mile for you.

Try us! It may be the last time you ever have to leave the house or your workplace to buy new tyres or have one repaired. That's got to be a big bonus!

Hometyre Edinburgh can be called on 0131 3413424


We made a time machine.....out of a Citroen!!

21st October 2015 represents a very significant date in the diary for those in the know!

Yes, it's the date the intrepid time travellers Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown travel to from 1985 in order to rescue the future. Back in the '80s Spielberg and Zemeckis foresaw a number of advancements in tech that didn't quite happen! Flying cars, self tying laces, hover boards and robotic petrol stations have yet to materialise in the real world but things have certainly come along a long way since 1985.

Back then World events included:

Mikhail Gorbachev became Secretary General and leader of the then Soviet Communist Party
'We are the World' was first recorded
'Neighbours' debuts on Australian TV
Coca-Cola launched 'New Coke' for a grand total of 3 months before returning to the original recipe
Live Aid concerts occur during the summer.
Super Mario Bros is released by Nintendo.
The world had a population of 4,830,979,000 compared to 7,374,919,900 today (give or take!)

So when the call came through from sometime in the distant past that a certain Doc Brown was stuck on a shopping mall car park with a puncture, we realised that the very fabric of time itself could be altered unless we kept him rolling! Digging through our collective tool boxes we were able to knock up a flux capacitor for one of the vans and get technician Wayne out to his rescue. Watch what happened below.....

Hometyre. The future of tyre replacement!!


Which? Approved - Again!

Great news! Our entire network has been fully accredited and approved by Which? for a second year running.The Which? Trusted Trader Scheme gives our customers the peace of mind that they're dealing with a professional and trustworthy brand that will work strictly to guidelines and with proper customer care practices in place at all times. So relax - you're always in good hands with Hometyre! 



2012 saw the European-wide introduction of Tyre Labeling legislation for all new tyres produced for the market. This information provides consumers with valuable assistance when deciding which product may best suit their driving style, climate and particular vehicle. Key areas of focus are: wet braking efficiency, rolling resistance (fuel efficiency) and external noise output in decibels.


It's the latter measurement that tyre manufacturers are focusing there efforts on currently. Tyre legislation provides information for external noise created by tyres rather than noise that occurs within the vehicles cabin. Continental have already developed and released ContiSilentTM technology to a range of its products. As quoted from the global manufactures website information:
"ContiSilent™ is a tyre noise-reducing technology developed by Continental. It is designed to reduce interior noise on all road surfaces. ContiSilent™ tyres are equipped with an inner tyre absorber, a polyurethane foam, attached to the inner surface of the tread area with an adhesive. Regardless of the temperature, the structure of the foam stays intact.

ContiSilent™ helps reduce interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB(A), depending on the type of vehicle, its speed and the road surface. At the moment it is only available for summer tyres and is compatible with all commonly available rims. Driving performance is not affected and there is no negative influence on mileage and load/speed capability. Fitting on four positions is recommended."

Further brands are reacting to the market too. Falken have introduced a similar technology with their 'Silent Core' system. A product which is claimed to last the life of the tyre and offer up to 4db reduction in internal noise pollution through its innovative double-humped foam layer within the tyre carcass.

Tyres are becoming more efficient, safer and quieter through ongoing technological advancements - have you considered quietening down your journeys? Contact the Hometyre team for more information today. We supply and fit a growing range of 'quiet' tyres.


It's National Tyre Safety Month 2015!

So we've had a summer (of sorts) and we've enjoyed a fair spell of warm weather during the latter part of September. However.....the weeks are rolling on and October is already upon us : (

Alongside the browning and falling of the leaves and the occasional frosty start, October sees a month of raising awareness of tyre safety, spearheaded by national tyre awareness organisation TyreSafe - and a month which Hometyre fully supports and engages in too!

Why October, you may ask? Well, we can all get a little complacent with our tyres throughout the summer. Drier spells (yes,there were a few!), warmer temperatures and cleaner cars often mean that tyre maintenance doesn't really get a look in - unless via a service or MoT.

Winter months are far more demanding on your tyres. Cold temperatures, prolonged wet periods, ice and sometimes snow are all commonplace for 5 or 6 months of our year here in the UK.
Low tread is just one of many potentially hazardous errors that occur with your tyres. Low pressure caused by punctures or a poor seal to the wheels effect handling and braking - not to mention fuel economy. Splits and cuts expose vital parts of the tyre to foreign objects that could lead to dangerous blow outs at worst and a flat tyre during freezing dark mornings at best.

When you hurl around in a 1 to 2 tonne machine at speed and in low grip conditions it really is often a matter of life hanging in the balance as far as your tyres are concerned. Perhaps we should consider not when poor tyres have ended life but instead consider how many times they SAVE your life!! That way
you may want to ensure that they are suitably prepared for some harder work in the coming months and are ready to CONTINUE saving your life every time you use them!


To support National Tyre Safety Month - and of course to promote our services to new potential clients, we're offering free, no obligation tyre safety checks* at business parks, offices, schools etc where we have unrestricted access to car parks and a means to contact vehicle owners with important information.

Interested? We hope you will be. Afterall, it's free and we could highlight an issue that you may be completely unaware of.
At the very least, you'll get your pressures checked and a clean bill of health.
Call today for availability in your area.

*Subject to coverage of your location in the UK. Please call our support team for guidance on 03334445454 or 08007839310.

It's coming....

In October.....

                      Check back with us soon to find out what it's all about....


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