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National Tyre Safety Month 2017

National tyre safety month kicks off with the question "Are you having a Good or Bad Air Day?"

A study conducted by TyreSafe suggests as many as 57% of car and van tyres on the roads are being driven below recommended inflation pressures, increasing vehicles' fuel consuption and the risk of being involved in an incident. Not only does the vehilce become more difficult to control, the amount of tyre in contact with the road can be halved. If it isn't touching the road properly, a tyre's grip is compromised, meaning it takes longer to stop, espcially in the wet.

A tyre can wear 10% more quickly if it's 10% below the manufacturer's recommended settings and the extra effort needed to turn the wheels means the vehicle burns more fuel. Research by TyreSafe shows an extra £600 million is potentially being spent on fuel bills by drivers because their tyres are under-inflateds. It's also adding the amount of CO2 the vehicle burns.

To reduce the risks while driving and save themselves money, drivers are reminded to check their air pressures at least once a month and before long journeys.

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said "Keeping tyres properly inflated is easy to do, keeps drivers and other road users safe, and saves money. It's a win-win situation so it's remarkable how many motorists don't ensure the pressures are correct for the vehicle and the load it is carrying. Tyre Safety Month is the ideal time to start the routine of ensuring every driving day is a good air day."

Vehicles typically have two tyre pressure settings. These will need to be adjusted depending on whether the vehicle is fully loaded or has a light load. Most vehicles have these displayed either in the fuel filler cap, door shut or even glovebox, but the will certainly be in the owner's handbook.


Nexen Tire to supply OE tyres to a Number of European carmakers

Leading global tyre manufacturer Nexen Tire has announced that it will be expanding its original equipment tyre supplies in the European market.

The Nexen N'blue HD Plus will be Supplied as OE tyres o a number of European carmakers, including Škoda, Volkswagen and SEAT.


The new upgraded Volkswagen Polo, a compact hatchback and one of Volkswagen's best-selling models will be fitted the N'ble HD Plus in size 215/45R17 95W. They will also be fitting this in sizes 205/60R16 92V and 215/60R16 95V on the new compact SUV Volkswagen's T-Roc.

The N'blue HD Plus will also be fitted to the SEAT Ibiza in the size 215/45R17 91W in addition to SEAT's first SUV Ateca in the size 215/60R16 95V.

"We are proud that our products satisfy the requirements of global carmakers in Europe," said Nexen Tire. "Nexen Tire will contiue to expand its presence in the global market through its commitment to innovation and quality.


Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Nexen tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


Mobile Tyre Fitting in Norwich and Norfolk

New area goes 'live' September 20th! Hometyre have further extended UK coverage to now include a large part of Norfolk too. Concentrating within the areas between Norwich and Thetford, the local team are now ready to repair and replace tyres with the same dedication, enthusiasm and service as is available elsewhere across the UK.

We're looking forward to working with private motorists and business customers alike - offering our full range of services including:

For Local bookings CALL 01603558404 or 03334445454


New SUV Winter tyres by Falken

Falken is expanding its winter tyre portfolio with the new EUROWINTER HS01 SUV. Like the EUROWINTER HS01, the SUV models have been developed using state-of-the-art technology to deliver top directional stability, superb aquaplaning resistance and excellent grip in wet, icy and snowy conditions.

"A winter tyre specifically for SUVs is the logical continuation of our strategy of supplying an extensive product portfolio for growing and profitable market sectors," says Andreas Giese, Senior Manager Division Corporate Planning at Falekn Tyre Europe GmbH. "We have also expanded the EUROWINTER HS01 and EUROWINTER VAN01 rages by adding more sizes; there are now 77 new car sizes and 17 light truck and van sizes. This will boost our market coverage in these sectors."

The EUROWINTER HS)! SUV is now available in 12 sizes, with a further 27 to be added to the catalogue in 2018. Falken will supply the EUROWINTER HS01 SUV in rim diameters 16 to 19 inches, in series 55 to 70 and in speed rating H, V and W.

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Falken tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


All Season or Winter Tyres for 2017/18?

Are you starting to think about the (sorry!) forthcoming winter? If you're a regular winter tyre user, at some point in October you'll no doubt be making the switch back off your summer rubber in preparation for the cold season.

Tyre manufacturers have recognised that across Europe - and particularly in the UK, the winter season has changed. Prolonged sub zero temperatures and extreme weather appears to have been replaced by a colder version of August! While there is no real substitute for proper cold weather tyres to handle true wintry conditions on untreated and less well used roads, there is certainly a good case for a tyre that can be kept on year round and offer a good range of capabilities.


Enter the ALL SEASON tyre. Many manufacturers now have a range of all season offerings across popular sizes. These tyres bridge the gap between a summer and winter tyre and provide a level of performance in both seasons without particularly compromising on wear rates, comfort, noise or fuel economy.

These probably represent a great alternative for urban motorists who wish to retain the peace of mind and surefootedness of a winter tyre at low temperatures without the need for biannual swap overs and tyre storage associated with true winter options.

Of course if the weather does deteriorate to conditions that we last experienced back in 2011, or you rely on your vehicle daily, for whatever reason, then the investment in a full set of winter tyres will prove invaluable.

Whatever your preference, we're happy to offer our best advice and a range of options to suit. Our mobile service allows you to swap over summer to winter tyres at home - saving you the cost of storage facilities (provided you've got a little space to keep them, of course).

Hometyre are preferred suppliers of arguably the finest winter tyres available - NOKIAN. Manufactured in Scandinavia, Nokian invented and have continuously developed this product over many decades. Call us for more information.

CrossClimate Winter_tire_Nokian_WR_G2

The Michelin Cross Climate All Season & the Nokian WRG2 Winter Tyre



Winter Tyres by Nokian

From their invention of winter tyres in 1934 Nokian Tyres have continued to lead the way with a full range of car, van & 4x4 tyre and bring safe, innovative, high performance winter products to the global market.

A completely new portfolio of products for 2017 from Nokian Tyres include the WRD4, WRA4 and the Nokian Weatherproof, the first year round tyre carrying the 3PMSF taking All Season, Beyond All Seasons.

Nokian Tyres have created a unique innovation in their SUV products with an Aramid Sidewalls, increasing reliability and durability by implementing staple Aramid fibres to the sidewall which are also used in military and aerospace applications.


Hometyre are an authorised UK dealer and fit the full range of Nokian tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


New Yokohama Winter Tyres

With winter fast approaching, Yokohama offers a comprehensive range of premium winter tyres ideal for driviers of all cars, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles lookingincreased saftey, preformance and guaranteed mobility throughout the winter.

New for 2017, the first Yokohama brand winter tyre to use the advanced "BlueEarth" fuel-efficient technologies, the BluEarth W*drive V905 has been designed to meet Europe's increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The tyre features a directional pattern with wide grooves and a new compound offering superior stability and performance on snow, ice and wet roads, Ideal for drivers of perofrmance cars, medium sized cars an SUVs. The BluEarth W*drive V905 is available in sizes from 15"-22".


Also from Yokohama's W*Drive winter tyre range, the W*drive V902 tyre is specially constructed using a flexible polymer compound with a unique high-rigid asymmetric tread design to drain water, snow and slush effectively while 3D shaped sipes provide excellent traction in a wide range of temperature zones, for drivers with RunFlat tyres Yokohama offers the W*drive V902 ZPS (Zero Pressure Systen) winter tyre, featuring all the same benefits, with the added reassurance should a puncture occur.

From Yokohama's recently expanded all terrain, 4X4 and SUVtyre range, the Geolandar A/T G015 showcases the latest compound technology and new tread pattern. Festurign the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, a trusted mar that the tyre is suited to winter driving. The G015 offers improved grip in wet, icy and snowy conditions. It is optimised to deliver better wet braking, improved hydroplaning resistance, greater wear resistance and lower noise.


The W*drive WY01 allows vans and other light commercial vehicles to continue to operate in the most reacherous of winter conditions. This tyre has been optimised for wet braking and handling, delivering excellent performance on both snow and ice with excellent durability.

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Yokohama tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


All Season Tyres

With the weather becoming a little more sporadic and seasons not necessarily falling when expected, the use of All Season tyres is growing in the UK.

Pirelli has developed a range of All Season tyres for cars, SUVs and vans.

For the car solution, Cinturato All Season, is a tyre that works equally well throughout the year and offers the highest standards of safety on every road surface. It is perfect in summer, without any of the performance drop-off seen by winter tyres in warmer conditions, and works just as well in non-extreme winter conditions, as typically seen in towns and cities. The Cinturato All Season delivers its very best performance in those conditions where having either a summer tyre or winter tyre would be a compromise.

For SUVs Pirelli offers the Scorpion Verde All Season, which like the Cinturato All Season, is designed to provide optimum performance in both summer and winter conditions. This tyre is homologated for a range of high-performance vehicles including the Porsche Macan, Range Rover Evoque and Volvo XC90.

For the vans the Carrier All Season have been developed. This tyre also carried the snowflake symbol on the sidewall signifying it's suitable for winter use in markets where legislation requires drivers to change to winter-specific rubber. In selected sizes the Carrier All Season also benefits from Pirelli's innovative safety system 'Seal Inside'.

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Pirelli tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


New 8am Opening Time!

Great news for the early birds!

We're now open to take your calls from 8am Monday to Saturday. Get your day organised and your Hometyre visit booked early.


Goodyear chosen for brand new Volkswagen Arteon

Goodyear has announced the award winning Ultra-High Performance Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tyre, equipped with the latest SealTech technology, has been accedited by VW for OE fitment on the new Arteon.

Goodyears SealTech technology is their latest extended mobility solution, based on a post-cure sealant technology. SealTech seals puntures up to 5mm diameter in the tread area of the tyre. The SealTech marking will be visable on the sidewall of the tyre.

"We are proud to broaded our portfolio and to introduce Goodyear SealTech on the new VW Arteon. There is a growing interest in extended mobility solutions from both vehicle manufacturers and consumers, and we continye to invest in the development of technologies such as SealTech to fulfil that demand." Says Nick Harley, Manaing Director OE Consumer Goodyear EMEA


Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Goodyear tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


It's Summer! (But Don't Go Getting All Complacent....)

It'd be easy to neglect the car a little at this time of year - certainly without the worry of frosty mornings, slippery roads and bleak skies.
For the sake of a few simple checks though, a whole host of problems and hassle can be avoided during your holiday travels....

5 Easy Checks for Peace of Mind Summer Driving

1. TYRES. (Oh come on, you knew we'd start with these!)

Get those pressures checked. Low pressure increases fuel consumption and places massive strain on your tyres. Couple this with extra weight such as luggage etc and problems could lie ahead. A visual check will highlight low tread, cuts, bulges and perishing. How old are your tyres? 6-7 years and you really need to think about renewing! Make sure (if you have one?) that the spare is fit for use and the tools required to change it are present - including the locking nut key...


Modern cars are so much more reliable mechanically than they used to be but they still need regularly checking for coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and oil levels. Don't forget the washer bottle either. Add some detergent to break down the bugs.(and it's not a bad call to carry water reserves for you too! Traffic jams in the heat aren't pleasant!)


Create a list in your 'phone for travel related numbers. Are you in a breakdown scheme? Do you have your insurers details? Obviously you need 03334445454 for tyre related stuff!


Good vision is absolutely vital to safe motoring. Bright sunlight on grubby glass can cause huge restrictions in vision. Easiest way to clean them? Spray on normal window cleaner and use newspaper to wipe it off! Something about the paper soaks up all the grease and leaves glass crystal clear!


Last, but not least, grab a friend do operate the controls and do a light check around the car. Those brake lights will be vital if you're on foreign roads. Don't forget,you may need to carry spares legally too!

TIP: Indicators should flash orange! If they look white then the bulbs need replacing...
Check your windscreen wipers are cleaning the screen properly and the rubber isn't split.
TIP: Use window cleaner on a soft cloth to wipe down the rubber blades to remove dirt and debris

Too many holiday makers jump in their cars all geared up for a well earned break - only to waste hours or even days due to perfectly avoidable issues.
Don't forget to check that your MOT and service is up to date before travelling too!

Our Mobile Tyre Team Provide The Following Great Services....

New Tyre from Thousands Available in Stock Today

Puncture Repairs

Wheel Alignment/Tracking

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service

TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) Replace & Repair

TYRON™ Bands

... all at your choice of location, date & time & NO extra cost!


Aged Tyres? What's it all about?

You may have heard the name Frances Molloy in the press recently? It's not a name synonymous with tyre safety historically. Sadly she'x only become a serious campaigner due to the loss of her son after a bus crash. The results of the crash investigation laid blame solely on the catastrophic blow-out of one of the vehicles tyres. 

At present, there is no legislation in place to prevent the use of aged tyres on any vehicle and yet the risks to us all are massive. Let's explain...

For most people, a tyre is just a thing that has to be fitted in order to use a vehicle. There's not a great deal of thought placed on the huge role it plays in the prevention of an early termination to your life each and every time you drive, or are driven in a vehicle. In fact, while our government (one of very few left in Europe) actually allows the sale of used tyres to unsuspecting motorists and fails to monitor the conditions of these sales at all, it's almost easy to understand why so many people are completely complacent in their thinking about tyre safety. If the government appears to think that there's no issue in allowing unscrupulous traders to sell dangerous scrap as 'part worn' then why should we worry?

Well worry we should. You see a tyre is made from predominantly rubber - a natural product. Throw in a whole host of other materials as well of course but mostly rubber. Like any natural product (ourselves included) rubber ages from minute one. From soft and elastic it becomes harder and more brittle with age. Add the elements of weathering, road abuse and forces of acceleration and that tyres working lwindow rapdily diminishes with every year.

Back to Mrs Molloy's son. The bus he was travelling had tyres on it that were over ten years old. One reached the point of no return and let go. He died as a result. This should not have happened and could have easily been avoided.

Every tyre is marked with a date code. A four digit number that denotes the week and year of manufacture. Mrs Mooloy is campaigning hard for new rules to be introduced to prevent the use of tyres over ten years of age - and we fully support her.

Every year we fit thousands of caravan tyres up and down the UK. Owners of these vehicles change their tyres at 5 years of age. WE can honestly say that we've never replaced a worn out caravan tyre. In fact sometimes they look like new! 

We've not been guided from above about the importance of tyre safety - so naturally, most of us disregard it - until it's too late.


The TYRED campaign is gathering momentum and should this be recognised and passed, we can only hope that tyre saftey finally gets the recognition it has deserved for so long.

Hometyre Group 


One-third of All UK tyres are illegal

A new research by road safety charity TyreSafe has revealed nearly a third of all tyres in the UK are currently illegal.

TyreSafe found that more than 10 million tyres are illegal - either below the 1.6mm minimum depth or defective with bulges and tears.

Bristol was found to be the worst city for tyre safety. TyreSafe's research revealed almost a half of all tyres in Bristol are illegal, far above the UK average of 29.9%.

The north-west of England was found to be the worst regional area - nearly a third of all tyres were illegal. Greater London bucked the trend with just 13.8 per cent.

The data also revealed Northern Ireland has the highest national share of dodgy tyres, on 36.5 per cent. TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson said: "Well maintained tyres significantly reduce the risk of being involved in an accident."

Hotspots for illegal tyres revealed

Illegal tyres by city















Newcastle-upon- Tyne




Greater London



Share of illegal tyres

Northern Ireland


North West England


South West England






South East England




England (total)


North East England


East England


Greater London


(Data provided by TyreSafe)

Tyre fines on the up

The number of motorists given penalty points for driving on defective or worn tyres has gone up by 40 per cent since 2013, new research shows.


Alfa Romeo Team up with Goodyear

Goodyear has announced that its Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SUV, Ultra-High Performance tyre, has been chosen as original equipment on the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the first SUV from the iconic Italian manufacturer.

The Stelvio will be fitted with the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SUV in sizes 235/65R17 104W, 235/60R18 103W and 235/55R19 101Y, the tyres will be marked 'AR' to indicate they are approved by Alfa Romeo as original equipment on their vehicles.

Goodyear developed the tyres focusing on ultimate handling performance in all conditions. Active braking technology and a new grip booster compound deliver strong grip for short braking and performance handling on wet and dry roads. A new, lightweight, reinforced construction technology allows for steering precision and durability as well as handling, cornering performance, tread wear and fuel efficiency, to deliver a top-class driving experience to Stelvio drivers.

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio can rely on Goodyear's latest UHP innovative tyres, featuring outstanding technology, and enhancing the sporty driving pleasure and the unique emotions provided by the Alfa Romeo spirit.

"The fact Alfa Romeo has chosen Goodyear as original equipment for its first SUV confirms our expertise in designing tailor-made tyres for car manufacturers' new flagship vehicles." said Nick Harley, Goodyear's Managing Director OE Consumer EMEA. "To Meet the requirements for this eagerly awaited car, we had to deliver a tyre that enables the Stelvio driver to appreciate the benefits of a SUV, as well as to fully enjoy the Alfa Romeo spirit."


Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Goodyear tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


Hankook extends portfolio for Premium SUVs

Hankook is further extending its tyre portfolio through the expansion of the line-up for its high end tyre Ventus S1 evo2 SUV.

The tyres were developed not only around the focus of safety, performance and comfort-related aspects typical for premium automobiles, such as precise handling, excellent braking performance in both dry and wet, high directional stability and low rolling noise. Hankook's engineers also realized a considerable reduction in rolling resistance. The latter was achieved by applying a state-of-the-are high-grip styrene-polymer-silica mixture that not only enables optimised wet grip, but also enhances the tyre's environmental compatibility.

The sophisticated technology for the Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 SUV with its multiple tread radius and double-layer rayon carcass also effectively support SUV terrain characteristics by providing maximum tread contact under all conditions.


Hankook will provide specific high-performance yet very low rolling resistance SUV versions from its multiple award-winning Ventus line also for the popular Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLC Coupe. Hankook supply the Mercedes-Benz GLC in size 235/65R17 V Mo or 235/60R18 V Mo.

The 18 inch MO version distinguished itself during the test phase for its outstandingly low level of rolling resistance. Additionally the sporty Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe will be fitted with 235/55R19 Y MO for the front and 255/50R19 Y MO for the rear.

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Hankook tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


Continental Go All-Season for Europe

While Continental remain firm in their belief that for optimal performance and safety, tyres should be season specific - which is a very fair point - the new All Season Contact will soon hit the shelves this year.

Designed specifically for vehicles used in urban areas, mild climates and carrying out relatively low mileage, the new all season product combines good winter and summer performances with class leading rolling resistance.

 Available in sizes from 14" to 18",  the new tyre represents Continentals reaction to other similar products gaining popularity across Europe and also shows a slight shift in stance in recognising a change in trends.

Continental AllSeason Contact will be available for mobile fitment by Hometyre technicians as soon as they arrive into the UK. Call for more information. 



Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 for the New Porsche 911 GT3

8 out of 10 of the New Porsche 911 GT3 rolling off the production line will be fitted with specially-developed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 N1 ultra-high-performance tyres in 245/35ZR20 front and 305/30ZR20 Rear sizes.

Designed specifically for the Porsche 911 GT3, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 N1 is the latest generation of Michelin's road-legal track tyres. Compared to its N0 marked predecessor it offers improved lap times, stability and more sporty handling, and provides drivers with a unique balance between safety and driving enjoyment that makes it suitable for everyday road use, as well as in very demanding conditions on the racetrack.

The co-development of these tyres took two and a half years and during this time the tyres were developed and fine-tuned to suit the characteristics demanded by Porsche engineers for the new 911 GT3. This resulted in tyres which offer very high grip levels, consistent performance and excellent front/rear balance, while still conforming to European regulations concerning tolling resistance.

This extensive development process led to the production and testing of around 350 prototype tyres and included intensive track testing.

An innovative range of motorsport-derived technologies are used in the tyres, including multi-compound technology where different rubber compounds are used on the inner and outer sections of the tread to ensure high and consistent grip levels in a variety or weather conditions. In addition, Track Variable Contact Patch 3.0 optimises the pressure in the tyre's contact patch so the same amount of rubber is always in contact with the road or track, whether driving in a straight line or cornering.

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Michelin tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


New Dueler A/T 001 4X4 Tyre from Bridgestone

Bridgestone is strengthening its premium DUELER 4X4 range with the launch of the Dueler A/T 001 a tough all-terrain and all-season tyre that doesn't compromise on its on-road capabilities.

The well-balance Dueler A/T 001 gives enthusiast off-roaders the traction to go wherever the want on dirt or mud with great handling and control when they are back on the road in any weather, all year round due to being designed using Bridgestone's advanced tread block and compound technologies.

"The Bridgestone DUELER range has built a strong position on the 4X4 market, with motorists and OEM customers" says Jerome Boulet, Director Product Marketing at Bridgestone Europe NV/SA. "The new DUELER A/T 001 with strengthen this reputation as it balances great off-road traction with superb road handling. The lighter construction also makes it a more environmentally friendly tyre."


The Dueler A/T 001 has replaced the Dueler A/T 694 across Europe. It will initially be available in 23 sizes for 15" to 18" rims, covering more than 50% of the European 4x4 tyre demand.

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Bridgestone tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


Michelin CrossClimate now available for 4x4 and SUV

Michelin's CrossClimate tyre is now available to a wide range of SUVs and 4X4s.

The CrossClimate was the world's first summer tyre to achieve the 3PMSF winter accreditation and has won a string of awards since its launch.

The CrossClimate offers the benefits of a summer tyre for dry or wet braking, total mileage and energy efficiency, while also boasting the traction and braking performance of a winter tyre on cold and snow-covered roads. With a V-shaped tread and self-blocking 3D sipes, the tyre is designed to optimise traction in snow. Described as a "claw" effect, the vertical and lateral waves of the sipes give the tread blocks greater rigidity, while also benefiting longevity, steering precision and general dry road performance due to its ability to resist heat build-up.


Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Michelin tyres for car, 4x4, and light commercial vehicles. Call today for more information.


Online Tyre Prices Reduced!

We're thrilled to announce a major drop in new tyre prices online here at Hometyre.  Now you can experience the most comprehensive mobile tyre service on the market, book appointments to-the-minute with our friendly team AND pay less.


What's more, there are no hidden charges on this site. What you see is the final fitted price. NO extra charges for fitting times and we can often book you in within 24 hours too.


There's never been a better time to use the Hometyre service. We've been supplying and fitting new tyres mobile since 2003 and have coverage from Edinburgh to Eastbourne. Come and join the hundreds of thousands of converted motorists!

Choose from a huge range of tyres including all of the major brands. Book now online or call 03334445454 



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