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Aston Martin Lagonda select Hometyre for Tyres

Adding further validation to the quality of our service and the technical abilities of our franchised technicians, the global prestige car manufacturerer Aston Martin Lagonda called upon Hometyre to fit winter tyres to new vehicles on site at the Gaydon factory this month (December).

With over 40 new vehicles to fit to models from the DBS, Vantage and Virage range and all with 19 and 20" tyre sizes, our service vehicles were on site at the factory to complete the work on the sports cars with a combined value of almost £4million pounds!

AML recognise that purchasers of their vehicles in the UK and Europe will benefit from the incredible traction provided by cold weather tyres. Certainly with upwards of 450bhp to play with - winter driving could be a challenge in these cars without!

Our identical fleet of mobile tyre service vehicles are all fitted with equipment to allow us to safely and carefully work on all types of wheels and tyres from 12 to 24" without marking or damage expensive wheels.



Spring Tyre Season 2013

As February looms and the last few weeks of cold weather have been replaced with the more traditional milder and wetter weather - we're already starting to supply and fit tyres and Tyron bands to caravans and motorhomes in preparation of the forthcoming season!

Has your caravan been stored for the winter? Are your caravan tyres five years or older? With the covers coming off and the advance spring cleans starting to happen, don't forget to be extra vigilant with your tyres.

Prolonged standing can cause a tyre to misshape and often require considerable miles to warm up and reform. Also, exposure to the sunlight can lead to cracking and perishing of the sidewalls and tread areas. Don't ruin your holiday this year as a result of a blown out tyre. This can be both time consuming and costly in terms of further damage to your vehicle.


Tyron bands are a great safety feature for any caravan or motorhome alike. Preventing the tyre from being able to leave the wheel in the event of a deflation these mechanical devices are fitted into the wheel and have saved countless lives and vehicles in over thirty years of use. Originally designed for military use, Tyron bands can be fitted to almost any vehicle but are especially useful on caravans and motorhomes where tyres are often a considerable distance from the driver.

Hometyre technicians bring the entire fitting centre directly to your door - at home or the storage facility to replace/repair tyres and fit Tyron bands. Call us for more information now or to book in. 0333 444 54 54


Big UK Freeze

This months change in weather has brought travel disruption to numerous roads and services across the UK. Drivers struggling with slippery conditions are being forced to stay at home or find alternative forms of transport to work or school. 

With cold weather tyres, hazardous and difficult road conditions are made much safer due to the outstanding levels of grip and improved braking provided. With a wide variety of branded products available including Michelin ALPINE, Yokohama WINTERDRIVE and Dunlop WINTERSPORT 3D and the ability to use a set of tyres over several seasons (depending on your mileage), Hometyre not only supply and fit these products at your home or work, but can also return at the start and end of the winter season to swap to and from your summer tyres.

Call us now for a quote for winter tyres for your vehicle - 0333 444 54 54

Winter tyres supplied and fitted by Hometyre


Best Wishes to all our Customers across the UK

Everyone at Hometyre throughout the UK would like to wish customers old and new a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year for 2013.

We thank you for your continuing faith and support in our service and look forward to attending to your needs in the coming year.


Goodyear Launch New Winter Tyre

Goodyear tyres have launched the UltraGrip 8 High Performance winter tyre on the European market recently. Building on consumer concerns over vehicle control in the snow, Goodyear developed the new tyre to deliver a solid performance on snow, slush and on icy roads too.

Goodyear describe the tyre: "On wet roads, a directional design with Hydro-Dynamic Grooves disperses water sideways to enable effective aquaplaning resistance - while on dry a continuous centre rib contributes to more precise steering and maneouvering. Independent test results confirmed that, of the tyres tested, UltraGrip 8 Performance has the best handling performance on wet roads and also offers some of the lowest rolling resistance results."


Online Tyre Sales Hitting New Highs

With the onset of winter rapidly approaching and some of the lowest prices currently on offer on our e-commerce tyre sales site, we're experiencing a huge growth in web sales across the UK. Customers are benefiting from superb discounts across all tyre makes and sizes as well as the ability to now secure products online and choose a preferred date, time and location of fitting.

Auto Express Winter Tyre Test 2012

Eight cold weather/winter tyres tested and reviewed by motoring magazine Auto Express for the 2012/13 winter season:


Tyre Performance Details Now Online

New EU tyre labelling legislation came into force from November 1st 2012. 

All new tyres manufactured for sale with the EU will now require labelling similar to that you'd find on new white goods. For you, the consumer, you'll be able to see the differences in performance across all products for three key factors: wet braking, noise emissions and fuel efficiency (rolling resistance).

When selecting your tyres on our online site, please check out the performance labels to make a more informed selection of tyre products to suit your driving style, vehicle and expectations. If you're unsure, please contact the support team who will give you straightforward help and assistance.

For more information click here.


Winter tyres 2012

With summer having never really got going across the UK and Autumn fast approaching, sadly it really is time to start considering when to switch to cold weather tyres. Stocks of winter tyres have improved across the UK in recent years but a prolonged period of cold would quickly put immense pressure on stocks and ultimately push up pricing. You can buy your winter tyres online now and arrange an advance fitting date with Hometyre.

If you can't find the tyres you are looking for online now, call us. We can often reserve winter tyres for you before they arrive into the UK!


Tyre Related Accident Figures Suffer Huge Rise

In stark contrast to a steady decline in recent years, the number of people killed or seriously injured in tyre related accidents increased dramatically in 2011.

The alarming figures were released on the 27th September 2012 from the Department for Transport, just days ahead of October’s tyre safety month, reveal that 205 people were killed or seriously injured in an accident where illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres were a contributory factor. 

“These latest figures are very disturbing, especially given that the number of casualties in all road accidents also rose for the first time in many years. It really does reinforce the need for drivers to regularly inspect their tyres to make sure they are safe and legal. October’s tyre safety month is the perfect opportunity to carry out some basic tyre checks and help put a stop to this needless loss of life,” said Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.

As part of October’s campaign, hundreds of garages and tyre retailers across the UK will be offering free tyre safety checks. TyreSafe is also asking drivers to take a pledge via its Facebook page, to check their tread depth.

“We’re aware that in these ongoing tough economic times, some drivers are running their tyres longer than normal or perhaps switching to part worn tyres when they need replacing. But our message is clear. You can’t compromise or take chances with tyre safety. By trying to save a few pounds, you could actually pay a much higher price in the long-run. By spending just a few minutes each month to check the condition of your tyres, not only can it actually help you to save money, but more importantly it will help keep you safe during the treacherous winter months,” added Jackson.

Spokesman for Hometyre, Andy Lawrence also commented - "We've noted an alarming increase in the number of requests for part worn tyres over the last two years. While this is indicative of the issues within the economy at present, motorists are taking serious risks with their safety. Part worn tyres are almost always faulty and have been scrapped by their previous owners for safety reasons. With the winter months rapidly approaching, tyre safety is absolutely paramount"


Perils of the unknown part worn tyre!

Part worn tyres can catch you out

Richard from Hometyre West Midlands recently attended a customers vehicle that had suffered a puncture in a rear tyre.

As the vehicle was on a 59 plate, and there was plenty of tread left on the tyre, at first glance a puncture repair may have been possible.

The puncture had been caused by a nail and was near the centre of the tread, which again would make a repair possible.

However the side wall of the tyre had some age related cracking visible, which was odd for a 3 year old vehicle. Inspection of the tyre's date code soon came up the the reason it was over 10 years old - more than 3 times the age of the car !

The customer had bought the vehicle second hand through a franchised dealer and had assumed his tyres to be good. At some point in the vehicles history someone had fitted a "part worn" tyre and the dealers pre sale inspection had obviously missed this.

Needless to say the vehicle now has a nice new tyre fitted.

So if you did not buy the tyres on your car a quick check of the date code may be in order.


Closed Bank Holiday

Please note that we are closed on Monday 7th May. Orders placed will be viewed from 0800 on Tuesday 8th May.

Thank you. 


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