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Hometyre heads to Sweden!

While many UK motorists have converted to our mobile tyre services over the years, our Scandinavian friends over in Sweden have as yet not had this level of service offered to them - until now!

The service is about to be trialed in Malmo through some very keen individuals who already have the benefit of operating a local tyre shop.

In Scandinavian countries, the use of winter tyres is a legal requirement for certain periods of the year and this leads to huge demand for services at fixed sites at the first signs of snow, and again when the mercury rises. A pre-booked premium mobile service to allow motorists to store their winter/summer tyres at home (or work) and have them fitted at a known date and time in advance should prove very popular. Once people experience the mobile fitting service once, they'll no doubt call back for routine replacement and repair too!


The first service vehicle left the UK shores mid February and should begin trading very soon. The team have opted to stick with a right-hand drive vehicle already equipped with winter tyres. We didn't know this, but despite driving on the left, many delivery type vans over there are right hand drive to allow for easier and safer kerbside access for drivers - pretty intelligent thinking!

Get your caravan/motorhome ready for spring 2015

It may still be chilly but those early signs of spring are thankfully upon us already! Lighter nights and daytime temperatures just starting to nudge towards double figures again. Ok, we may still be hit with a cold hard spell but with March rapidly approaching, now is a good time to start making plans to prepare your leisure vehicle for the forthcoming season ahead.

A long winter lay-up can cause numerous issues for your vehicle. Prevention is always better than cure (and usually less costly!) but we're all guilty of forgetfulness and leading busy lives.

For caravans the most obvious issues are with brakes and tyres. Brakes are best serviced annually prior to first use by a professional repairer. Tyres need to be thoroughly examined before hooking up for holiday. Remember that rubber is a natural product and ages from the date of manufacture. A tyre that is five years old or more will have become harder and suffer more rapidly from exposure to ultra-violet light (sunlight) and low level ozone. This has the effect of 'drying' out the rubber and causing it to split and crack.


Don't forget also that your tyres may have been sat in the same position for many months on end too. A tyre is manufactured using steel belts for rigidity. These will naturally distort with prolonged spells with weight placed upon them. If you hook up the caravan and drive off without checking the pressures first, you will place enormous strain on the casing of the tyres and potentially cause a blow-out. Not a great experience when you're all set for relaxation.

Have you considered the benefits of TYRON bands? Read more about this great safety device here. 

If you're looking for very high quality security products, check out our range from UK manufacturer Bulldog. available to buy mail order direct to your door. 

Whatever your requirements, we're always on hand for advice and assistance. Call us on 08007839310 or 03334445454 (mobile friendly!) 


Voted Most Loved Tyre Business in the UK! That's Hometyre...

It's always good to pick up accreditation and acknowledgement for our efforts. We try very hard to get things right for everyone at all times and it appears that visitors to the national Best of website recognise us as a service worthy of voting into number one spot for 'Most Loved Tyre Business in the UK'!

Heartfelt thank you to our brilliant customers - and we hope to welcome in more of the same!



Goodyear takes the accolades at the GTU summer tyre tests

It may seem a little early to be testing summer tyres - but not for GTU - the German vehicle inspection organisation!

A comparison test of a dozen tyres across the very popular 205/55R16 size lists the Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance as the stand out tyre. With other brands also achieving a 'highly recommended' status. The tests have also shown that even the lesser known brand have noticeable improvements on quality from last years tests. Good news for all motorists!

Hometyre supply and fit the full range of Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance tyres - and all other leading brands too. Call us for more information.


1000bhp and fat tyres for F1™

The F1™ governing body is set to make sweeping changes to the sport from 2017 onwards. With the quieter and far less ostentatious current V6 engines comes universal disappointment in the overall thrill of a Grand Prix race. The high-pitched scream of an F1™ car has been replaced with a pleasant but far less exciting rumble.
The current tyre situation is also set to change. With the Pirelli contract nearing its conclusion. the Italian tyre giant is keen to move into the next generation of the sport. Already testing has taken place to replace the longstanding 13" tyres with a much larger 18" variety. A greatly reduced sidewall height is much more in-keeping with the modern road car and will allow for massive technological breakthroughs to pass down from the top of the sport to the street motorists.


In order to keep up with the increased power to the wheels, the rear tyres are also set to get much wider too. Expect significant bodywork changes to accommodate engines and tyres! 


Nokian claim a global first!

Nordic tyre manufacturer Nokian has claimed the coveted title of the world's first A energy rated winter tyre. Designed initially specifically for the new BMW i3 electric tyre, the cold weather tyre experts will now continue with developments for further sizes.
According to tests, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 can reduce the rolling resistance of electric vehicles by up to a further 30%. The energy savings gained from the lower rolling resistance increase the vehicle's range.

Tyre sizes for electric cars are very different to what we've grown accustomed to. The Nokian Hakkap winter comes in size 155/70R19 84 Q. Narrow tyres with very large wheels and low profiles are set to become the norm. For city and extra urben use, these tyres dramatically reduce rolling resistance with a very small contact patch with the road surface.


Exciting news from TOYO

For club motorsport enthusiasts and drivers of ludicrously fast road cars alike, the news from Japanese manufacturer TOYO is that the all new R888 tyre - the R888R will soon be available to buy in the UK.

Making its launch at the Autosport show this month, the semi slick tyre has been approved for road use as well as for high speed track fun.

"Produced in 32 sizes initially, the new Proxes R888R takes track steering and grip to another level. With a fast warm up time, increased dry grip and sustained performance over multiple laps and heat cycles, the Proxes R888R is the ultimate track tire. A rayon 'super-high' turn up ply on some sizes, combined with steel side plies, give the new Proxes R888R precise steering response and feedback to the driver allowing them full control of their race car to optimize its performance."

The Proxes R888R stands alone amongst its competition in allowing competitors to drive to and from race day venues.

As stock arrive into the UK, Hometyre mobile fitters will be able to supply and fit the range at your home or work address.


Happy New Year from all at Hometyre

Wishes all of our existing clients and future new ones a fun and safe evening and a very happy new year for 2015.

Season Greetings from Hometyre

Hometyre HQ and all of our franchise network would like to thank every one of our customers and suppliers alike for the ongoing support throughout 2014. We're continuing to steadily grow and are currently experiencing a record December - even in the absence of really bad weather!

We look forward to a prosperous 2015 and hope to further expand our customer base the length and breadth of the UK through our dedication to customer service.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!



Dandelion Tyres!?

Dandelion-rubber technology in use by Continental

German tyre giant, Continental has produced the first test tyre, the
Continental WinterContact TS 850P, using dandelion rubber.

Yes, you've read that correctly!

The material, called Taraxagum™ provides Continental with an important step in its aspiration for the industrialisation of dandelion rubber in tyre production and to make tyre production more sustainable and less dependent on traditional raw materials.



Winter's on its way!

Are you prepared?

With snowfall already disrupting traffic in Scotland and the North of England it appears that winter has finally started to bite.

With many motorists holding off on the replacement of worn tyres until the very last minute, there could be quite a few slips and spills on the roads out there.


  • Check your tyres thoroughly - inner edges as well as just the parts you can see from the outside
  • Ensure for winter motoring you have a minimum of 3mm of usable tread left. Any less will be insufficient to allow for safe cold weather braking and water dispersion.
  •  Ensure tyre pressures are checked regularly and correctly inflated according to the load you carry.
  •  Call us for any advice or information you may require. Drive steadily and safely this winter
  • Hometyre_Van_with_Winter_Tyres_Fitted


It's officially swap over time!

It's November and officially the optimum time to swap onto those winter tyres! Don't be too fooled by some late warm weather either. A prolonged cold snap with possibilities of considerable snowfall has been warned by a number of meteorologists.

Temperatures are already tumbling away to low digits. Coupled with the damp and often foggy conditions normal to this time of year and your cold weather tyres are about to pay dividends!

Never tried them before? Just the dramatically improved braking distances alone make them worthwhile. When temperatures drop to 7C or below, a cold weather tyre maintains amazing grip through the tread design and compound differences. A 'summer' tyre hardens and low temperatures and significantly loses grip.

Not sure? Give us a call to discuss options. We can supply replacement tyres for your existing wheels or supply complete set of alternative winter wheels and tyres from a huge range of styles and sizes.

Have them fitted at home with Hometyre and you avoid any additional costs of tyre 'hotels' provided by fixed outlets too. Store your own tyres stacked up in the garage or shed/basement - wherever!

Be safe this winter. One of the most harsh winters followed a hot summer and warm autumn back in 2009/2010. We could be heading into the same again!



Tyre fitting with a difference, in Sussex

Every now and then we encounter a bit of a jaw dropper in this line of work. From very odd things found stuck in tyres - to very odd things left in car boots too!

We also hear things from customers about their experiences at other garages or with other fitting centres.

As a tyre retailer, our mobile tyre service units are configured to remove and replace all the types of vehicles we work with - and all the sizes and varieties of wheel/tyre combinations too. It seems this isn't a standard mirrored across the industry though.

Upon a very recent on-site visit to a new customer in Sussex, our technician Mark, discovered a highly unusual fitting technique had been employed to fit this clients 19" tyres. Without the suitable equipment (and necessary skills) required to fit these tyres, they had opted instead to soak paper towels in oil and place them around the rim of the tyre in order to allow it to be fitted over the wheel. Now they're tight tyres to fit due to the size of them but still....
So a somewhat unorthodox technique that subsequently caused air to leak out where the seal was broken by the paper towels. This process clearly took some time as well since the customer was quite surprised to watch Mark remove and refit another tyre in just a few short minutes without any issues.

The customer pointed out that the previous work carried out was cheap.   


Which? Trusted Traders

Hometyre are pleased to announce that following a period of detailed assessment, the well respected compare organisation Which? has fully approved all operatives as Trusted Traders!
As a consumer you can be assured that our principles and processes have been checked, scrutinised and refined in order to become fully compliant. When you make a purchase with Hometyre you can be relaxed in the understanding that we'll act in the professional and courteous manner as has become expected of any organisation approved by Which?

We look forward to welcoming new customers to our dedicated mobile service right across the UK!



RiP the Tax Disc 1921-2014

October 1st 2014 brings a significant change to the way we pay for and display our vehicle Road Fund License!

So what are the changes and what do you need to know?

  • The paper tax disc is no more! From October the 1st, you will no longer be issued a license and you can remove yours from the windscreen forever - regardless of how many months are still left to run on it. Electronic automated numberplate recognition vehicles (ANPR) will instantly inform the Police whether your vehicle is compliant (expect to see more of these on the roads now too!)

  • You will buy your car tax online and can now pay by Direct Debit either annually, six monthly or on a monthly basis. Provided your payments are kept up to date, your vehicle will remain covered and compliant.

  • You can check the status of yours, or any vehicle, online immediately here.

  • When you sell a vehicle, you can no longer include the Road Fund License. Upon sale, you inform the DVLA of the change of ownership and they will automatically refund to you the value of any full months remaining.

  • When you purchase a vehicle from another person you will be responsible for immediately arranging Road Fund License cover. You can do this by using the New Keeper Supplement part of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C), online , by calling 0300 123 4321, or visiting your nearest Post Office.

What does this all mean to me now?

So while the government are saving considerable costs in the production and logistics of paper tax discs, they will also be gaining from the obvious cross-over period when vehicles are sold.

To be more clear, a vehicle owner who sells on the 10th of a month will likely already have paid for the full month. Once sold, DVLA will only refund any FULL month or months remaining. The remaining weeks will be lost and cannot be carried over to a new vehicle. The new owner, in order to drive the vehicle on a public road will have to immediately pay for the license but this will start from the beginning of that month! In short, the month will be paid for twice. Multiply this by the number of vehicles sold daily and there's quite a revenue stream!

Given that the current methods used to inform DVLA of new ownership appears to remain via the traditional post, and that notification will need to be received by them before the start of a new month,  expect current owners to advertise vehicles for sale with a 'collect on the 23-25th of the month' proviso attached! Equally anticipate a degree of bartering from a potential purchaser about the amount of month remaining and how much this will cost him/her....

Numbers of previous owners

One other thing to consider when purchasing a vehicle will be the number of previous owners stated on the log book. This may not reflect accuracy into the future. A second hand car dealer may not have the use of 'trade' number plates and, in order to allow you to test drive a vehicle, will have to pay for Road Fund License. In order to do this, he/she will have to register as a new keeper......

The future

It is highly likely that the new system will need to be altered and adapted after a period of time. In the meantime, we think it's all a positive. Road Fund License is necessary to maintain and hopefully improve the condition of our aging and overworked road networks. Drivers who have historically avoided paying are causing good honest individuals more and more each year - while enjoying the benefits of the roads for nothing! The new system will provide and allocate further funding while improving on what should be a level playing field for all motorists!

Now let's talk about tyres.............

Goodyear Dunlop shines in Auto Express tyre test 2014

Goodyear Dunlop have proudly announced that two of its high performance products have taken the top two spots in the coveted Auto Express Tyre Test 2014.

The Dunlop Sport BluResponse took first place, with the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance taking a close second.

Auto Express tested ten brands of tyre in the size 205/55 R16 with a load index of 91 or 94 and speed rating of V or W. Tests included dry and wet handling, dry and wet braking, wet cornering, straight and curved aquaplaning, rolling resistance and noise.

Taking first place, the Dunlop Sport BluResponse performed particularly well in dry and wet braking, straight and curved aquaplaning and rolling resistance.

Launched in 2013, the product was positioned to answer the demands of the tyre label without compromising on any of the other 50 criteria tested to create a top performing tyre.

Commenting on this, Kim Adams, Auto Express Tyre Tester, said: "....true to Dunlop's launch claims, other performance aspects haven't been ignored, as it was also in the top three on the handling track.

"Winning performances in all conditions make this brilliant new tyre our 16-inch champion."

He added: "[The Dunlop Sport BluResponse] Champ performs well in wet and dry, yet isn't costly to buy or run."

Taking a close second spot, the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance shone above competitors in many of the test criteria, performing particularly well in rolling resistance, wet handling and braking, wet cornering and cabin noise.

Also launched in 2013, replacing the Auto Express award winning EfficientGrip, the tyre had a focus on wet weather performance and fuel economy


Kim Adams said: "Engineers at Goodyear have matched their counterparts Pirelli in managing to create a tyre with good wet grip and strong fuel economy, as the [EfficientGrip] Performance tops our rolling resistance table."

He added: "[A] Good all-rounder with few apparent weaknesses, and the best when it comes to economy."

Kate Rock, Consumer and Brand PR Manager for Goodyear Dunlop said: "We are thrilled that both of our brands have performed so well in the Auto Express tyre test 2014. By testing this popular tyre size in a wider range of tests than those on the tyre label, we have demonstrated that while these two tyres boast strong label grades, they do not compromise on other important performance criteria.

Kim Adams concluded the test commenting: "Going through the results, it's clear Goodyear and Dunlop have worked out how to combine good economy and strong wet grip. But our top two are not one-trick ponies; they are just at home in the dry, so they're worthy of their places."

Hometyre supply and fit the eniire range of Goodyear and Dunlop car,4x4 and van tyres at your home or work address. For more information, call us today. 0800783 9310.  

Source: Goodyear UK


Time to start thinking about the dreaded winter months?

Well none of us can really complain about summer this year can we? From early April we've all experienced a good old fashioned British summer! Long bright days with plenty of sunshine and just the odd shower here and there....

On the roads, apart from those days following prolonged hot and dry spells where rainfall brings out all the greases and oils, generally, grip and overall conditions have been good (we won't discuss pot holes!). This does sometimes lull us into a fall sense of security in terms of our tyres though!
An older tyre with very little tread will provide exceptional levels of grip in the dry and heat but quickly turn against you when the weather drops a few degrees and the damp starts to return. Have you taken a closer look at your tyres lately? Do you rely on an MOT or service before they're looked at?

Checking your tyres is easy and beyond nobody at all. It's just a simple check that we should all perform with regularity. Do it next time you go to the car! Not sure how? Read through here for simple instructions!

September brings not just the potential for an Indian summer but also an early an unexpected/unwanted cold snap too. Countless motorists across the Uk are turning to cold weather tyres each year to provide added safety and surefootedness to their vehicles and travel. Routinely swapping summer type tyres for winter tyres in October used to be a trend exclusive to mainland Europe - now it's become far more popular on our shores too!

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need snow or ice present to gain the benefit of these products either. Just colder, wetter weather will highlight massive improvements in braking, cornering and handling abilities. Once converted, we note that drivers will almost refuse to drive during the winter months on anything less!

Find out more here or call us for more information and advice! Be safe this autumn and winter.



Avons Flagship Tyre Reaches the A-Grade

The highly acclaimed Ultra-High-Performance tyre (UHP), the Avon ZZ5 has achieved the ultimate EU regulation award for wet grip - an A-grade!

Through successful development and innovation in its compound, the global manufacturer has placed its product amongst an elite few!

The ZZ5 has a directional tread design with an emphasis on high speed water dispersion through its silica formula.

Hometyre supply and fit a full range of Avon tyres including the new ZZ5. Call now for more information or book online for tyre replacement.



Goodyear/Dunlop receive further Recommendations

Global tyre giant Goodyear/Dunlop recently won Which? Best Buy recommendations for its Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance and Dunlop Sport BluResponse tyres in size 195/65 R15 V.

The Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance was one of the most highly rated tyres, with its wet handling, dry and wet braking and fuel economy in particular receiving commendations.
The Dunlop Sport BluResponse achieved plaudits for its wet and dry handling, fuel economy and particularly braking in the dry, stopping a full 7.5m before the worst tyre in the test!!

Across the full range of sizes, you'll see that the brands rank particularly well in terms of the new European tyre label.
Looking for new tyres? Check out all products online with Hometyre.


Porsche MACAN turns to Continental

The highly anticipated new SUV from Porsche - the MACAN will be fitted as standard with ContiSportContact tyres.

The German sports car manufacturer has selected its homegrown counterpart to provide these vehicles with the optimum safety, high speed driving reliability and surefooted grip for fast braking.
Fitted with two varieties of summer style tyres in both 18" and 21" fitments, the MACAN will use the ContiSportContact 5P N0 in both 265/40R21 101Y and 295/35R21 103Y in the larger sizes.

Owing to its superior handling characteristics and driver stability systems, for winter use, the cars will be supplied with the ContiWinterContactTS 830 range to ensure higher speed performances even during the coldest spells! These will be fitted in the slightly more manageable 235/60R18 103V & 255/55R18 105W sizes.

-Hometyre Group 22/05/14


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