An exotic car day

I have an exotic car day today. Tyres on a Ferrari and a Jaguar XF, then to finish the day a Ford Focus


Locking Wheel nuts

Locking Wheel nuts can be a problem, if they have been over tightened or cross threaded, however out specalist tools can over come most problems. Why no give us a call if you have an issue 0333 444 5454



Where its Pzeros in Shrewsbury, P6000 in Telford, We will fit them for you at your home or work across Shropshire.


Tiresome tyres

Have you got a tiresome tyre issue. No need to put it off 'til the weekend. We'll come and sort it. New or repair? Call 03334445454


Temperatures dropping

The temperature has dropped in Shropshire over night.Time to think about fitting those winter tyres that work better when the temperature is below 7c. Why not give us a try? 0333 444 5454



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I have the newbie with me today, Rashid for East London, but we have few jobs on across Shropshire including a couple of Pirelli fitments.


Winter Run flats

I fitting a set of winter Run flat tyres on a BMW today.. These are rare, but thanks to Goodyear Dunlop my customer will be able to get to work even in the deepest snows!!


Chilly. Monday

Cold this morning is Shropshire...Do you know if its below 7 degrees C then winter (or all weather) tyres work better than conventional tyres..


Locking wheel nuts... cant get them off???

Lost locking nut? Can't get your wheels off? We've got the equipment and skills to get them off.


French car day today

One of them funny days today, Peugeots in Telford, Renault in Shrewsbury,, all I seem to have is French cars to fit tyres too.


Locking wheel nuts can be a challenge!!!

We had a call from a customer today in Market Drayton. She had damaged the locking wheel nut key and couldn't get them off. Just 5 minutes after arriving at her home in North Shropshire I had them all off!! Right tool for the job - simple as that. So if need your locking wheel nuts removed in Shropshire -don’t waste your time going round the traditional dealers. Call us. Our mobile tyre fitting workshops in the Shropshire area will do the job for you.


Did you know

Did you know, that it takes approximately twice as long to stop when your tread is 3mm or below? The UK legal limit for tread is 1.6mm, So on these greasy mornings , ask yourself can you stop in time if you need to? Check you tyres regularly, if you are in Shrewsbury or Telford better still let us check them for you.


BBC1 One show

The One Show on BBC one has confirmed that many motorists are ignoring the state of their tyres and therefore increasing the dangers of having an accident.They stated that six cars out of ten could have at least one faulty tyre and they also ran a test that showed the difference in stopping distances when using badly worn tyres in comparison to using good tyres. so if you are in Telford or Shewsbury and want Michelin, Continental, etc call us 0800 783 9310


Even tyre fitters get punctures!

I was on my way to Telford and my vehicle started to vibrate. Fortunately i was by a layby so was able to stop but it goes to show.Even tyremen have punctures!


Cheap tyres in Telford

Telford Live in Telford? on the lookout for budget tyres such as Kumho, Toyo, Nexan, Falken, Wanli, Hankook, Nankang, Federal, Yokohama and Maxxis? You can now benefit from mobile tyre fitting of all these brands of budget tyres at your Telford home or workplace. Our mobile tyre fitting workshop now offers our customers in the Shifnal area full access to all these great budget tyres at cheap prices and all with one free call. No more having to ring every tyre depot in Shropshire and no more wasted time and fuel driving round to find the best price for your budget tyres. All our Telford customers have to do is ring our call centre, free, on 0800 783 93 10, our call centre team will find the budget tyre you want and our mobile tyre fitting workshop will then turn up at your home or work, wherever it is in Telford. So if you live around Telford and you're looking for any of these budget tyres: Kumho, Toyo, Nexan, Falken, Hankook, Nankang, Federal, Yokohama and Maxxis give us a ring, you'll be pleased with our cheap prices and convenient mobile tyre fitting throughout Telford


A Bridgestone day

All I seem to be fitting is Bridgestone tyres today in and anound Shrewsbury.


Shropshire accidents

I saw several accidents over the week end on Shropshire roads. I wonder if any were tyre related?. Its important you check your tyres regularly, as they are the only thing that keeps you in contact with the road!



Its that time of year again, when the nights draw in and caravaners winterise there caravans. But how are there tyres? They should be checked for splits and cracks and also their age.. the Caravan Club recommends changing tyres every five years.. Please check them and if in doubt. Call us on 0333 444 5454 or check out the web site


Air temperatures dropped this Morning

People have started wearing fleeces, it must be getting chilly... Time to change to winter tyres. Pirelli, Michelin we can supply them all



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