Wise words

The angriest engine in the world only grapples with the ground by its fingertips or in tyre terms the contact patches


Snow -Now

A few flakes of Snow in Telford today,Roads are a little bit skiddy.. I hope every has there winter/ all season tyres fitted.. if not call 0333 444 5454 and we may be able to help you


BBC promotes Tyre Safety

Viewers of BBC One’s flagship magazine programme ‘The One Show’ have no excuses when it comes to tyre safety.

That’s because it has clarified the advice it originally gave in a studio presentation following a report highlighting the dangers of driving on illegal tyres, which featured TyreSafe and was aired during October’s tyre safety month.

On Monday night’s show (5th Dec), presenter Simon Boazman explained precisely to viewers what the legal limits of tyre tread depth are in the UK and how TyreSafe’s 20p check should be done.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe: “We applaud The One Show for again promoting tyre safety and, of course, for giving TyreSafe another mention, which can only help our cause.”


Winter tyres in Shropshire

The snow is coming! Cold weather tyre sales through the roof. They really do make a huge difference when driving in cold wet conditions.


Winter van tyres

A Polish customer asked me yesterday if we could supply winter tyres for his Renault traffic van, as he was going home for christmas.. The answer is yes, of course especially if they are Dunlop and Goodyear ones


Finally its cold

Its finally gone cold in Shrewsbury and Telford..All season tyres will now be working better than their summer counterparts!


Citreon Vans

I did a free Tyre inspection on a Citreon van today ( in fact it used to belong to me!) Tyres were not an issue, there was plenty of wear left in them, The only issue was the biting cold!!


Driving in Winter

We have been advising motorists recently to prepare for winter driving such as inflating your tyres,checking that the spare is usable,locating your jack and locking wheel nut adaptor. This is all very good if you get a puncture in the daylight hours but more motorists will have problems in the dark now the clocks have changed so carry a torch with your vehicle at all times as there is little point in having all the relevant kit if you cannot see to use it. So drivers in Shrewsbury and Telford are you prepared?


Dangers of buying part worn tyres

Birmingham Trading Standards have investigated part worn tyres and found 90% are dangerous. See the item on the link. Would you want to risk you and your family's lives?


According to the Weather men "its snowing UP in Scotland"

Snowing UP is novel, however with the prespect of snow are you prepared? Have you got winter tyres? If not call us if you are in Telford, Shrewsbury or Shropshire generally


Puncture repairs

I went to a customer the other day who reported he had a puncture. When I got there the tread band was hanging off, so way was that going to be ever I fitted a michelin for him. Customers do make me chuckle some times.


Winter tyres aplenty this week!

We've fitted more winter tyres this month so far than ever before! motorists it seems are wising up to the benfits of cold weather safety


Winter tyres aplenty this week!

We've fitted more winter tyres this month so far than ever before! motorists it seems are wising up to the benfits of cold weather safety


1st Frost of the Winter

I had to scrape my vehicle today, the 1st frost across Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire it must mean its getting colder.. Are you equipped for winter with winter tyres? They operate better at 7 degrees and below.


An exotic car day

I have an exotic car day today. Tyres on a Ferrari and a Jaguar XF, then to finish the day a Ford Focus


Locking Wheel nuts

Locking Wheel nuts can be a problem, if they have been over tightened or cross threaded, however out specalist tools can over come most problems. Why no give us a call if you have an issue 0333 444 5454



Where its Pzeros in Shrewsbury, P6000 in Telford, We will fit them for you at your home or work across Shropshire.


Tiresome tyres

Have you got a tiresome tyre issue. No need to put it off 'til the weekend. We'll come and sort it. New or repair? Call 03334445454


Temperatures dropping

The temperature has dropped in Shropshire over night.Time to think about fitting those winter tyres that work better when the temperature is below 7c. Why not give us a try? 0333 444 5454



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