Crazy Busy Week Across Shropshire!

With the warmer weather and lighter nights, we guess more of you are washing your cars and vans at weekends and evening times? We always note a significant surge in business at this time of year and it really can be down to the simple fact that instead of rushing to and from your car (as we all do in the colder months!) you may be taking a closer interest.

Certainly washing your car gives you a chance to more closely inspect your tread depth and condition. You can always use the trusty twenty pence piece edge to determine a low treaded tyre - and warm soapy water will often highlight leaks from your tread through the mass of bubbles that may appear.

Don't forget, if you're busy (or just have better things to do than go for tyres), our mobile team come directly to your door at home or at work across Shropshire! 

Keep an eye for the vans on the road!


Tyre purchasing options in Shropshire!

So it's time to buy new tyres again? It always comes round too fast and always at completely the wrong time for the pocket! 

So what are your options? At the moment they seem to be endless! There are any number of tyre outlets and garages across the county that are vying for your business. Your car on their ramps while having tyres replaced will give great opportunity to scrutinize other items and convince you to buy. This isn't casting aspersions on everyone of course....

Or there's the ever increasing numbers of commodity shifters on the internet. Often faceless retailers who will happily sell you products online and either send them to you directly - or send you on to a fixed site where you can have them fitted. These seemingly large organisations are often but a handful of people with little or no knowledge of the products they sell - or the care and consideration required when fitting them to your second most valuable possession in many cases. As middlemen they remain very clean within the transaction with you - often taking no responsibility for the fitting or aftercare - unless by choice.

A great deal - one better than all other retailers will always have a drawback or other behind it. Tyres are very expensive items to manufacture, ship and store for everyone!

Is a mobile service that much better? Let's be absolutely clear! If you are going to spend considerable time hunting round and then driving to a fixed location to wait for tyres in order to save a considered few pounds irrespective of the value of your time, then perhaps no. 

What do you get from our mobile tyre service?

  • A huge range of products to suit all budgets
  • Fitting by a highly trained expert franchised business owner who genuinely wants your business and to look after you
  • A dedicated one to one service at the time and location of your choosing
  • Voices on the end of a telephone who know the products, the logistics and how to help resolve any issues quickly
  • Someone who will work on your car with care and concern and who will happily talk you through what they find or you may require
  • Competitive prices - we don't make wild gestures about being 40% cheaper as this is simply not true. Our prices reflect the service we offer whilst remaining very much "amongst the mix" of all other retailers 
  • An easier, hassle free and economic way to replace or repair your tyres.

Some folk will always only ever consider the number printed on the bottom of an invoice - without considering the unseen costs to them directly - time, effort, travel etc. We know that you can't win 'em all but we're always really happy when another customer converts to the mobile tyre services provided by Hometyre! Give us try!

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Shrewsbury Rotarians learn about winter tyres

We were kindly invited as guest speakers at a recent meeting of the Shrewsbury Rotary at the Lord Hill Hotel in Abbey Foregate. A very pleasant experience delivering tyre related information to a group of well respected Shrewsbury business people both present and past.

For 25 minutes we discussed the importance of correct tyre fitment by axle, part worn tyres and the benefits of cold weather tyres too! 

The Rotarians are a group of likeminded individuals who add significantly to the local community through volunteer work and event organisation.


Hometyre Shropshire Supports Local Charity

Midland Air Ambulance gains traction with Winter Tyres!

The Shropshire division of the Hometyre brand recently donated and fitted a full set of Nokian Cold Weather tyres to the charity collection vehicle driven by Maria Jones - Fundraising manager for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

The charity requires over £6m worth of funding each year in order to continue to provide the invaluable and life saving service across the West Midlands and Shropshire.

During the winter months, calls to road traffic incidents rises above the normal; 60% rate. In order to highlight the importance of tyre safety and the benefits of fitting appropriate cold weather tyres, Maria will now be able to more safely navigate the Shropshire roads in all weathers - including snow and ice too!

Commenting on behalf of the charity, Maria said: "Road traffic incidents represent the majority of our responses. It's in everyone's interest to improve road safety and awareness. I've already noted a significant improvement in wet grip and braking ability with these tyres on and am really pleased to have Hometyre supporting us in this and other ways too"

Hometyre Director Andy Lawrence commented: "This is a charity and a service that could save each and everyone of our lives at any point we get in a car to make any journey whatsoever. This time of year road conditions change dramatically and can catch people out so quickly. Cold weather tyres offer unparalleled levels of improvement in safety over summer type tyres - and not just in snow which is the common belief. We're really happy to do our bit to assist both in the safety element and to allow MAria to continue carrying out her vital work"

Cold weather or winter tyres, as they are also known, should always be fitted as a set of four. They can be swapped onto your existing wheels during October or November and used until end of March the following year. Wear on both sets of tyres will even out over the duration of several seasons to create a saffer and cost effective way to operate your vehicle.

Winter tyre and replacement wheel packages are also available for selected models. For more information, call our sales team for help and guidance on 03334445454.

The Midland Air Ambulance Charity can be contacted on 08008402040 or for more information visit

PICTURED: Andy Lawrence and Maria Jones


Winter tyre swapping

It may still be warm outside but many of our regular customers are already booking in to have their summer tyres swapped back to the winter tyre options!
Although they work best at temperatures below 7C, there's no reason they can't be fitted right now either. Many drivers of rear wheel drive cars such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche simply couldn't safely use these vehicles without the incredible grip benefits that cold weather tyres provide.

If you rely on your car - be it rear wheel drive, front wheel drive or 4x4, you really should consider cold weather tyres. 

OUr mobile tyre fitting vehicles come directly to your work or home to supply and fit your new tyres. Removed summer tyres can then be safely stored until the following spring! 


What a great Summer its been in Shropshire!

It's been a while since we've been able to go several days without having to wash pounds of mud of the vans! Thankfully this summer has seen prolonged dry spells and a great time for us mobile tyre people. Always a pleaseure to work in the sunshine!

As time rolls on though we are now starting to approach the cooler months! We'll be dusting off the winter tyres stored away ready for installing on the van fleet late October. Even throughout the really heavy snow periods earlier this year, we still managed to reach everyone on time! If you use your vehicle and rely on it daily - you really should talk to us about the benefits!

While good weather tends to give many motorists a certain amount of security on older tyres, now really is the time to get them looked at and possibly replaced! Call us for any help required and remember - we come to you! No fuss, no hassle - NO extra cost!


Shropshire hotting up!!

Right folks. Time to get those winters back off and summer tyres on! We are now confident that the weather will remain for the most part above 7C. Not to say that you can't keep cold weather tyres on throughout the year! You can - but they're best kept for the colder wetter months of the year.

To book us over to your place - home or work to replace your tyres - call us now. We work all over Shropshire! 0333 444 5454 


Not over yet!

Seems we've got another week at least of cold and snowy weather to come! Some Easter.... That said, we've been absolutely flat out all month replacing tyres across the county - the only job we couldn't get to in the snow was at The Bog, Minsterley where the drifts had pushed snow to the van roofline! Thankfully the owner of the Freelander we fitted four aggressive 4x4 tyres to just managed to get it down the hill to us. With the General Grabber All Terrains fitted she got back up with no issues at all!

We've also been back onto the caravan storage areas fitted tyres and tyron bands - all very odd doing summer tyre work in deep snow!!

Run Flats and tubed tyres

What a diverse mix of tyre business coming through lately in Shropshire! From a 1950's horsebox trailer with 30 year old tyres to a near new Porsche Panamera which only managed five months from new on a pair of Pirellis at the rear. Both extremes!

It also seems more and more motorists are opting to remove Run Flat tyres from their cars and go back to conventional rubber. While this costs them a temporary spare initially, the thought of being stranded on the roadside without a spare appears to be a major issue for drivers these days!

Hopefully manufacturers will come to their senses and fit spares back in to cars!


Caravan and Motorhome Season this way comes!

For the caravanners and motorhomes of the Shropshire, February rings the start of making vehicles ready for a summer of use. 

Hometyre are the National preferred suppliers for Tyron bands - a great safety feature for all caravans and motorhomes alike. For more information, please call our support team.

Tyres are one of the very few things that can go wrong on your journey - given the limited mileage these vehicles do each year! Don't get caught out. Get yours checked for age and condition before you leave. Call us for the simplest most straightforward way to replace your tyres.


Shropshire Roads and Tyres

It's been a couple of years since we've had weather and snowfall like we're experiencing currently across Shropshire. Thankfully our service vans are fully equipped with cold weather tyres to allow us to get to you wherever you are!

That really proved its worth on Friday 18th January when attending a chap with a Ford Focus ST on the Wrekin. Desperate to get down south, this driver couldn't even get the car of his sloped driveway. We fitted x4 Nexen Winguard 225/40R18 cold weather tyres and the car pulled off and away without a wheel spin at all! One happy Hometyre Telford customer!


Sports to delivery vans today!

An interesting mix of jobs out on the roads of Shropshire today! First job a couple of 275/30R19" tyres on a Nissan 350Z before its polar opposite a Hyundai I10!!! Straight into numerous tyre replacements on site at a regular fleet of vans we maintain in Shrewsbury before removing a set of locking wheel nuts near Arscott then into Telford for the duration of the afternoon! Not stop and busy all day!

2013 and Ten Years Gone

With 2013 comes Hometyre Shropshire's TENTH year of trading!! On April 4th 2003, Hometyre supplied and fitted the first tyres to the very first customer in Shrewsbury. x2 185/60H14 tyres were fitted to a Ford Escort that had suffered a blow out on the A5 en route from South Wales to North Wales.Wouldn't like to think how many 100.000's of thousands of tyres supplied and fitted since that day!

That would prove to be the start of a very long and ever increasing list of motorists benefiting from the best tyre service in and now across the UK!!!! 


Seriously Wet Roads Today!

So while the roads are seriously drenched across Shropshire - have you noticed your braking ability seriously deteriorating? Sometimes cornering feels really light? Don't just blame the weather. Take a careful look at your tyres. Low tread will be unable to remove water from beneath your tyres adequately enough and lead to aquaplaning. This, in effect means your vehicle will temporarily 'float' on the waters surface until traction is regained. A tyre with 3mm or less remaining tread depth (minimum legal limit 1.6mm) should be considered for urgent replacement!

Winter tyres in Shropshire

A little later than last year but the demand for winter tyres has just started to gather momentum locally. From dairy vans to company directors 4x4's - we're now seeing more and more vehicles making the change from summer to winter options. Our local vans are now fully equipped with them too and we really experience a difference in the cold and wet weather in terms of grip and braking abilities. 

Have you considered fitting them? Once tried, you'll soon be convinced!


Go Home at Night!

Dark wet miserable nights need not be further burdened by an after work visit to a garage for tyres!!! Go home, kick your shoes off, pour a well earned glass of wine and leave us to it outside..... We're fully equipped and perfectly well lit for all weathers and light conditions!

Buying Tyres Online with Hometyre Shropshire

Have you noticed our website has changed recently? Enter your postcode and tyre size above and now you'll see a full assortment of tyres and prices. It's not a fully exhaustive list mind.... There are other brands we can also supply - they just may require a 'phone call or two to sort out for you.... Order your new tyres online now. choose a fitting address, pay via secure SAGEPAY and selcet where and when you'd prefer your tyres fitted! Easy. Then we'll be along in a shiny bright silver Hometyre Mobile tyre service van to replace your worn tyres!

Looking forward to meeting you/seeing you again! 


Oh dear! It's on it's way..........

Yes, the onset of winter and it's firm icy grip appears to be looming ever closer now. I wander if perhaps Sandy will throw us her final coughs across the Atlantic and draw down some snow next week......

If so, have you considered changing to cold weather tyres yet? Also known as winter tyres, they don't just perform in snow and ice. The wet and cold braking/handling characteristics are amazing and they perform far better at lower temperatures than 'normal' tyres which harden below 7C....

Anyway, give it some thought if you use your vehicle and need it everyday for work etc. They are a little more expensive but can be switched on and off each winter! 


Caravans Across Shropshire

I am seeing increasing numbers of caravaners and motorhomers investing in Tyron bands for their safety and protection.. If you have not considered them, please do! Give us a call to discuss the option, benefits and pricing, of course on 01743 861183


Hometyre supports the Severn Hospice Midnight Walk 2012

Hometyre will again be supplying some of the marshals for the Severn Hospice Midnight walk this coming Saturday. Good luck to all the ladies taking part and the other volunteer for the event this Saturday



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