Puncture repair on a Skoda in Chester

Last week we had a call from a customer whose Skoda had a puncture and needed it repairing, Mark went out to her work address and repaired the puncture and the customer was ready to get back on the road again!

When we go out to a job that needs a puncture repair, we always bring with us a spare tyre, as sometimes the puncture can't be repaired or we find the tyre has been driven on whilst flat and then damaging the internal structure.

The culprit of causing the puncture was a screw! Which is a common cause of punctures, when customers phone up and say they've got a puncture. The screw was removed from the tyre and a clean 6mm hole is then drilled through the puncture. The inside area around the hole was buffed to remove the shiny surface, it is then cleaned with a thinner. Then to both the tyre and the plug patch (a mushroom shape, that goes through the hole and also covers around 40mm on the inside surface), a fast drying rubber glue is applied, which is why we cannot repair punctures that are in the shoulder of the tyre. Once tacky the patch is then pushed through the hole and hemmed into place. A sealer is then added over the patch on the inside as an extra measure. The plug through the hole is cut off level with the surface, ready for the tyre to be refitted.

The old valve was cut out and a new valve was replaced, the tyre was then refitted and inflated to the correct pressures.

Once completed the tyre was then re-balanced, cleaned as Mark always does! Then the tyre was put back onto the car, the bolts are then put back in by hand and are then torqued to the correct settings. The car was lowered off the jack, he then checked all the other tyres for condition, such as, the tread depth and tyre pressures which were all checked and corrected.



Fitted four new classic tyres on a Riley Motor in St. Martins, Oswestry

Mark was called out to St. Martins, Oswestry, the customer had a classic Riley Motor and needed four new classic tyres fitted. All four tyres were old and had low tread, so new tyres were definitely needed!

This is a little hobby for the customer as the car is a working progress, but with classic/vintage cars, they are worth all the time and effort spent on them - even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes!

We handle many vintage cars, if you have any questions or would like a quotation, give our sales team a call on 0800 783 93 10.

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Tyres being fitted to a hearse in Welshampton.

What a weekend we've had, hot, sunny weather - shame it has to end!

Also at the weekend, Mark was out and about keeping busy!

We come across many different types of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and this particular one happened to be a hearse!

Mark fitted four new tyres, a couple had low tread depths and the other two were nearing the minimum legal tread (1.6mm), so the customer decided to change all four tyres at the same time.

The vehicle is now safe to drive and another happy customer!



Pothole damage and tracking on BMW X1

One of our customers had tyre damage on his BMW X1, the NSF (near side front) and NSR (near side rear) due to hitting a pothole. Also the OSR (off side rear) tyre barely had 2.5mm of tread, so the customer agreed to have three new Goodyear Run Flat Tyres.

Also due to the pothole damage the tracking was out, which was then corrected.

The customer was very pleased with the professional service they received!

With regards to Run Flat Tyres, (tyres with RFT, RSC, ROF, SSR etc) repairing puncture repairs on them, although there is no consistent guidance from the manufacturers, Hometyre will not carry out repairs to these products.

If you have any problems regarding punctures, pothole damage or just need new tyres, give us a call here at Hometyre.

B4 DBMW_X1_3x_Goodyear_Run_Flat_Tyres_NSF_and_NSR_damaged_due_to_pothole_damage_OSR_tyre_barley_had_2.5mm_of_tread_customer_agreed_to_3_tyres._the_tracking_was_out_this_is_now_corrected


New Tyres on a Jaguar XF in Shrewsbury

One of the jobs booked in this week was for four new tyres, being fitted to a Jaguar XF, with Mark going out to the customers home.

Although there was wear on the front of the tyres, which suggested the wheel alignment was out, Mark noticed there was some wear on the n/s lower suspension arm, which Mark was able to inform the customer, due to the customer having an MOT the following day.

The customer really appreciated Mark's help and honest opinion, especially with the MOT being due!

Mark who is one of our local technicians, also covers Chester and surrounding areas, along with Wayne, who is our head technician in the area.



Caravan Tyres fitted in Shrewsbury

One of our many returning customers, a local caravan dealership, needed 2 tyres changing on a single axle caravan, they already had the tyres ready to fit, all Mark needed to do was fit them!

The process of this involved Mark removing the wheel and taking it to the van removing the valve core to deflate the tyre, and, using his machine broke the seals between the tyre and the rim. The wheel was then put on the turntable and using a tyre lever the tyre was removed from the rim. There were no Tyron bands installed, which makes the job easier! The old valve was then cut out and a new valve inserted. Mark then cleaned the inside of the rim and then put a coat of tyre paste before fitting the new tyre. He then inflated the tyre to the correct pressure (which was printed on a plate by the caravan door). The wheel was then placed onto the wheel balancing machine and spun to reveal the inaccuracies; weights were then clipped to the wheel to get the wheel balanced correctly.


Mark being the perfectionist that he is, then cleaned the alloys and the tyre, gave it a bit of the 'Mark sparkle' and the tyre was ready!

Once completed the wheel was mounted back onto the caravan and the wheel nuts tightened to the correct torque settings. The caravan was lowered and the jack taken to the other side to repeat the process.

Another happy customer!

If you have any questions or need tyres replacing on your caravan or motorhome, please don't hesitate to give our sales team a call.


Beware - after the Heat Wave

While we're basking in temperatures higher than most popular holiday destinations overseas, please be mindful of when this all comes to an end!

In weather like this, and without rainfall, your tyres, even with almost no tread depth remaining, will have incredible traction on the road surfaces. Hot tyres and hot roads provide a bit of a false sense of security for you - perhaps giving you reason to believe that everything rubber related is in good order!

During hot spells, road surfaces are laid down with rubber from passing traffic. When rain falls though, this can lead to seriously treacherous conditions as oils and chemicals are released back onto the surface. Typically we also suffer from a period of quite heavy storms following extensive heat. Flash floods are not uncommon.

Take two minutes to perform a quick all round visual check over your tyres when you can. It really could save you more than just money.


Warm Weather Tyre Warnings!

Wow! When was the last time you remember a full weekend of sun over a bank holiday weekend?

After months of non stop grey & damp stuff it really was a pleasant change! On a saftey note though, please be aware that a period of heat has implications for your tyre safety! Yeah we know it's a bit boring but it's worth remembering....

Tyres grip really well on hot road surfaces. They actually grip even better on hot surfaces and with low tread as there's usually more contact patch and less 'float' over the treadblocks. This leads to a serious sense of false security during summer months.

We actually see far more perilously worn tyres now than any other season of the year - afterall, if they feel good, why would you be concerned?! Where this all falls dramatically apart is when we suffer rainfall after a hot dry spell. Tyres, fuels and other elements form a layer over the roads during dry spells. Wet weather then lifts it all out to create ice like conditions on some surfaces!

For the sake of a couple of minutes of your time - check your tyres over regularly in the summer months!


Wake Up Shropshire!

Woo Hoo! The winter slumber is finally over.... It's all good for the next few months and time to get outside.

Soooo. It's time to give the car and good once over! A long winter with salted roads every other day is going to do your pride and joy no favours whatsoever. It all needs washing away with a long jet wash with clean fresh water all over (and under too).

Months of having the heaters on will mean your windscreen will have a thick layer of road grime and a film on it which is best removed using newspaper and window cleaner (and plenty of elbow grease) but the result is often quite incredible!

Check oil and water/coolant too. The winter is a strain but engines like to run cooler rather than hot so summer can really cause issues.

And finally, don't forget to get a really good look at your tyres up close and personal looking for low tread, cracking/perishing and splits/bulges. Warm conditions mean we can all drive a little quicker and with better grip but just be careful not to push them too far. A hot spell followed by rain can leave surfaces as treacherous as ice!!

And remember, you don't have to waste the few summer days we're given each year at a tyre centre! Stick at home in the garden - play golf - visit the in-laws (maybe!). Whatever you'd rather be doing, we can meet you there instead. Easy.


Spring Maintenance Tips for Shropshire Motorists

We could still get a nasty sting in the tail of winter 2018/19 this year - certainly with history of icy blasts in late March! But generally speaking April rings the bell of change as far as the seasons go here in Shropshire.

So what does that mean in terms of your motoring? Well first of all, those that have been using winter tyres for the duration can start to plan the swap over back to summer tyres sometime late March and throughout April. We're already taking bookings well in advance in fact.

You can also start to think about getting all of that winter salt and grime removed from your pride and joy with a deep jet washing on top and beneath!
During the winter months you'd have had the heaters blowing almost all of the time. The air we drag in while driving is often full of contaminants and will, over a period, create a slimy haze across your windscreen and internal glass. A great tip to really obtain a smear free crystal clear vision is to use a glass cleaner and newspaper! It may take a couple of attempts to get it all off - and a lot of elbow grease - but the results can be quite incredible!

While the cold weather takes it's toll on your vehicle, please do remember that the heat (said tongue in cheek!) will as welll. Make sure your car has adequate anti freeze (which also acts as a summer coolant) and that oil levels are right (and up to date if change is required).

We're available to talk to you about your tyre related requirements 6 days a week. Call today. 


Snow Tyres Shropshire

It's been a number of years since we've experienced the sort of snow fall we've had this month! In fact, we're struggling to think if it was even this deep back in 2011?

We've been fitting no end of cold weather and winter tyres this week. It really brings it home to drivers when the weather halts work and school etc. Unless you've tried them, you really cannot appreciate how much different driving on snowy icy roads really is!

Our van fleet haven't stopped - no matter what the conditions - and this is purely down to the NOKIAN WD4 Winter Tyres fitted just a couple of weeks ago. We don't fit them with any anticipation of snow conditions, but simply because of the grip, traction and safety in the cold months ahead.

With snow this early, history suggests we can expect more to follow. Don't leave it until after the event - get safe now. Call us on 08007839310



Winter Tyre Time in Shropshire?

After a pretty non-descript start to the winter here in Shropshire, we're now seeing far more motorists booking in to have their summer tyres replaced with winter rubber! We've got options to suit all styles of vehicles too - whether it's the trusty 4x4 that you need up in the hills or your working van to keep you - working. Cold weather tyres make an incredible difference this time of year - certainly if you rely on your vehicle.
Another big favourite fs for owners of rear wheel drive vehicles such as certain Mercedes and BMW cars, for example. Slushy and snowy roads can make these types of cars almost unusable if not very challenging. A proper winter tyre cuts through into the surface to provide surefooted grip in all temperatures.


IF you live and work in one of the county towns of Shrewsbury, Telford, Market Drayton or Oswestry, for example and don't venture too far off the beaten track, you could opt for an All Season tyre instead. A good compromise between the two and something you can keep on year round!

 Whatever you drive, we're sure that we'll be able to find a tyre suitable and safe for you. Call us for help and guidance. Fitting couldn't be easier - we come to you!

Stay safe in Shropshire this winter with Hometyre


National Tyre Safety Month in Shropshire

It's the ideal month to consider your tyre safety sand perhaps get out there and check yours out. Still warm enough to be outside but the cold stuff is looming!

When did you last check your tyres? Or did you leave it for the Mot test or annual service? It really only takes a couple of minutes to perform to keep yourself safe. Tyres have little raised notches all around the circumference in the grooves. If ANY part of your tyre is running flush with these indicators, it's time to get them replaced.

We've been covering Shropshire motorists tyres since 2003 and have helped thousands of drivers to learn how to check tyres along the way too. We bring the entire fitting centre direct to your door - home or work - easy, efficient, convenient and very friendly. 

Call Hometyre Shropshire today 08007839310 for help and advice!



Keeping Businesses On The Move This Autumn in Shropshire

Wow, where did the summer go?? Another bit of a wash out August is over and it's all back to work/school again!

We've been on the roads and consistently busy throughout summer supplying and fitting tyres for a whole host of vehicles and customers alike. With the caravanning season starting to wind down again throughout September and October, we're starting to focus on the colder period ahead and looking after our business clients.

We deal with countless businesses across Shropshire - be it self-managed company cars or small fleets of vans and service vehicles for tradespeople. Our on site and to-the-minute appointment service means that business owners and fleet managers can keep their vehicles and workers on site and earning - without downtime visiting an outlet. Our technicians also carry out regular free fleet tyre checks at numerous customer locations throughout the County reporting back any issues and arranging convenient fitting times and locations.

How much could your business save using our mobile service? Have you considered the hidden costs of sending your team to a garage? Call us for more information. We'll be more than pleased to add you to our growing list of very happy clients.


Hometyre Shropshire Supports Severn Hospice

Alongside fellow members of Shrewsbury's largest and now longest serving business network group, Severn Business Network,  the Hometyre team took to the river Severn early July to take part in the annual DragonBoat race.  

And what an event! Glorious sunshine and high temperatures made for the perfect day for raising funds for the Hospice.  With three boats per race and all sorts of weird and wonderful fancy dress, the party atmosphere continued throughout the day - and not a tyre in sight 

If you've never tried it before - do it next year. If you're a business owner or represent a company that would like to raise more awareness and more business locally then get in touch with @7business on Twitter. Who knows, you may be on our team in 2018?

Severn Business Network is a not for profit group with single representation  per business sector. We pass high quality business leads and referrals amongst the group having each got to know and deeply trust each other's businesses over many years..  joining couldn't be easier. Visit, check that your business is available the  get in touch....

Hometyre mobile tyre service across Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire have been active members since early 2010 and have developed hundreds of new client relationships on the back of the group. 


Range Rover Sport Cracked Alloys

'I have a puncture', our Shrewsbury based client called in with. Understandable when the tyre on her Range Rover Sport was flat as a pancake on her drive near Longden. 

'No problem', we say and arrange our technician Mark to visit her that morning.

On closer inspection, she did have a puncture but it wasn't actually this that had caused the tyre to deflate so quickly. Running on big 22" wheels, she'd hit a pothole and caused a crack in the inner part of the wheel. Ouch. These are expensive wheels, as you can imagine. Having checked the other tyre pressure, Mark soon discovered that another wheel was low on pressure and had also suffered the same fate and probably from the same offending hole.

With another car available in the household we were able to remove both of the wheels and take them away. Four days later, the wheels were returned, not just repaired but fully reconditioned and powdered coated and fitted with new Pirelli Scorpion tyres to boot!

One very happy customer with two very snazzy looking wheels (the other two are being done soon to match!) and all sorted at a fraction of the cost of replacing the wheels.

 Easy. Call us. 03334445454


Caravanning in Shropshire

It's only when you get out and about around the county of Shropshire that you realise just how many exceptional locations there are for touring caravans and motorhomes.

From Wenlock Edge to Nesscliffe - Haughmond to Hawkestone - there really are some spectacular places across the county. What's more, we're ideally situated for a short drive into deepest Wales and even just a couple of hours to the coastline too.

Every year we visit the numerous holiday parks not just in Shrewsbury but across Telford and North Shropshire too. Customers from across the country and even Europe have been attended to while securely parked up on site and enjoying the surroundings.

Not only do we carry a whole range of recently manufactured tyres from trusted brands such as GT MAXMILER, MAXXIS, HANKOOK and PIRELLI, we're also fully trained and equipped to deal with TYRON™ bands and supply and fit TPMS systems for caravans too.

And it's not just across Shropshire that you'll find our mobile services either! We're all around the UK from as far North as Edinburgh and as far South as Eastbourne.

Hometyre. The easiest way ever to replace your caravan tyres.


14 Years and Counting!

This month sees our 14th anniversary since the very first Hometyre customer was served - and we remember it well! A couple from South Wales travelling through the county on their way to North Wales on holiday had a blow out due to very badly worn tyres. Two new tyres and tracking completed and they were back on their way within an hour!

Since then, we've fitted hundreds of thousands of tyres for thousands & thousands of customers all over Shropshire. In fact, we've got clients who first started using us at age 17 who are now in their thirties and have never had to go to a garage to have tyres replaced or repaired!

What's more, from humble roots right here in Shropshire, the Hometyre brand has extended far and wide since., with coverage as far north as Edinburgh and far south as Brighton and dealing with all manners of clients from world famous rock stars to A list celebrities and premier league footballers. Nice things to drop into conversation but in reality it's you, our everyday customers who've used us time and again that mean the most to us. Without your referrals and recommendations over the years we'd never have gotten so far and we thank you, sincerely.


Anyone Noticed?

It was clear skies on Monday this week and still light at 17.45!! Ok, it happens every year the same but it's still exciting to have very clearly broken the back of the long dark winter months and be heading into spring again in Shropshire.

The grey, damp and often freezing cold working conditions during the winter months can be pretty tough for our mobile tyre fitting team and it's not an enviable role! However, the warm sunny days are coming and that's when the office, shop and factory workers would love to swap places and we get to enjoy the great UK outdoors!


Whatever the weather, the great thing for you, our customers is that you get to either stay inside in the warm in the winter, or relax in the garden in the summer. 

Not used our mobile tyre service before? We can only ask that you do. We've thousands of local customers who use us again and again. Why not find out what you're missing?


Winter Weather Warning

It's been a real mixed bag of weather across the county so far this winter with temperatures sometimes swinging by 15C overnight! Historically over the last few years we've tended to experience real winter conditions throughout February and March before some unseasonably warm spells in April.

This can give rise to some very challenging driving conditions that change incredibly quickly. It can also leave many motorists a little complacent about routine maintenance procedures that they should be carrying out on their vehicles such as:

  • washer fluid and antifreeze top up
  • Oil level check
  • Wiper condition (frozen windscreens can tear off the rubber strips used to clean the windscreen!)
  • Vehicle lighting check
  • Tyre pressures and tread depths

Carrying out these pretty fundamental checks should take no more than four or five minutes a month and have been proven to dramatically prolong the life off engines, tyres and of course improve the overall visibility and safety of winter motoring.

When did you last look after your own vehicle? Too many motorists rely on annual services or MoT inspections before they take action.

Not sure how to perform these checks? When you use Hometyre, our technicians will happily walk you through them while they're on site with you - just ask!

For tyre replacement, repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing & TPMS replacement and repair - call us on 03334445454




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