New tyre fitted to an American Motorhome in Much Wenlock

A few weeks ago I went out to a new customer, who had driven up from London for the week, as he had been driving to the campsite, he managed to pick up a nail in his tyre. Another camper who was based near to him saw that he had a puncture and suggested us, as he was a repeat customer of ours. So he called our sales team and booked an appointment for first thing the very next morning!

When I got to the campsite I had a look at the puncture and there was a big nail that had punctured the tyre, so it couldn't be repaired. The new tyre which we always bring with us, in case a puncture can't be repaired, so either way, if it's a puncture repair or a new tyre, you'll be on your way in no time!

I fitted the new tyre, checked the wheel balance and cleaned the wheel. The customer was extremely happy with the quick service and how quick we were able to come out to him.

With any of us, being on your holiday, getting a puncture or anything going wrong with your vehicle is the last thing you want!

A happy customer!



One Nexen tyre fitted to a Nissan 350Z in Shropshire

Another repeat customer, needed one new tyre fitted, as the N/S (near side) tyre hit a curb and the customer had a blow out.

I went out to the customers home in Shrewsbury, and as I have been there quite a few times, they offered me a drink and had a chat with them.

I fitted a new mid-range, Nexen tyre to the customers, Nissan 350Z, I also checked and adjusted the air pressures and also gave the wheel a clean as well.

Once again they were pleased with the service and how quickly I went out to them, as they needed the car for work, the next day.



A new Run Flat Continental Tyre fitted to a BMW X3 in Shropshire

This morning I went out to a customer in Market Drayton, who needed one new tyre fitted to her BMW X3.

She had a nail stuck in the shoulder of the tyre, which straight away cannot be repaired, plus with RFT (run flat tyres) a puncture cannot be repaired at all, a lot of places won't touch a punctured RFT, including ourselves.

The reason for this is because, thanks to their reinforced design, it can make it difficult to spot any damage that has occurred as a result of a puncture, so any potential harm to the tyre wall may be masked by the added strength of the tyre.

The customer was informed of this prior to coming out to her by our sales team. So a brand new Continental RFT was fitted at the customers home, the customer was happy with the service and the advice given to her.



Changing of Summer/Winter tyres

For a lot of people, tyres are something that they don't give a second thought about, they go get their tyres changed, as soon as possible so they can get on their way and carry on with their everyday lives.

A lot of people don't change their tyres according to the summer and winter seasons, they have the same tyres on all year round, which is perfectly acceptable, but there are benefits of having the correct tyres for the right seasons.

At the moment though as it is summer (we've actually been lucky this year so far!) summer tyres would be more beneficial and this is the months between April and October.

Then from October or November, winter tyres would be more beneficial, as the damp and wet road conditions are potentially just as hazardous as snowy roads.

To give you an idea of what both tyres look like, the top tyre is the summer tyre and the bottom is the winter tyre, you can definitely see the difference in both tyres.

For more information about seasonal tyres visit, or call us on 0333 444 5454.



Audi A4 Allroad Quattro fitted with Nexen tyres in Market Drayton

Monday afternoon I went out to a customer in Market Drayton who needed two Nexen 245/45R18 tyres fitting on their Audi A4 Allroad Quattro.

I went to the customers home, they were off on their holidays first thing the next morning, so was really appreciative and happy that we could fit them in as soon as possible.

The tread on their tyres were getting below the legal limit and as they were driving down to Devon they wanted to make sure they were safe to drive and not cause any further problems whilst they're on their holiday.

As I changed and replaced both tyres, I also checked the wheel balance on the new tyres and corrected them, then put the new tyres onto the car and the customer was ready for their holiday!



Tyre safety - Run Flat Tyres

Last week I went out to a customers home in Shrewsbury, where she needed one new tyre for her car, a BMW.

When I arrived and saw the tyre, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. When I actually took the tyre off, I saw just how bad the damage was!

The customer thought because it was a RFT (Run Flat Tyre) it was okay to drive on for a couple of weeks... it's not!

Leaving the tyre for that long is extremely dangerous, not only to the person driving the vehicle but also to other drivers.

With Run Flat Tyres they are designed to keep you going, as in, to get you back home or somewhere you can pull over and stop in a safe place, not for 2 weeks!

They can also help you maintain control of your car, if suddenly your tyre has a blow out and suddenly deflates.

A RFT can't run for long, once it has been punctured, you are then limited to a reduced speed and set distance, which then your tyre is deemed unsafe!

So for the customer to be driving on it for 2 weeks, she was lucky that she didn't have an accident or cause one!



TPMS pressure sensor valves in Shifnal

If you have a vehicle that is fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), pressure sensor valves in the wheels, then we at Hometyre can service, repair, or replace them.

A sensor valve, in each tyre, monitors tyre pressures and reports low pressures or tyre pressure imbalances to the driver via the dashboard display.

Did you know that you should have these sensors serviced with every tyre change? The rubber seals perish over time, causing air leaks.

We can replace your tyres and check you valves at the same time.

Call us at Hometyre on 0333 444 5454 or visit for more information.



Old and corroded tyres - a massive job!

A little while ago, I went out to a company that takes and stores very old and used tyres. There was an issue though, they couldn't get rid of the tyres because no one would take them as they were with the tyre and the wheels attached, as they were so old and corroded.

So I had the massive of job of taking the tyres away from the wheels - all 97 of them! Luckily we have a machine on our vans that specifically does this job.

The wheels were extremely corroded, with the tyres being very old and the amount of time that they had been together, it was very difficult in most cases to get them apart.

In the end though with time and patience, I managed to prise apart each and everyone!

Looking at the finished results, it was quite an achievement and relief that I managed to do all 97 of the tyres!

Another job well done!

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Puncture on a Pirelli tyre in Shawbury

Early this week I went out to a customer who found a massive bit of metal lodged in his tyre. The customer had no idea how he managed to pick it up, but noticed it when he got home from work.

The issue with a lot of punctures, you don't realise they're actually there until after you've driven on them or ready to go to work and noticed the puncture then - which isn't the most convenient for anyone!

Some puncture repairs can be fixed, it depends on a few things, one where the puncture is, if it's in the tread of the tyre there's a possibility it can be repaired, but still not a guarentee. If it's in the shoulder of the tyre this cannot be repaired as the plug patch (a mushroom shape) which repairs the puncture, goes through the hole and covers approximately 40mm on the inside surface, which is why we cannot repair punctures on the shoulder of the tyre, as it wouldn't lie flat.

It's not always guaranteed that we can repair punctures, but we bring a spare tyre with us just incase, but we always try and fix the problem!



Two Nexen tyres fitted to a Ford Focus in Cruckton

A couple of weeks ago I went out to a customers home in Cruckton, and she wanted two tyres fitted to the rear of her Ford Focus.

When I arrived, the customer was out in her garden, she greeted me and told me the two rear tyres were getting low on tread, she'd had them for quite while so it was time for new tyres!

Whilst I fitted the two Nexen tyres to her car, the customer offered me a drink and had a little chat with me. She then carried on with her gardening, as I continued changing and fitting the tyres.

Once I was done, I cleaned up and took away the old tyres to my van, I went to find the customer and showed her the finished result.

She was very happy with the service, how quick the job took and that she could carry on with what she was doing.



Locking wheel nut removal and new Maxxis tyres on a Peugeot in Church Stretton

I went out to a customer in Market Drayton, who needed two tyres changing and fitting on his Peugeot, he also needed a locking wheel nut removal, as the customer had lost his lock nut removal tool.

One of the tyres that needed changing, the tyre was wearing down to the wire, while the other side had 4mm to 5mm tread remaining. Which made me think the customer had a problem with the tracking (also known as a wheel alignment).

I managed to get the locking wheel nuts off, change and fit two new Maxxis tyres, once this was done I could then check the tracking on the wheels.

It was easy to see from the figures that the car was badly out on the one side, I was able to make adjustments to both sides until I had the car back to the correct settings.

Once I had fitted the new tyres and corrected the wheel alignment, the car was ready to drive and road safety!



Avon tyres fitted on Audi S5 V8 Quattro in Telford

Earlier this week in the lovely hot, sunny weather, I had a job in Telford, at the customers home, to fit two new Avon tyres to the rear of the Audi S5 V8 Quattro.

Like a lot of the tyres we fit and change, the tread on the tyres were below the minimum legal tread 1.6mm, so the customer did the right thing in getting the tyres changed.

The front two tyres, were still legal and fine, but asked him to keep an eye on them and when they get close to the minimum legal tread, to call the office to book an appointment and I would come out and change the front two tyres for him.



Nexen tyres fitted on a Ford Transit in Shrewsbury

I was called out to a customers place of work a couple of weeks ago, the customer needed two front tyres changing as both tyres had deterioration and perishing of the rubber which was cracking, which is a clear sign that your tyres need to be changed!

I fitted two new Nexen tyres onto the Ford Transit.

The customer was thankful that we could come out to his work, as this was the most convenient for him.

I also checked the two rear tyres, the tread and wear were perfectly fine and didn't need replacing yet.

The customer said that he would definitely use us again as he was very pleased with the service I provided and was happy with the price of the tyres as well!



Tyres fitted and wheel alignment adjusted on a Citroen Berlingo van in Shrewsbury

Early this week I got a call out to a customer based in Shrewsbury, when I arrived the customer was at his home and he showed me to the Citroen Berlingo. Three of the tyres had low tread, the fourth tyre was close to the minimum legal tread, so he thought it best to get all four changed at the same time.

I fitted four Nexen tyres to the customers van.

The customer also mentioned when driving, the car would pull to the left, so I adjusted the wheel alignment as well.

The van is now safe and legal to drive!



Puncture repair on a Skoda in Chester

Last week we had a call from a customer whose Skoda had a puncture and needed it repairing, Mark went out to her work address and repaired the puncture and the customer was ready to get back on the road again!

When we go out to a job that needs a puncture repair, we always bring with us a spare tyre, as sometimes the puncture can't be repaired or we find the tyre has been driven on whilst flat and then damaging the internal structure.

The culprit of causing the puncture was a screw! Which is a common cause of punctures, when customers phone up and say they've got a puncture. The screw was removed from the tyre and a clean 6mm hole is then drilled through the puncture. The inside area around the hole was buffed to remove the shiny surface, it is then cleaned with a thinner. Then to both the tyre and the plug patch (a mushroom shape, that goes through the hole and also covers around 40mm on the inside surface), a fast drying rubber glue is applied, which is why we cannot repair punctures that are in the shoulder of the tyre. Once tacky the patch is then pushed through the hole and hemmed into place. A sealer is then added over the patch on the inside as an extra measure. The plug through the hole is cut off level with the surface, ready for the tyre to be refitted.

The old valve was cut out and a new valve was replaced, the tyre was then refitted and inflated to the correct pressures.

Once completed the tyre was then re-balanced, cleaned as Mark always does! Then the tyre was put back onto the car, the bolts are then put back in by hand and are then torqued to the correct settings. The car was lowered off the jack, he then checked all the other tyres for condition, such as, the tread depth and tyre pressures which were all checked and corrected.



Fitted four new classic tyres on a Riley Motor in St. Martins, Oswestry

Mark was called out to St. Martins, Oswestry, the customer had a classic Riley Motor and needed four new classic tyres fitted. All four tyres were old and had low tread, so new tyres were definitely needed!

This is a little hobby for the customer as the car is a working progress, but with classic/vintage cars, they are worth all the time and effort spent on them - even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes!

We handle many vintage cars, if you have any questions or would like a quotation, give our sales team a call on 0800 783 93 10.

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Tyres being fitted to a hearse in Welshampton.

What a weekend we've had, hot, sunny weather - shame it has to end!

Also at the weekend, Mark was out and about keeping busy!

We come across many different types of vehicles of all shapes and sizes, and this particular one happened to be a hearse!

Mark fitted four new tyres, a couple had low tread depths and the other two were nearing the minimum legal tread (1.6mm), so the customer decided to change all four tyres at the same time.

The vehicle is now safe to drive and another happy customer!



Pothole damage and tracking on BMW X1

One of our customers had tyre damage on his BMW X1, the NSF (near side front) and NSR (near side rear) due to hitting a pothole. Also the OSR (off side rear) tyre barely had 2.5mm of tread, so the customer agreed to have three new Goodyear Run Flat Tyres.

Also due to the pothole damage the tracking was out, which was then corrected.

The customer was very pleased with the professional service they received!

With regards to Run Flat Tyres, (tyres with RFT, RSC, ROF, SSR etc) repairing puncture repairs on them, although there is no consistent guidance from the manufacturers, Hometyre will not carry out repairs to these products.

If you have any problems regarding punctures, pothole damage or just need new tyres, give us a call here at Hometyre.

B4 DBMW_X1_3x_Goodyear_Run_Flat_Tyres_NSF_and_NSR_damaged_due_to_pothole_damage_OSR_tyre_barley_had_2.5mm_of_tread_customer_agreed_to_3_tyres._the_tracking_was_out_this_is_now_corrected


New Tyres on a Jaguar XF in Shrewsbury

One of the jobs booked in this week was for four new tyres, being fitted to a Jaguar XF, with Mark going out to the customers home.

Although there was wear on the front of the tyres, which suggested the wheel alignment was out, Mark noticed there was some wear on the n/s lower suspension arm, which Mark was able to inform the customer, due to the customer having an MOT the following day.

The customer really appreciated Mark's help and honest opinion, especially with the MOT being due!

Mark who is one of our local technicians, also covers Chester and surrounding areas, along with Wayne, who is our head technician in the area.



Caravan Tyres fitted in Shrewsbury

One of our many returning customers, a local caravan dealership, needed 2 tyres changing on a single axle caravan, they already had the tyres ready to fit, all Mark needed to do was fit them!

The process of this involved Mark removing the wheel and taking it to the van removing the valve core to deflate the tyre, and, using his machine broke the seals between the tyre and the rim. The wheel was then put on the turntable and using a tyre lever the tyre was removed from the rim. There were no Tyron bands installed, which makes the job easier! The old valve was then cut out and a new valve inserted. Mark then cleaned the inside of the rim and then put a coat of tyre paste before fitting the new tyre. He then inflated the tyre to the correct pressure (which was printed on a plate by the caravan door). The wheel was then placed onto the wheel balancing machine and spun to reveal the inaccuracies; weights were then clipped to the wheel to get the wheel balanced correctly.


Mark being the perfectionist that he is, then cleaned the alloys and the tyre, gave it a bit of the 'Mark sparkle' and the tyre was ready!

Once completed the wheel was mounted back onto the caravan and the wheel nuts tightened to the correct torque settings. The caravan was lowered and the jack taken to the other side to repeat the process.

Another happy customer!

If you have any questions or need tyres replacing on your caravan or motorhome, please don't hesitate to give our sales team a call.



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