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Pageant of Power

Thanks to all those existing and new customers we met at Cholmondeley Castle in July. Already a number of great new customers serviced across the region!!


Asymmetric or directional......

I was asked yesterday "can I have Asymmetric and directional tyres on the same vehicle?" The answer is YES, however they should not be mixed across the axles of the vehicle.. so it is acceptable to have asymmetric on the front and directional on the rear axles or vice versa


Camper Vans

Im fitting two tyres on a friends camper van today Michelin Agilas Camping, tyres specifically designed to take the weight of the van.. Good job as it cost him £47k when he bought it!!!!


Cross ply tyres

I was asked by a customer the other day with a split screen Morris 1000 "Do we supply cross ply tyres?"..the answer is.... they are still available, however there is a conversion that will allow them to be converted to radial tyres , the modern day standard for tyres



A mixed day planned today, tyres on Fords, LDV, Vauxhall, Peugeots..Variety is the spice of life


Tyron Bands

A dreek day in Shropshire today, however I off to fit a set of Tyron bands to a Eldis caravan. I believe the owners are off to sunnier climbs lucky people!


Punctures- do we repair them?

Yes we do.. Where we can. however it is not always possible, however Hometyre will only repair tyres in accordance with BSAU159 . however we will also carry a replacement tyre if the puncture is un repairable



I fitted 2 big tyres to a big 4X4 today. A Toyota Hilux with full off road BF Goodrich All Terrain.. Big heavy tyres but with the equipment on the van fitting was relatively simple.


Golf tyres

Experience the convenience of having your tyres fitted in Telford whilst you enjoy a round of golf. I've fitted tyres at a couple of Golf courses in the Telford area recently. If you need tyres, why not book an appointment. I'll meet you before you start your round of golf and your car will be ready complete with new tyres when you've finished


Holiday Season is under way

You can tell the kids have finished for the school holidays...loads and loads of caravans on the A5 around Shrewsbury all heading for the coast... Lets hope they have all checked their caravan tyres for pressures and any damage?


School holidays

You can tell its the kids summer holidays... The roads are really quiet this morning.. not a lot of tyre rubber being put down today :-(


Bridgestone Tyre

I had a busy day today mainly fitting Bridgestone tyres.. However, I also dont mind Maxxis, Pirelli, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin what ever they are I will fit them, so that my customers are safe and legal!!



Michelin pilot sports 2 for ultimate edge grip!!!



With the recent Government announcement that T.P.M.S will become law for new vehicles within 2 years, I have seen a rise in enquiries from customers asking about the Tyron and Tyresure systems we can supply and fit. Initially I have only fitted one system so far , but the customer was delighted!!


Run Flat tyres

Run flats.. is the BMW led technology a permanent thing? Who knows? The public dont understand the technology they just see expensive tyres! Strange tho today I went to a Mini Cooper and it's owner I used to go to school with.. Strange world!


Commercial Vehicles

I changed the tyres today on van that I havent seen in years an LDV Freighter with twin wheel rear axles.. Despite their reputation that one is still going strong.


Caravan Owners please be aware of your tyres life span

On two occasions in recently Hometyre Shropshire has attended caravans with failed tyres. On both occasions the failure can be attributed to the age of the tyres. All tyres have a date code following the DOT stamp this should be 4 digits ( 3 digits are over 11 years old now !). The caravan club recommend changing tyres after 5 years to reduce the possibility of age related failures.


Busy day yesterday

Occasionally you have one of those days.... All I seemed to do yesterday was tyres on Audi's and Fiat's. However no matter what the vehicle we will supply and fit all your tyre needs!!


Keeping milk flowing across Shropshire

Dealing with their fleet of early '70s battery powered floats as well as the modern fleet, Hometyre have provided specialised services for the local dairy for many years. The split rim design of the 40 year old wheels is now such an uncommon sight that other tyre dealers simply do not have the experience or knowledge to replace or repair tyres. Hometyre are proud to work with Shropshire Dairies to assist in the continuation of this much needed delivery service to the people of the area.


Hometyre links up with local businesses

Hometyre links with Robinson's Valeters, PestForce and Rae Leeson mobile caravan services to offer multiple on site solutions for caravan and motorhome users across the county. For a copy of the promotional guide contact Hometyre on 01743 861183


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