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Did you know?

Did you know that October is Tyre safe month? visit to learn about the on going campaign to raise the publics awareness of the importance of checking and maintaining their tyres


Even tyre fitters tyres wear out

Even tyre fitters tyres wear out as I have found out. I have changed from my old Avons ZZ3 to Maxxis MAZ1. Both are directional tyres which I prefer on my car


Tyron Bands

Fitted a set of Tyron bands for a customer on Saturday. Very happy with the fact that we came to him, saved him having to take his caravan to a tyre depot and then sit waiting for them to be done. He was also happy that he had contacted his insurance company and he would get a discount on his insurance once they are fitted.


All season tyres

Can I fit winter tyres now?.. The correct term is All season tyres..and the answer is YES.. all season does what it says on the tin (or side wall) they are NOT exclusively for winter driving. Tests by Continental, Pirrelli, and others have shown that unless you are a high performance , aggressive driver, there is very little difference in tyre performance. In deed I was chatting to a British Gas engineer yesterday and he told me that all British Gas's new vans are coming with all season tyres / winters tyres as standard!!!


Damp Monday Morning

I hope you have all checked your tyre pressures over the week end.. Damp and colder mornings mean less grip and longer stopping distances!


Can you get me?

I am often asked "Can you get me xyz tyres?". The answer is generally "yes", however very specialist tyres are often difficult to acquire and we do NOT do the absolute cheap end tyres as they are not worth the effort for us or the customer



I did a Nissan Pathfinder today. He had Continental Cross Contact tyres put on.. Good on Road, Good off road


Back to School

Its nearly that time again... Back to school,college or university..Have you checked your childs car tyres? If not , why? they are the only thing that is contact with the road on their vehicle. If you are unsure what to check give us a call , and we will come and do a free, no obligation inspection for you.



After a successful week end (albeit a bit damp at times) all are back from the N.F.o.L. job DONE!!



After yesterdays busy day.. its very quiet on the roads today. Im sure that will rectify itself after the bank holiday and the kids going back to school


Bank Holiday Weekend

Its the Friday of August bank holiday week end... Its dull and rainy so your tyres will warm up slower, take extra care when braking and remember steering may not be as responsive. Additionally any oil or diesel that has been dropped onto the road in the last few days will mix with the water and make the tarmac less grippy. Message .... Be careful and drive safe!


N.F.o. L

All set up.. Tyron and Tyresure products on display. Lets hope for good weather!


Technical Update

I was at Entyrety the other day, for a technical update.. Tyre technology mores on a pace these days..


France home of Michelin

I went to France last week for a few days..home of Michelin. however like the rest of Europe there are many makes of brands of tyres available over there.


Energy rateings for tyres

From next year tyre manufacturers will be required to show the energy ratings of their product. Similar to that we ahve all seen on Washing machines and fridges.


Tyres for Severn Business Network

Hometyre Shropshire commits to a second year at in Shrewsbury following a highly succesful first year with the group. Networking is a means to promote business services amongst other likeminded business owners within the area and can generate thousands of pounds worth of recommended business.


Summer tyres

Just because the weather is good, don't think you can ignore worn tyres for a little while longer! Hot tarmac and higher temperatures cause even greater tyre wear.


Another sunny day

Plenty of caravans still about.. I do hope they have checked their tyre before travelling


Cheltenham and back

Went bike riding today......Cheltenham and back for charity..Sue Ryder.. 20 bikers across the cotswolds and fosse way!


N.F.o L National Feast of Lanterns

I shall be attending NFoL..National Feast of Lanterns 25-29 August 2011 at Newark demonstrating Tyron bands , T.P.M.S and tyre related products.. Are you attending? If so come ands have a chat!!


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