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Getting chilly

Its getting chilly, time to think about winter tyres, did you know that at temperatures below +7 but about zero degrees winter tyres perform better because of rubber compound used in their construction!!


Maxxis Supply

We now have a full supply of Maxxis tyre range including all sizes of 4x4 tyres.


Part Worn Tyres

I am frequently asked "Can you supply part worn tyres"?, My response is, " would you wear someone elses used underwear"?!!!.. Part worns have been disposed of for a reason, generally because there is damage to the tyre..Why else would some dispose of a perfectly servicable tyre?


Leaking alloys

Alloy wheels corrode over time and eventually they start "leaking" causing loss of tyre pressure. Often this occurs quickly and can lead to a lack of vehicle control. When we find a corroded alloy , we remove the corrosion (technically it's called oxidation) with a grinder and recoat with a sealer. This helps slow the corrosion process, however, oxidation is a natural process and can never be completely eliminated


Off to Sunny Manchester

I'm off to sunny Manchester to assist Paul in his terrtory lauch, Hopefully we can raise brand awareness and profile, with our offering of Goodyear, Maxxis, Bridgestone tyres etc


Mixed Day in Shropshire

I have got a real mixed day to day.. A Range Rover Sport will Pirrelli's and a caravan wanting 4 GT Radials.. Along with a real mixed and varied assortment of other jobs



Had a lady customer yesterday who had kerbed her tyre on her Renault Laguna. Now some times all that kerbing does is "pop" the bead seal off the rim. however yesterday, it damaged the sidewall of the tyre and I had to replace her Hankook


An autumn heatwave forecast

They are forecasting, an autumn heatwave according to the weather forecast last night... but it there is still time to order winter tyres, in case it snows the week after !!


Dunlop and Goodyear Winter tyre presentation

I went to a Goodyear / Dunlop winter presentation on their Winter tyre offering yesterday at Tamworth Snowdome. Hugely inpressive. A Ford Focus,Audi A3 and BMW 1 series all climbed the 1 in 4 snowy and ice hill easily. Just demonstrating if the temperature falls below 7 degrees celcius the benefits of winter tyres!


Ford Transit

I had one of those days yesterday.. 6 jobs, and 3 of them were Ford Transits. All different ages and types, but the iconic commercial vehilce goes on and on


Dunlop Goodyear

Winter ( or as they should be called all season ) tyres. Dunlop Goodyear are already telling us in Septmeber that theya re experiencing growing demand for winter tyres. Perhaps they could go into weather forecasting?..


Rain Rain Rain

Heavy rain the morning across Shropshire.. Good job my tyres have plenty of tread and deep grooves to displace the standing water. If your tyres dont then you may have to take longer to stop. Why not let us replace your worn tyres?


Allseason (winter tyres)

We have an increasing range of winter tyre products available from a whole variety of brands (Continental,Vredstrein,Goodyear,Dunlop etc etc) right now at competitive prices. Once the first flurry falls though, these stocks will diminsh rapidly and prices will inevitably begin to rise. Please preorder or buy now to avoid dissappointment!


When is a slow puncture..Not a slow puncture?

Well that answer is ...... when you discover the the air leakage is caused by a cracked alloy wheel. Unfortunately cracked rims make it a safety issue and you have to replace the entire wheel


Do tyres age?

Carried out a tyre pressure check FOC on a Mini last week. The owner stated her tyre pressure monitoring warning light was continually coming on. She had new front run flats fitted a couple of months ago which were fine. However on inspecting the rears which still had around 4mm of tread on each tyre it became apparent that both of the Dunlop SP Sports fitted had significant cracking inside the tread pattern, which was the cause of the problem air was slowly seeping through the tyre which the DOT codes were 4802 on the 03 Mini these were the original tyres, which were perished through age. Obviously anyone who does low mileage on tyres 5 years of age or more should check them at regular intervals even if the tread in good.


Did you know?

Did you know that October is Tyre safe month? visit to learn about the on going campaign to raise the publics awareness of the importance of checking and maintaining their tyres


Even tyre fitters tyres wear out

Even tyre fitters tyres wear out as I have found out. I have changed from my old Avons ZZ3 to Maxxis MAZ1. Both are directional tyres which I prefer on my car


Tyron Bands

Fitted a set of Tyron bands for a customer on Saturday. Very happy with the fact that we came to him, saved him having to take his caravan to a tyre depot and then sit waiting for them to be done. He was also happy that he had contacted his insurance company and he would get a discount on his insurance once they are fitted.


All season tyres

Can I fit winter tyres now?.. The correct term is All season tyres..and the answer is YES.. all season does what it says on the tin (or side wall) they are NOT exclusively for winter driving. Tests by Continental, Pirrelli, and others have shown that unless you are a high performance , aggressive driver, there is very little difference in tyre performance. In deed I was chatting to a British Gas engineer yesterday and he told me that all British Gas's new vans are coming with all season tyres / winters tyres as standard!!!


Damp Monday Morning

I hope you have all checked your tyre pressures over the week end.. Damp and colder mornings mean less grip and longer stopping distances!


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