BMW 5 series in Pinner HA5 215/45/17

New customer had seen the van driving around and called us as his 2 rear tyres needed replacing. Loaded 2 215/45/17 tyres on to the van and arranged a time of 13.00 to replace the tyres. Turned up and checked the tyres, both tyres had less then 2 mm of tread on them so removed the wheels and changed the tyres. Checked the tyre pressures on the remaining wheels and adjusted as required. Took payment and headed off.


Ford Focus in Enfield EN4 205/55/16 and alignment check

Customer had hit a pothole and damaged there tyre. Removed the tyre and checked that the wheel was not damaged, luckily for the customer they had not damaged there rim so only a new tyre was required. Fitted the 205/55/16 tyre that I had brought and refitted the wheel to the car, checked the alignment in case the tracking had been knocked out by the pothole. Alignment was ok so no adjustment was required. Check the tyre pressures in all the other wheels (including the spare) and adjusted as required.


Audi Q7 in Northaw EN6 295/35/21

Audi Q7 needed 2 new 295/35/21Y tyres due to having nails in both of his tyres near the edge meaning that they could not be repaired. Car is owned by a builder who has to go on to site; he had picked up the nails on one of his site visits. We replaced the tyres while he was working so he did not have to stop and go off site to replace his tyres. If you are a builder and have picked up a puncture while working call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we can come to you to fix/replace your tyres while you carry on working

SAAB 9-5 in Finchley N2 215/55/16

New customer called who wanted budget tyres as he was going to sell the car in a couple of weeks but his present 2 rear tyres where illegal. Took the details and ordered 2 budget 215/55/16V tyres to be fitted that afternoon. Turned up and changed the tyres, checked his front tyres, they where at 4mm on each. Checked the pressures and adjusted as required.

If you need budget or premium tyres call us on 0800 783 93 10 as we can supply all the tyres on the market.


Peugeot 207 in Whetstone N20 185/65/15

Another one of my neighbours knocked at the door to ask for a tyre fitting, no problem. Went along to the house and took the details. She wanted so advice on what to fit, talked to her about her driving style and gave her a couple of recommendations, she went for the Kumho KH17 185/65/15H tyres. Ordered them and arranged a fitting time of the next day after she had done the school run. Turned up and fitted the tyres, checked the pressures in the other tyres and adjusted as required.


Mercedes Benz A Class in Whetstone N20 185/65/17

One of my neighbours knocked at the door to ask for a tyre fitting, no problem. Went along to the house and took the details. He wanted the same as he had at the moment so ordered 2 Kumho KH17 185/65/17H tyres and arranged to fit them the next day. Tyres arrived so went around to his house and fitted the tyres. Checked the other tyres for pressure (I had already checked the tread depth yesterday); only a couple of pounds out but corrected.

If you see any of our van on the road feel free to stop us and ask for some advice.



Peugeot 206 in Hemel Hempstead HP2 175/65/14

New customer ordered online for a fitting to be performed today in Hemel Hempstead. The customer had ordered 2 Dunlop street response 175/65/14T tyres. Loaded the tyres up and set off for the agreed fitting time. Arrived and checked his tyres and confirmed that 2 tyres had to be replaced. Wheels off the car, tyres changed and then to the balancing, the only problem with his wheels is that they do not have the centre hole that a normal wheel balancer uses. This is not a problem for us as all our van carry an adaptor (called a spider) that can be used on centre less wheels. Balanced and put back on the car and then torqued up to the manufacturers specification. Checked the pressures in his other tyres and the spare, all ok. If you have wheels that do not have the centre hole and they need balancing call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will be able to do it for you.


Heading off for the weekend

If you are heading off for the weekend check the condition of your tyres, loading up your car with all the family and luggage can put a strain on your tyres that have performed perfectly in normal day to day situations. Also check the tyre pressures as the increased load will need a higher tyre pressure.

If you need new tyres for the weekend call 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you to fit them.


Daewoo Matiz in Enfield EN2 155/65/13

New customer called for an Autogrip 155/65/13 tyre. Arranged for 15.00 meeting the next day, arrived and fitted the tyre. Checked his other tyre pressures and spare. All ok, that simple, if you would like your tyres changed at home or work call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10


Mercedes Benz E class Edgeware 225/55/16

Repeat customer called to say they had a puncture and could we fix it, loaded a replacement Falken 225/55/16 tyre on the van in case the tyre could not be repaired. Arrived at the job and removed the tyre from the car. The tyre had a nail in it near the edge of the tyre, this could not be repaired so fitted the replacment tyre. For more information on what part of a tyre can be repaired click HERE. Checked the tyre pressure on the other tyres and adjusted as required

Lexus RX in Islington N1 London 235/55/18

New customer called to say he had a puncture and could we fix it, when we go to a puncture we like to take a tyre as well in case the tyre cannot be repaired. Loaded an Accelera 235/55/18 which is what he already had on the vehicle. Arrived at the vehicle to find that the side wall was damaged, side walls cannot be repaired so I replaced the tyre with the tyre I had brought. If you have a puncture call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10.

Porsche Boxster in St Albans AL3 235/35/19 and 265/35/19

Repeat customer called to say he had just brought a Porsche and needed new tyres on it. Took the tyre sizes down (235/35/19 Front and 265/35/19 Rear) and loaded the tyres up. Arrived at the customer's house to his new (to him) silver Porsche and changed the tyres. The tyres on the car would still have been ok but the tyre pressures on each tyre had been set to high so the middle of each tyre had worn prematurely. Set the new tyre pressures as per the manufactures specification and left a happy customer.


Fiat Ducato in Watford WD17 215/70/15

New customer called today with a Fiat Ducato van that needed 1 tyre. After discussing the customer requirements I recommended a GT Maxmiller 215/70/15 to suit his budget and driving pattern. The only problem was that the van was away from base at a customer's house, no problem for a mobile service, got the address where the van was and went to the address. |Changed the tyre while the customer carried on working. Loved the service, could not believe that he could carry on working while having his tyre changed, said he would be using us again.



Mini Cooper St Albans AL3 205/45/17

Existing customer called for a replacement tyre on her Mini Cooper. Needed a Dunlop 205/45/17. Arranged a fitting time of 09.30 the next day after she had done the school run. Arrived at 09.30 and fitted the tyre, checked the remaining tyres and added a couple of pounds to each tyre. If you would like your tyres fitted at a time that is convenient for you call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10


VW Passat in Bushey WD23 215/55/16

New customer booked an appointment online for 2 Primewell PZ900 215/55/16. Arranged an appointment for 16.30. Arrived at the appointed time to have a look at the car. He actually only needed 1 tyre so agreed to only fit 1. Tyre fitted I checked the remaining tyres, pressures down on 2 tyres and the spare also need to be inflated. All finished, customer happy as he did not need to leave the house.


Chevrolet Captiva North London N6 235/55/18

New customer called today wanting 2 Multistrada desert hawk h/t 235/55/18, no problem. Loaded the tyres and set off to N6. Got to the job at 1.00 as agreed and inspected the car. Fitted the tyres and then checked his remaining 2 tyres and his spare. The 2 tyres on the car where ok but the spare had a puncture, he said that he had changed the tyre after a puncture and never got around to fixing the tyre. The tyre was repairable so fixed the puncture and replaced the spare in the boot. Remember that if you're spare has a puncture it won't be any good to you when you need it.


Saab 9-3 Muswell Hill N10 225/45/17

Repeated customer called to say he had punctured his tyre but he had also driven on it. He wanted the same tyre as he already had so loaded a Continental Sport Contact 3 225/45/17 onto the van and arranged a time of 16.00 that was suitable for him. Turned up and checked the tyre, he had run over a Stanley knife blade so a repair would not be possible and also on taking the tyre off the inside of the tyre had been damaged when he drove on it. Cleaned up the wheel and put the replacement tyre on. Put the wheel back on the car and then checked the pressures in the other wheels, all ok. Replaced his locking wheel nut in the boot and took payment off him.


Ford Transit in Hemel Hempstead HP2 215/75/16

New customer called today saying he needed 2 new tyres on his Ford Transit. The only problem he had was that he was working and could not leave site to get them done. No problem, that is the advantage of a mobile tyre fitting service, you can carry on working while your tyres are changed. Talked to him about what he wants and he decided to go for SUNITRAC 215/75/16 116 R tyres, loaded them up and headed off to his van. Arrived and inspected his tyres, the rear tyres where the tyres that needed replacing, removed the wheels and fitted the tyres and then torqued to the manufactures specification. Checked the 2 front tyres, had 5mm of tread so not problem but they needed a couple of pound of pressure adding. Also checked the spare and only had to pump these up as will. Took payment and off I went, customer happy and added our phone number in to his phone so he will not have to leave work again for tyres.


Audi TT in Borhamwood WD6 225/45/17

New customer called asking for Pirelli P7 Cint 225/45/17Y for her Audi TT. Arranged the appointment for 12.45. Arrived at the arranged time and fitted the tyre to her car. Very happy that she did not have to go down to a tyre depot as she finds them intimidating. Preferred having the work done while she was at the office and found our service very efficient. Liked it so much she took some literature that she was going to put on the staff notice boards. That's what we like, happy contented customer.


Jaguar S Type London N3 235/50/17

New customer who had ordered online today. Ordered Nexen N8000 235/50/17 100W for his Jaguar S Type. Arranged an appointment for 09.55 and loaded up the tyres. Arrived at the appointed time (15mins early really) and waited for the customer to turn up. He turned up at 09.45 and I started work on his car. All finished (tyre fitted pressure check on all his other tyres and paper work completed) in 30 mins. Could not believe it was that easy.



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