Mercedes Benz in London NW1 with 225/55/R16 99W after being slashed

New customer called to say that all 4 of his tyres had been slashed overnight so he could not move the car. Talked to the customer and he decided to go for SUNTEK STK SPORT 225/55/16 99W tyres. Arranged an appointment for later in the day. Picked up the tyres and set off to see the customer at the arranged time. Arrived and found his car sitting by the side of the road with 4 very sick looking slashed tyres.

Customer came out and started to talk to me, seems that about 50 cars had all been done over the previous evening leaving all the neighbours stranded. Customer got the locking wheel nut key out of the boot and we started to remove the wheels and change the tyres, once balanced we put the wheels back on the car and tightened the wheel nuts up to the correct torque and put the locking wheel nut back in the boot. Customer had nothing to pay as he had ordered the tyres online at While we where there a large number of his neighbours came out to ask us about replacing there tyres as well, lots of quotes given out and appointments booked at times the customers wanted. If you have been in the unfortunate position of have your tyres slashed and you do not know what to do give Hometyre a call on 0800 783 93 10 and we can at least take the strain away of having to work out how to replace multiple tyres if some low life has decided to slash / damage your tyres.


Audi A4 in London W9 emergency 205/55/16 and locking wheel nut removal

New customer called to say that he had clipped a kerb and damaged the side wall of his tyre and the car was stranded outside his flat. He had an Audi A4 with Goodyear Efficient grip 205/55/16W tyres fitted. As side walls on tyres cannot be fixed we loaded a replacement Goodyear tyre on board (he wanted the same tyre as he already had on) and set off for the job. Arrived at the job and confirmed that the side wall had been damaged, it had. Asked the customer for his locking wheel nut key, he explained that he had not got it as it had not been replaced after his last service. Wheels with locking wheel nuts cannot be removed with out the key unless you have special equipment to remove them; luckily for the customer all of our vans carry special equipment to remove locking wheel nuts with out the key. Jacked the car up and removed the locking wheel nut and then removed the wheel from the car.

Took the old damaged tyre off of the wheel and inspected the wheel for damage, no damage found (except superficial marking), fitted a new valve and put the new Goodyear tyre on, mounted the wheel and tyre onto the balancer and balanced the wheel down to 0grams of imbalance.

Put the wheel back on to the car and torqued the wheels up to the required specification. Checked the tread depth and tyre pressures on the other tyres and noted the information on the tyre report. Took the payment and went off to the next job.

If you have clipped a kerb with one of your tyres and cannot move your car or the locking wheel nut key has gone missing call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you to replace your tyres and remove your locking wheel nut.


Renault Grand Scenic in Bushey WD23 Puncture repair 205/60/16H

Took a call from a previous customer who had just noticed that he had a puncture in his driver's side front tyre. As he is an existing customer we had his details on the system so we already new his tyre sizes. We loaded up a 205/60/16H tyre just in case the tyre could not be repaired. Arrived at the job within 30mins and started work by removing the tyre from the wheel to check for internal damage. No damage found and the customer confirmed that the tyre had not been driven on while it was flat. Found the cause of the puncture (small nail in the centre of the tread so a repair was possible. Repaired and inflated the tyre. Checked that the repair was not leaking and replaced the wheel on the car. If you have picked up a puncture don't drive on the tyre as this will cause damage to the inside of the tyre where the rim of the wheel rubs against the inside of the tyre meaning that it cannot be repaired. All of our tyre repairs are carried out to BSAU 159F standard.


Range Rover in Hendon NW4 with a tyre pressure light on the dash.

New customer called to say that his tyre pressure monitoring light had come up on the dash board. Arranged to meet him in 1 hour to investigate. Arrived at the customer house and asked him what had happened? Turned out he had just brought 4 new wheels off the internet for his car as the existing wheels where scuffed up. He had changed the wheels over and that is when the light had come on. Explained that the problem was that his old wheels (luckily he still had them) had TPMS valves in them (tyre pressure monitoring valves) and the new wheels did not, this means that the car is no longer getting a signal from the valves and thus thinks that the valves have a fault. Removed the valves from the old wheels and fitted them onto his new wheels and then refitted them on the car. Reset the TPMS warning light and every thing was ok. If you have a warning light on your dash to say that your tyre is running low on pressure or that you have a fault on the system call us and we can diagnose and correct TPMS problems, we can also supply and fit an after market TPMS system to you car. Just call 0800 783 93 10 for details.


Mercedes Benz C class in North Finchley N12 Pirelli P7 MO 205/55/16

New customer called and needed 1 tyre on the front of the car, talked through the options and the customer decided to go for the Pirelli P7 205/55/16 with the MO option, this means that the tyre has been specifically designed for Mercedes. Arranged an appointment for 2 hrs later. Loaded up the tyre and set off. Arrived at the job at the arranged time and checked the tyres on the car. The front tyre was down to 2mm so needed to be changed but also both rear tyres had worn down to the casing so they where illegal. Got on the phone to our other van and arranged for 2 more tyres to be delivered as the car could not be driven with the tyres as they where. Started work on the front tyre and then waited for the other 2 tyres to arrive. 15 mins later the other 2 tyres turned up so removed the rear wheels and changed the tyres. Locking wheel nut back in the boot and one very happy customer as the car was now safe. For each illegal tyre on a car you risk 3 point and up to a £2500 fine, remember this is per tyre.


BMW 3 series Borhamwood WD6 Bridgestone ER300 205/55/16H

New customer had ordered his new tyres online, needed 2 Bridgestone ER300 205/55/16H tyres for his BMW. Picked the tyres up and headed off to the customer. Arrived and checked his tyres to ensure that they did need changing. The rear 2 tyres had worn down to 2mm so they did indeed need to be changed. The front 2 tyres where at 5mm and 6mm so no problems with them. Got the locking wheel nut key from the boot and jacked the car up and removed the wheels. Took the tyres off and inspected the rims for damage, all ok. Fitted the tyres, replaced the valve and tightened the valve core up to 8nm, balanced the wheels and removed the tyre soap that I had used to put the tyres on and then refitted the wheels on to the car. Torqued the wheel nuts up the manufacturer's spec. Put the locking wheel nut key back in the boot and handed the keys to the customer. No payment had to be made as the customer had ordered tyre online a


Mini Cooper in Denham UB9 Pirelli Euphoria 205/45/17 RFT 84V

Stopped in the street while doing another job in the Denham area by a Lady with a Mini Cooper, she thought that she might need new tyres. Checked the tyres on her car and confirmed that she did need 2 new tyres, she was very happy with the present tyres she had on the car so ordered 2 Pirelli Euphoria RFT 205/45/17 84V tyres to replace the 2 I would be taking off. I then arranged an appointment for the next day at 09.30 at the office she worked at, I would do the job in the staff car park. Turned up the next day and took the keys off the customer. Retrieved the locking wheel nut key from the boot and removed the wheels and changed the tyres, did a back to front swap as it is advisable that the new pair of tyres are fitted to the rear axel of the car for safety reasons (new tyres on the back help control over steer). Torqued the wheel nut up to the required specification and replaced the locking wheel nut in the boot and took payment. Customer was so happy she took some leaflets to put on the staff notice board. If you work in an office with a staff car park do you think your work colleagues could benefit from this service? If yes just get them to call Hometyre on 08007839310 or visit and we will come to your office to change there tyres. We can also perform a car park check free of charge on all the vehicles there.


Toyota Rav4 in Whetstone N20 215/70/16H

New customer called to say she had just got an advisory as part of her MOT and it stated that she would soon need 4 new tyres, as she was only around the corner I went to check her tyres to ensure that she did really need 4 new tyres. Arrived at her house and checked the tyres and indeed they did need replacing. After talking to the customer she was very happy with the type of tyres she already had so I ordered 4 Dunlop ST20 215/70/16H tyres as this is what she already had and then arranged a fitting time of 16.30 that afternoon as she would have completed the school run by then. Arrived at the appointed time, found the locking wheel nut key in the boot and removed her wheels, took the old tyres off, replaced the valve, fitted the new tyres and balanced the wheels. Put the wheels back on the car and replaced the locking wheel nut in the boot. Customer was very happy as she had not had to rush around trying to fit in a tyre change before the school run.


Toyota Avensis N1 205/55/16V

Customer booked 1 Bridgestone T001 205/55/16V tyre online that was to be fitted in the Islington area. Called the customer and arranged a fitting time of 10.00 the next day as this was convenient for the customer. Turned up at the job at 10.00 and proceeded to checked the tyre (NSF), the tyre had worn prematurely due to his alignment (tracking) being out, he said that he had clipped a kerb a few weeks back and that must have done it, he also said that the car was pulling a bit to the left. Took the locking wheel nut out of the boot and removed the wheel. Fitted the new tyre and then checked the track rod to see if it had been damaged, no damaged found to the track rod. Refitted the wheel and torqued up to the correct specification. Replaced the locking wheel not in the boot and then got on with checking the alignment with my laser bars. It was out by 4 degrees from specification so corrected the alignment back to the manufactures recommendation. Updated the invoice to reflect the Alignment adjustment and took payment for the alignment (the tyre had already been paid for). If you need new tyres or maybe you have hit a kerb or large pothole and knocked your alignment (tracking) out call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you.


Skoda Fabia in Archway N6 205/45/16W

Order booked online for a Skoda Fabia on the Archway road in N6, the order was for 2x 205/45/16 Bridgestone tyres. Contacted the customer to arrange a time to fit them and headed off to the job. Arrived and inspected the tyres, she did need 2 tyres. Got the locking wheel nut out of the boot and removed the 2 wheels, changed the tyres and then refitted them to the car and torqued the nuts up to the manufactures specification. Checked that the tread depth and that the tyre pressures of the remaining tyres where ok, they where. Replaced the locking wheel nut key in the boot and marked this information on the invoice, the number of people who cannot find the locking wheel nut is surprising, by putting this info on the invoice customers can see where there locking wheel nut key is. Completed the invoice. Handed the keys back to the customer and set off. All of this time the customer could stay in there house and look after the children. If you have children and do not want to have to take them to a tyre depot call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you.


Land Rover Discovery in Hemel Hempstead HP1 275/45/20

New customer called the office to say he needed a new tyre on his Land Rover Discovery. The tyre size was 275/45/20. Advised the customer that on a 4x4 the tyres should be within 4mm of each other on the same axel. He said that would be no problem as he would like to put his current spare tyre on the other side and use the tyre we would be taking off as his new spare. Loaded up the Kumho KL17 110Y XL and set off. Arrived at the job and looked at the tyre, it looked like he had clipped a rock on his driver's side rear and damaged the side wall when driving into his drive. Removed the wheel and took the tyre off and checked to see if his rim had any damage. No damage so mounted the new tyre, put the wheel back on the car and then put his existing spare on the other side of the car. Checked the condition and pressures in his other tyres, only needed a couple of pounds of pressure to be added. Replace his remaining wheel as his spare. Remember the 4mm rule if you are changing 1 tyre on a 4x4.


Renault Scenic in Hornsey N8 205/60/16

Bumped into an existing customer on the street who said he had to keep pumping his tyre up. Removed the wheel from the car to inspect it for damage to the tyre. Found a big screw right in the middle of the tread. Luckily this area of the tyre is repairable. Removed the screw and then used my drill bit to clean the hole out, smoothed down the inside surface of the tyre around the hole and then cleaned it and applied the glue, once the glue was tacky I inserted the plug and patch repair and worked it until it was fully attached to the inside of the tyre, applied liquid rubber to re seal the inside of the tyre and cut the end of the plug off so it was level with the outside of the tyre. Inflated the tyre and checked that it had no leaks. Refitted the tyre and torqued the wheel up to the manufactures specification, checked the pressures on his remaining tyres (couple of pounds over recommendation) so corrected. So no matter if you have a puncture or need a new tyre call us and we will come to your house or work to do the work


Ford Focus in Islington N1 with locking wheel nuts

New customer called to day to say he had lost his locking wheel nut key and needed to get his wheels off as his brake pads needed to be changed. All our van carry special equipment to remove locking wheel nuts without damaging your wheels. Arranged to meet in 1 hour's time as this was convenient for the customer and set off to Islington.

Arrived 15 minutes early but this was no problem as the customer was available. Removed all 4 of the locking wheel nuts and as I was there I checked his tyres for him, one of his tyres was below the legal limit (the legal limit is 1.6mm) and the remaining tyres had 4 or more mm of tread left. Showed the customer the illegal tyre that needed to be replaced, luckily the size of tyre he had on his vehicle is the most common size of tyre in the country (205/55/16) and we always carry a couple of tyres in this size on the van, so I did the job there and then. If you have lost or damaged your locking wheel nut key call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you to remove them.


Saab 9-3 in Muswell hill N8 winter to summer swap

An existing customer from just around the corner called to get his winter tyres swapped back to his summer tyres, this is quite late in the season to do this but he does not use the car much. Turned up at the arranged time and swapped his tyres over, changed the valve, balanced the wheels and mounted the wheels back on the car.

Before storing his winter tyres I always check for any damage, none found so they will be ok for next winter. He said that he had only really driven to France to go skiing and it was the safest journey he had ever had, he used to get the odd break of traction but with the new tyres his car just gripped the road all the time, he also noticed that when driving in the rain he seemed to have a lot more grip than before.

If you still have your winter tyres on and would like to swap them for your summer tyres (or maybe you want to enquire about winter tyres for later in the year before they run out) call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10.

We can also supply new summer tyres as well


Citroen C1 in Luton LU2 155/65/14

New customer called today to say his tyres had been slashed. He had parked in a side road while he was away on Holiday and on returning all 4 of his tyres had been slashed on the side wall. Loaded up 4 Primewell PS880 155/65/14 tyres and set off to him. On arriving I checked that the tyres had been slashed, they had been. Removed the 4 wheels and replaced the tyres. The job took 45 minutes and the customer was very happy as he had net been able to find anybody until he called us to replace his tyres, that is the beauty of a mobile tyre service, we come to you. If you would like your tyres changed at home or work call 0800 783 93 10 or order your tyres online at


Skoda Fabia in Finchley N12 205/40/17

Existing customer called to say that his Kumho KU39 205/40/17 tyres needed replacing. Loaded 2 tyres up and set off to see him. Got to the car and checked the tyres on the vehicle. Only 1 tyre needed changing, fitted the new tyre and adjusted the invoice to reflect this. Very happy that he only needed 1 tyre as he had been told he needed 2 by his garage. If you would like an honest appraisal of what you need call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you and explain what we are doing

Nissan Micra in Finchley N12 winter to summer swap

Customer called to swap his winter tyres to his summer tyres, arranged to be with him in 1 hour's time. Arrived, checked his summer tyres to ensure they had no damage, no problem. Took his wheels off the car, removed the tyres and replaced the valves. Balanced the wheels and replaced on the car and torqued up to the manufacturers specification. Stored the winter tyres in his garage, took payment and set off.

If you still have your winter tyres on your car call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we can come to you to either swap them to your summer tyres or fit new

Porsche 911 in St Albans AL3 305/30/19 and 235/35/19

Repeat customer called who needed 4 tyres on a 911. Porsche have specific N rated tyres fitted so loaded these tyres on the van. Got to the car and checked that the tyres needed replacing and they did. The front tyres are 235/35/19 and the rear tyres are 305/30/19. Removed the wheels and fitted the tyre, torqued the wheels up to the manufactures specification and then took payment. If you need specific rated tyres for your car or are not sure if you do call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we can talk you through the requirements.


VW Passat in St Albans AL1 235/45/17

Customer needed 2 new tyres, wants Pirelli Rosso 235/45/17 97W as that is what the car had on at the moment. No problem, loaded them up and headed off for his 10.00 appointment. Arrived and checked his tyres, 1 tyre had been damaged by a puncture but the other tyre still had 5mm on it. Advised him that he only needed 1 tyre but he said he wanted a matching pair. Suggested then that I take the good rear tyre he had and replaced the NSF tyre that was just above 3mm (still legal) with the good rear tyre, like the sound of that so replaced the tyres so he had a new matching pair on the back of the car and put the other tyre on his NSF. Checked the remaining tyre pressures and adjusted as required. If you would like and honest opinion on your tyres call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you.


Porsche N Rated tyre

Porsche Tyres

Porsche builds high performance vehicles which require tyres adapted to these performances. To this end, Porsche integrated tyre selection in the development process of each vehicle. Tyres which have undergone the tests and obtained validation by Porsche are then accredited with an "N" specification.

The Porsche specifications are as follows: N0, N1, N2, N3, etc. These indications on the side of the tyre mean that these tyres have been accredited by Porsche. The numbers following the "N" code: 0, 1, 2, 3 represent the various accreditations by Porsche over time. This means that N0 was the first tyre accredited. Thereafter, based on the modifications made on the tyre, this same reference is identified as N1, then N2, etc. When a new tyre is selected by Porsche, the index starts at N0 once again. Watch out, it is absolutely necessary to select tyres accredited by Porsche as these have been designed for your car.


Porsche N-Rated Tyre Approval

Sports car tyres make a major contribution to the ability of high performance sports to "stick to the road". Their tyres are very complex products meeting numerous, largely contradictory demands. Finding the proper structure that balances these demands for any given application is the great challenge in tyre design.

Porsche manufacturers and designs some of the highest performance vehicles in the world, as a result tyres play an integral role in vehicle performance. Porsche has integrated tyre development throughout their process of vehicle development. To be an Original Equipment tyre provider on a Porsche vehicle or be approved by Porsche for the replacement market requires the joint product development efforts of the tyre engineers working alongside the Porsche vehicle engineers.


Production tyres that have passed all of the tests and received the engineering department's release can be branded with an N-specification. The N-specification brandings include: N-0 (N-zero), N-1, N-2, N-3 etc. These markings on a tyre's sidewall clearly identify them as approved by Porsche for their vehicles. The N-0 marking is assigned to the first approved version of a tyre design. As that design is refined externally or internally, the later significant evolutions will result in a new generation of the tyre to be branded with N-1, N-2, etc, in succession. When a completely new tyre design is approved, it receives the N-0 branding and the succession begins again.



Research and Development

The focus in recent radial tyre development for Porsche vehicles has included optimum handling on dry surfaces and the safest possible behaviour on wet surfaces, even at high speeds. Tyres developed by various manufacturers, in concert with Porsche, offer a specific set of wet grip properties which few, if any, other automobile manufacturers demand in equal measure from the tyres they use on their vehicles. Tyres may be specified for a particular vehicle or range of vehicles and must successfully pass the tyre company's laboratory, track and race tests to assure that they would be capable of adequately supporting the Porsche vehicle. Approval testing ensures tyres can reach their top speed on the Autobahn whilst meeting Porsche's noise, hydroplaning, high-speed durability, uniformity, serviceability and handling requirements.

Changing Tyres

It is recommended that only matching tyres be used on Porsche vehicles. Since many Porsche vehicles are fitted with differently sized tyres on their front and rear axles, this means matching the tyre make, tyre type and N-specification. If a vehicle was originally delivered with N-specification tyres that have been discontinued and are no longer available, it is recommended to change all four tyres to a higher numeric N-specification design appropriate for that vehicle. Mixed tyre types are not recommended. Tyres should be replaced no less than in pairs on one axle at a time. Only tyres of the same tyre make and type must be used. However, in case of tyre damage such as cuts, punctures, cracks or sidewall bulges that cause a single tyre to be replaced for safety reasons, the remaining matching tyre on that axle must not exceed 30 percent wear to the other axle tyre. Otherwise both axle tyres need replacing, as handling inconsistencies may result if this is not done.

Brand new tyres do not offer their full traction during the first 60-100 miles, therefore drivers should therefore drive at moderate speeds in order to bed in new tyres. If new tyres are installed on only one axle, a noticeable change in handling occurs due to the different tread depth of the other tyres. However, this condition disappears as new tyres are broken in. Drivers should adjust their driving style accordingly. It is also important to know that while Porsche N-specification tyres have been fine tuned to meet the specific performance needs of Porsche vehicles, the tyre manufacturers may also build other tyres featuring the same name, size and speed rating as the N-specification tyres for non-Porsche applications. These tyres may not be branded with the Porsche N-specification because they do not share the same internal construction and/or tread compound ingredients as the N-specification tyres. Using tyres that are not N-specific is not recommended and mixing them with other N-specification tyres is not permissible.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

This is an 'N' Rated Tyre, on a closed race circuit, MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup is quicker on average compared to its principal competitors.

The leading track tyre for the road. Used as original equipment on the 911 GT3 RS and 911 Turbo this tyre is built for pure performance driving. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup is a competition tyre designed specifically for serious performance enthusiasts such as track day drivers. Featuring a racing tyre tread compound built for the track, best when being used at 70 - 100 Centigrade. If you're driving in cold, icy or snowy weather you should be very aware that this tyre does not do well in these conditions.

Toyo R888 Track Day Tyre

The Toyo R888 is a road legal track day tyre (not N Rated), used by a large selection of Porsche 911 track day drivers, as effective alternative to the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup track day tyre, which is fitted by Porsche to new 911 GT3's. Designed by the Toyo Motorsport Team using the latest computer modelling, the R888 is one of the most sophisticated track day tyres offering maximum performance.

The R888 boasts an outstanding compound which delivers outstanding results in the dry and wet, with a medium soft compound that has performed significantly better than soft compound competitor track day tyres. Some road legal track tyres have to provide warnings about their use in the wet. Whilst it is not designed as a wet tyre, the R888 outperforms other track tyres here, so if there is a down pour on a track day, drivers can continue rely on its performance on track and for the journey back on normal roads.

Precautions for use of Road Legal Track Day Tyres on the Road. These types of tyre are homologated for road use and meet all the legal requirements for use on the open road. However, the tyre is designed for track use, and in these conditions offers clear advantages in dry grip and cornering when compared to standard tyres. The main characteristics that give this performance gain are a reduced original tread pattern depth, and a special construction in the crown area.



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