M25 closed 23 to 25 Friday 18th March

The M25 is closed junction 23 to 25 today. Not expected to be open untuil 16.00. A406 is expected to be busy today. Try to keep away from North London if possible.


Stopping distances and why 3mm is a good idea

The major manufacturers recommend that tyres should be replaced when they get to 3mm's. Why should I do this you say when the law is 1.6mm's. Well in the wet from 50 mile per hour your stopping distance on tyres at the legal minimum is almost 8 meters longer than when you have 3mm's. That doe's not sound a lot but it could be the difference between hitting the car in front of you or maybe a pedestrian crossing the road. So think about it, tyres are the only thing keeping you on the road and away from all the other road users if you have to stop in an emergency. Dave Hometyre Southeast


Porsche 911 with a flat tyre, maybe a tyre pressure monitoring system could help (TPMS)

Went to a customer the other day, we had changed his rear tyre in December. He had a puncture caused by a nail. The tyre was damaged beyond repair as the inner wall was split because the tyre had been run flat. We replaced the tyre which he was happy about and I suggested that he might benefit from a tyre pressure monitoring system, this will give him advance warning that the tyre is losing pressure so he could get it repaired before it is damaged beyond repair.

Dave Hometyre Southeast


Celebrity tyre services!

Replaced tyres for a very well known iconic musical celebrity yesterday (No names will be given as confidentiality is always gauranteed!). Loved the service as he did not have to go to a depot and be bothered/stared at. If you have this problem please call us and we can change your tyres without any hassle whatsoever!


Tyron bands

Fitted a set of Tyron bands for a customer on Saturday. Very happy with the fact that we came to him, saved him having to take his caravan to a tyre depot and then sit waiting for them to be done. He was also happy that he had contacted his insurance company and he would get a discount on his insurance once they are fitted.


Boat and caravan show

Attended the Boat and Caravan show this weekend on the Tyron stand. Lots of interest and stories of how Tyron bands saved lives. If you have a caravan, motor home or trailer then maybe you should consider Tyron bands. They don't cost that much & can protect you in the case of a blow out. What is your life worth?


Dented alloy wheel

Went to a customer yesterday who had a massive dent in his alloy wheel, totally unfixable, caused by hitting a pot hole. Keep an eye out for pot holes as they can cost you more than just a tyre.


Special tyres on a Jag

Had a customer today that needed 2 new tyres on his Jaguar, he had called all the local tyre depots and been given big quotes but also told that they did not know when they would be able to fit them as there suppliers did not have the tyres in stock. 1 call to Hometyre and the tyres have been ordered and at a significant discount to the originals quotes. We deal with all the national suppliers but also with specialists suppliers, this was the case that the specialists held the tyre but the national dealers did not. Some times you have to go the extra mile.


Jaguar tyres

Had a job yesterday for 4 tyres on a Jaguar. The customer had been told his tyres needed replacing by the main dealer (not going to say who as I think you will understand). Got to the customer and inspected the tyres and the fronts had 6mm across the tread and 5mm across the back and no damage to the side wall. The tyes did not need replacing. Informed the customer of the situation and he was very happy at not having to spend a large amount of money but a bit upset with the dealer. We seem to becoming across a lots of these situations, beware of being told that you need tyres, asked to be shown why the tyres need replacing. This simple check can save you a lot of money. The industry recommendation is 3mm (legal minimum is 1.6mm) as after 3mm the grip from the tyres starts to drop off, this can affect braking and handling.


Snow flakes

I saw snow flakes this morning, could be in for some more snow. I bet the calls for winter tyres goes up.


Brabus Smart car

Just did a very nice Brabus Smart car, 225/35/R17Y with reverse rims, nice and easy and the customer was jubilent. If you need tyres, a pucture repair or an allignment please call us on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 44 5454 and let us help you stay on the road.


New member of staff

Well it has been go go go for the last couple of days, we have a new member of staff that has just started. He is at present going through some basic training before he heads off to Birmingham to the best trainers in the country before he touches a customers car, this means that the high level of customer service that we have achieved is maintained. Once the training has been completed he will be off on the road offering our fantastic service to even more customers. So if you need new tyres, a pucture repair or a wheel alignment just give us a call on 0800 783 93 10 and we will book an appointment that is convient for you.


Autosport show

Attended the Autosport show at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday, lots of exciting stands but the stand out operation was Maxxis. They had a wide range of tyres on display as well as the chapionship winning drift car and driver, lots of information was available and the 'Maxxis babes' looked stunning and generated a lot of intrest from the public. Also on the stand was Shane from boyzone who was talking to the public and being photographed with his fans.

We can now also supply the championship winning Maxxis drift tyres to our customers, so if you would like to order Maxxis drift tyres (or any tyre in the range) call us on 0800 783 93 10. Dave


Cracked alloy wheels

Had another customer on Friday with a suspected puncture, turned out to be another cracked alloy wheel from a pot hole. Keep an eye out for pot holes as they can turn out very expensive.


Pot holes and Alloy wheels

Had a customer yesterday who had a puncture, went to look at his wheel and turned out he had cracked his alloy wheel on a pot hole. Try to keep an eye out for pot holes as hitting one can turn out costly, he will now have to find a replacement wheel and then have a new tyre as he had driven on the deflated tyre. This is especially true of low profile tyres as the amount of air between the rim and the road is reduced.


Working on a Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Got a job yesterday working on a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the car had special wheel nuts that need a special key to remove, the local garages did not have the tool but we do. Be aware of this as if you have a puncture out on the road you might not have the tool as part of your tool kit.


Winter tyres

7 Reasons to Consider Winter Tyres

After a week of snow and ice on UK roads people are finally starting to take winter tyres seriously. A legal requirement in most of northern Europe winter tyres are very misunderstood in the UK. Here are 7 reasons you might want to consider swapping to winter tyres.

1) Winter tyres are NOT SNOW TYRES One of the most common reasons we hear as to why winter tyres aren't needed in the UK is because we don't get enough snow. Winter tyres are designed to be more effective than regular tyres in any temperature under 7c (44f) on any type of road. Cold weather tyres are designed with a larger percentage of natural rubber and silica in the compound which doesn't harden up as much as synthetic rubber in cold conditions.

2) Winter tyres really work Tirerack tested the Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 winter tyre against the Bridgestone RE050A ultra high performance summer tyre in icy conditions. From just 10mph the winter tyre stopped in 6.4 metres, while the summer tyre needed more than twice the distance to stop at over 14 metres. Imagine the difference from 30 mph.

3) Winter tyres could save you money Modern cars have big alloys and expensive wide low profile tyres. Once the small outlay of a set of steel rims has been made, winter tyres are often cheaper because of their smaller size. While you're driving on winter tyres, your not wearing out your expensive summer tyres, thus saving you money.

4) ABS doesn't stop your car any quicker Another false-truth we hear a lot is winter tyres aren't needed thanks to ABS. ABS was designed to allow steering control to be retained while in an emergency situation and will not stop you any quicker in low grip situations.

5) Winter tyres are as comfortable as summer tyres Yet another myth is a loss of ride comfort, or extra noise thanks to winter tyres. The truth is modern winter tyres are as every bit as comfortable as summer tyres, sometimes more so thanks to an increased profile.

6) Avoiding other people on the road The number of accidents caused by wet conditions increases in winter by 267%. Give yourself a chance of avoiding someone else's incident by fitting winter tyres.

7) Cars have changed It's no secret modern cars have gained a little weight, in fact a MK5 Golf is almost twice the weight of a MK1 Golf. With all that extra weight comes added inertia when trying to change directions or slow down, which gives the tyres much more work to do. To compound the problem many more cars are coming with overly wide sports tyres which have even less chance of slowing the big heavy car.


More snow next week

More snow is scheduled for next week so check out your tyres and ensure you have plenty of tread.



The M1 is blocked going north at Luton Airport and should be blocked until at least 10 oclock and maybe longer. South bound has 1 land closed as well

Keep clear


Run flats

Just went to a customer who had ignored the low tyre pressure light on his BMW car.

The NSR (rear tyre on the passenger side of the car) wasvery badly damaged on the inside wall, with run flats it is difficult to tell if the tyres have lost pressure due to the construction of the tyre, had been driving around with his family in the car like this for 4 weeks. Luckily nothing nasty happened.

Changed the tyre and now he is safe.

Just remember that the tyres might look ok on run flats but you could have a hidden problem on the inside tyre wall that you cannot see.

Contact us if you think you have a problem on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and we will come to you.




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