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A Varied Couple of Weeks

Summer arrives early and somewhat fleetingly for us up here North of the Border and we get a couple of weeks head start on the rest of the UK when it comes to summer vacation, that also means we have to get over our summer hangover a similar time before the rest of them as well and the last couple of weeks has brought a busy and varied number of situations that we Hometyre have been uniquely positioned to resolve.

Whilst passing through Musselburgh the other day my route took me past the Racecourse on race day where there was a number of Private Hire Taxis outside awaiting passengers to exit after the final race. One of the drivers of the aforementioned taxis noticed the distinctive Hometyre livery on the van some distance up the road and promptly proceeded, with some enthusiasm, to flag me down to see if I could assist him with a locking wheel nut problem.

Upon inspection of the driver's side front wheel, there had been some previous and somewhat destructive attempts made to remove the offending item with no success.

The issue, as with many of these type of situations, had been the over tightening of the locking wheel nut which meant on trying to remove it the "key' was unable to gain sufficient purchase to turn it and it had ultimately broken. Over tightening can defeat even the most determined of mechanics/technicians upon which point they tend to resort to destruction in order to remove. At Hometyre we never let frustration overcome determination and after expending considerable time and effort, determination and a desire to succeed enabled me to remove the locking wheel nut.

The result of the over tightening had been the failure of the wheel bolt to grip the wheel hub as the splines on the head of the bolt had been "smoothed off" in it's initial tightening and the subsequent removal attempts. To leave the bolt in place without a nut on the end would have meant it would have been loose and possibly foul the brake calliper, disc or other equally vital component. Fortunately due to the comprehensive tooling I carry on board I was able to cut the bolt off allowing the vehicle and it's owner to travel onward to it's base. 2 days later I attended the owners house to fit a new tyre to replace the worn out one which could not be removed previously as the locking wheel nut had prevented it.

With over a 90% success rate across, not just within the Edinburgh and Lothians region but across our network, our locking wheel nut removal service is able to help the majority of motorists who have issues with broken or failed keys and is a lifeline where this is preventing the removal and replacement of punctured or worn out tyres.


Some August Highlights

The weather across Edinburgh and the Lothians has been,as usual for this time of year, somewhat variable over August which keeps our Festival goers guessing as to what to wear on a daily basis.

Whatever weather we are experiencing Hometyre Edinburgh has been busy across the region looking after the tyre needs of visitors and residents alike.

The discerning caravan owner is now pretty much set for a summer of touring with, hopefully, a suitable set of tyres on their travelling home but don't forget we are still here to help you out with in the unfortunate eventuality of a puncture.

For our car owners we have been attending events from a simple (but inconvenient) puncture repair to a Mini for a Fringe Festival visitor who was greeted with a flat tyre before their long journey back to South West England to a local office worker taking advantage of our both convenient and comprehensive range of services by having "the works" (a bead refurbishment, a puncture repair, a new tyre supplied and fitted and a wheel alignment check). Both of these customers benefitted from the fact that they didn't have to leave their location to get any of this done, the festival visitor had the work carried out at their holiday accommodation and the office worker had it done in the car park at work.

Our Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service continues to be both popular and, in my experience, one of the most successful in the business borne out by this recent event. I had completed a tyre replacement at a local commercial garage in Penicuik and on completion the owner of the establishment asked if i could look at a vehicle where the locking wheel nut key had failed. Both his garage and another sizeable, long established and respected garage in Penicuik had attempted to remove them to no avail. Always one for a challenge I had a go and within 20 minutes had all the locking wheel nuts removed. Unfortunately in the previous attempts to remove them, the locking nuts had been distorted and the alloys had suffered some damage in their "enthusiasm" to remove them, had they called us first the likelihood of the damage would have been drastically reduced and 2 garage visits would have been unnecessary.

So a quick snapshot of some of our activities across the region to give you a taster of what we can do and it's not just in Edinburgh and it's close neighbouring towns we serve, among those we cover are Whitburn, Livingston, Bathgate, North Berwick, Dunbar, Haddington, Pathhead, Gorebridge, Peebles, in fact we cover the majority of the Lothian and Borders region.

Give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or visit our website and find out he we can bring convenience and first class service to your tyre needs.


Additional Benefits of a Front to Rear Swap

For many of my customers the subject of swapping their old tyres to the front and the new tyres being fitted to the rear comes as both a surprise and, after discussion, common sense in equal measure. The reasons for doing the front to rear swap are well documented and a search on the internet will show many respected motoring authorities covering this subject and endorsing carrying out this operation and I will always discuss it with you before proceeding. For two of my recent Edinburgh based customers both have benefited from the opportunity it gives me as a tyre technician and the customer as the vehicle owner to give the tyres a really thorough inspection, more so than if the tyres were inspected on the car. The two customers in question both had sharp foreign objects imbedded in the tyres that were to remain on the car. One had a nail that had penetrated right through the tyre and was, albeit very slowly, leaking air. The other had a sharp piece of metal that was sitting in the groove of the tread of the tyre which had penetrated down to the steel belted radial but not through the inner skin but further tyre wear would have put pressure on the object and a puncture would've been inevitable. Thankfully both because we had removed these wheels off the car the offending objects were removed, necessary repairs carried out and, at the very least, an inconvenient roadside puncture sometime in the future averted. As well as a good inspection I also checked and rectified, where necessary, the tyre pressures and ensured the the wheels were balanced to ensure smooth motoring and prolonging tyre life all carried at the customer's home.

Out of town or in the city, we can help!

Rural living provides an idyllic lifestyle and a getaway from the crowded pressure cooker that is working in town, for others who have lived their all their lives, it's seldom something they are keen to give up.

Internet shopping, whether it be for your weekly groceries or something larger like a shiny new 65" television, has made the whole out-of-town lifestyle much easier. There are still many things, however, that those who live in the countryside have to head to their local town to take care of. The good news for our rural residents in the Lothians and Edinburgh's environs is that tyre replacement and tyre related services is something you can add to your list of those tasks which can now be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Last week I visited a farmhouse in rolling countryside to the west of Balerno where a local dog walking service had all four tyres replaced by us at Hometyre. She was absolutely delighted with not only the convenience of the tyre fitting centre being brought to her doorstep but the fact she could select the tyres she wanted without any pressure as she always felt the atmosphere somewhat intimidating when entering a garage.

So if you're living out-of-town, in town or indeed anywhere in between give us a call and get the tyre fitting centre to come to you. We operate across the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders region supplying and fitting tyres up to a massive 24" whether your house is up hill or down dale, we can help you.


Caravan Tyres and Valves

The year marches on and spring is pretty much in full swing with the warm summer months within sight on the calendar. The Easter break has been the trigger for the annual dust down of the caravan and a chance for a quick trip away whilst the kids are off school. Unfortunately over the last couple of weeks I have had to come to the rescue of two caravan owners who were caught out and had to delay their short break by a day because they hadn't checked their caravan over before their planned trip.

The problem, in these cases, was not the tyres but the valves. They rubber had simply perished to the point that they were cracking and ultimately unable to contain the air within the tyre. The good news is that we offer a comprehensive service to maintain your caravan tyres across the Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders region and these customers were, after a quick call to Hometyre, heading for their short break with only the minimum of delay.

So if your planning a trip away with your caravan make sure you check not just the internals but have a lock at those tyres and give the valves a quick "wiggle" and remember, don't leave it too late. If you're in any doubt, give us a call and we can come and check them for you and advise accordingly. Our service is fully mobile so you don't even have to move your caravan before your fully confident it's tyres are roadworthy and we have a wide range of caravan tyres to suit all uses and budgets and we can also supply and fit Tyron Bands.

Caravan Tyre Checks

Half term is here, Easter is just around the corner and soon those long summer days will be tempting you to get your tourer out on the road to experience the great outdoors.

Here in the Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders region we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to caravan facilities, particularly on the coast roads where sites jostle for position with golf courses for our area's number 1 leisure activity. Most likely your tourer will have been hibernating over the winter months and with the more "seasonal" weather beckoning, it is time to bring it out of it's deep slumber and give it a thorough health check before you hit the open road.


A quick internet search will give you a decent list of things you should check before hooking up and heading out on the highway and I pretty much guarantee, without exception, they will all include checking your tyres. Age tends to deteriorate caravan tyres before tread wears out so that visual check should include looking around not just for signs of age-related deterioration but also look for that all important date of manufacture, it will appear in abbreviated numerical form detailing week and year of manufacture such as 4115 which would mean it was manufactured in week 41 of 2015. There are varying opinions on when a tyre has past it's useful life in terms of age, but the general consensus would be to seek new tyres at 5 years but even more importantly, do no use this indicator in isolation, it would quite clearly be unwise to continue using a tyre that is only 3 years old but visually looks unroadworthy.

If you have any doubts about your caravan's tyres suitability and condition we are more than happy to come along and carry out a detailed check. We cover the whole of the East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian, Edinburgh and Borders region and are fully equipped to resolve all your caravan tyre related issues and whilst we are checking your home from home we can inspect the tyres on your towing vehicle to make sure you have a happy and safe touring season this year.

At Hometyre we have a passion for caravan tyres and take very seriously your safety when towing, to give you real piece of mind we also recommend the use of Tyron Bands, a proven method to assist you in controlling your caravan in the event of a deflation whilst driving. Further details on these items can be found on our website and our vans have the necessary equipment to fit these on site. Give us a call to discuss any of your tyre related issues and don't forget we come to you, so your caravan tyres need not move an inch until you are happy that they are fit to do so.


Spare Wheel?... Sorry not supplied.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 new cars sold are not supplied with a full size spare wheel, out of these 25% have space savers, some have run-flats but 50% of them come only with the contingency of a repair kit, which is essentially a canister of sealant and a small battery powered compressor.

Those of us with the latter can only hope the next time they suffer a puncture that it fulfils the criteria that these kits are able to resolve. Should your tyre have been deflated by a damaged sidewall due to being kerbed or a sizeable cut in the tread or sidewall, then your repair kit will be rendered useless, as unfortunately they are realistically only able to handle the smallest of punctures. Further to this once the sealant has been applied, in most instances, it will result in what could have been a repairable tyre consigned to the recycle bin and the car owner having to fork out their hard earned money on a brand new tyre.

Manufacturers typically save around £100 when they sell their new cars minus a spare and obviously add to their profits when an individual selects a spare as a chargeable option. It is also stated that not carrying a spare wheel increases the fuel economy of a vehicle, typically estimated at around £12 per year.

Sadly, I come across many instances where car owners have driven on a punctured tyre, as they have had no other option. Not only preventing what could possibly have been a safe repair but more importantly risking an accident as they don't have proper control over their vehicle. It would therefore be worth considering purchasing a spare wheel suitable for fitting to your car and having a tyre fitted to it. This would ensure you're never stuck in an emergency and you increase the possibility of the puncture being repaired as you haven't incurred any further damage caused by driving on a flat tyre.

We have an extensive range of tyres to suit all purposes and budgets, don't forget because we are a mobile service we will come to you and fit it for you. In addition should you incur a puncture and it is safe to do so we can carry out a repair to BSAU159 standards.

When purchasing aftermarket items for your vehicle it is always advisable to seek professional advice to ensure suitability and compatibility.


Winter Tyres

It's been an unusual winter so far with temperatures being unseasonably warm to the point that spring flowers are beginning to peek through the ground thinking it's their time to flourish. Mother nature, however, has decided that it is time (rather belatedly I might add) to bring the temperature down to something a bit more appropriate for this time of year.

Now it may be the point of no return for our beloved spring flowers but it's not too late to make a sensible switch to Winter or as they're sometimes called Snow Tyres. You only need to drive a few miles inland from Edinburgh to be transformed into another world of Winter Wonderland or Hell depending on your point of view. It's important to remember though that a swap to these tyres doesn't require that you live in a climate akin to the Swiss Alps. Quite the contrary, whilst they cope with snow covered ground much better than standard tyres they offer considerably better handling across all road conditions, be they ice, slush or wet in temperatures below +7°C.

Let's make no bones about it, the winters normally in our area on the East Coast of Scotland where the Scandinavian winds come racing across the North Sea very seldom have temperatures in excess of +7°C for any duration so a switch to winter tyres during this season really makes sense especially when you consider that you are 5 times more likely to skid on snowy/icy road conditions and the likelihood of an accident on wet roads in winter increases by 250%.

There is obviously an initial financial cost involved in purchasing a second set of tyres but it should be considered that the mileage covered over a year on your summer tyres will be reduced thus lengthening their life. I'm seeing many of my customers across the Lothians and Edinburgh making the switch since the mercury has plummeted, feel free to give us a call to discuss your winter tyre options, or indeed any tyre related matters, on 0333 444 5454.


Get Me to The Church on Time...Please

Whilst passing through Edinburgh's Fort Kinnaird shopping centre the other day I passed a stricken 1932 Daimler sitting with a worried looking driver and a white ribbon looped around it's bonnet. A quick look around this lovely old car showed it was immobilised due to a flat tyre. Now if ever there was a case deserving of the Hometyre treatment this must be it.

The clock was sitting at 13:20 and there was a bride expecting her wedding car to arrive at 14:00 to convey her to the church. Unfortunately the driver has no jack or tools and every phone call for assistance he had made had gone unanswered. The use of the word worried in the case of the driver was probably an understatement.

The sense of relief from the driver and the gathering crowd of concerned, but ultimately helpless, onlookers was palpable when I pulled my van up behind the car. The driver looked up to the sky as if to say there really is a God.


Unfortunately the first wheel I put on was flat and the valve of the inner tube had perished but those canny car makers of 80 years ago had the foresight to fit this car with 2 spares. Within 20 minutes we had this old lady back on four, fit for purpose, tyres and she was ready to do her job.

Hopefully the bride was none the wiser, as I'm sure she had plenty of other things on her mind, but we can be confident that, due in no small part to Hometyre, she did get to the church on time.



The Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders region has been, along with our friends just over the border, subject to some sustained rainfall in the last week or so. Inevitably this creates a large amount of excess water on our roads which, along with the visibility problems of spray, can result in some difficult vehicle handling situations of which one of the most extreme of these is aquaplaning.

So what exactly is aquaplaning and what causes it? Well in simple terms it is where a layer of water gets trapped between your tyre(s) and the road surface denying your car the necessary friction a moving vehicle needs to stop and change direction, frighteningly you literally have no control. It is caused where there is more water under the tyre than the tread can disperse.

Whilst you obviously can't effect the amount of water on the roads you can ensure you car is best equipped to handle it by ensuring your tyres have a decent depth of tread, are properly inflated to allow them to work at their optimum efficiency and above all drive according to the prevailing road conditions. If you have any doubt about your tyres ability to cope with these adverse conditions or indeed any query about your tyres at all give us a call, we'll be more than happy to discuss you requirements.


Maintaining Control in the Wet

A good condition 15" tyre can displace about 15 litres of water per second, that's a massive 60 litres per second across all four wheels. To put that in perspective, your average bath can hold about 80 litres. This technology is designed to help you maintain control in adverse weather conditions.

As your tread wears down a tyre's ability to displace water is compromised and reduces. It's important to check your tyres once a month to ensure they're still in good condition. If you're in any doubt contact us at Hometyre and we'll come and check your tyres for you and advise accordingly. Hometyre vans are fully equipped to service all your tyre needs up to 24" wheels across the Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders region.


Caravan Tyres in Edinburgh and The Lothians

The winter months are a traditionally quiet time for caravanning. Whilst your home from home is resting up have a look at it's tyres. Although there maybe plenty of tread have a look at the overall condition of the rubber which can deteriorate as a result of being stationary. Hometyre is here to help you in Edinburgh and The Lothians with your caravan tyre related issues including the fitting of Tyron bands. 

Tyres in Bathgate and West Lothian

Have your tyres fitted at a time and place convenient to you. Massive range of tyres at competitive prices fitted and balanced with the added convenience that we come to you.

If your looking for tyres in the Bathgate and West Lothian area then visit or call us on 0333 444 5454 or free on 0800 783 9310 and see how Hometyre can help you.


Mobile Tyre Replacement and Puncture Repairs in Livingston and West Lothian

The UK's premier mobile tyre replacement service is now covering Livingston and the West Lothian area. We have access to an enormous range of tyres to suit all budgets as well as offering a puncture repair service to BSAU159 standard, mobile wheel alignment and, in the unfortunate event you have lost your key, a locking wheel nut removal service.

All this comes with the peace of mind of dealing with a Which? Trusted Trader and ultimately the convenience of us coming to you at home or at work.

So if your looking for replacement tyres, puncture repair and other related tyre services at competitive prices in Livingston and West Lothian call Hometyre free on 0800 783 9310 or visit


Tyres for Musselburgh and East Lothian

You can now have your tyres replaced, punctures repaired, wheels aligned or locking wheel nuts removed without having to take your car anywhere. Hometyre will come to you at home or work at a time convenient to you to resolve your tyre related issues without you having to drive to your local tyre fitting bay.

If you're in Musselburgh, Haddington, North Berwick, Dunbar or the East Lothian area give us a call or visit our website and experience the most convenient and cost effective way to replace your tyres.


Hassle Free Tyre Replacement for Edinburgh and The Lothians

"I'll do it tomorrow", "when I get time". Yes we've all done it, putting off that dreaded trip to the tyre fitters because ultimately it's not the most pleasurable and hotly anticipated experience.

There's now a solution for the people of Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian. Hometyre, the UK's number 1 mobile tyre replacement service, is now serving your area. The reality is most cars spend more time sitting doing nothing than they do moving, make that time work for you and have your tyres replaced and fitted in the comfort of your home or whilst it's sitting in your work car park, freeing up your work or leisure time to be more productive for you.

Having your tyres replaced is never going to be top of your must do bucket list but the safety of you and your passengers should always be a priority, therefore Hometyre is here to make your tyre replacement easy, hassle free and with the added peace of mind your dealing with a Which? Trusted Trader.

Give us a call or visit our website and we'll help you resolve your tyre issues and remove the inconvenience of that visit to the local tyre depot.


Winter well on its way!

Are you prepared? The Edinburgh van is now fully clad with winter tyres for the season ahead! It doesn't necessarily mean we're expecting snow either! When the temperature drops, normal tyres start to lose grip and performance, this is because the rubber starts to harden at lower temperatures.

With cold weather tyres they don't! In fact they offer the same amount of improved braking performance and grip at 7°C to -30°C. For us it means we can continue supplying our customers safely and in all weather conditions without the risk of sliding off the road or into the back of another motorist.

If you've never tried them before - once you do you'll be amazed at the difference and find it particularly unnerving to drive on anything else during the dark and cold months ahead.


Why not find out what we can offer for your vehicle? There's an impressive range of cold weather tyre options out there for you - and we can even supply and fit complete alternative alloy or steel wheel and tyre packages too. Remember: we do it all for you at home or work so no more tyre hotel bills or lugging rubber in your car down to a garage!

Hometyre. The future of tyre replacement!


Hometyre Edinburgh Goes Live

The latest Hometyre are to go live is Ediburgh,

We will now be able to look after all customer tyre and alignment needs in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

For any enquiries please call the office on - 0800 783 93 10


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