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Kumho Tyres fitted to Renault Clio

Visited a customer near Graffam Water this morning as both front tyres needed replacing so i advised customer that the sensible option was to move rear wheels to front axle so new tyres were at the rear of the vehicle therefore reducing the chance of a puncture.Vehicle now has two new Kumho tyres fitted and all four tyres correctly inflated and balanced.

Mitsubishi Shogun

Visited a regular customer today in Cambridge who owns a Mitsubishi Shogun and was experiencing a slight loss of pressure in one of the rear tyres. There was no visible signs of damage to tyre but it was six years old and therefore leaking air so we fitted a new Pirelli Scorpion 285/55/R18 so problem solved.

A really busy day

A full diary so started early and fitted two tyres at Waitrose store in Newmarket and then back to Cambridge for a couple of jobs.Due to fit two Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres to an Audi in Cambridge but customer needed to change location at the last minute so fitted in Girton followed by a job in Oakington then home.All customers happy and set for another good day tomorrow.

Fitting Firestone tyres in Cambridge

Went to Cambridge Business Park yesterday to fit two Firestone TZ300 tyres to a Ford Fiesta and noticed that due to low mileage an original tyre was still on the vehicle and as it was over six years old a bulge had appeared on sidewall so went back this morning to fit another new tyre.

What to do if your vehicle hits a pothole

I have just been speaking to a customer who is experiencing a slight vibration whilst driving and it has appeared after her Ford Focus has hit a pothole.I have advised that we first re balance all four wheels and then i will put alignment gauges on to check if alignment is out.There are numerous reasons why you could feel vibration at speed but the first step should be to check wheels are balanced properly.


Lot's of tread but tyres needed changing.

Revisited a customer in Cambridge this morning who owns a Peugeot 207 that is six years old and has original tyres on rear axle.I noticed the age of the tyres when i fitted front tyres before Christmas and advised customer they needed changing soon as they will lose pressure due to their age.Fitted Michelin Saver size 185/65/15 this morning and found nail embedded in one tyre and the other had lost pressure since Christmas.Another reminder that it is not just about the tread on your tyres but the general condition as well.


Tyres lose air pressure with age.

Fitted 2 new tyres GT Maxmiler 195/70/15 to a Transit Van in Cambridge this morning and before leaving job i checked the air pressure on the existing 2 tyres and they were very low.There was ample tread on the tyres and my customer regularly puts air in but after investigation i noticed that both tyres were made in 2007 so are losing air due to age of tyres.

Cambridge Tyre Rescue!

Out and about on the snow covered roads this morning I rescued a gent who'd hit a pothole and knocked his tyre off the wheel on his Nissan Micra. Having damaged it beyond safe use, I fitted him up with a new Uniroyal 165/60R14 and he was quickly on his way again! 

Driving in snow

Yesterday i visited various web pages that gave advice on best driving techniques for snowy conditions and it was very helpful as over the years i had forgotten some relevant points so if you are unsure on how to drive safely on snow and ice take a minute and have a refresher.

Set aside ten minutes today to perform a winter check

While it is freezing outside it is very tempting to let your engine run for a couple of minutes while you get ready and then get in car and drive off.Take a couple of minutes to consider what you would need if you got stranded in bad weather. If all items on your checklist are ticked great but if not get items that are missing today.

A bad luck story

Visited a regular customer in Ely last week and repaired a puncture on his Mercedes and returned today to find another nail sitting in the same tyre at about 3 inches from last weeks puncture repair.A new Continental tyre had to be fitted.

Winter tyres and storage of summer tyres

A customer who lives in the centre of Cambridge is keen to fit winter tyres but has no storage space for her summer tyres.No problem as we will store her tyres in a secure area until spring arrives.

BBC Breakfast news this morning

A family member has just asked me to quote for winter tyres as fitting them has been strongly recommended on BBC Breakfast news this morning.She has a Mazda 2 and is pleasantly surprised how affordable the whole process is.

I will be changing radio station in bad weather

Last year when the snow came i changed from listening to a national radio station to a local one as the traffic alerts were more relevant to the Cambridge area and i avoided local trouble spots on a least five occasions so it is well worth doing.

Winter tyre change in Longstanton

Heading this afternoon to perform summer to winter tyre swap in Longstanton so are you ready and prepared for the big freeze predicted for next week?

Winter Tyres fitted and heading for the Alps

Just fitted four winter tyres for a regular customer who spends our winter months touring Europe.He usually visits at least two countries where winter tyres are a legal requirement so don't be caught out if you fancy a scenic tour of Europe during the winter months.

Locking Wheel nuts

Visited a couple of customers where we had trouble removing locking nuts to fit new tyres so here are some tips.

Make sure adaptor is in vehicle at all times and in good condition and do not let mechanics working on your vehicle tighten nuts with a gun.


Winter tyres

Now is the time to seriously consider winter tyres as when the weather does change for the worse it usually changes quickly so now is the time to check availability for you vehicle.

Flooding on motorway

Travelling home yesterday from a long weekend was not an easy task as the M6 was covered in water in many areas and there were numerous accidents along the way due to flooding.I kept thinking about some drivers who are leaving changing their tyres to the very last minute and there is only one conclusion Don't!


Water water everywhere.

Had an extremely busy day today and got thoroughly soaked and most roads were covered in water so beware if you need to stop in a hurry.


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