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Yet another locking wheel nut adaptor goes missing.

We are having a run at the moment of missing locking nut adaptors as today we had another call from a customer who had recently bought a car second hand only to find that a puncture repair could not be actioned as there was no locking wheel nut adaptor located in the vehicle. Our specialist equipment did the trick again and our customer is back on the road.

Continental tyres fitted to Volvo XC90

Visited a regular customer this morning to fit Continental Cross Contact tyres to a Volvo XC90 and while we were there we checked the condition of tyres on another vehicle a Volvo V70. There was sufficient tread on existing tyres but due to low mileage we noticed they were seven years old so we are returning to fit four new tyres.

Wheel alignment in Willingham and slow puncture in Over

We were called to a customer in Willingham today who needed a wheel alignment on his Vauxhall Vectra and he was very impressed with our response time as he was struggling to find a mobile organisation that would visit him at his place of work.We were then called to a previous customer who was losing air from a tyre on a Skoda Fabia so we investigated and found a slit on the sidewall so we are returning at 8am in the morning to fit a Dunlop Sportmaxx 205/40/R17 so our customer is mobile again.

Locking wheel nut removal in Cambridge

Our first job today was to remove locking wheel nuts from a vauxhall Vectra in Cambridge.The customer had recently purchased the vehicle second hand but discovered that the locking wheel nut adaptor was missing and therefore he could not replace the tyres. We arrived with our specialist equipment and removed nuts to our customers delight.

Pirelli tyres fitted to BMW then a rescue mission.

Our first job of the day was to fit a couple of new Pirelli tyres size 205/55/R16 to a BMW and during the job got a call from a customer who had a flat tyre on his Audi A6. Luckily he was only five minutes away but on arrival we found the tyre to be unrepairable so the spare was put on the vehicle so that our customer could make his appointment.We are returning tomorrow to fit a new Michelin Sport size 245/40/R18.

Michelin tyres fitted to a Honda CRV

We fitted four Michelin tyres size 225/60/R18 this morning to a Honda CRV and we had quite a few enquiries from passers by as most of them didn't appreciate that they can have new tyres fitted at home hence saving them time and money.

Maxxis tyre fitted to a Honda Accord

We visited a customer today who had hit a traffic calming device and burst a tyre so we fitted a Maxxis Pro-R1 to nearside front but as the offside front was getting below 3mm tread depth he has asked us to return tomorrow and fit another Maxxis. We informed him that the legal limit was 1.6mm but he stated that he felt more confident knowing that he had Four good tyres on his vehicle.

Four new tyres fitted to a Horse Box Trailer

We recently replaced all four tyres on a Horse Box Trailer as they were over five years old and our customer was very grateful that we came to his home to fit the new tyres. He reminded us that it is very difficult and time consuming for owners of Caravans,Campervans and trailers to have the tyres replaced on their vehicles but by calling Hometyre the hassle was avoided.

Continental and Avon tyres fitted for customer

We visited a customer this morning who required tyres fitting on both his vehicles.We fitted Continental eco Contact 3 to a Toyota Aygo and Avon ZV5 tyres to a Ford Focus.It would have been a long drive to have tyres fitted at the nearest garage and very time consuming and also he saved money on fuel by calling Hometyre.

Fitted tyres to a Kia Sedona

We fitted a couple of tyres to a Kia Sedona at a customers workplace this morning and while we were there we were asked by many of his colleagues to quote for fitting tyres to their vehicles.Many of the staff did not appreciate that they can have tyres fitted at work and it does not cost any extra so we should be going back there on a regular basis.

New Kumhos fitted

Went to fit 4 Kumho tyres size 195/55/15 rating 85V in Cambridge on Saturday to find that the lady had different size tyres on the rear axle.She had taken her Peugeot 306 to a local garage last year who had charged her £30 to replace a bulb and also fitted the wrong size tyres so now she is a regular customer of Hometyre.

Wheel alignment on Mercedes Vito

We visited a customer earlier in the week who owns a Mercedes Vito people carrier and he was experiencing vibration on the steering and vehicle was veering to the left.He originally ordered one tyre for fitting on OSR but when we took off NSR for balancing we discovered the tyre was out of shape hence reason for vibration.We returned this morning with new tyre and performed a wheel alignment.


Goodyear Eagle Tyres

We have just fitted four Goodyear Eagle tyres size 225/45/R17 on a Audi A3 near Cambridge.The customer was not available when we arrived but he had ordered and paid for the tyres online so all he had to do was leave his keys with a colleague.After fitting the tyres we informed our customers colleague where we had left the locking wheel nut adaptor. What a simple process as on his return to the office his vehicle now has new tyres.

Pirelli PO Nero tyre fitted to vehicle in Cambridge.

A customer living in central Cambridge woke up to find a flat tyre on her vehicle this morning.She found our website and booked an appointment for this afternoon where we arrived and fitted a Pirelli Po Nero size 195/45/R16 and now she is back mobile again.

Another locking wheel nut removal

We were called to Cambridge this morning to remove locking wheel nuts from a Seat Ibiza as the car had work carried out at a garage but the locking nut adaptor had not been returned to the vehicle.It would be advisable to check the location of the adaptor when you collect your vehicle from the garage to avoid any nasty surprises when you next need to remove a wheel.

caravan tyres and tyron bands

Just fitted two tyres in Cambridge and the sky is blue and it is quite mild outside so i guess today a lot of caravan owners will be looking forward to the spring.So today is a good time to consider the age and condition of your caravan tyres. It is also a good time to consider fitting Tyron bands to your wheels if they are not already on your vehicle.

Avon tyres fitted to Vauxhall

Fitted two Avon tyres to a Vauxhall this morning and while fitting tyres noticed that all locking wheel bolts was starting to show signs of rust and advised customer that it might be advisable to change them in the near future as if one or more break through age he could have a problem removing wheels.


Fitted Dunlop SP01 tyre today

A regular customer has a problem as he is losing pressure from one of his alloys as there is slight damage to the rim after hitting a pothole.We have cleaned the alloy and applied a couple of layers of bead sealer and fitted a new Dunlop tyre size 195/50/R16 and hopefully solved the problem.We are monitoring on a daily basis and if problem continues the alloy wheel will need to be repaired by a specialist organisation or a new alloy wheel will need to be purchased.

Locking Wheel nut removal on Fiat Multipla

We visited a family today who had purchased a Fiat Multipla but the previous owner had not supplied a locking wheel nut adaptor so our customer could not get the wheels removed for a service.We turned up on time as always and with our specialist equipment removed all four locking wheel nuts to the relief and satisfaction of our customer.

Land Rover Discovery

Visited a Land Rover Discovery today that had a puncture that could not be repaired so we fitted a Pirelli Scorpion tyre size 255/50/R18 and after inspecting other tyres on vehicle noticed that one tyre is quite old so customer is monitoring for any air loss.We will return to fit a new tyre if there are any issues with deflation.

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