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Article in the Daily Mail states that two thirds of motorists do not bother checking their car is ready for winter.

An article in the Sunday Mail states that when the big freeze arrives call outs to the breakdown services will double to around 20,000 a week.The article states that despite the perils of winter two thirds of drivers do not bother checking that their car is ready for the big freeze.Many go out without fully charged batteries,low oil levels and poorly inflated tyres.During our vehicle inspection procedure we always make sure that all tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and if there is a spare on the vehicle that it is also inflated to the correct pressure in the event that it will be needed.

New tyres fitted in Newmarket,Great Shelford and Swavesey.

We visited a business located in Newmarket as they required two new front tyres for a company vehicle.The vehicle was a Seat Altea and the customer decided to order a mid range brand.On arrival we suggested that we remove the existing rear tyres and balance them and then move them to the front therefore having the new tyres on the rear axle and therefore reducing the chance of a puncture.We then headed to Great Shelford to fit four new Pirelli tyres size 245/40/R18 to an Audi TT and our customer was delighted with the service as this was the first time he had used a mobile service.We then had a call from a regular customer who had just collected their Renault Megane from a service centre where there was a recommendation to replace both front tyres. The vehicle does very low mileage so we collected two budget tyres from a local supplier and headed for Swavesey This is the first time we have worked on this vehicle so we performed a vehicle check prior to working on the vehicle and found that while there was good tread on the rear tyres they were quite old so we moved them to the front and informed our customer of the situation. There was no visible signs of cracking on the sidewalls but we informed our customer to keep a close check on them in the future.On leaving our customer thanked us for giving her the full picture concerning the condition of the tyres and stated that this was the main reason for her continually using us.

Premium brand tyres fitted near Royston then Budget tyres fitted in Histon.

A regular customer called us to replace two tyres on his VW Golf and as he was doing high mileage in the vehicle he decided to order premium brand tyres.We arranged a visit at a time convenient for him and fitted two new Continental premium 2 tyres. We then headed for Histon to fit a new set of tyres to a Renault Laguna and as the vehicle was doing very low mileage our customer decided to order a set of budget tyres. We arrived on time and fitted four budget tyres size 205/55/R16 and our customer was delighted that she did not have to leave the house.

Arrived to fit Pirelli tyres to a Range Rover but found some of the wheel nuts had expanded due to corrosion.

We arrived at a customers house to fit Pirelli Scorpion tyres size 255/50/R20 to a Range Rover but discovered that some of the wheel nuts had expanded due to corrosion and therefore presenting a problem when trying to release them.This is not the first time we have encountered this issue as the wheel nuts have a chrome cover which is not removable but over time corrosion appears between the nut and cover and increases the size of the nut and prevents the wheel brace supplied with the vehicle fitting over the nut.We carry equipment that can remove the oversize nuts but as we explained to our customer in the event of a puncture they will not be able to remove a wheel so they sensibly decided to purchase a new set of wheel nuts.

Puncture repair calls in Shelford and Cambridge that required new tyres.

We were called by a lady living in Shelford as she had a slow puncture in a rear tyre on her Vauxhall Corsa and as always we arrived with a replacement tyre just in case the tyre cannot be repaired.We found a small screw embedded in the centre of the tyre which we would normally repair but on closer inspection we found cracks appearing in the tread as the tyre had been losing air pressure for a while so the replacement tyre was fitted.Before leaving we informed our customer that the front tyres were just above the legal limit so she asked if we could replace them the following morning as she was off work for a couple of days.We arrived at an agreed time yesterday and fitted two new tyres and our customer was very happy that she now has a safe vehicle and she did not have to leave the house.We had a call from a regular customer who was visiting a friend in Cambridge and on leaving noticed a flat tyre on their Suzuki Swift so we collected a new tyre locally and the vehicle was back on the road within a few hours.

It is so good to hear our customers really appreciate our advice concerning their tyres

The new year started really well for us with a full diary on the first day back with every customer being a regular one. Our first job was to fit a new Bridgestone runflat tyre size 215/40/R18 to a BMW near Ely. We then revisited a customer from a couple of weeks ago who called us to replace a damaged tyre on a Land Rover Discovery, during our vehicle inspection we noticed that the remaining three tyres had severe cracking on the sidewalls so we have now fitted four new Michelin tyres and our customer was very grateful. Our next stop was to fit a new Firestone runflat tyre to a Mini Cooper near Royston. The last job of the day was to fit a Nexen tyre size 275/40/R20 to a VW Touran near Cambridge and our customer was delighted with the service and also the advice we gave before leaving.

We're clueless about testing our car tyres claims The Daily Mail.

A recent article in The Daily Mail newspaper is stating that more than a third of motorists still believe that kicking a car tyre will help to reveal if it is properly inflated.Nearly one in four drivers admit they do not know how to check if their tyre tread is legal and one in eight do not know what type of spare wheel or puncture repair kit they have on their vehicle.The article reminds us that under or over inflated tyres can cause loss of grip when cornering or braking and are also much more likely to suffer from a dangerous blowout.Worryingly two thirds of drivers have skidded on Uk roads during the last winter.Last year 194 were killed or seriously injured as a result of an accident caused by an illegal,defective or under inflated tyre.

A busy Saturday fitting new tyres in Cambridge and Ely.

We were very busy on saturday getting our customers back on the road so they could enjoy the weekend.

The first job of the day was to fit four new Dunlop Sport tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Ford Focus in Cambridge and then off to Bar Hill where a regular customer had a badly damaged tyre so we fitted a new tyre and also performed a wheel clean up as the rim was badly corroded.

We then headed to Ely as a young lady had hit a kerb and burst two tyres on her Kia Picanto so we arrived on time and replaced both tyres and the vehicle is now back on the road.


It's nice to know that the Caravan Club recommends Hometyre.

While we have been extremely busy this week fitting winter tyres we have also visited two customers who have asked us to replace their caravan tyres. The first customer is taking the caravan away over Christmas so we fitted two new tyres to the unit and replaced the spare. Before leaving the customer we asked how they got to hear about us and they told us that the chap who had recently serviced the caravan told the customer to give us a call. Today we visited a new customer in Saffron Walden as they have decided to replace the tyres on their caravan before it goes into storage and as we were fitting the new tyres we again asked how they got to hear about us and they told us that we were recommended by the Caravan Club.

Dunlop Winter Sport Tyres fitted near Fulbourn

Our first job of the day was to fit a set of Dunlop Winter Sport tyres size 255/35/R19 to an Audi A6 near Fulbourn. We then headed for Cambridge as a regular customer required two new tyres fitting for their Toyota Yaris and as we removed the old tyres we found that the rims were corroded so we performed a wheel refurbishment to the delight of our customer.

During the afternoon we fitted two new Nexen tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Renault Megane in Cambourne as our customer had hit a kerb and damaged two tyres.


Winter tyres fitted in Cambridge and Cottenham.

We have fitted four Matador winter tyres size 205/55/R16 on a VW Golf in Cambridge and as we were removing the summer tyres we noticed a nail embedded in a rear tyre that our customer was unaware but thankfully the puncture is repairable.We then headed to Cottenham where we exchanged summer tyres and rims for winter tyres and rims and while fitting we balanced wheels.

New tyres fitted in Cambridge and a puncture repaiir on a Land Rover in Duxford.

One of our regular customers has borrowed a Nissan Almera from a friend for a couple of weeks and was slightly bemused as one of the rear tyres was losing air pressure but there were no signs of a nail or screw.We agreed to pop by and have a look for him and we were quickly able to spot the problem.The vehicle was nine years old and due to very low mileage the rear tyres were the original tyres and had lost their strength and durability so we returned to fit two new tyres. We were called to Duxford by a regular customer who discovered a screw embedded in a rear tyre of his Land Rover.The screw was located a couple of inches from the shoulder of the tyre so we were able to perform a puncture repair.

New Avon tyres fitted in Balsham and then a rescue mission in Cambridge and then Swavesey.

The day started by fitting two new Avon tyres size 255/35/R19 to an Audi A6 in Balsham and during the job we had a call from a customer in Cambridge who had discovered a screw embedded in a tyre as she parked the car at her work place and within a couple of minutes it had gone down.On arrival we found the screw located on the shoulder of the tyre so we visited one of our main tyre suppliers who were fortunately located nearby and we returned with a new Kumho tyre size 185/60/R15 and all this while our customer was busy at work.Then it was off to Bucking Way Industrial Park in Swavesey where a regular customer had noticed two slow punctures on their Renault Espace. Luckily we were able to repair both punctures and left a very happy customer. Hardwick next as a regular customer required a new tyre fitting to a Vauxhall Vectra due to cracking on the sidewalls and two new tyres fitted to a Peugeot.

Our Vehicle inspection procedure helps prevent potential problems.

Before we leave a customer we always inflate all tyres to the correct pressure and inspect the general condition of the tyres including the spare.On many occasions we spot issues that our customers are unaware of such as nails and screws embedded in tyres and ageing tyres that have lost their strength and durability and the last two customers we visited highlighted such situations.We were called to a customer in Cambridge who had badly damaged a runflat tyre on a BMW Z4. We arrived on time and fitted a new Bridgestone runflat tyre size 255/35/R18 on the rear axle.Before leaving we checked the other tyres and found that the other rear tyre had very low air pressure and needed to be replaced immediately as runflat tyres cannot be repaired.We visited a new customer in Cambourne who had a nail embedded in a tyre on a Mazda 2 and as always we took a new tyre just in case the tyre could not be repaired.We were able to repair the puncture but during our vehicle inspection we discovered that a rear wheel was missing two wheel nuts and the tyre was cracking as it had been on the vehicle for nine years.Luckily our customer had spare nuts in the vehicle and we fitted the new tyre.Both our customers were grateful for our efforts as without our inspection procedure the issues would not have been discovered.

Winter tyres fitted in Cambourne and then a rescue service in Papworth Everard.

We had a call from a new customer who had just purchased a new set of Alloy wheels and a set of winter tyres for his Audi A6.He asked if we could fit the winter tyres to the new alloys,balance and fit them to the vehicle.He was very p;eased with the price quoted so we arrived in Cambourne at a time convenient to our customer and he is now very confident that the vehicle will handle much better when the really bad weather arrives.As we were finishing the job we had a call from a lady in Papworth Everard who had hit a kerb and damaged a tyre.We made our way to the nearest tyre supplier and collected a replacement tyre and our customer was mobile again within the hour.

Runflat tyres fitted in Waterbeach and Girton.

Many of our customers own BMW and Mini Cooper models that usually require runflat tyres. We fitted four Goodyear Excellence size 195/55/R16 to a Mini Cooper in Waterbeach and also four Yokohama size 225/50/R16 to a BMW Z4 in Girton. The principal of having runflat tyres is very useful as you are still able to move for a few miles in the event of a puncture and also your tyre pressure indicator informs you when a tyre is losing air pressure.While these are very good benefits to have it is also very important that the owner regularly inflates all tyres to the correct pressure. It is not unusual for us to find a tyre with very low air pressure and the customer is unaware as there are no visible signs unlike a normal tyre that will go flat if there is no air inside.

Keep your locking wheel nut adaptor in a secure location.

During last week we had occasions where it took a while to find the locking wheel nut adaptor in some vehicles.On a couple of occasions we found the adaptor rolling around under a seat and on another the adaptor was in a plastic rubbish bag and could have easily been thrown away by mistake.On most vehicles there is a designated area where the adaptor should be kept so in the event of a puncture all the tools required to change a wheel are easily accessible.

Are you prepared if you get stuck on the motorway.

During our weekend break we were involved in major delays on the M5 and while we were sitting in very slow moving traffic it was a good time to reflect on how many motorists are fully prepared if they and their vehicle are stranded for a long period in adverse weather conditions.

It took us three hours to travel one mile and while frustrating at the time i was reminded that during this winter some motorists could get stuck for longer and in wet, cold and freezing conditions. Here are a few questions i asked myself at the time

.1. On a long journey do we carry enough fuel in the tank (if fuel runs out there is no means of heating the vehicle)

.2. Do we have enough blankets for ALL passengers

.3. Is there enough food and drink with us?

There are other considerations to make but if you can answer yes to all these questions you will be in a better condition to cope with the situation.


This is why trade people love us.

While we were attending a network gathering in Cambridge we were asked by a local electrician to check the condition of a rear tyre on his Ford Transit van as it was losing air.We discovered a nail embedded very near the shoulder of the tyre and informed our customer that a new tyre was required.We fitted the spare and arranged to meet an hour later in Cambridge where our customer was rewiring a house.We actually arrived within the hour with a new tyre and our customer did not lose any time with his busy schedule.

Check for nails and screws in your tyres.

Whilst it was a very busy week fitting winter tyres across Cambridgeshire, we were called on numerous occasions by customers who had noticed a nail or screw embedded in their tyres or even worse woken up to a flat tyre!

We repaired two punctures on a Ford Transit van in Bottisham and then were called by a customer in Longstanton who had noticed a screw in the centre of a tyre on a Mazda 2 - which we were able to repair.

Whilst removing the summer tyres for a customer we noticed a screw near the shoulder of the tyre so now our customer is aware that a new tyre is required when the summer tyres are re fitted in the spring.
It even happened to us as we noticed a screw embedded near the shoulder of a tyre on our mobile unit so a quick drive to the tyre supplier where we fitted a new tyre and were quickly back in action.


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