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Keep up to date with the latest goings on at Hometyre including tyre related information and blog


Big announcements for key tyre manufacturers

The latter part of 2015 has seen a number of brand developments for premium tyre manufacturers - all competing to capture a greater part of the ever

Michelin_Pilot_Sport_4_increasing global performance market

Michelin - Pilot Sport 4

The latest combination of extensive development and innovation highlighting significant improvements 'direct from track'. Indeed, experiences learnt directly

from Michelin's involvement in the Formula E championship, the tyre continuously adapts to the changing road surface due to the interactions between

architecture, tread pattern and materials.A worthy successor to its predecessor, the Pilot Sport 3, this tyre is stated to be the ideal choice for drivers of powerful saloons and sports cars.

Continental Sport Contact 6 - the 'Black Chilli'

Initially available in launch sizes between 19" & 23", the German manufacturers latest Ultra-High Performance tyre is most ideally suited to the pure sports cars such as the Porsche 911, AMG Mercedes and Audi R8 - to name a few. The new compound cites superb atomic connections between the tyre and


road surface - akin to microscopic suction pads operating at nanoscopic levels. With a steady increase in the popularity and demand for larger sized tyres - and with Original Equipment fitting across almost a third of new manufactured vehicles in Europe, Continental have exciting times ahead.

Bridgestone - Potenza S007

Called upon by Ferrari once again to continue with the two prestigious brands long standing partnership, Bridgestone have created a brand new super-sports tyre - the Potenza S007.

Designed initially for the Ferrari F12 - the Italian thoroughbreds most powerful road car ever produced - the tyre is available in both conventional and run flat specifications in 255/35ZR20. The S007 is the latest high performance tyre designed especially for the very high speed sports.

Hometyre supply and fit tyres across all major brands and to all types of vehicles including high specification, prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche etc. Call us today to arrange fitting at you home or work address to suit. We fit at specific times of day too. No waiting - no fuss - just great service.


First real signs of winter this weekend!

We can't complain about the weather and temperatures so far this autumn and early winter, Other than some gusty winds it's been mild and occasionally wet - otherwise pretty good. Is it all about to change though?? 

Certainly this weekend the mercury is about to drop with a rude awakening that's for sure. With wind chill factors taking us into the minuses, we're also expecting widespread snowfall across the UK.

The question, as you'd expect from us, is: are you prepared?  


This week has seen our mobile units across the UK busy fitting motorists' winter tyres back on in preparation for the season ahead - a bit later than most years. Are you current tyres up for colder, wetter weather? Have you considered swapping on to cold weather rubber - or even replacing existing wheels and tyres with a winter alternative? Have you seen the all new all-season tyre from Michelin? The Cross CLimate is the world's first all year round tyre to cater for winter and summer with equal performance!

We've got numerous solutions to keep you safe this winter. Not sure where to start? Call us for some impartial no obligation guidance. 


We're now covering Edinburgh too!

That's right, final preparations are underway to launch the Hometyre service across Edinburgh from the end of October! Tony is the main man operating across Edinburgh and the Lothians and he's really excited about wowing customers with his dedicated services at home or work.

Operating from the finest of mobile workshops he carries out a number of services including:

  • New tyre replacement - car, 4x4, light commercial vans, caravans, trailers and motorhomes.
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Wheel alignment (tracking)
  • Locking wheel nut removal
  • Alloy wheel resealing
  • Tyron bands - supplied and fitted
  • On site tyre inspections
  • Winter tyres, all season tyres, run flat tyres
  • To-the-minute appointment times
  • Pay in advance or upon completion - it's your choice!
  • All major credit and debit cards accepted

Never used a mobile service before? Relax - not only are we Which? accredited but we've been operating since 2003 and cover a large section of the UK already.

We've tens of thousands of very happy and loyal customers who call us back time and time again. After all, why pay the same or more for tyres or tyre related services where you have to make all the effort going to them? What's more, we're clean, tidy and a friendly group of likeminded individuals who really do go the extra mile for you.

Try us! It may be the last time you ever have to leave the house or your workplace to buy new tyres or have one repaired. That's got to be a big bonus!

Hometyre Edinburgh can be called on 0131 3413424


We made a time machine.....out of a Citroen!!

21st October 2015 represents a very significant date in the diary for those in the know!

Yes, it's the date the intrepid time travellers Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown travel to from 1985 in order to rescue the future. Back in the '80s Spielberg and Zemeckis foresaw a number of advancements in tech that didn't quite happen! Flying cars, self tying laces, hover boards and robotic petrol stations have yet to materialise in the real world but things have certainly come along a long way since 1985.

Back then World events included:

Mikhail Gorbachev became Secretary General and leader of the then Soviet Communist Party
'We are the World' was first recorded
'Neighbours' debuts on Australian TV
Coca-Cola launched 'New Coke' for a grand total of 3 months before returning to the original recipe
Live Aid concerts occur during the summer.
Super Mario Bros is released by Nintendo.
The world had a population of 4,830,979,000 compared to 7,374,919,900 today (give or take!)

So when the call came through from sometime in the distant past that a certain Doc Brown was stuck on a shopping mall car park with a puncture, we realised that the very fabric of time itself could be altered unless we kept him rolling! Digging through our collective tool boxes we were able to knock up a flux capacitor for one of the vans and get technician Wayne out to his rescue. Watch what happened below.....

Hometyre. The future of tyre replacement!!


Which? Approved - Again!

Great news! Our entire network has been fully accredited and approved by Which? for a second year running.The Which? Trusted Trader Scheme gives our customers the peace of mind that they're dealing with a professional and trustworthy brand that will work strictly to guidelines and with proper customer care practices in place at all times. So relax - you're always in good hands with Hometyre! 



2012 saw the European-wide introduction of Tyre Labeling legislation for all new tyres produced for the market. This information provides consumers with valuable assistance when deciding which product may best suit their driving style, climate and particular vehicle. Key areas of focus are: wet braking efficiency, rolling resistance (fuel efficiency) and external noise output in decibels.


It's the latter measurement that tyre manufacturers are focusing there efforts on currently. Tyre legislation provides information for external noise created by tyres rather than noise that occurs within the vehicles cabin. Continental have already developed and released ContiSilentTM technology to a range of its products. As quoted from the global manufactures website information:
"ContiSilent™ is a tyre noise-reducing technology developed by Continental. It is designed to reduce interior noise on all road surfaces. ContiSilent™ tyres are equipped with an inner tyre absorber, a polyurethane foam, attached to the inner surface of the tread area with an adhesive. Regardless of the temperature, the structure of the foam stays intact.

ContiSilent™ helps reduce interior vehicle noise up to 9 dB(A), depending on the type of vehicle, its speed and the road surface. At the moment it is only available for summer tyres and is compatible with all commonly available rims. Driving performance is not affected and there is no negative influence on mileage and load/speed capability. Fitting on four positions is recommended."

Further brands are reacting to the market too. Falken have introduced a similar technology with their 'Silent Core' system. A product which is claimed to last the life of the tyre and offer up to 4db reduction in internal noise pollution through its innovative double-humped foam layer within the tyre carcass.

Tyres are becoming more efficient, safer and quieter through ongoing technological advancements - have you considered quietening down your journeys? Contact the Hometyre team for more information today. We supply and fit a growing range of 'quiet' tyres.


It's National Tyre Safety Month 2015!

So we've had a summer (of sorts) and we've enjoyed a fair spell of warm weather during the latter part of September. However.....the weeks are rolling on and October is already upon us : (

Alongside the browning and falling of the leaves and the occasional frosty start, October sees a month of raising awareness of tyre safety, spearheaded by national tyre awareness organisation TyreSafe - and a month which Hometyre fully supports and engages in too!

Why October, you may ask? Well, we can all get a little complacent with our tyres throughout the summer. Drier spells (yes,there were a few!), warmer temperatures and cleaner cars often mean that tyre maintenance doesn't really get a look in - unless via a service or MoT.

Winter months are far more demanding on your tyres. Cold temperatures, prolonged wet periods, ice and sometimes snow are all commonplace for 5 or 6 months of our year here in the UK.
Low tread is just one of many potentially hazardous errors that occur with your tyres. Low pressure caused by punctures or a poor seal to the wheels effect handling and braking - not to mention fuel economy. Splits and cuts expose vital parts of the tyre to foreign objects that could lead to dangerous blow outs at worst and a flat tyre during freezing dark mornings at best.

When you hurl around in a 1 to 2 tonne machine at speed and in low grip conditions it really is often a matter of life hanging in the balance as far as your tyres are concerned. Perhaps we should consider not when poor tyres have ended life but instead consider how many times they SAVE your life!! That way
you may want to ensure that they are suitably prepared for some harder work in the coming months and are ready to CONTINUE saving your life every time you use them!


To support National Tyre Safety Month - and of course to promote our services to new potential clients, we're offering free, no obligation tyre safety checks* at business parks, offices, schools etc where we have unrestricted access to car parks and a means to contact vehicle owners with important information.

Interested? We hope you will be. Afterall, it's free and we could highlight an issue that you may be completely unaware of.
At the very least, you'll get your pressures checked and a clean bill of health.
Call today for availability in your area.

*Subject to coverage of your location in the UK. Please call our support team for guidance on 03334445454 or 08007839310.

It's coming....

In October.....

                      Check back with us soon to find out what it's all about....

Proposed extension for new car MoT testing

With the governments proposed shift in legislation regarding Mot testing, the UK's national Tyre Safety platform, TyreSafe, have voiced serious concerns on behalf of the consumer with regards to road safety.

Currently, new cars and motorcycles require a first MOT test after three years but this is anticipated to be extended by a further year. It was recently stated during the Summer budget Speech that this change of policy would save UK motorists over £100m per year.

Unfortunately however, it has been proven that a very high percentage of motorists fail to adequately check tyres on their vehicles between services or annual testing. While vehicles have become considerably more reliable and of a better build quality in recent years, this critical safety component is left largely ignored unless a significant error occurs to force an inspection.

A recent TyreSafe roadside  tread depth survey has concluded that from the 35.3 million vehicles active on UK roads each year nearly 10 million tyres will be illegal during 2015. Further extending the inspection process is likely to further increase this already frightening statistic.

It is the organisations belief that the behavioural attitude of the motorist needs to change, alongside greater education into the importance of tyre safety before any such legislation change should take place.

What do you think? When do you last routinely thoroughly check your own tyres for wear or damage?  


Continental take the accolades for 2015

The much respected summer tyre test carried out annually by UK car magazine - Auto Express, has this year awarded global giant Continental as the outright winner. The awards highlight exceptional performance, safety, performance, quality, desirability and value.

The Auto Express Ultimate summer tyre test challenged eleven brands in size 225/45R17 with the Conti Sport Contact 5 out scoring all others across a wide field and holding top spot for dry braking, dry handling, wet handling and wet braking. This sort of performance victory over its rivals was noted for its rarity and gave Continental engineers a real sense of achievement for their efforts to create such a dominant product.

The Conti Sport Contact 5 is available to purchase for cars from size 17" and upwards and for SUV from 18" and above.


Hot on these heels of this triumph, the brand also achieved another first - having been awarded Consumer Superbrands status for 2015, following the most recent evaluation of the long-running annual survey, which has been identifying the UK's leading brands since 1995. The process, managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA), questioned 2,500 UK consumers who assessed more than 1,500 brands. Consumers judged the brands on three key criteria: quality, reliability and distinction.

Hometyre provide the full range of Continental tyres all supplied and fitted at your chosen time, date and location. Call today for more information.


When do you check yours?

How often do you honestly get down on hands and knees and thoroughly inspect your own tyres? Once a week? Once a month? Never?

The alarming fact is that most motorists never check their tyres - either for wear, damage or pressure - rather leaving it for either the annual service or MOT technician to identify any potential issues. Quite often motorists are contacting us when they have a noticeable problem - either a deflation or severe vibration/noise occurring. Upon inspection we frequently show customers  some pretty terrifying wear states often with large patches of tyre devoid of tread or worse still with the steel carcass hanging out.

So how are these things missed so often?  Well, consider the modern car. Low slung, very little clearance between the arch and the wings and with tuned suspension, ABS, traction control and huge amounts of sound deadening between outside world and cockpit. Basically, the car can be very forgiving on the user when the tyres are in a decidedly poor condition. Unless you park with the wheels fully locked over or indeed get onto bended knees to check the rears from behind the car, you are unlikely to see where most of the wear on the modern car occurs - the inner edge. 

And why so much on the inner edge, you may ask? Again, modern cars have all the benefit of the decades of development and research into handling, braking and safety and therefore cars have wider tyres for more grip and a greater camber angle (the top of the tyre tilts inwards towards the car body to improve handling around corners and for overall stability). A tyre viewed from above with the car parked up may therefore appear to have ample tread on the outer edge but actually already be perilously worn towards the inside.

Take heed of the warning and take a look at yours at your next available opportunity. It takes but a minute or so, even for the absolute untrained eye - but could be the difference between safe driving and some very serious consequences.

And could it all be about to change again??

With the uprise in popularity and abilities of  the electric motor car, tyres look like thy're heading narrow  again for minimum contact and resistance and therefore greater fuel economy.


Tower Hamlets Council reveal further issues with part worn tyre sellers

A recent investigation by Tower Hamlets Trading Standards - in conjunction with the Uk's leading tyre safety organisation, TyreSafe has revealed further evidence of the sale of unsafe tyres to an unsuspecting public.

In one premises alone, 17 tyres were inspected. 11 were deemed to have safety issues. 6 were repaired to a sub-standard level and only 5 overall had the correct marking applied to identify their used status. Inspectors also reported that the fitters had questionable knowledge or indeed abilities to deal with tyres and repairs safely.

Unfortunately many motorists, keen to save a few pounds, will often choose to be suckered in by part worn sellers who will usually spin a compelling story as to the quality of their tyres. Usually that they either come from Germany (trust us, Germans don't replace tyres needlessly!) or from accident damaged cars. The reality is far different. Most are sourced from scrap piles and will have been replaced for a very good reason already. Let's face it, how many motorists do you know who would replace a perfectly good tyre for absolutely no reason at all? And more to the point.... when have you? 


New tyres now are cheap, and pound for pound represent far better value than any scrapped tyre that may hold out for a few months at best, or fail dramatically at worst. Buying a used tyre can be akin to offering cash for the contents of a bin liner from someones wheelie bin, In short, you really do not know what you're buying - but someone else has deemed it useless...


0800 news!

Finally, Ofcom has enforced some changes into the mobile network providers!! From now on all calls from your mobile to our 08007839310 number are totally free of charge! Our 0333 number will remain perfectly active though as this will only use inclusive minutes on your contract (and it's an awful lot easier to remember if need be!. 
So get on the 'phone to us today to discuss your tyres and tyre requirements - we waiting to help you!



Hometyre's latest trading area - Sheffield

Motorists and business owners of Sheffield take note - Hometyre is coming! Fronted by the very savvy and professional main man, Sam E. you can expect the standards of service and care at the levels motorists from numerous other towns and cities across the UK have become used to and return to time and again.

Sam gets rolling week commencing 15th June and is already eagerly looking forward to rolling out the proverbial red carpet to customers each and every day!

For tyre information, sales and advice and to book - call 03334445454 or local number  01143453465

Sam van_1


The ULTIMATE all season tyre is here!

Introducing the MICHELIN Cross Climate!! New tyre technology designed to operate in ALL weather conditions and ALL temperatures with unfaltering performance and economy.

"It offers the advantages of summer tyres in wet braking, dry braking, longevity, & fuel efficiency, and the advantages of winter tyres in traction and braking for consumers driving in cold or occasional snowy conditions. With the simplicity of only one set of tyres all year long!" - Michelin

Offering certified t
raction on snow, being the first-ever summer tyre to obtain winter certification (3PMSF for performance on snow)

Now available to purchase for year round safety - enquire with us today!


eCall System to be Compulsory from 2018

The EU has recently passed law for all new cars and light commercial vehicles to be fitted with the eCall tracking device from 2018. Despite earlier protest from certain groups with regards to privacy rights, MEPs state the system will not store user data but only trigger in the event of a collision. All other data will not be stored.

The technology is already in use by a number of car manufacturers and is expected to cut emergency response times by up to 50% and save thousands of lives.


How it works:

The system will cost around £80 per unit as a factory install and will use the EU wide 112 emergency call service to automatically send the vehicles global coordinates, speed at point of impact and number of occupants. It is triggered by sensors in the vehicle which work in parallel with airbag deployment systems. Once triggered, a message is immediately sent to the nearest emergency service centre.

EU members have until 2017 to ensure that the infrastructure to support the system is fully in place and operational. 

Are the days of free travel coming to an end? Cameras already track our movements across a significant part of the UK. Will anyone truly believe that our personal travel data will be totally secure once compulsory tracking units are installed in our vehicles? George Orwell had it right!!


Hometyre and Review Sites

With review sites and questions over review validity a hot topic in the press currently, we thought it a good idea to tell you about our stance and experiences!
On our pages you'll find scrolling reviews posted by our customers. Click on the box and you can read the countless feedback reviews we've been receiving over the years too. Each and every single one has been received by us directly from a serviced customer that is 100% traceable and auditable back to original jobs. Where a customer has left a review with a comment that needs addressing we have publicly replied too - for clarity!
We have continued to opt out of the third party paid-for subscription services with the exception of the Which? Trusted trader programme.   

Which? has, for decades, provided a trustworthy, clear and concise platform widely accepted and in itself, wholly trusted by the populous. Reviews are moderated and checked by the organisation prior to listing on their site. Their reputation after all, is too good to tarnish by operating this platform in any other way.

We know that not all customers - even those thoroughly pleased by our services - will leave a review. Most in fact, don't. We could all spend far too much of our own time writing reviews for businesses if we elected to do so after every transaction.
Unfortunately therefore, some third party review sites reap financial benefit by touting business from competing operations and play them off against each other in order to boast the highest number of reviews. This 'pressure' to rank higher than the opposition could therefore  lead to reviews that may not be entirely genuine. Paid for review sites may also elect not to publish less than perfect reviews - at risk of losing a valuable client of course.

If you're baffled by all the options and considerations but are looking for a mobile tyre service - try us. Proof is always in the pudding and we'd very much like to receive and publish genuine feedback from you!


How important are they?

Well certainly modern motorsport seems to indicate that it's now all about tyre technology. From F1™ to MotoGP™, tyres are playing a defining role when it comes to team strategy and more importantly, winning races. 

Lewis Hamilton once again proved this weekend in Bahrain that while a championship winning driver needs to be able to outshine the rest, he also needs to play a careful management exercise of his rubber - anticipating degradation throughout the course of the race and determining best usage.

Motorcycle supremo Valentine Rossi and the Yamaha factory team also proved to the world this weekend that both experience and the correct tyre choice provided the winning formula.

What does all this mean to us, the everyday motorist? Actually quite a lot. The racing purists would naturally prefer to just see out and out wheel to wheel combat throughout any series, but technology moves on relentlessly. Most manufacturers showcase themselves in these sports to achieve not just publicity but to sell their products and also to ensure they remain at the forefront of advancing technology. What better way to do so than at the ultimate test of endurance and speed?

Modern vehicles are now full of systems, safety and developments that were first introduced and tested in motorsport often five or ten years beforehand. We can therefore anticipate that tyre technology will take another huge leap forward in the coming years and lead significant improvements for us all. This has to be good news for the motorist because lets face it, nobody really wants to buy new tyres, and we all want them to last twice as long but provide even better fuel economy while perfoming at higher speeds with ever more grip!

So next time a race is a bit dull to watch, consider the difference in your own car from the one you were driving 15 years ago. Fundamentally cars haven't changed - neither have our roads much - but the car has - big time!


From winter back to summer tyres and a cautionary note!

The current very warm spell should generally prompt most motorists who haven't already done so to consider swapping back onto summer rubber over the next couple of weeks. 

We're still experiencing chilly mornings and after dark, but daytime temperatures have now started to reach the teens and subsequently better operating 'windows' for all season and summer type tyres. Our dedicated mobile fleet work with countless customers countrywide who enjoy the benefit of having the simplest solution to swapping over tyres seasonally. Book us to your door at the specific time and date of your choosing.

Be aware also that warmer weather and improved road temperatures can give rise to much better traction for you. This may also mask tyres with very low tread - so take a couple of minutes while it's dry and warm to give yours the once over.

Call us for any help required. 03334445454


Bank Holiday Travelling

Are you hitting the roads this bank holiday? If so, expect regular long delays and tailbacks heading into the popular destinations and be prepared!

Top tips to avoid further disruption:

1. Well, you'd have guessed we start with this! Check your tyres BEFORE you leave. Tread and pressures all round and don't forget the SPARE iof you have one. You'll be pretty disappointed to pick up a puncture only to find the spare flat too!

2. Oil and water and brake fluid level checks. These are two minute checks that could highlight potential issues before you get going.

3.  Keep your fuel tank topped up - no good being stuck in long, slow moving traffic with that dreaded low fuel light glowing.

4. Give the glass a good clean on the inside (newspaper and window cleaner works a treat!). A car full of grumpy people sat in traffic in the rain soon gives rise to condensation. Dirty greasy glass takes much longer to clear not to mention see through!

5. Make sure you have plenty of distracting entertainment for the kids. Take yourself a set of headphones too to avoid listening to 'Let it go' for three hours! 

Whatever your plans, stay safe this holiday. We're available from Tuesday to attend to your punctures/blowouts and worn tyre issues!  



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