Sports to delivery vans today!

An interesting mix of jobs out on the roads of Shropshire today! First job a couple of 275/30R19" tyres on a Nissan 350Z before its polar opposite a Hyundai I10!!! Straight into numerous tyre replacements on site at a regular fleet of vans we maintain in Shrewsbury before removing a set of locking wheel nuts near Arscott then into Telford for the duration of the afternoon! Not stop and busy all day!

2013 and Ten Years Gone

With 2013 comes Hometyre Shropshire's TENTH year of trading!! On April 4th 2003, Hometyre supplied and fitted the first tyres to the very first customer in Shrewsbury. x2 185/60H14 tyres were fitted to a Ford Escort that had suffered a blow out on the A5 en route from South Wales to North Wales.Wouldn't like to think how many 100.000's of thousands of tyres supplied and fitted since that day!

That would prove to be the start of a very long and ever increasing list of motorists benefiting from the best tyre service in and now across the UK!!!! 


Seriously Wet Roads Today!

So while the roads are seriously drenched across Shropshire - have you noticed your braking ability seriously deteriorating? Sometimes cornering feels really light? Don't just blame the weather. Take a careful look at your tyres. Low tread will be unable to remove water from beneath your tyres adequately enough and lead to aquaplaning. This, in effect means your vehicle will temporarily 'float' on the waters surface until traction is regained. A tyre with 3mm or less remaining tread depth (minimum legal limit 1.6mm) should be considered for urgent replacement!

Winter tyres in Shropshire

A little later than last year but the demand for winter tyres has just started to gather momentum locally. From dairy vans to company directors 4x4's - we're now seeing more and more vehicles making the change from summer to winter options. Our local vans are now fully equipped with them too and we really experience a difference in the cold and wet weather in terms of grip and braking abilities. 

Have you considered fitting them? Once tried, you'll soon be convinced!


Go Home at Night!

Dark wet miserable nights need not be further burdened by an after work visit to a garage for tyres!!! Go home, kick your shoes off, pour a well earned glass of wine and leave us to it outside..... We're fully equipped and perfectly well lit for all weathers and light conditions!

Buying Tyres Online with Hometyre Shropshire

Have you noticed our website has changed recently? Enter your postcode and tyre size above and now you'll see a full assortment of tyres and prices. It's not a fully exhaustive list mind.... There are other brands we can also supply - they just may require a 'phone call or two to sort out for you.... Order your new tyres online now. choose a fitting address, pay via secure SAGEPAY and selcet where and when you'd prefer your tyres fitted! Easy. Then we'll be along in a shiny bright silver Hometyre Mobile tyre service van to replace your worn tyres!

Looking forward to meeting you/seeing you again! 


Oh dear! It's on it's way..........

Yes, the onset of winter and it's firm icy grip appears to be looming ever closer now. I wander if perhaps Sandy will throw us her final coughs across the Atlantic and draw down some snow next week......

If so, have you considered changing to cold weather tyres yet? Also known as winter tyres, they don't just perform in snow and ice. The wet and cold braking/handling characteristics are amazing and they perform far better at lower temperatures than 'normal' tyres which harden below 7C....

Anyway, give it some thought if you use your vehicle and need it everyday for work etc. They are a little more expensive but can be switched on and off each winter! 


Caravans Across Shropshire

I am seeing increasing numbers of caravaners and motorhomers investing in Tyron bands for their safety and protection.. If you have not considered them, please do! Give us a call to discuss the option, benefits and pricing, of course on 01743 861183


Hometyre supports the Severn Hospice Midnight Walk 2012

Hometyre will again be supplying some of the marshals for the Severn Hospice Midnight walk this coming Saturday. Good luck to all the ladies taking part and the other volunteer for the event this Saturday


Is summer finally here?

At last the sun is out ... so are you contemplating a summer holiday? With these tough economic times perhaps you are having a staycation?

If you are, please ensure your tyres pressures are correct given the extra loads you will be carrying and the average higher speed you will be doing over the journey. If you are unsure of your vehicles setting check the hand book or alternatively call us for advice


When is a puncture not a puncture ..continued¬if_t=like


When is a puncture not a puncture?

I went to a customer over the weekend who said he had a puncture and had driven about 10 miles because he thought he had run flats on his Mini.. How wrong could he of been.. all that was left were two beads.. the tyres were not Run flats.. The moral please check your tyres and make sure you know what's on your car and their condition.


Would you like to save £10 a week?

In these hard times, would you like to save £10 a week? that’s the amount of extra fuel you could be using a week if you haven’t checked you tyres are correctly inflated. So, motorists across Shropshire if you're not sure what pressures your tyres should be at please do call or email for advice. 0333 4445454


Aston Martin

Off to do an Aston Martin Vanquish... but not for a Mr Bond.


Wet Weather braking

Did you know that it takes at least 30% longer to stop in wet weather than it does in the dry? This distance can be further increased if your tyres are worn (although) they may still be legal.

Why not let us check and inspect your tyres and will give an unbiased report on their condition


Easter traffic

A busy weekend on the roads with all the caravans around the Shrewsbury bypass. I wonder how many had checked their tyres before departing? The caravan club recommend changing caravan tyres every 5 years as a maximum irrespective of wear. Also I wondered whether any of those caravans had Tyron bands fitted?


Happy Easter Holidays

Wishing all our Telford and Shrewsbury customers both old and new, a happy Easter. Please check your tyres condition and pressures if you are going on a long journey to see friend and family over the holiday weekend.


Snow at Easter?

It’s been forecast!!! It could be time to switch back to winter tyres if it gets slippery on the roads across Shrewsbury and Telford.


Caravan Season -2012

The recent warm weather has brought the caravanners out early this year with bookings for caravan tyres, Tyron bands and TPMS systems all well up on the same time 2011 in Shrewsbury and Telford areas.


Vernol Equinoix in Telford

Spring has sprung in Telford ! As we have just passed the spring equinox, do you need tyres for Summer and or swapping your winter to summer tyres? If so call or Email to arrange an appointment



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