Beware the part worn (scrap) tyre sellers

You may have heard or seen the description for 'quality part worns tyres'? You may have been told that 'our part worn tyres come from Germany' or 'our part worn tyres come from accident damaged cars.' DON'T BE FOOLED!

Motorists the world over use their tyres fully - or replace them when they are damaged or irreparably punctured. Germans are no different. 
And what would happen to all those accident damaged cars if someone went to the trouble of removing all of the tyres? If a car is damaged beyond economical insurable repair it is sold as a salvage repair - in which case the buyer would ideally need it to be mobile - or too severely damaged to be repaired. Would you want a tyre from a car that has been involved in a serious collision?

The reality is that part worn tyres are mostly sought from scrap. They are tyres that have been discarded for a reason and almost entirely for reasons of safety.

We regularly attend to customer vehicles where motorists have innocently believed the absolute rubbish fed to them in the purchase of used tyres.  Sadly all too often this involves the sale of aged, perished, poorly repaired and completely unsafe items.

Just last week we were called to attend a customer locally whose vehicle was handling very poorly in the wet conditions (you'll recall the heavy rain?). She was concerned for hers and her children's safety while driving that she called into a local fixed site tyre centre in Shrewsbury to have the car checked over. On site, the person who checked her car commented that the lack of grip was due to the lack of tread and the age of the front tyres.

You see, tyres at 3mm of depth or below offer very little water dispersal. An old tyre becomes hardened instead of having the good, soft grippy rubber you experience on a tyre within the first three to four years of it's life.

This lady was a little shocked to be told her tyres were so poor and explained that they had just been replaced by a chap in a mobile van locally
(rest assured this was certainly not us!). He had stressed to her that the tyres were the best on the market - Michelins - and at just £55.00 each fitted compared to the new price of £139.00 each - they were a bargain. He was a very convincing salesman, she recounted, and truly believed he was helping  her. 

We were called to replace her tyres with proper, safe new products. Her mileage and usage meant she really didn't need to buy Michelin tyres and instead opted for a mid range option fully fitted each at £69.00. 

Upon removal of her part worn tyres (recently fitted), we showed her that at the HIGHEST point, she had 2.8mm of tread left on the tyres (that's just 1.2mm of usable tread remaining - or the equivalent thickness of your finger nail!) and that the tyres supplied were actually different sizes too - an immediate MOT failure. Neither were stamped with the legally required 'Part Worn tyre' marking on the outer sidewall. One was FIVE years old - the other THREE years old. Both had been scrapped due to age and insufficient tread.

Both of these tyres had been taken from a scrap pile, painted black and then resold to her for £110.00 cash. There would be no recourse in the event of an accident as the supplier is unlikely to have adequate insurance cover - certainly when the legal requirements to sell these items was not fulfilled.

Given that a new Michelin tyre is sold at £139.00 and has 6.4mm of usable tread from new (as well as better performance, grip, braking ability, safety etc etc), and that she paid £55.00 for just 1.2mm, this person had, in effect sold her these tyres for £293.00 each. 

Enough said. Please don't be conned when times are tight. There are always ways and means to keep your car safe without falling into the hands of unscrupulous sales people.


And it's Christmas.....again!

Is it just us or are these years going by at alarmingly quicker rates? It doesn't help the feeling when we're still basking in October temperatures either.
Well, nevertheless, we're diving headlong into 2016 after a particularly busy 2015 here in Shropshire and we'd like to take a couple of seconds to thank every one of you - our fabulous customers. We're shortly about to enter our 14th year of trading across Shropshire through some challenging years along the way but always with a great reception from our clients throughout.
Selling  a product that nobody really wants to buy is always a challenge but when the service is right it makes the process much easier to bear - and that is what we're all about and hopefully why you continue to call us and refer us to your friends & family too!

So from the teaam on the 'phones at HQ and from Andy, Wayne and Mark - have a great Christmas and New Year and we hope to continue looking after you throughout 2016 and beyond!



Hometyre acquires another fleet of vehicles to manage

Savvy business owners are regulary tapping into the serious convenience and cost savings to be enjoyed by switching their fleet to Hometyre Shropshire for tyre replacement, repair and maintenance. 

This week has seen yet another 60 strong multi vehicle fleet being looked after by the team. We carry out fortnightly inspections on the vehicles and replace/repair on site while staff carry on with their working week. 

Do you own or operate vehicles in your business in Shropshire? Call us for more information (01743) 861183 


Hometyre Shropshire upgrades the vans!

It's unlikely that last weeks Back to the Future day escaped your notice - it didn't ours! And just for pure promotional purposes (and an excuse to play with Europe's only certified replica BTTF DeLorean), we converted one of the van fleet into our very own time machine to rescue a customer back in '85! Sound confusing?

Watch how we did it all here: Back To The Future flat tyre parody! - YouTube

Those of you that know Wayne, our head technician in the area, will recognise him taking a starring role. He didn't exactly have advance warning of what we were doing though so it came as a bit of a shock on the night. That said, he soon got well into role!  


Awesome new promo coming soon!

Keep an eye out in October. 

A deluge of van tyres!

While our daily activities are always completely varied, sometime we go through periods where we seem to be working on either a particular type of car, say BMW, for example. Or we may, perhaps as you'd expect at this time of year, replace a huge number of caravan and motorhome tyres.

For the last ten days or so it's all been about van tyres! Light commercial vehicles for numerous customers ranging from one man band operations to larger fleets of vans, we're replacing and repairing every other vehicle it feels.  Typically we're attending to our clients vehicles while they remain out and about on site and working. A huge time and money saver for people who would otherwise have to take time off a job to sit at a garage!


So, good van drivers of Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire......... it's not about the exact pounds you spend on the tyres - it's about the hidden costs to you that you may easily overlook! Sure, you will always find someone who'll do the same tyres a couple of quid cheaper - but how much will that REALLY cost you? Try us instead. Countless others do, and continue to use us thereafter. After all, if you're dealing with the most efficient and cost effective way to replace or repair your tyres, why go anywhere else?


Just because it's summer.....

Quite often motorists consider the warmer, safer months for driving and tend to push their tyres that little further in terms of tread depth.

People of Shropshire beware though!!! Just because it's warmer, it really isn't a good idea to leave your tyres to chance. Tread below 3mm in depth will really struggle to dissipate water and can tend to aquaplane (this is where the tyre rides on top of lying water instead of cutting through it!). We all drive that little bit quicker when the road conditions are better, but we can all get caught out when the weather takes a sudden turn and leads to downpours....

So..... if you're unsure - get them checked or check them yourself today. Just make sure you get right down and dirty with them and thoroughly check the inner edges too - it's the bit most drivers fail to see.


It's all about caravans and motorhomes across Shropshire

With spring and the early signs of summer coming early to Shropshire this year, it seems caravan and motorhome enthusiasts are out there dusting off the covers and preparing for the season ahead! It's great for us to be working out in the warm and dry again too!

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get those tyres checked out. A prolonged period of standing does them no good whatsoever so do try and avoid loading up, hooking up and taking your chances out there. Readjust those pressures first and check very carefully for signs of cracking in the sidewalls and tread area. It really pays to un your hand around the circumference of the tread too. A lump or buldge is bad news and will mean you'll need to replace those tyres before setting off!

Don't worry though! Help is easily at hand with our mobile team and fleet of vans that are all fully equipped and self sufficient to replace or repair your tyres at your home or storage facility without you having to do a thing. We also remove and reinstall TYRON bands without breaking a sweat too.

 Need help of advise? Call us today on 0800 783 9310


Are you a business owner in Shropshire?

We're looking for small and medium sized businesses who self manage vehicle maintenance. Our mobile tyre service currently services countless businesses throughout the county saving time and considerable money too.

Why use a mobile tyre fitting service?

  • No staff down time at fitting centres
  • Regular inspections and pressure checks
  • Competitive pricing with NO call out charges
  • YOUR choice of brand to suit your vehicle requirements
  • Experienced fitters who can handle all  types of vehicles and vans
  • On site wheel alignment 
  • On site puncture repairs

There's a more convenient, practicle and affordable way to maintain your vehicles tyres - the Hometyre way! Mobile tyre services throughout Shropshire at your home, workplace or out and about on the road.

Call us for more information on 01743 861183 today. 




Severn Business Network Shrewsbury

Hometyre Shropshire are proud members of the Shrewsbury business referral group, Severn Business Network. With a presence at the group for over five years now, we have developed countless great customer relationships both within the members and their extended network of friends and associates. 

SBN meets every Thursday morning at 7am for a couple of hours at the New Meadow football ground - home of Shrewsbury Town FC. The group is always on the lookout for quality new members to get involved. 

You can find out more about it all at


Snow forecast for this week in Shropshire

Are you prepared for the icy blast on its way to us this week? With snow forecast across most of the county from Tuesday - albeit only set to stay for a couple of days - you need to be aware. Many young motorists may not yet have driven in snow and should take extreme care, or avoid travelling at all. 

Under no circumstances should you drive without your view completely unobstructed - so ensure you keep a good quality window scraper with you (a cd case isn't really up to the job and may scratch your glass!)

Are your tyres up to scratch? Obviously winter tyres provide the best grip and braking performance but good tread depth on your normal tyres is a must too.

Keep your fuel tank sufficiently full - you never know when you may get caught up in extended traffic. You'll be grateful of your car heater in those circumstances and it could even be a lifesaver in extreme conditions too.

Remember, if you're too busy to get those tyres replaced, we're the easiest option available. Just book us to your home or work at your preferred time of day and we'll handle the rest.  


Time to get ready!!

Well we can't argue with the summer we've had this year. In short, it's probably been the best for many many years and here we are in late September and it's still t-shirt temperatures....

It'd be great to think it'll last but the reality is that we're only four weeks off November now. The window for switching to your winter tyres is now open - and if you've never considered cold weather options - you really should. At temperatures below 7C, these tyres provide unparalleled grip and braking performance - irrespective of snow or ice! Once tried, you'll never want to drive in the long dark cold months without them!

However, it is another expense to have to consider - despite the clear safety benefits - so at the very least, please make sure your current tyres are of a fair standard for the coming months. A two minute check really could be the difference between life and death.

Not sure how to go about it? Call us - we're more than happy to help! 01743 861183


Mid summer blip! How good is your rubber?

The weather is on the change here in Shropshire, at least for a few days! Even tyres with little or no tread left will perform fantastically in hot and dry weather.

Tarmac is like glue in the heat and easily gives you a sometimes very false sense of security! If you can spare a couple of minutes today - go and check your tyres properly. You'll need to get right down on the ground to fully check the whole width of tread. Across every tyre there are little raised 'notches' called tread wear indicators. these are preset into the tyres groove at 2mm height. Basically, if any part of the tread is wearing flush with these bars - it's time for a visit from a friendly chap in a Hometyre van!!

Wet weather after prolonged heat will make the roads very greasy and really dangerous for those that are unaware that they have low tread. Two minutes today could save you on so many levels....


Big TYRON order began our week!

58 tyres and 58 Tyron bands supplied and fitted to brand new Vauxhall six wheeled Police vans! This required both service vehicles on site for six hours on Monday. A tough but rewarding day. What are Tyron bands, we here you say? And why do the Police use them?

A Tyron band is a mechanical device fitted internally to a wheel (under the tyre!), which prevents a deflated tyre from falling off a wheel. In order to fit and remove a tyre from a wheel, the wheel has a recess in it. The band fills this recess and 'locks' the tyre in place. For security vehicles, this can be essential in order to ensure a vehicle remains mobile and can potentially extract itself and its crew from harms way!


Tyron bands can be fitted to any vehicle but are particularly popular amongst caravan and motorhome owners.

Hometyre are nationally approved and preferred suppliers of these patented devices. Find out more here


Tyres on a Transit Cherry-picker

There's a new one on us! We fitted a pair of replacement General Eurovan 215/75R16C tyres on a 2001 Ford Transit today. A normal box van but with a crane mounted on the back (you've seen them used by BT etc!).

Now we know from our experience of dealing with the 1960's milk floats of Shropshire Dairies for the past decade that these battery powered vehicles are MOT exempt but we didn't know that a number of other types were too!

Turns out this vehicle was classed as plant and a 'special' vehicle at time of production - although this rule has now changed.

You may think that this is a great dodge for the owner but in fact it's somewhat of a poisoned chalice! VOSA and the police are very much aware of these vehicles and the owner commented that it's probably kept to a higher standard than most other vans due to the potential for scrutiny at the roadside!


Tyre jobs across Shropshire - a guide!

So you will probably have seen the Hometyre vans making there way across the County over the years? Contrary to some thoughts, we're not an emergency tyre repair or replacement service! Most of our business is prebooked replacement of tyres when they have reached the end of their working life for clients who are busy people - or simply don't want the hassle of visiting the old style tyre depots!

We do offer same day repair or replacement in many cases though - and always do our best to respond as soon as possible!#

We have thousands of tyres available from central warehousing that are transferred same day!

TO give you an idea of the variety of work we undertake, here's a snapshot of jobs from a typical day this week:

1. In Shawbury for a regular account customer - x2 Bridgestone RE050A 225/45R17W Run Flat tyres fitted to a 2010 BMW 320D

2. In Radbrook, Shrewsbury - x3 budget tyres 175/65H14 for a Renault Clio and a single mid-range tyre for a Vauxhall Omega

3. At Halfway House - x4 new Maxxis 215/70R15C commercial tyres for a 2006 Fiat motorhome

4. In Copthorne, Shrewsbury - x2 Pirelli P7 215/55R17W Cinturato tyres for a 2007 Peugeot 407

5. In Harlescott Shrewsbury for a regular account customer - x2 Kumho 235/65R16C commercial tyres and wheel alignment for a 2012 VW Crafter van.

6. In Wellington, Telford - x2 Nexen 235/50R18W N8000 tyres for a 2010 Ford Cougar

7. Near Bishops Castle, Shropshire - x2 Continental 225/45WR17 Sport Contact5 tyres and full wheel alignment for a 2004 Mercedes C-Class

From work vans to private cars, caravans and motorhomes, we've got it all covered - and at the right price too! Give it a try next time you need a tyre replaced or a puncture repaired. You'll be amazed just how much easier it is.


Crazy Busy Week Across Shropshire!

With the warmer weather and lighter nights, we guess more of you are washing your cars and vans at weekends and evening times? We always note a significant surge in business at this time of year and it really can be down to the simple fact that instead of rushing to and from your car (as we all do in the colder months!) you may be taking a closer interest.

Certainly washing your car gives you a chance to more closely inspect your tread depth and condition. You can always use the trusty twenty pence piece edge to determine a low treaded tyre - and warm soapy water will often highlight leaks from your tread through the mass of bubbles that may appear.

Don't forget, if you're busy (or just have better things to do than go for tyres), our mobile team come directly to your door at home or at work across Shropshire! 

Keep an eye for the vans on the road!


Tyre purchasing options in Shropshire!

So it's time to buy new tyres again? It always comes round too fast and always at completely the wrong time for the pocket! 

So what are your options? At the moment they seem to be endless! There are any number of tyre outlets and garages across the county that are vying for your business. Your car on their ramps while having tyres replaced will give great opportunity to scrutinize other items and convince you to buy. This isn't casting aspersions on everyone of course....

Or there's the ever increasing numbers of commodity shifters on the internet. Often faceless retailers who will happily sell you products online and either send them to you directly - or send you on to a fixed site where you can have them fitted. These seemingly large organisations are often but a handful of people with little or no knowledge of the products they sell - or the care and consideration required when fitting them to your second most valuable possession in many cases. As middlemen they remain very clean within the transaction with you - often taking no responsibility for the fitting or aftercare - unless by choice.

A great deal - one better than all other retailers will always have a drawback or other behind it. Tyres are very expensive items to manufacture, ship and store for everyone!

Is a mobile service that much better? Let's be absolutely clear! If you are going to spend considerable time hunting round and then driving to a fixed location to wait for tyres in order to save a considered few pounds irrespective of the value of your time, then perhaps no. 

What do you get from our mobile tyre service?

  • A huge range of products to suit all budgets
  • Fitting by a highly trained expert franchised business owner who genuinely wants your business and to look after you
  • A dedicated one to one service at the time and location of your choosing
  • Voices on the end of a telephone who know the products, the logistics and how to help resolve any issues quickly
  • Someone who will work on your car with care and concern and who will happily talk you through what they find or you may require
  • Competitive prices - we don't make wild gestures about being 40% cheaper as this is simply not true. Our prices reflect the service we offer whilst remaining very much "amongst the mix" of all other retailers 
  • An easier, hassle free and economic way to replace or repair your tyres.

Some folk will always only ever consider the number printed on the bottom of an invoice - without considering the unseen costs to them directly - time, effort, travel etc. We know that you can't win 'em all but we're always really happy when another customer converts to the mobile tyre services provided by Hometyre! Give us try!

Written by Hometyre Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2014


Shrewsbury Rotarians learn about winter tyres

We were kindly invited as guest speakers at a recent meeting of the Shrewsbury Rotary at the Lord Hill Hotel in Abbey Foregate. A very pleasant experience delivering tyre related information to a group of well respected Shrewsbury business people both present and past.

For 25 minutes we discussed the importance of correct tyre fitment by axle, part worn tyres and the benefits of cold weather tyres too! 

The Rotarians are a group of likeminded individuals who add significantly to the local community through volunteer work and event organisation.


Hometyre Shropshire Supports Local Charity

Midland Air Ambulance gains traction with Winter Tyres!

The Shropshire division of the Hometyre brand recently donated and fitted a full set of Nokian Cold Weather tyres to the charity collection vehicle driven by Maria Jones - Fundraising manager for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity.

The charity requires over £6m worth of funding each year in order to continue to provide the invaluable and life saving service across the West Midlands and Shropshire.

During the winter months, calls to road traffic incidents rises above the normal; 60% rate. In order to highlight the importance of tyre safety and the benefits of fitting appropriate cold weather tyres, Maria will now be able to more safely navigate the Shropshire roads in all weathers - including snow and ice too!

Commenting on behalf of the charity, Maria said: "Road traffic incidents represent the majority of our responses. It's in everyone's interest to improve road safety and awareness. I've already noted a significant improvement in wet grip and braking ability with these tyres on and am really pleased to have Hometyre supporting us in this and other ways too"

Hometyre Director Andy Lawrence commented: "This is a charity and a service that could save each and everyone of our lives at any point we get in a car to make any journey whatsoever. This time of year road conditions change dramatically and can catch people out so quickly. Cold weather tyres offer unparalleled levels of improvement in safety over summer type tyres - and not just in snow which is the common belief. We're really happy to do our bit to assist both in the safety element and to allow MAria to continue carrying out her vital work"

Cold weather or winter tyres, as they are also known, should always be fitted as a set of four. They can be swapped onto your existing wheels during October or November and used until end of March the following year. Wear on both sets of tyres will even out over the duration of several seasons to create a saffer and cost effective way to operate your vehicle.

Winter tyre and replacement wheel packages are also available for selected models. For more information, call our sales team for help and guidance on 03334445454.

The Midland Air Ambulance Charity can be contacted on 08008402040 or for more information visit

PICTURED: Andy Lawrence and Maria Jones



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