14 Years and Counting!

This month sees our 14th anniversary since the very first Hometyre customer was served - and we remember it well! A couple from South Wales travelling through the county on their way to North Wales on holiday had a blow out due to very badly worn tyres. Two new tyres and tracking completed and they were back on their way within an hour!

Since then, we've fitted hundreds of thousands of tyres for thousands & thousands of customers all over Shropshire. In fact, we've got clients who first started using us at age 17 who are now in their thirties and have never had to go to a garage to have tyres replaced or repaired!

What's more, from humble roots right here in Shropshire, the Hometyre brand has extended far and wide since., with coverage as far north as Edinburgh and far south as Brighton and dealing with all manners of clients from world famous rock stars to A list celebrities and premier league footballers. Nice things to drop into conversation but in reality it's you, our everyday customers who've used us time and again that mean the most to us. Without your referrals and recommendations over the years we'd never have gotten so far and we thank you, sincerely.


Anyone Noticed?

It was clear skies on Monday this week and still light at 17.45!! Ok, it happens every year the same but it's still exciting to have very clearly broken the back of the long dark winter months and be heading into spring again in Shropshire.

The grey, damp and often freezing cold working conditions during the winter months can be pretty tough for our mobile tyre fitting team and it's not an enviable role! However, the warm sunny days are coming and that's when the office, shop and factory workers would love to swap places and we get to enjoy the great UK outdoors!


Whatever the weather, the great thing for you, our customers is that you get to either stay inside in the warm in the winter, or relax in the garden in the summer. 

Not used our mobile tyre service before? We can only ask that you do. We've thousands of local customers who use us again and again. Why not find out what you're missing?


Winter Weather Warning

It's been a real mixed bag of weather across the county so far this winter with temperatures sometimes swinging by 15C overnight! Historically over the last few years we've tended to experience real winter conditions throughout February and March before some unseasonably warm spells in April.

This can give rise to some very challenging driving conditions that change incredibly quickly. It can also leave many motorists a little complacent about routine maintenance procedures that they should be carrying out on their vehicles such as:

  • washer fluid and antifreeze top up
  • Oil level check
  • Wiper condition (frozen windscreens can tear off the rubber strips used to clean the windscreen!)
  • Vehicle lighting check
  • Tyre pressures and tread depths

Carrying out these pretty fundamental checks should take no more than four or five minutes a month and have been proven to dramatically prolong the life off engines, tyres and of course improve the overall visibility and safety of winter motoring.

When did you last look after your own vehicle? Too many motorists rely on annual services or MoT inspections before they take action.

Not sure how to perform these checks? When you use Hometyre, our technicians will happily walk you through them while they're on site with you - just ask!

For tyre replacement, repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing & TPMS replacement and repair - call us on 03334445454



Happy New Year!

Wayne, Mark, Andy and all the staff at HQ would like to wish a very happy New Year to our customers, support team, suppliers and everyone else too.

Thank you for your ongoing support, business and service throughout 2016 and here's to a prosperous and enjoyable 2017!


The Winter Tyre Purge

So it's definitely getting cooler this month and the safety savvy motorists of Shropshire have been booking us in in their droves for seasonal tyre swap overs and new winter/cold weather tyres.
Did you know that these types of tyres start to really perform at 7C and below - right where we're at out there now. You see, your summer tyres start to harden as the temperature drops. This is why you may find that you're wheel spinning away from junctions more  etc - certainly on the colder mornings and evenings. The rubber requires heat to provide greater traction and this is where winter tyres are very different. They do not harden at very low temperatures and have far more flexible tread blocks to dig deep into the surface and 'grab' the road below.

And it doesn't need to be snowing to experience the benefit. We haven't suffered extreme snowfall across large parts of the country for five years and yet countless drivers make the switch after experiencing the dramatic handling and braking improvements from cold weather tyres. It's a mandatory switch over from summer to winter tyres for a significant percentage of Europe - irrespective of the weather conditions.

Try them. You won't feel the same about winter motoring ever again! We have a range of options for all budgets including wheel and tyre packages and products from global experts in winter tyres , Nordic based Nokian!.


Tyre Safety Month and Winter

So October has been National Tyre Safety Month across the UK!! Ok, so hardly the most exciting thing to think about. Probably ranks up there with National Chicken Soup Day for most but there is a serious note here. We've had a pretty calm summer with the weather being warm and fairly dry throughout. Your tyres won't have been particularly stressed by heat or the extended torrential rainfall we've often experienced during our 'summers'!
If you haven't checked them lately you could well be driving with various faults that could become potentially serious issues overnight as the weather deteriorates.

Remember that normal summer tyres performance in terms of grip and braking ability diminishes rapidly as the mercury drops. Specially manufactured cold weather or winter tyres operate most effectively at or below 7C - and we're rapidly heading into normal daytime maximum temperatures at, or below these levels across Shropshire.


Hometyre supply a vast range of winter tyre options including the Nordic brand Nokian - the creators of the winter tyre - and many others to suit all pockets. WE also carry out routine summer to winter tyre swap over services right at your door - home, work - wherever you need us!

Don't get caught out and pay a high price for failing to check your tyres. Do it today! If you're not sure what to do or what to look for - call us. A little friendly advice costs nothing and we're happy to help!  


Back to School in Shropshire Soon

Only a couple of weeks to go until the school run starts all over again! (where did that go already?). Unfortunately that also means that the darker starts and chillier days will soon be with us too.

It's a great time now, certainly while the weather is good and the evenings are still light, to start thinking ahead and just making sure your cars are fit and ready for forthcoming months. Have you had a slowly deflating tyre for weeks? Are they getting a little perished or worn? 

Being stuck roadside with a tyre issue is an inconvenience for anybody. it can be very scary on a dark, cold morning with a car full of children. Preparation is key to safer motoring and this doesn't just entail tyres. Consider your lights, wipers and general vehicle upkeep as well. Your car is a vital means of transport and carries very special cargo - you and your family. Costly repair bills WILL be kept to a grateful minimum if regular maintenance and care is in place throughout the year.

And don't forget, if you don't relish that visit to a tyre shop, just call us. Our team of polite, professional and happy technicians come directly to you at your home or work address right across Shropshire at no extra cost and at the date and time of YOUR choosing. Easy! 


Are you ready?

So you've booked the holiday months in advance, you've sorted the travel insurance, the dog's organised to go to the in laws and the kids have new flip flops. It's D-day and you've loaded up the car and given yourself a two hour window to get to the ferry/tunnel on time.....then you notice the tyres on the car...

The wires hanging out give rise to instant panic. The two hour window is about to disappear and now you've got to frantically ring around as to to whom have your size and who can fit you in quick enough...

This is a scenario we encounter numerous times every week throughout the school holidays and while we always do our best to help people out, quite often there simply isn't enough time left. 

So please do take a few minutes, well in advance of your travel date to check over your vehicle. And not just tyres either. Is it due a service? Is the MOT up to date? are all the lights working properly? Your vehicle is a vital element in your holiday plans. Don't leave it to chance. 



Up next for Shropshire...

Yup, it's the Shrewsbury Flower Show 2016. Come around again quickly hasn't it? For Shrewsbury folk it's a vital part of the calender. Unfortunately for many, they use it as the precursor to the forthcoming winter months ahead - once we've had Wimbledon and the Flower Show it's all downhill from there on!
Don't be despondent, we say! With a few proper summer days behind us in July we think we're going to be in for a long and potentially hot spell right through until the end of October! Now doesn't that put a warm feeling into your bones?

Given that we also took the word of the long term forecasters last winter and predicted a bad one, perhaps it'll be safer to baton down the hatches early - it could get rough!

Either way, the Shrewsbury Flower Show attracts 10's of 1000's of visitors every year and whether horticulture is your thing or not, there is always plenty to see and do each year - not to mention one of the most spectacular fireworks shows outside of the big smoke. 

With the schools now having officially broken up for six weeks it's also holiday time for many. With packing, getting the dog sorted, obtaining last minute passports etc,  it's very easy to forget the car until the night before you're leaving for the airport or the long trip down to the ferry. Don't. Please!

It could be the thing that makes you miss that flight or ferry - all for the sake of just a few minutes of checks and preparation. It's easy too.

We're here throughout the summer. Call us!  


Got a TPMS issue?

No, it's not an infectious disease! TPMS = Tyre Pressure Monitoring System!

All new passenger cars built from November 2012 have been required to have a TPM system fitted to reduce carbon emissions (from driving with deflated tyres thus decreasing fuel economy), reduce tyre wear & to improce overall road safety. IT's a great addition to modern motoring and sometimes reduces costs for many motorists by considerable annual amounts.

But..... in most cases it does involve additional hardware fitted into the wheel assembly the is subject to corrosive elements, wear and tear and battery depletion over time.

A transmitter is fitted to a sensor on the valve and hidden in the wheel. While the batteries have a projected lifespan of seven years, this is all very much an average and failures can occur long beforehand. Main dealership pricing for replacement and renewals can get nasty too. Some systems require expensive reprogramming back into the vehicle where components have failed.

Fear not though! Hometyre to the rescue. We have a system to repair or replace faulty or damaged TPMS unit at an absolute fraction of the price elsewhere. Simple, easy and affordable with our dedicated at home, work (in fact just about anywhere) service. Call for info TODAY!


Record months across Shropshire!

Business is booming across our Shropshire area! The really great news for us is that the majority of our new clients are coming via quality referral from friends, family and associates of existing customers.

Our principal technicians in the area - Mark and Wayne - are customer service champions with long-time served tyre and mechanical experience and all round decent guys too.

If you've never considered our mobile service for your tyre replacement and repair before, please do try us. We have clients who first starting using the service in 2003 at age 17 who are now in their 30's and have never been to a tyre centre in their driving lives! 

We may not be standalone in the mobile tyre market anymore, but we are still the only one that can normally offer specific fitting appointment times meaning you can get on with your day without interruption!

Such is the receptiveness to the service locally, we're hitting records sales numbers so far in 2016. Thank you to all of our clients - old and new - for your support!


Happy birthday Hometyre Shropshire!

13 years ago today the brand carried out it's first customer job in Shrewsbury! Two tyres on a Ford Escort that was en route from South Wales to Anglesey. One had blown out due to very bad misalignment - and the other front one wasn't fit to continue either.

Almost a decade and half later, the brand and service has evolved and continued to grow. We now cover areas from as far north as Aberdeen and Edinburgh to Brighton - and plenty in between.  

We thank all of our very loyal customers for the continued support, referrals and recommendations over the years and we're looking forward to further growth over the next few too!  



Spring is coming!

Well Shropshire, we're into March now and while there could still be a sting in the tail of winter, caravan and motorhome owners will be starting to plan ahead. Easter arrives early and with it the potential for sun or snow! Either way it's time to start getting these vehicles prepared for the forthcoming season and many miles of trouble free motoring.

Tyres are one of the few serviceable items on a caravan and probably represent one of the biggest safety risks too. Left standing all winter and slowly deflating, your tyres could have developed flat spots. Ultra violet light dries out rubber and will increase the ageing process to cause cracks and splits in the sidewall and outer tread areas. It's widely recommended that tyres on these types of vehicles are replaced every 5 to 7 years, irrespective of their outside appearance or tread depth. After all, would you really want to get everything ready for a great getaway only to spend six or seven hours on the roadside with a tyre failure.

Not sure what to look for? Heard of TYRON bands but not certain of the benefits? Call our very friendly and immensely knowledgeable sales support team today on 0800 783 9310. We're more than happy to help.

Our mobile tyre fitters can come directly to you at home or your storage facility. We're self sufficient and professional.



Beware the part worn (scrap) tyre sellers

You may have heard or seen the description for 'quality part worns tyres'? You may have been told that 'our part worn tyres come from Germany' or 'our part worn tyres come from accident damaged cars.' DON'T BE FOOLED!

Motorists the world over use their tyres fully - or replace them when they are damaged or irreparably punctured. Germans are no different. 
And what would happen to all those accident damaged cars if someone went to the trouble of removing all of the tyres? If a car is damaged beyond economical insurable repair it is sold as a salvage repair - in which case the buyer would ideally need it to be mobile - or too severely damaged to be repaired. Would you want a tyre from a car that has been involved in a serious collision?

The reality is that part worn tyres are mostly sought from scrap. They are tyres that have been discarded for a reason and almost entirely for reasons of safety.

We regularly attend to customer vehicles where motorists have innocently believed the absolute rubbish fed to them in the purchase of used tyres.  Sadly all too often this involves the sale of aged, perished, poorly repaired and completely unsafe items.

Just last week we were called to attend a customer locally whose vehicle was handling very poorly in the wet conditions (you'll recall the heavy rain?). She was concerned for hers and her children's safety while driving that she called into a local fixed site tyre centre in Shrewsbury to have the car checked over. On site, the person who checked her car commented that the lack of grip was due to the lack of tread and the age of the front tyres.

You see, tyres at 3mm of depth or below offer very little water dispersal. An old tyre becomes hardened instead of having the good, soft grippy rubber you experience on a tyre within the first three to four years of it's life.

This lady was a little shocked to be told her tyres were so poor and explained that they had just been replaced by a chap in a mobile van locally
(rest assured this was certainly not us!). He had stressed to her that the tyres were the best on the market - Michelins - and at just £55.00 each fitted compared to the new price of £139.00 each - they were a bargain. He was a very convincing salesman, she recounted, and truly believed he was helping  her. 

We were called to replace her tyres with proper, safe new products. Her mileage and usage meant she really didn't need to buy Michelin tyres and instead opted for a mid range option fully fitted each at £69.00. 

Upon removal of her part worn tyres (recently fitted), we showed her that at the HIGHEST point, she had 2.8mm of tread left on the tyres (that's just 1.2mm of usable tread remaining - or the equivalent thickness of your finger nail!) and that the tyres supplied were actually different sizes too - an immediate MOT failure. Neither were stamped with the legally required 'Part Worn tyre' marking on the outer sidewall. One was FIVE years old - the other THREE years old. Both had been scrapped due to age and insufficient tread.

Both of these tyres had been taken from a scrap pile, painted black and then resold to her for £110.00 cash. There would be no recourse in the event of an accident as the supplier is unlikely to have adequate insurance cover - certainly when the legal requirements to sell these items was not fulfilled.

Given that a new Michelin tyre is sold at £139.00 and has 6.4mm of usable tread from new (as well as better performance, grip, braking ability, safety etc etc), and that she paid £55.00 for just 1.2mm, this person had, in effect sold her these tyres for £293.00 each. 

Enough said. Please don't be conned when times are tight. There are always ways and means to keep your car safe without falling into the hands of unscrupulous sales people.


And it's Christmas.....again!

Is it just us or are these years going by at alarmingly quicker rates? It doesn't help the feeling when we're still basking in October temperatures either.
Well, nevertheless, we're diving headlong into 2016 after a particularly busy 2015 here in Shropshire and we'd like to take a couple of seconds to thank every one of you - our fabulous customers. We're shortly about to enter our 14th year of trading across Shropshire through some challenging years along the way but always with a great reception from our clients throughout.
Selling  a product that nobody really wants to buy is always a challenge but when the service is right it makes the process much easier to bear - and that is what we're all about and hopefully why you continue to call us and refer us to your friends & family too!

So from the teaam on the 'phones at HQ and from Andy, Wayne and Mark - have a great Christmas and New Year and we hope to continue looking after you throughout 2016 and beyond!



Hometyre acquires another fleet of vehicles to manage

Savvy business owners are regulary tapping into the serious convenience and cost savings to be enjoyed by switching their fleet to Hometyre Shropshire for tyre replacement, repair and maintenance. 

This week has seen yet another 60 strong multi vehicle fleet being looked after by the team. We carry out fortnightly inspections on the vehicles and replace/repair on site while staff carry on with their working week. 

Do you own or operate vehicles in your business in Shropshire? Call us for more information (01743) 861183 


Hometyre Shropshire upgrades the vans!

It's unlikely that last weeks Back to the Future day escaped your notice - it didn't ours! And just for pure promotional purposes (and an excuse to play with Europe's only certified replica BTTF DeLorean), we converted one of the van fleet into our very own time machine to rescue a customer back in '85! Sound confusing?

Watch how we did it all here: Back To The Future flat tyre parody! - YouTube

Those of you that know Wayne, our head technician in the area, will recognise him taking a starring role. He didn't exactly have advance warning of what we were doing though so it came as a bit of a shock on the night. That said, he soon got well into role!  


Awesome new promo coming soon!

Keep an eye out in October. 

A deluge of van tyres!

While our daily activities are always completely varied, sometime we go through periods where we seem to be working on either a particular type of car, say BMW, for example. Or we may, perhaps as you'd expect at this time of year, replace a huge number of caravan and motorhome tyres.

For the last ten days or so it's all been about van tyres! Light commercial vehicles for numerous customers ranging from one man band operations to larger fleets of vans, we're replacing and repairing every other vehicle it feels.  Typically we're attending to our clients vehicles while they remain out and about on site and working. A huge time and money saver for people who would otherwise have to take time off a job to sit at a garage!


So, good van drivers of Shrewsbury, Telford and Shropshire......... it's not about the exact pounds you spend on the tyres - it's about the hidden costs to you that you may easily overlook! Sure, you will always find someone who'll do the same tyres a couple of quid cheaper - but how much will that REALLY cost you? Try us instead. Countless others do, and continue to use us thereafter. After all, if you're dealing with the most efficient and cost effective way to replace or repair your tyres, why go anywhere else?


Just because it's summer.....

Quite often motorists consider the warmer, safer months for driving and tend to push their tyres that little further in terms of tread depth.

People of Shropshire beware though!!! Just because it's warmer, it really isn't a good idea to leave your tyres to chance. Tread below 3mm in depth will really struggle to dissipate water and can tend to aquaplane (this is where the tyre rides on top of lying water instead of cutting through it!). We all drive that little bit quicker when the road conditions are better, but we can all get caught out when the weather takes a sudden turn and leads to downpours....

So..... if you're unsure - get them checked or check them yourself today. Just make sure you get right down and dirty with them and thoroughly check the inner edges too - it's the bit most drivers fail to see.



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