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Caravaners - Tyron bands really do work

Check this article out from a retired Police officer. If you were thinking about getting Tyron bands fitted then this will convince you.

Hometyre supply and fit Tyron bands at your home or storage site - wherever the vehicle may be!


Van owners - tips for checking your tyres

Check out these free tips on checking your van tyres from Tyresafe.


Wheel Alignment Checking Saves the day

By offering a recent client a FREE wheel alignment check has probably ended up adding hundreds of miles to the life of his tyres. His tyres were significantly worn on the inner edge and he was experiencing severe pulling to one side. I checked the tracking with the gauges and it was way out. A quick adjustment for a small fee and the tracking was perfect. Another happy client.


Tyron Bands for Safety

A recent client had Tyron Bands fitted to his Caravan after having no blow outs in 40 years of Caravaning, he then had 3 blow outs in 3 trips. Unfortunately his Caravan was a write off. Don't take any chances have your Tyron Bands fitted today.


Caravan Season

No need to move your caravan we will come to your storage facility and change your tyres for you there, as many of our happy Caravaners can testify to. If you need Caravan Tyres then Hometyre is the answer.


Locking wheel nut

Success again, another happy customer who recently bought a car not realising that there was no locking wheel nut. Never fear Hometyre is here, all four nuts removed from the vehicle and two new tyres fitted. MOT now no problem!


Tyre checks

Checking your tyre's frequently is essential as one of our customers found out. I was called to a puncture for a rear tyre, when I checked all of the other tyre's 2 of them were down to the metal and were completely illegal.The client ordered 2 more tyre's and had his tracking done at the same. Although this cost him money, it probably saved him from being heavily fined if stopped by the police.


New Tyres Front or rear?

Check the handbook first as some give vehicle specific advice.

Generally it's good practice to fit the best/newest tyres on the rear – in wet conditions, this favours understeer rather than oversteer. So if you have the front tyres renewed it's best to have the rear ones moved to the front and the new tyres fitted to the rear. Tyres with deep tread are less likely to puncture and it's more difficult to control a car with a damaged rear tyre.


Winter Tyres

Don't leave it too late to get your Winter tyres. Book your appointment now and save time, money and most of all be safe.


Honesty brings rewards

Our free vehicle check has yet again paid dividends. Went to put the spare tyre on for a new client. Whilst there I checked all of the other tyres and actually showed her why she needed her other tyres replaced. Phoned through and sourced a quotation for her there and then and as her MOT was due in 2 weeks she has booked a further 4 tyres. She was also pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our prices were.


Herbie Rides Again

Hometyre gets Herbie back on the road. Thanks to Hometyre his punctured tyre was fixed and he was back on the road within 20 minutes.


Corby Network working well

The word of mouth scenario is working well in Corby. New business and a lot of potential new business is coming Hometyre's way in this area. Comes back to get it right first time every time.


Ethical Policy Pays

A local Daventry client benefited from Hometyre's ethical policy. Upon inspecting the tyres on arrival at the job, the Hometyre technician discovered that out of the 4 tyres that were booked only two of them need changing. He also advised that the way that the 2 tyres were worn suggested that the wheel alignment was out. So the client benefited with a significant saving but also with the knowledge that their wheel alignment was now perfect hence giving future savings.


Keep the pressure up

Make sure you set your tyres to the recommended pressures otherwise the life of your tyres will be significantly shortened.


Great Service Ensures Repeat Tyre Business

A well known local accountant in Wellingborough uses Hometyre again and again for his tyre needs after the first Visit, which so impressed him. Hometyre get it right first time every time.


Tyron bands the safe option

After a close call when he had a blow out on his caravan a Kettering man decided that Tyron Bands were the safe option. Hometyre were the preferred option having been recommended by Tyron.


Repeat business shows that Hometyre does it right every time

A Rushden man now uses Hometyre for all of his and his family tyre needs. Whether its caravan tyres, car tyres or van tyres, Hometyre is the only place he will use now due to the huge convenience factor, fantastic customer service and competive pricing. A simple phone call and the job is done.


Set for European Tour

A local Bedford customer was delighted with his 4 new Michelin tyres recently fitted to his camper van. The 4 Tyres were the final item that need fitting ready for his European tour where he will be visiting France, Germany, Poland, Spain & Italy.


How refreshing

Don't forget the areas we cover, from Winslow, Buckingham, Stony Stratford, Bletchley, Milton Keynes and all surrounding areas. Hometyres means we come to you at work or home. Why spend time in waitings rooms and not in your own. No call out charge, no hassle, you pay when we are finished and you are happy. We will even check all your other vehicle tyre conditions and pressures as a goodwill service. How refreshing.


Tyron Bands

We have been fitting a lot of Tyron Bands to Caravans and Motorhomes throughout Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire recently, a lot of our customers are getting ready for the summer months and holiday season. Fitting Tyron Bands takes one less worry of you minds. Whilst we are fitting Tyron Bands we will also check Tyre pressure and condition of their existing cars/vans and quite often will re-balance and check and fix alignments, these pot holes can through out the balance or tracking.



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