Hometyre Milton Keynes enjoying the sunshine

Milton Keynes heatwave. 

As the summer holidays approach, and the sun shines down on us all we all look forward and get ready for our daytrips and holidays. Here at Hometyre Milton Keynes, we have been busy with replacing caravan tyres and fitting Tyron safety bands around buckinghamshire. We have also been giving customers a free tyre check, Wheel alignment (tracking) check and replacing when needed. Before you venture on your driving holidays, please ensure your tyres are in tip top shape, we are more than happy to advise, help or even check your tyres for you, we are happy to cover Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Buckingham and surrounding villages. We have recently been changing lots of tyres that have suffered uneven wear. Should your tyres have low or zero tread depth on the inside or outside, the chances are that your wheel alignment (tracking) neads adjustment. Have you checked your spare tyre? (if you have one), How is the tread depth and tyre pressure? At Hometyre Milton Keynes your local Mobile Tyre specalists, we can cover and fix all these points to help you ensure your travel arrangements and holidays are one area that is covered. 


Locking wheel nut removal

We have been helping out many new customers with locking wheel nut removal in the Aylesbury area. Many people never check that the last person to remove their wheels has returned the locking wheel nut key. Must be a trend in Aylesbury as we have had to remove a record amount in June. We always go that extra mile for both old and new customers!! 

Cheap Tyres in Milton Keynes

We are often asked if we sell and fit cheap tyres?.

Hometyre offer with every tyre supplied and fitted, a free wheel alignment (tracking) check, a free check of all existing tyres and a pressure check.

Cheap tyres? more like cost effective coupled with fantastic customer service.


Part worn advice

A new customer of Hometyre in Milton Keynes called us out to replace or repair 1 x tyre on his family car Zafira. He had bought 'part worn' tyres some 6 months ago. The puncture was on the sidewall of the tyre so new one needed. as part of our service we check ALL his fitted tyres (part worns) and discovered that 1 rear tyre had ageing cracks and 1 front had a "egg" or blister on the sidewall. both these tyres could have blown out at any stage with the family inside. Don't forget they had been fitted 6 months ago. We fitted new tyres at a very competitive price.

The Sun is shining over Milton Keynes

As the warmer weather promises to make an apperance, don't forget to give us a quick call to re-change/swop your winter tyres back to summer tyres. We are around Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Bicester and High Wycombe all next week.

Wheel Alignment in Milton Keynes

Don't waste time driving around Milton Keynes to get your tracking (wheel alignment) checked, our mobile fitting workshop can come to your home or workplace throughout Milton Keynes

Spring in Milton Keynes

With the prospect of some warmer brighter weather in Milton Keynes just around the corner, don't forget all those with winter tyres on to give Hometyre a quick call to arrange for us to put your summer tyres back on. We will also check your tracking (wheel alignment) free of charge.

Uneven wear

We had been called out to a very good customer with with a Land Rover Discovery. He had very uneven tyre wear, one side of his Michelin tyre had 4mm tread and the other side was smooth. He had hit a curb some months back and not had his Tracking checked. I was able to correct his Wheel Alignment at his work place in Milton Keynes. It's always worth when putting new tyres on to check your wheel alignment, we offer this service free of charge.

Pothole causes tyre puncture

We are having many customers that need new tyres due to damage caused by potholes in Milton Keynes. One customer had to have a new runflat tyre fitted on his BMW, his old Bridgestone tyre had split and damaged the alloy wheel from hitting a large pothole. Not only did we fit a new runflat tyre, we also re-corrected his wheel alignment. Still at least he didn't need to take time off work to get all this done.


Pothole causes tyre puncture

We are getting a lot of customers needing their Tyres to be changed due to damaged caused by Potholes. One unlucky customer needed 2 x New Pirelli tyres supplied and fitted at her place of work, she had hit a pothole and caused un-repairable damage to both nearside tyres. At least she didn't need to drive the car any further as our mobile fitting van was able to supply and fit both tyres at her convenience.

Motorhome tyres Milton Keynes

Are you a motorhome owner? If your motorhome is stored in the Milton Keynes or surrounding areas you no longer have to worry about transporting it to have new tyres fitted. Our mobile tyre fitting service in Milton Keynes comes directly to you to replace worn motorhome tyres. We also supply and fit Tyron bands and TPMS too.

Contact Hometyre Milton Keynes for more information on 03334445454.


Caravaners - Tyron bands really do work

Check this article out from a retired Police officer. If you were thinking about getting Tyron bands fitted then this will convince you.

Hometyre supply and fit Tyron bands at your home or storage site - wherever the vehicle may be!


Van owners - tips for checking your tyres

Check out these free tips on checking your van tyres from Tyresafe.


Wheel Alignment Checking Saves the day

By offering a recent client a FREE wheel alignment check has probably ended up adding hundreds of miles to the life of his tyres. His tyres were significantly worn on the inner edge and he was experiencing severe pulling to one side. I checked the tracking with the gauges and it was way out. A quick adjustment for a small fee and the tracking was perfect. Another happy client.


Tyron Bands for Safety

A recent client had Tyron Bands fitted to his Caravan after having no blow outs in 40 years of Caravaning, he then had 3 blow outs in 3 trips. Unfortunately his Caravan was a write off. Don't take any chances have your Tyron Bands fitted today.


Caravan Season

No need to move your caravan we will come to your storage facility and change your tyres for you there, as many of our happy Caravaners can testify to. If you need Caravan Tyres then Hometyre is the answer.


Locking wheel nut

Success again, another happy customer who recently bought a car not realising that there was no locking wheel nut. Never fear Hometyre is here, all four nuts removed from the vehicle and two new tyres fitted. MOT now no problem!


Tyre checks

Checking your tyre's frequently is essential as one of our customers found out. I was called to a puncture for a rear tyre, when I checked all of the other tyre's 2 of them were down to the metal and were completely illegal.The client ordered 2 more tyre's and had his tracking done at the same. Although this cost him money, it probably saved him from being heavily fined if stopped by the police.


New Tyres Front or rear?

Check the handbook first as some give vehicle specific advice.

Generally it's good practice to fit the best/newest tyres on the rear – in wet conditions, this favours understeer rather than oversteer. So if you have the front tyres renewed it's best to have the rear ones moved to the front and the new tyres fitted to the rear. Tyres with deep tread are less likely to puncture and it's more difficult to control a car with a damaged rear tyre.


Winter Tyres

Don't leave it too late to get your Winter tyres. Book your appointment now and save time, money and most of all be safe.



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