Ford Transit in Hemel Hempstead HP2 215/75/16

New customer called today saying he needed 2 new tyres on his Ford Transit. The only problem he had was that he was working and could not leave site to get them done. No problem, that is the advantage of a mobile tyre fitting service, you can carry on working while your tyres are changed. Talked to him about what he wants and he decided to go for SUNITRAC 215/75/16 116 R tyres, loaded them up and headed off to his van. Arrived and inspected his tyres, the rear tyres where the tyres that needed replacing, removed the wheels and fitted the tyres and then torqued to the manufactures specification. Checked the 2 front tyres, had 5mm of tread so not problem but they needed a couple of pound of pressure adding. Also checked the spare and only had to pump these up as will. Took payment and off I went, customer happy and added our phone number in to his phone so he will not have to leave work again for tyres.


Audi TT in Borhamwood WD6 225/45/17

New customer called asking for Pirelli P7 Cint 225/45/17Y for her Audi TT. Arranged the appointment for 12.45. Arrived at the arranged time and fitted the tyre to her car. Very happy that she did not have to go down to a tyre depot as she finds them intimidating. Preferred having the work done while she was at the office and found our service very efficient. Liked it so much she took some literature that she was going to put on the staff notice boards. That's what we like, happy contented customer.


Jaguar S Type London N3 235/50/17

New customer who had ordered online today. Ordered Nexen N8000 235/50/17 100W for his Jaguar S Type. Arranged an appointment for 09.55 and loaded up the tyres. Arrived at the appointed time (15mins early really) and waited for the customer to turn up. He turned up at 09.45 and I started work on his car. All finished (tyre fitted pressure check on all his other tyres and paper work completed) in 30 mins. Could not believe it was that easy.


Ford Mondeo in Watford WD25

Customer called saying he wanted 2 budget 205/55/16 tyres. Recommended Autogrip P308 tyres. Loaded them up and went to his office and fitted them. That simple. If you would like a simple no nonsense tyre fitting service at a time and place that suits you then call 0800 783 93 10, Simples

Golf in Potters bar EN6 for a 205/55/16

New customer called today who has a Golf on 205/66/16 General Altimax UHP tyres and he wanted the same tyres again but was having problems finding them. He had tried all of his local Tyre depots but none of them had them in stock and they could not order them in. As we deal with all the leading tyre wholesaler and a large number of independent dealers we sourced the tyres immediately. Arranged the appointment for 13.00. Turned up at the time requested and fitted the tyre. Customer said he had wasted 3 hours looking for the tyres locally, 1 call to us and we had them. If you have a specific tyre you would like call us and we can search the whole country to source them for you.


BMW with run flat tyres and replacement wheels

Had a call from a new customer who had just been given a new set of wheels and wanted his run flat tyres swapped over on to the new wheels. Arrived at the job and started to remove the old tyre off of one of his new wheels. I noticed that the tyres on his new wheels where not run flat tyres, on checking the first of his new wheels after the tyre had been removed I noticed that the wheel was not a run flat wheel. Run flat wheels have a bigger rim inside the wheel than a non run flat rim. I asked him where he got the wheels from; he said a friend who had just changed his M5 wheels for a new set had given them to him. There was the problem; M5's do not have run flat tyres fitted. That is why we could not fit his run flat tyres to the rims he had. Luckily he had not paid anything for the wheels.


Puncture repair on a Golf in Crouchend N8 225/45/17

Office took a call from a customer in Crouchend saying that he had a puncture but did not know if it was reparable. He had a Nexen 225/45/17W tyre on the wheel at the moment. We normally take a spare tyre with us when doing punctures in case they cannot be repaired. Loaded a Nexen tyre onto the van and went to the customer. Looked at the tyres and he had a small screw in the middle of the tread, took the tyre off the wheel and examined the inside of the tyre to see if any damaged had occurred. All good so the tyre was repairable, fixed the puncture and checked that the tread and tyre pressures on his other wheel, corrected the pressure as required. Also checked the condition of his spare, in good condition but the pressure had never been checked, put 37PSI in the tyre (4 PSI above the other tyres to allow for loss of pressure).

Don't forget to check the pressure in your spare tyre (if you have one), the last thing you want if you get a flat is that the spare tyre is also flat.


Wheel alignment on a Toyota HIACE in Barnet EN5

Customer called the office to say that his Toyota HIACE was pulling to one side and could we take a look. The office booked the appointment for 14.00 that afternoon. Turned up and checked the tyres and they did show that the alignment was out. Put the alignment bars on the wheels and adjusted the alignment to the manufactures specification. Also check the tread depth and tyre pressures on all the wheels. All ok. Customer took the van out and came back saying it was now straight as a die.


Peugeot wheel balance in north Finchley

Stopped in the street by a guy with a Peugeot who said his steering wheel vibrated at speed. Some Peugeot wheels do not have a centre hole in the wheel. This means that if you do not have the correct balancing equipment the wheel cannot be balanced after the tyres have been replaced. This is what had happened to him. I carry this piece of equipment, loaded the wheel up and had to balance all 4 wheels. He took it out for a quick test drive and was amazed at the difference this made to the car.

So if you have been told that your wheels cannot be balanced call Hometyre on 08007839310 and we will bring the correct equipment to you and balance your wheels.


Locking wheel nut removal Whetstone N20

Customer called today who had a puncture but had also could not find his locking wheel nut. He had just brought the car from the auctions and did not know that the locking wheel nut was missing.

We carry a special tool to remove locking wheel nuts on all our vans. Turned up and removed the locking wheel nut and then checked out the puncture on his tyre, it was repairable, fixed this and put the 4 original non locking nuts on the wheels.



Vauxhall Zafira in Camden town NW1 205/55/16

Recommendation from a previous customer had generated this job. Vauxhall Zafira needed 4 tyres, quoted the customer for 4 Pirelli 205/55/16 tyres and he was very happy with the price but stated that he needed the job doing at 12.00; this was the only time he would not be in the car. Arrived at 12.00 and checked his tyres, all 4 did need replacing with the front 2 being bald in the middle as the tyre pressure had been to high. This will cause the middle of the tyre to wear prematurely. Replaced the tyres and set to the manufactures recommended pressures.


Porsche 911 in Hampstead NW3 with a puncture 285/30/18

New customer called to say he had a puncture on his 911. Took the tyre size 285/30/18 and loaded a tyre on board. Arrived at the Porsche and took the tyre off. The puncture could not be repaired as it was to close to the side wall. Also the tyre had already had 2 repairs very close to this puncture. Explained everything to the customer and then fitted the tyre I had brought

Honda CRV in Woodside park N12 225/60/18

New customer (solicitor) had a puncture in his driver's side front tyre, wanted us to fix it. We always take a spare tyre to punctures if possible in case the puncture cannot be repaired. Loaded a Dunlop ST30 225/60/18H on the van and set off to the customer. Arrived and found that the side wall had been damaged, probably by catching the kerb. Side wall cannot be repaired so replaced with the tyres we had brought. Checked the tread depth of the other tyres (all ok). And checked the alignment in case this had been knocked out when the side wall was damaged. No problems so took payment and headed off.


Bridgestone Potenza in Broxbourne EN10 on a 3 series BMW 225/45/17

New customer in Broxbourne called today for 2 Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 225/45/17Y tyres for his BMW. Had to be done at 14.00 as he was due to leave on the school run at 15.00. No problem. That is the beauty of our system, you book a time and we then turn up with the tyre fitting bay at your door. We checked his tyres and they had only 1mm of tread left on them, fitted the new tyres and off he went to the school to pick up his children knowing that he was now legal.


Puncture repair in Finchley N3 on a Lexus 235/55/18

Repeat customer called to say they had a puncture; it was on a car we had changed the tyres on before so we had the tyre sizes already (235/55/18). Loaded a replacement into the van in case it could not be repaired and set off to the customer for a 10.00 appointment as they had requested. Arrived and inspected the tyre, nail in the centre of the tread so as long as the tyre is not damaged internally it can be repaired. Took the tyre off and could see no sign of damage. Repaired the puncture and refitted the wheel. Locking wheel nut key replaced in the glove box (where it had come from) and all the other tyres tread depth and pressures checked. Car is owned by a surveyor so he probably picked the nail up while on site.


Audi A4 in Islington N1 with a puncture

Customer called to say they had a puncture in Islington and could we help. No problem. Customer was going to be in a meeting for an hour so plenty of time to fix the tyre. Turned up at the office and took the key from the receptionist. Removed the tyre from the wheel and checked it thoroughly for internal damage. Nothing could be found so repaired the tyre. Checked the pressures in the other tyres (all ok). Customer finished his meeting and came out to pay. Very happy as he had not had to cancel his meeting to get to a tyre depot. If you think this service could help you in your busy working day call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will bring the tyre bay to you

Vauxhall Zafira in London hitting the kerb 205/55/16

Had a customer today who had clipped the kerb trying to miss a cyclist and had damaged both tyres on the driver's side of the car.

He called us and we recommended 2 Autogrip P308 205/55/16V tyres after talking to him about his driving habits.

Loaded the tyres up and off we went to meet him. Changed the tyres and checked his tracking to see if the collision with the kerb had knocked his tracking out. It had not.

He was back on the road 40 minutes after we arrived. Very happy.


Fleet check of van in Luton

Company called to see if we could perform a fleet check on there 12 vans as they had just had a driver stopped by the police and he had an illegal tyre on his van. No problem, arranged a date and time, this had to be after work as all the van are out doing deliveries during the day. Checked the vans and only found 1 illegal tyre but 5 of the vans had low pressures in there tyres. Pumped up the pressures and fitted a new tyre to replace the illegal tyre. Also spotted that 2 of the vans had no spare tyre so ordered replacements. If you run a fleet of vans or cars and would like a free fleet check call 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and we can give you peace of mind.

Runflat tyre 195/55/16 87V on a Mini in Barnet

New customer called today to say that the front right hand tyre had worn out on the edge of the tyre.

Turned up at the customers work in Barnet and checked the tyres. The cars tracking was out and had worn the tyre out prematurely. Fitted a new tyre and then adjusted the tracking on the mini. We can perform tracking on your vehicles either at home or work, we can even do it at friend's house.


So if you need your tracking done, a puncture repair or a new tyre call hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and we will come to you.



Puncture repair in Hemel Hempstead HP1

Puncture repair on a Land Rover discovery today in Hemel Hempstead. The car is used by a surveyor who visits a lot of building sites in the Hemel Hempstead area. Says that he is always picking up screws and nails in his tyres and normally drives to tyre depot to get the puncture fixed. He could not do this today because he was stuck in a meeting on site, so he called us instead. He was very impressed with the service; no longer will he have to leave work to get his punctures fixed or his tyres changed. He even saved our number into his phone on quick dial for the future.

So if you have a puncture call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 and we will come to you.



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