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Toyota Landcruiser with 265/65/17T tyres in Watford WD24

Customer called today who was after a specific tyre for his Toyota Landcruiser. He was at work in Watford and was having trouble tracking down the exact tyres that he wanted. We deal with all the major suppliers in the country and also with a large range of smaller local suppliers, we tracked his tyres down to a small local supplier and had them delivered to us.

Arranged an appointment for that afternoon and arrived at the agreed time. Checked the tyres on his vehicle and found that 2 tyres where below the legal tread depth but the other 2 had 5mm of tread still on them. Agreed that we would only change the 2 illegal tyres, checked the pressures on the other 2 tyres and also the spare.

Customer was very happy, he had already spent over 2 hours trying to track down his specific tyres and thought he would have to replace all 4 instead of just 2.



245/40/18 tyres on a BMW in NW7

Another new customer called today. Had come out of the gym and noticed that he had 2 punctures in his rear BMW tyres. He took a note of the size (245/40/18) and called us. Talked him through the options available and then booked the job in.

We arrived 30 minutes after his call, inspected his tyres and found that both of them where below the legal tread depth. The front tyres where legal but would need changing in a couple of months.

Changed the 2 rear tyres and off the customer went, so remember if you are stuck with a flat tyre call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we come to you to replace/repair your tyres.


Duty of care for small employers and company vehicles

Are you a small firm running a small fleet of vehicles? Are you sure that the tyres on your vehicles are free from damage and within the legal tread depth limits?

If not call Hometyre and we can do a free fleet check for you.

All employers have a legal obligation to ensure that employees have a safe work environment. If a company vehicle has to be used for there work function then this is extended to the vehicle.

So play it safe, call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come and expect your vehicles and explain to you if any problems are found.

For information on fleet check please click HERE

Garage in St Albans full of waste tyres

Got a call from a new customer today who had just brought a house. When they moved in they opened the garage only to find that it was full of waste tyres. Local councils will not deal with tyres waste disposal so they did not know what to do. Gave us a call and as we have a tyre recycling process in place we could arrange disposal of the tyres.


If you are in the unfortunate situation of finding somebody has dumped some tyres at your property call us on 0800 783 93 10 and we will be able to arrange there removal.


Puncture repair on a Michelin 225/40/19 on a BMW 3 series in Tring

Got a call today from a new customer who had a tyre puncture that needed a repair in Tring. All our repairs are carried out to the BSAU159 standard. This gives you peace of mind that the tyre repair has been done correctly.


He had McGard locking wheel nuts on but also had the key. All our van carry a special locking nut remover if you have lost the key, click here for more information on the locking wheel nut removal service.


Puncture tyre repair done I checked his other tyres, all the tread depth ok and tyre pressures spot on.


Michelin 205/55/16 fitted by the Hometyre mobile tyre service in Hemel Hempstead

Great new customer today in Hemel Hempstead, ordered 4 Mitchelin 205/55/16 tyres for his BMW 3 series. Nice simple job of just changing the tyres. As he had 4 new tyres only had to check his spare tyre to ensure the tread and pressure where ok.


So if you want a hassle free mobile tyre fitting service call Hometyre on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you.


Trailer Tyres on an 8 wheel trailer in Barnet

We had a call today from a new customer who has a trailer with 8 wheels that needed tyres. Don't get many calls to do that many tyres on 1 vehicle. No problems, tyres ordered we set off to fit the tyres, got to the address and the customer told us that the trailer had gone offsite with a mini digger on it as they had an emergency hire of the digger. No problems, just asked where the trailer had gone and we went to the trailer. That is the advantage of the Hometyre mobile tyre fitting service, we come to you even when you are out at work.

All tyres fitted, customer happy as he did not have to miss any work.


Customer called back today and has asked us to fit tyron safety bands to the steel rims as the trailler carries a high value mini digger, tyron bands kep the tyre on the wheel rim if you have a blow out, helping you control the vehicle.


Maintaining correct Tyre Pressures

The three main reasons for maintaining the correct tyre pressure are

1) Safety. Tyres that are under inflated can overheat and will be more susceptible to damage, over inflated tyres can lead to poor handling on the road. Both situations will also increase the wear on the tyre.

2) Economy. Over or under inflated tyres can suffer more damage than tyres with the correct pressure, they also need to be replaced more regularly due to increased wear. Vehicles with under-inflated tyres create more drag and this means that more fuel will be used to keep to the same speed.

3) Environment. Correct tyre pressures help to maintain fuel efficiency. This means that the less fuel you use the lower the Co2 emissions will be. Also as your tyres will last longer and thus less waste will be produced by not having to change your tyres to early.

Below is a chart to help you convert BAR to PSI

Tyre Pressure Measurement Converter












1.30 bar

17 psi

1.90 bar

27 psi

2.60 bar

37 psi

3.25 bar

47 psi

3.95 bar

57 psi

1.35 bar

18 psi

1.95 bar

28 psi

2.65 bar

38 psi

3.30 bar

48 psi

4.00 bar

58 psi

1.40 bar

19 psi

2.00 bar

29 psi

2.70 bar

39 psi

3.40 bar

49 psi

4.10 bar

59 psi

1.45 bar

20 psi

2.10 bar

30 psi

2.75 bar

40 psi

3.50 bar

50 psi

4.15 bar

60 psi

1.50 bar

21 psi

2.15 bar

31 psi

2.80 bar

41 psi

3.55 bar

51 psi

4.50 bar

65 psi

1.55 bar

22 psi

2.20 bar

32 psi

2.90 bar

42 psi

3.60 bar

52 psi

4.80 bar

70 psi

1.60 bar

23 psi

2.25 bar

33 psi

3.00 bar

43 psi

3.70 bar

53 psi

5.20 bar

75 psi

1.70 bar

24 psi

2.30 bar

34 psi

3.05 bar

44 psi

3.75 bar

54 psi

5.50 bar

80 psi

1.75 bar

25 psi

2.40 bar

35 psi

3.10 bar

45 psi

3.80 bar

55 psi

5.85 bar

85 psi

1.80 bar

26 psi

2.50 bar

36 psi

3.20 bar

46 psi

3.90 bar

56 psi

6.20 bar

90 psi


For information on how to check your tyres click HERE


Tyre pressure on your vehicle

Having the correct tyre pressure on your vehicle can help to extend the life of your tyres, they also improve vehicle safety and maintain fuel efficiency. Pressure is measured by calculating the amount of air that is in your tyre and is normally quoted in pounds per square inch (PSI) or BAR.

The manufacturer of your vehicle specifies the suitable pressure, and it is the drivers responsibility to make sure that the pressure is checked and corrected on a regular basis, at least every couple of weeks. The information is normally in you handbook but sometimes it will also be displayed inside the drivers door jam or on the inside of the fuel filler flap.


Pothole Plague Risks a Rise in Tyre Related Road Casualties

The current pothole epidemic blighting the UK's roads is not only causing added financial burden for drivers and councils, but it is also in danger of leading to a rise in the number of tyre related road casualties.


The stark warning has been issued by TyreSafe, and comes after the consumer watchdog Which? found that Councils in England and Wales paid out £22.8m in compensation to drivers for pothole related damage in 2012.


"Hitting a pothole can cause a number of tyre and wheel problems which can have a serious impact on road safety," explains Stuart Jackson,Chairman, TyreSafe. Visible damage such as buckled wheels or lumps in the tyre are the most obvious signs of a problem which must be addressed by a qualified professional. However, hidden problems such as cracked alloys can be just as dangerous."


If you have hit a pothole it is a good idea to have your alignment checked, the cost of wheel alignment is small compared to the cost of a new tyre. So call the mobile tyre fitting service that comes to you.


ContiWinterContact TS850 - Leading winter performance according to EVO magazine

Continental's new ContiWinterContact TS850 winter tyre has taken top spot in this year's winter tyre test from the UK's monthly title evo.

For its second year, the evo winter tyre test celebrates the best of the best in the winter tyre market, revealing the most inspirational must-have products for the cold season. The awards highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, desirability and value alongside the magazine's annual tyre tests. They are seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval offering motoring enthusiasts confidence when looking for their next winter tyre purchase.

The evo winter tyre test pitted the Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 against seven competitor winter and all-season tyres in size 205/55R16. The awards recognised the ContiWinterContact TS850 across a broad spectrum, ranging from snow tests to wet braking and aquaplaning.

evo said, "The Continental ContiWinterContact TS850 is responsive, stable and predictable in all scenarios. Winter tyres come no more capable or reassuring that this."


Potholes cracking a wheel rim on and Audi A4 with 235/40/18 tyres North London Muswell Hill

Potholes, they seem to be everywhere at the moment. The cold weather has finally started to break up the road surface.


New customer called to say that she had damaged one of her tyres and could we replace it. No problem, as we are a mobile tyre fitting service we come to you, picked up the tyre and went along to see her. The tyre was wrecked, the side wall had gone and it had been driven on. No problem as we had the tyre on board to change it. When the tyre was removed we noticed that the wheel rim was cracked from hitting the pothole. The cracked rim had been leaking air and this had caused the tyre to go down.


The crack has to be fixed before the tyre is put on the wheel. A new wheel rim would have been over £200 but we know of a local workshop who could fix the wheel rim for £70, a considerable saving. Took the wheel off to have the crack fixed.


Once fixed we put the new tyre on the wheel, balanced it and put it back on the car. Checked all the other tyres for pressure and tread depth (all ok) and went on our way.


So try to keep clear of potholes. But if you do damage a tyre call Hometyre and our mobile tyre service can get you going again.


Wheel balancing on a Hyundai Getz in Harefield with steel wheels.

New customer called to say that he was getting a shake through his steering wheel at 50mph. Went to see him at his home and after talking to him it seems that the problem started after he had hit a pothole. Took off the front wheels and checked for any damage to the steering components, nothing found. Next checked the tyres and wheels for obvious damage, nothing found but I did notice that the passenger side wheel had no balance weights on it.


The balance weights are used to balance out any imbalance a tyre has from the manufacturing process, it is not unknown for a wheel not to need balancing weights but it is very rare. Mounted the drivers side wheel on the balancer and it came back needing no weights to be added. Mounted the passenger side wheel and came back needing 45grams to be added. Added the weight and rechecked the balance, all ok.

Seems to be one of those rare situations that the balance weight was dislodged by hitting a pothole.

For more information on wheel balancing click HERE


Wheel alignment on a Ford S Max in Pottersbar Hertfordshire

Customer who had hit a kerb with his front driver's side wheel damaging the tyre sidewall. We replaced the tyre and checked that the alignment had not been put out. It had been, checked all the track rod and suspension components to make sure nothing had been bent. All ok so adjusted the alignment. Was only out a little bit but if it is not corrected the new tyre will wear out prematurely.


For more information on Alignment click HERE


Locking wheel nut removal service on a Vauxhall Corsa in Watford

We get a call from a new customer whose locking wheel nut could not be removed by the garage she was at. This is the 3rd garage she has tried and each one of them has failed to remove it. She calls us in desperation as she needs to remove the wheel to change the tyre. Our locking wheel nut removal service is fully mobile so we will come to you. We arranged to meet her and 15 minutes after arriving the locking wheel nut had been removed. She could not believe that we had been able to get the locking wheel nut off in 15 minutes when the other 3 garages had failed. So if you have a locking wheel nut that needs to be removed call Hometyre instead of sitting around a garage

Sidewall Bulge on an Astra with 205/55/16 tyre in Luton

Had to attend an Astra in Luton with a bulge in the side wall today. The driver had hit a pothole a couple of days before and has now noticed that the side wall on his tyre had a bulge. This is normally caused when the side wall is crimped between the wheel rim and the road causing damage to the sidewall, the pressure in the tyre then forces the side wall out where the damaged occurred and that is when you get a bulge. Sidewall damage can not be repaired so the tyre was replaced with a budget 205/55/16 Autogrip as selected by the customer. The rest of the tyres where checked for pressure and tread depth, all ok.


For more information on Tyre repairs ckick HERE


Locking wheel nut in Enfield on an Audi A8

Customer had just brought there car privately, the front passengers side tyre had developed a puncture and they could not find the locking wheel nut key. They called us as we carry special equipment to remove the locking wheel nut without the need for the key. Once the wheel was removed we inspected the tyre and luckily it was repairable. Once fixed, we put the wheel back on the car and torqued it up to the manufactures specification. Checked the other tyres pressures and adjusted to the correct level. We also check the tread depth and send this information to the customer to keep in there records.


So the moral of the story is if you buy a car check that you have the locking wheel nut key.


Porsche 911 305/30/R19 in Whetstone.

Previous customer called today as his Porsche 911 has developed punctures in both rear tyres. Took the wheels off to find that he had 3 nails in 1 tyre and 2 screws in the other. Neither tyre could be fixed. He is having a lot of building work done at the moment and it looks like he had picked up the punctures from the work that was being done. Not very happy as these tyre are not cheap.


Ordered the tyres, with a Porsche the tyres are N rated. This means that the tyres have specifically been designed to work with the car.

Tyres fitted to the 911 and front tyre pressures checked and adjusted as required.


The builders had also picked up a puncture on one of there vans, this was repairable so fixed the puncture and refitted the wheel. Checked all the tread depths and pressures, this information will then be sent to them to keep in there records.


So if you would like a local, personal service from people you can trust call us on 0800 783 93 10 and we will come to you.



Van tyres and a VOSA check

Got a call from a new customer today who runs a waste disposal company.

One of his vans had been stopped by VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) for being overloaded. They then decided to check his vehicle and found that 2 of his tyres where illegal. This means they impounded the vehicle and it cannot move until the problem has been rectified. He called us to see if we could do the tyres on the van, no problems, tyres loaded and off we went to the van to replace the tyres.

Then it gets worse for him, he calls one of his other vans to remove some of the load on the first van so once the tyres have been replaced they can carry on, the second van turns up and VOSA decide to check this van as well, they then discover that this van has 1 illgal tyre on it and that van is also impounded.

Luckily we had another van in the area that picked up a tyre for the second van and headed off to do that tyre.

Both van fixed and off to work they went, but also nursing a big fine.

He has now asked us to do regular checks on his vans so that if they gets stopped again VOSA wont find tyre problems.

Click HERE to see more information on fleet checks.


Locking wheel nut in Watford

Just been to do a locking wheel nut in Watford.

The car was at a Tyre Depot and the locking wheel nut key had been damaged by being used with an air gun. Locking wheel nuts should never be used with an air gun as they tighten the nuts up to much, we always hand tighten ALL the nuts on a car by hand using a torque wrench set to the manufacturers recommended torque setting. 

We managed to remove the locking wheel nut but it took time and cost the customer (he will be reimbursed by the tyre depot) money to have it removed. He also missed an important meeting he had been going to, next time he is going to use our service so he can be at his meeting while we are changing his tyre. Also he will then know that the wheel nuts have been correctly torqued.

Just think, you could be stuck at the side of the road with a locking wheel nut that won’t come off all because it was incorrectly fitted.

For more information of the removal of locking wheel nuts click here



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