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Incorrect MoT's Certification and a New Tyre

I was called out to a previous customer with a Ford Fiesta who had recently had an MOT, it had called up the NSR tyre as having a split which they had marked up as an advisory. The customer asked us to fit a Michelin to match the other tyres. I soon had the car jacked up and the wheel removed, but when I checked it I couldn't find a split. I checked with the customer who showed me the MOT which clearly said NSR.

Rather than just accept it I decided to check the OSR tyre, so I pulled out a second jack and took off this wheel, a quick look proved it to be the tyre with a split. So the MOT had been written with the wrong information.


Now I knew which tyre was the problem, I deflated it and removed the tyre from the rim. fitted a new valve and tyre, inflated it, balanced it and fitted it back on the car.

I then checked all the rest of the tyres, inflated them to the correct pressures, wrote the report and took a payment from the customer using our online card reader.

This is not the first time I have found an MOT with the wrong information on it!

For more information on tyre replacements click here


One of the dangers of buying used tyres

One of the dangers of buying used tyres

At the start of the week, a customer called in wanting us to fit their own tyres. As we are a mobile tyre fitting service, we obliged and created an appointment for the customers preferred time. The customer also wanted three new tyres. After a couple of days, the customer called back in and informed the team that he had bought the tyre of eBay and was ready for us to come over. With most eBay purchases, we were hesitant as to the age of the tyre, so took a fourth just in case.

The Firestone was indeed new but was starting to show signs of ageing. Looking at the date code, it was manufactured in 1997 and wasn't an extra load tyre as needed for the vehicle!

This, amongst others, is one of the main dangers when you buy a tyre online. The chances are, this tyre was an old tyre that had been used as a spare tyre, was never used and then sold as a 'new' tyre.

The rubber on a tyre of this age has hardened and it should not be used. As a general rule no tyre over the age of 10 years should ever be used.


All tyres since 1980 have a cod printed on one side of the sidewall, The photo shows the code on this tyre it consists of 3 numbers 157 followed by a triangle. In this case the 15 equals the week of manufacture, the 7 followed by a triangle means 1997.

We at Hometyre get our tyres straight from the main wholesalers in the country, generally most tyres they supply are only a few months old, on the odd occasion they can be up to a year old, but that is extremely rare. We would never supply any tyre over 5 years old, yet alone one that is 22 years old.

We would also make sure that we supplied the right type of tyre for the type of vehicle.

The photo shows the date on the tyre.

If you're unsure about the age of your tyres or you're looking at changing them over, give us a call on 01743 861183 or send over an email!


A Blown Tyre and a Two Tyre Replacement

Recently we went out to a customer who had experience a blowout on the motorway. Luckily they came to a safe stop, phoned the AA and got towed back to their house. Instead of going through the AA, they called us out to replace the tyre as we had been to their Nissan Patrol before. The customer had opted to go for two new tyres on the front instead of one as they were both quite worn and were coming to the end of their life.

With both tyres off, we inspected the rims to see if the tyre being blown had caused any damage in the interim. Upon futher inspection, we came to the conclusion that it was all good to go! We then proceeded to fit the new Falken AT01's, balance the wheels and give them a quick scrub as there was quite a bit of brake dust on the rear faces.

If you're looking for new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to arrange your appointment!


Lamborghini Urus VS Nails

The Lamborghini Urus may look as tough as nails, but sadly it can't withstand them! As the tyres are quite large (285 35 R23!) we would need to order one in from Pirelli directly. Luckily, the customer was not it a particular rush but wanted us to come out and take a look to see if it was repairable before sinking a large amount of money into a singular tyre.


Upon arrival to this magnificent beast, we removed the mahoosive 23 inch black rim, removed the tyre and inspected the inside for any punctures. Unfortunately we found that a rather large bolt had pierced the centre of the tread and was beyond the size of our repair plug. The new tyre was ordered and the customer was booked in for the following day.


Upon the second arrival, the old tyre was removed, and the new Pirelli PZero refitted! Even though the tyre was extensively large, it was slightly easier than a standard car!

If you and your Lamborghini need a new tyre, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to book an appointment today!


Socket stuck on a McGard locking wheel nut

A customer with a Vauxhall Astra needed to change the brake pads on the car he had recently bought. He found that the locking wheelnut removal key was missing. He phoned the previous owner who claimed he had never used it, so he couldn't help. This left him with a problem as he needed to get the locknuts off. One of his neighbours suggested hammering a socket on to then unscrew it. The problem was that this was a McGard locknut with a spinning collar. The socket became stuck and just revolved.

He and his neighbours tried removing the socket with mole grips wiggling it back and forth to no avail.

They then tried using a 3ft breaker bar, to force it up and down, but ended up breaking the bar.

They tried screwing a towing eye into the sockets 1/2" hole and used a winch to pull it, but the towing eye just pulled out.


They had worked on it for four hours and could not get it off the locknut. Plus he still had the other locknuts to get off. It was at this point that he decided to call Hometyre for help. I arrived at the address and he showed me the problem. This is not something we can help with. I tried the same actions as he has with the mole grips, I even tried heating the socket with a blow lamp to see if it would expand slightly. It made no difference as the socket would not budge.

I was able to help with the other locknuts and soon removed them using our specialist tool.

The next option was to try and cut a groove in the socket, then try to split it using a cold chisel. After an hour of trying the had still not got anywhere. The only option left was a specialist garage that would drill through the socket and locknut to remove them, at a cost.

This is why we always say not to attempt locking wheelnut removals yourself, call us first.

For more info click here.


Goodwood Festival of Speed - Day 5 Hooning Around

Another busy day at the FoS. Many people and cars coming through the tent along with a few celebrity drivers!

Being a car fanatic, I've often seen this being thrown around the media but seeing it in person is just incredibly. That's right, it's Ken Block's Hoonitruck. Built from and F-150, this monster houses an engine taken directly out of the Ford GT Le Mans race development program. Using a billet-aluminium block, the V6 is making 914hp.


Unlike some of the other cars that we have had through the tent, this was an AWD system meaning that the tyres were the same size all the way round (315/35R20's) As the F-150 was sponsored by Toyo, naturally, we installed fresh Toyo Proxies.




Goodwood Festival of Speed - Day 4, Supra Galore

Goodwood Festival of Speed - Day 4 Supra Galore Part 1

Oh, is that a new Supra I see before my eyes? Technically yes, but, it's had it's straight-six BMW heart swapped out and replaced by the (personal taste alarm) much more juicy Japanese 2JZ-GTE. Yes please!

One of the lesser powered cars we had through the tent, the Supra only produced 690hp... 'Only' he says whilst grinning like a child.

But, this thing weights as much as the blades of grass blowing in the wind. It sounds fantastic and goes incredibly well.


This Supra is a collaboration between Toyota and HKS, with the turbo and suspension provided by HKS respectively. Nobuteru Taniguchi will be at the mercy of this beast, but he's one of the best and is sure to put on a show!


285/35R20 Yokohama's were installed onto the gorgeous Advan racing white alloys with a bit of elbow grease.



Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 - Day 3

Goodwood Festival of Speed - Day 3

Kicking off the third day of the FoS, we were introduced to Vaughn Hitting JR who drives this mean (and ear popingly loud) 5.0 V8 Ford Mustang. With over 900BHP on tap, this 'stang was a repeat customer in our tyre depot.


Fitting the 275/40R20 Nitto tyres was a breaze but, and it's a big ol' but, the tyres where absolutely roasting! Cooking my breakfast would've been easy using the tyre as a grill.


The day was swelteringly hot but we working in the tent with a small crowd of people watching. As soon as we removed one of the tyres from the vehicle, we piled them up in a stack, labeled them with the drive and the crowd of people started taking them away! Who knows what they're going to be used for!



Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 - Day 2

The second day at the Goodwood Fesitval of speed started with a bang (more of a glorious scream really). The new Lamborghini for Mad Mike was introduced, which houses a crazy 5.2 litre V10 pushing over 800BHP. Shortly after, this was followed by the new Mercedes-AMG A45 with 415BHP.

After admiring the new vehicles on display, we got back to work and changed the tyres for the RedBull drift team. This time, we were introduced to the new Lexus RCF. The supercharged V8 now produces a whopping 844BHP which all goes to the rear wheels.


We will be with Goodwood and the RedBull team for most of the week so stay tuned to see more fantastic vehicles!


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

The Festival of speed has started with a bang with the like of Ford, Aston Martin and BAC showing off their latest creations. Hometyre Sussex will be on site to assist both the Redbull and Goodwood showcase teams by fitting tyres to the drift and rally cars that will be performing both in the new arena as well as those taking on the hill climb.


Members of the public will be able to watch us whilst we work on replacing the rather hot and worn race tyres. For us, this is a massive privilege and to be involved with RedBull and Goodwood directly makes it even more special.

We have been present in previous years, supporting Mad Mike with his 1200BHP Mazda drift car, but we have always been kept out on the sidelines. This year, we are directly next to the teams which aids in changing the tyre as quickly as possible to get them back in front of the crowds.


During the previous week, we had been working at the FOS site alongside the Redbull team whilst they were making a promotional film for the Festival.


Landrover Evoque, with New Prelli tyres and a TPMS service

One of my regular customers called to say that his wife's Evoque needed 4 new tyres. He wanted Continental UHP tyres as these were what was originally fitted to the vehicle. As part of the tyre change I recommended that he have the TPMS sensor valves serviced, as the rubber seals in the valve deteriorate over time and could cause an air leak. The owner agreed and I started the work. Evoque_maslin First the vehicle was jacked up and the wheels removed one by one, each was taken into the van and the tyre was removed from the rim. The valve is then unbolted and the stem and sealing nut is removed from the sensor. The sensor is then fitted with a new stem, reinstated in the rim and the sealing nut is fitted and torqued to 8 Nm. The new tyre is fitted and inflated to the correct pressure, the wheel is then balanced before being fitted back on the car. This was done for each wheel, once complete I then checked each sensor using our diagnostic tool to confirm that they are working correctly.

Once everything had been confirmed to be working correctly, I made out the bill and took a payment using our online card machine.

Should you need new tyres or TPMS sensors call us at Hometyre


Honda Civic Type R with wheel balancing problems.

One of our previous customers had called in to say that whilst his son was driving down to visit from Norfolk he felt a terrible vibration coming through the steering wheel when getting to speeds of around 70 MPH. He wasn't sure if it was a tyre problem or a wheel balancing issue and would like it sorting out before his return trip.

We arrived at the house to find the car was a Honda Civic Type R, it had Toyo tyres fitted which were well worn but still legal. The first job was to jack the car up and remove the wheel, check and correct the tyre pressure then place it on the electronic balancing machine in the van. The wheel was spun and a reading taken, it showed that the wheel was 45 grams out of balance. We corrected these balancing issues by adding stick on weights to the inner edges of the wheel rim. Once done, it was re-spun to confirm that these changes were correct, before refitting to the car and moving onto the next wheel.


As all the wheels were out of balance by between 45gm's and 20gm's, we corrected them and put the wheels back on the car. I checked all of the tyres for tread depth and wrote all the data onto a report which will be emailed to the customer.

I then took a payment using our on board card reader and sent the invoice along with the tyre report through to the customer by email.

Should you need new tyres or a wheel balance you can give us a call at Hometyre for contact details Click here


Citroen Romahome Camper van

Today I was called out to this Romahome, as the owner had two problems.

1. The front nearside tyre kept going down. they had taken it to a tyre depot who said it was a valve leaking and they fitted a new valve, but it still went down every two days. I jacked the vehicle up and took the wheel into my van to check it over. The valve was still leaking, and at first I thought this was the only problem, but further inspection showed that there were pin sized holes through the metal rim. This was not repairable, luckily for the owner she had an extra wheel that she had bought for the vehicle, so I was able to remove the tyre from the damaged rim and fit it to the new rim, with a new valve.


It was then balanced and refitted to the vehicle. 

2. The spare wheel is located under the center of the vehicle, it had not been out for a couple of years and the mechanism had seized. The customer wanted the wheel taking out so that the tyre could be checked and inflated to the correct pressure. Access to the mechanism, is through a small removable panel in the floor. I removed the panel and squirted the screw thread with a penetrating oil, then left it to work its magic. While waiting, I jacked up the rear of the vehicle to get easy access to the spare. Back inside I worked the mechanism back and forth till it became loose and I was able to lower the spare. I then went back under the vehicle and removed the spare from its cradle. Once out I was able to check it over, it was still in good condition and was 3 years old. I inflated it to its correct pressure, put it back under in its cradle and hoisted it back in place.

I then checked all the other tyres on the vehicle and inflated them to the correct pressures, before completing the invoice and getting a card payment from the customer.

Should you have a problem with your tyres, or just need new tyres then give us a call at Hometyre Click here for details


No day is the same, a variety of jobs from tyres to wheel alignments

The average day working for Hometyre is never the same and can vary greatly. Each day can introduce us to a range of new people, vehicles and beautiful locations. Today, for example, had a total of six jobs but none where alike.

Starting the day early, we headed over to Bognor to fit two new tyres to a caravan. The customer had chosen the Maxxis tyres as the current ones were starting to perish and crack. In general, caravans should have their tyres changed every 5 years. This is because they stand around for long periods without moving which causes the oils and materials inside the rubber to evaporate and perish. Tyres need to flex in order to stay subtle. Tyron bands are a safety item fitted between the tyre and the rim, giving the tyre a sort of 'runflat' capability. Hometyre are recommended on the Tyron company’s website as one of their approved main fitters.

Next on the list was a pair of commercial tyres for the Goodwood area. The Transit had one punctured tyre and another that was getting below the recommended tread limit (3mm). When the customer saw us the other day, he decided to book a slot instead of having to go to a dedicated tyre centre that’s was quite far out of his way.

After the commercial vehicle we moved onto a puncture repair in Chichester for a VW Touran. The owner woke up that morning to find a tyre had gone flat overnight. Because we don't know if a puncture is repairable, or whether a tyre has been driven on whilst flat (damaging the inside structure), we always try to bring a replacement tyre with us, then if the tyre is not repairable then we can fit the new tyre. In this case there was a screw in the tread area that was repairable. We remove the tyre and carry out a permanent repair to the tyre before refitting it to the vehicle. The replacement tyre is then sent back to the wholesalers.

Following on from the Touran, we had a quick trip over to Angmering where a customer needed two new Avon tyres fitting to a Renault Megan. Both front tyres were worn through to the cords on the inside edge. I carry out a wheel alignment check, only to find the alignment is way out. This happens through wear and tear on the suspension or by hitting kerbs / potholes. Seeing the results the customer agreed to me carrying out a wheel alignment as well as fitting the new tyres.

For the final job, we moved into Worthing to fit a Pirelli runflat tyre to a new Mini. The owner had unfortunately discovered a nail in the tyre whilst on the way home. Depending on the manufacture and the components used, a runflat tyre can last a maximum of 50km (30 miles) whilst travelling at 50kmph. However, this depends on a large range of factors such as your driving style and temperature.

As you can see we at Hometyre cover all types of vehicles and tyres, so should you need tyres call or email us at hometyre Click here for details


Lost Locking Wheelnut Removal Socket and needing a new tyre.

We were called out to replace a tyre on a Nissan Qashqai after the owner hit a kerb and burst the side of the tyre. When we arrived at the location, we asked for the locking wheelnut removal 'tool'. The owner was positive it was in the glovebox but a quick search proved fruitless. We then looked in the centre console, door pockets, boot and under all the seats... but still no removal tool. As this tool is quite vital in taking the wheel off, we spent the next fifteen minutes going through the car and giving it a thorough search. A phone call to the previous company who changed the tyre brought no help, as they couldn't remember. They also didn't have any locknut tools on site, so they said they couldn't be sure that someone else may have used it and lost it.

This is one reason that we at Hometyre always write on out receipt, where we have put the locknut tool after completion of a job.

The customer needed to get his car back on the road that day, so he asked me to do a locknut removal.Locknuts_named___Copy

We at Hometyre charge a set fee depending on the amount of locknuts being removed. Our specialist tool can just about remove 4 locknuts before it is destroyed. This is the reason that locknut removals are expensive as the tool can only be used once on one vehicle.

Luckily the locknuts on the wheels we we not too tight and we were able to remove all four within 20 minutes. We were then able to jack up the car and remove the wheel with the damaged tyre. It was taken into the van where the old tyre was removed and a new tyre fitted and balanced. The wheel was then put back on the car, but with only 4 normal nuts, the owner will have to go to a auto parts supplier to buy some replacement nuts.

If you are having work done on your vehicle, always make sure you have your locking wheelnut removal tool before driving off.

For more info on locknut removals click here.


Why you should not attempt a Locking wheelnut removal yourself.

We had a call from a customer who wanted a locking wheelnut removed from his car, he sent us a photo of the locknut (see below). He explained that he had attempted to remove the locknut himself but had failed.

Looking at the picture it looks like he has snapped off a removal tool in the pattern of the locknut, he has also attempted to drill into the locknut and by the look of the damage around the outside of the area, the drill must have slipped a number of times.

Due to the damage he has already done, we refused to make an attempt.

For our removal tool to work we need the locking wheelnut to be in a good condition. Our tool uses the original pattern in the locknut and it basically makes a temporary new removal key.


If you lose or damage your locknut removal tool, then please don't attempt to remove any locknuts yourself, as you can make matters worse. For more information on removals click here or call our team on 0333 444 5454!


Have you tried Mobile tyre fitting?

A great number of new customers tell me that they wish they had tried mobile tyre fitting years ago. They had been put off by thinking that because we come to them and give a one to one service, the price must be high.

This is wrong.... we save money by not having fixed site depots that have to pay wages to staff, community charges and site rentals. We at Hometyre have one sales office covering

Hometyre Monster_1

the whole country, they take your orders and arrange tyres to be delivered to each technician on a daily basis. Our sales staff are well trained they know about different types of tyre, and they can give you advice on what will suit your vehicle. If you are not sure of your tyre sizes, they can help you to find the data. Or for more info on how to read your tyres data click here.

Our biggest cost is the fuel to come to you, which is why if you order more than one tyre, we can then discount any additional tyres.

All of this keeps our costs low, we can also concentrate of giving as good a service as possible to each customer, We check all your tyres, not just for tread depth and condition, but also for pressure. If they are low we will inflate them to the correct pressures, we also check your spare tyre as these are often overlooked and can be as much as 20 to 30psi below pressure. All of the information on your tyres including their ages is written on our tyre report.


We give each wheel we work on a quick clean and when we tighten your bolts, we do it with a torque wrench to ensure it is the correct tightness for your vehicle. We then add a small yellow sticker to the wheel to show it has been tightened correctly.

When we use your locking wheelnut key, we will replace it in your chosen location, or we will hand it to you, we then write this on the tyre report which gets emailed to you, so that you can easily see all the information relating to your tyres. For more on tyre replacement click here.

I also get some customers who ask, Can you get any make of tyre? Basically 'Yes' as long as our wholesalers have tyres in stock, then we can get them. We deal with two of the largest tyre wholesalers in the UK, as well as a number of smaller local wholesalers so if the tyres you want are available, then we can get them. By buying direct from the wholesalers our stock is 'fresh' every day, we do not keep tyres in storage.

Most of our customers like the way we work and are happy to use us again as well as recommending us to friends and family.


Runflat tyre for a Mini in Worthing

Hometyre Sussex was called out to a Mini Cooper in Findon, the owner had to abandon the car road side as one tyre was flat. The car was fitted with runflat tyres, but a local tyre dealer had fitted the wrong tyre to one wheel. Instead of a runflat they had fitted a normal tyre. This had then been punctured and gone flat immediately.

I met the owner at the car, and soon had the tyre changed over for a Hankook runflat tyre. I also checked all of the other tyres to make sure they were runflats (which they were), and inflated them all to the correct pressures.

Should you need tyres for your car, van or caravan, then give us a call at hometyre on 03334445454

For more info on our mobile service click here



Puncture repair in Hove

One of today's jobs was to carry out a puncture repair on a Nissan Juke, the tyre had deflated just as the customer reached home, luckily this meant the tyre hadn't been driven while flat (A check on the inside confirmed this).

I found a small hole in the centre of the tread, the object that had punctured the tyre had already fallen out. I was able to carry out a permanent repair which involves fitting a plug patch on the inside of the tyre. This will last for the life of the tyre compared to the string and glue repairs that some tyre dealers do.

As I finished and put the wheel back on the Nissan, the customer told me they also had a slow puncture on the Mini and would I look at it while here. I soon had the mini wheel off and in my van, the problem was obvious, there was a screw stuck in the tread.

Again the the customer was lucky that it had not been driven on while flat. This was also repaired using a plug patch. The customer was happy as she hadn't needed a new tyre, and was now back on the road.

Puncture Repairs near Brighton

We will always try to repair a puncture if we legally can, there are many factors that could render a puncture non-repairable. If the puncture meets any of these unfortunately a replacement will be needed!

The puncture must NOT be

  • Outside of the central 3/4 of the tread
  • Larger in length or diameter than 6mm
  • Have caused secondary damage to the tyre - for example a split or cut in the inner liner
  • There must not be more than one puncture within each quadrant of the tyre
  • The tyre itself must be of a suitable condition and age to warrant a repair

If you're still unsure on whether your puncture could be repairable click here for more information.

Or if you want us to come out to see if a puncture in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas is repairable - give us a call us today on 0333 444 5454!



Continental Conti Seal puncture repair

One of today's jobs was to carry out a puncture repair on a Continental Conti seal tyre on an Audi Q7. There was a screw through the centre of the tread, the tyre still had 5.5mm of tread depth still remaining, so the owner wanted it repairing. He called 5 different tyre depots, but all said it couldn't be repaired. He then found Hometyre on the Internet and gave us a call. Not only did we say we could repair it, but we are also a mobile service, so he was very impressed, as he could stay at work and we would come to him.

The main reason most tyre depots won't work on a Conti seal is because it is hard work as the "seal" is a 3mm deep sticky substance which has to be scraped away from the damaged area then you can carry out a puncture repair. Finally you have to pull the sticky substance back over the repaired area.

I arrived at his work site and obtained the car keys, soon had the car jacked up and the wheel in my van. Once the tyre was removed I was able to carry out the repair as explained above. The tyre was then put back on the rim, inflated and balanced. I then checked the repair with a leak detection liquid, before refitting the wheel on the car.

I checked all the other tyre pressures and corrected them, before calling the customer out and taking a payment for the work.

Call us at Hometyre if you have Conti-seal tyres and need help, 0333 444 5454


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