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Beach Buggy

Called out to a 1975 Beach buggy today. Ytres keep going down - turned out to be corrosion on the alloys - A good clean up, add sealer and it was ready to roll.


Spare wheel different size

When ordering tyres for you vehicle, please check all tyres, not just the spare. As the spare wheel can often be a differnt size. This can delay getting you back on the road, if a fitter arrives with the wrongly ordered tyres.


Pothole damage

Have just been called out to a lady who hit a big pothole. There is almost nothing left of the tyre, just the bead area.


18" Runflats

Just fitted 4 x 18" runflats on a Lexus, one of the hardest sets I have ever fitted. Took me over 2 hours. The hardest part was taking the old Bridgestones off.



Are runflats on the increase, as I have changed 3 this week, and have 4 to do tomorrow?


Tyres in Butlins

Called into Butlins Bognor Regis this week as one of the team members had a blow out. Changed her tyres in the company carpark. Another satisfied customer.


Tyre Changing on the beach.

Called out to a customer who lives in Shoreham, the road by his place of work was too busy to change the tyres, so both his can and my van drove onto the beach (Shingle) to change the tyres. As we say at Hometyre, you choose the place to have your tyres changed, and as long as we can get there and have access to your vehicle, then we will do the work.


Saab locking wheel nut removal

Called out to a locking wheel nut problem this week on a Saab 9-3. The original 'Key' nut has split and one of its 4 pins had broken, the owner had been to his local Saab dealer, who said they couldn't help. He then went to a certain fast fit centre who were just as helpful, he then tried an independant tyre place in Worthing who damaged the 'key' nut further before giving up. Finally he found Hometyre on the internet. He booked us up and I removed the locknuts within 30 minutes. Satisfied customer.


98% of uk drivers use summer tyres in the winter.

It has been revealed that around 98% of British drivers are using summer tyres for winter driving.

And, in the midst of the third successive winter of extreme weather, 95% of the public would now like firmer Government action, with 60% favouring mandating the use of winter tyres.

Tests conducted this year by Britain’s biggest selling weekly car magazine, Auto Express, proved the benefits of winter tyres. Goodyear UltraGrip 7+, for example achieved a stopping distance 25 metres -(six car lengths) - shorter than a summer tyre on snow. Auto Express also measured the traction when accelerating, noting that the winter tyre gripped with a performance well ahead of its rivals. In fact, compared to the comparison conventional tyre it had over three times the grip. Contrary to popular belief, winter tyres are not studded tyres. They have a tread pattern designed to cope with slush and cold rain, as well as snow and ice. They are also safer than a standard tyre in cold, dry conditions below 7%, because the tread compound heats up at lower rolling temperatures to create grip in low temperatures.


What does the speed rating mean on your tyre?

Speed Ratings: The letter indicating the speed rating gives the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry its rated load.

SPEED RATING = MPH KPH H 130mph 210kph L 75mph 120kph M 81mph 130kph N 87mph 140kph P 93mph 150kph Q 99mph 160kph R 106mph 170kph S 112mph 180kph T 118mph 190kph U 124mph 200kph V 149mph 240kph VR 130+mph 210+kph W 168mph 270kph Y 186mph 300kph Z 150+mph 240+kph ZR 150+mph 240+kph


Towable horsebox dangers

Why do towable horseboxes have no regulations or recommendations covering their tyres? In the case of the caravan club, they recommend changing caravan tyres every 5 to 7 years, due to deteriation from standing around and sun damage. Yet there does not seem to be a equestrian body of people who give recommendations as to tyre wear on horseboxes.


The Frost has arrived - Think about winter tyres.

Winter tyres are not just for use in snow – they are designed to cope with and improve handling in all types of poor weather conditions such as slush, ice, frost and even wet roads. In fact, anytime that the temperature dips below +7 degrees Celsius, you are better off with winter tyres. Traction, cornering stability and shorter braking distance are all key benefits experienced with the use of these products.


Winter tyres for the Landrover range

Continental's Winter Tyres The outstanding performance of Continental's winter tyres has been underlined by new approvals from Land Rover on the Freelander and Range Rover Sport.


Best in the wet

Best in Wet Braking In a test of leading high performance tyres, Evo magazine have declared the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric to be the best tyre in the all-important area of wet weather braking, with a stopping distance over 4 metres shorter than one of its key rivals.


Best on Test

Best in Wet Braking In a test of leading high performance tyres, Evo magazine have declared the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric to be the best tyre in the all-important area of wet weather braking, with a stopping distance over 4 metres shorter than one of its key rivals.


Tyre convictions are on the rise.

It has just been reported that the number of drivers (over 4300) successfully convicted by the courts in England & Wales has risen by 14%. The law states that you must have at least 1.6mm of tread depth over the central 3/4 of the tyre, around its entire circumference. Drivers who flout the law if convicted, can be fined upto £2500 and have 3 penalty points added to their licence per tyre. Drivers are asked to check their tyres for tread depth, pressure and general condition every month, especially as we are entering our wettest months in the UK. Not only will these checks keep you on the right side of the law, but they can also save lives.


Tyre Safety Month

TyreSafe are promoting the importance of tyre safety for UK motorists Check out their web site on Check your tyres this winter and have a happy safe trip.


Blow out on the M4

One of my customers had a blow out on his caravan while driving on the M4 yesterday (Hit a brick in the carriageway). Luckily I had fitted tyron bands to his wheels a few months ago, and he was able to pull the caravan safely over to the side of the road and put his spare wheel on. He has called me back out to fit a new tyre tomotrrow.


From Vroooooom to brummm

Talk about varience in work, last week put two tyres on a Lamborghini, then followed it up with two tyres on a Hyundai i30


Winter is coming

Not too many weeks until the cold wet weather returns, have you checked your tyres for the correct depth of tread. Stopping distances are greatly influenced by wet roads and tread depth, tests have proved that at 50mph, stopping distances can be increase by up to 3 car lengths. That can be the difference in you stopping in time and having an accident. If in doubt give us a call at hometyre and we will advise you on what you can do to keep safe this winter.


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