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How to Reset your Ford Fiesta Tyre Pressure Warning Light.

If you lose pressure in a tyre or change any tyres on your Ford Fiesta and it is fitted with TPMS sensor valves, then you need to first adjust all tyres to their correct pressures (check the label inside the passenger door frame). Of course if your TPMS warning light has illuminated on your dash, then you perhaps need to call us and arrange a mobile tyre technician visit to investigate the reason!

CALL 03334445454 for assistance.

However, if it's just a lack of maintenance and you'd like to carried a manual reset - here's how!

Switch the ignition to the 'On' position, then depending on the age of your Fiesta either:

If it has a central Screen

Press the Menu button

Scroll down to 'Vehicle settings' and press OK

Scroll down to 'Tyre Monitoring' and press OK

Then press and hold the OK button

After a few moments you should be given the message 'Tyre Pressure Reset'

Then drive at over 20 MPH for 2 minutes and the new actual tyre pressures will be displayed

If it has the Dash screen.

Press the down arrows to 'Settings', press OK

Press down to 'Information', press OK

Press down to 'Tyre Pressure' , press OK

Click on 'reset', Press OK

Use back button to go back to the beginning

Then drive at over 20 MPH for 2 minutes and the new actual tyre pressures will be displayed!



Badly fitted tyre in Barnham

One of the jobs today was to re-balance the front wheels on a Fiat 500 as the customer was getting vibration through the steering wheel when driving at 50 mph.

I soon had the vehicle jacked up and removed each front wheel in turn, taking it into my van and putting it on the electronic balancing machine. This did show that the wheels were out of balance and I then added the appropriate weights to the rim to counter balance any errors. Once complete each wheel was put back on the car and the bolts tightened to the correct torques.

As part of our service we then check all other tyres on the car for condition, tread depth and pressure, with a report being sent to the customer by email. Pressures are adjusted in line with the cars recommended settings.

While doing this check I noticed that one of the rearFiat_500_tyre tyres had been fitted on the wrong way round with the wording 'Side facing Inwards' on the outside of the tyre. The car was only two years old and these were still the original tyres as supplied with the car as new. Which means it must have been fitted wrongly at the factory, but not only that, but it had obviously been missed at the pre-delivery inspection and at the cars first service.

I advised the customer of the problem and he asked me if I could take the tyre off and put it back on the correct way. So I Jacked the car back up, removed the wheel, took the tyre off, flipped it over and refitted it, inflated it to the correct pressure before balancing it and putting it back on the car.

Once complete I took a card payment from the customer and emailed through the report and receipt.

Should you need new tyres, wheel balancing, a wheel alignment or a puncture repair then give us a call at Hometyre on 03334445454. Or click here to check out or website.

There is no need to go to a tyre depot: Why queue, when we come to you.


Subaru locknut removal

I had an emergancy call out from a customer in Worthing with a Subery Legacy. He arrived at work to find his tyre had gone flat. He went to put the spare on only to find that his locking wheelnut removal socket was missing so he could not change the wheel.

He called us at Hometyre for assistance. I arrived at the address and the customer met me at his car, I took his keys and told him I would call him when ready and he went back to work.

The car was fitted with McGard locknuts with revolving collars. We have specialist tools to remove all types of locknut. It took me around 35 minutes to get the locknut off, jack the car up remove the old wheel and fit the spare. I also checked all the other tyres, and nflated them to the correct pressures.

I then wrote up a report, completed the invoice and called the customer. I took a payment using our onboard card reader and emailed the receipt to the customer. Job done.

If you need a locking wheelnut removal, call us at Hometyre on 0333 444 5454.


Do you need to check your tyre pressures?

At Hometyre, we check the tyre pressures in all tyres when working on your vehicle, and through this we often find that most people don't check and adjust their pressures on a regular basis.

As an example, a Lexus I went to today had only 15psi in all of the tyres, yet they were supposed to have 35psi all round. When I told the owner, his answer was that the car had just been serviced, so did the garage forget to inflate them. He was surprised when I told him that it was not part of a service, and tyre pressures were the drivers responsibility. Not only that, but if it was left to a yearly service, then the tyres would have lost a lot of air over that time. A cars manual will say that tyre pressures should be checked every week. A simple pressure gauge can be bought in any car accessory shop.


Drivers also rely on the TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) to warn them that they need to put air in their tyres. This is not what TPMS systems are for, they are to warn you of a puncture.

There are two types of TPMS system


This works off of the cars ABS system it can tell that one tyre is dragging compared to the other tyre on the same axle. The problem is that it is not so accurate and needs around 10psi difference before it shows up as a light on the dash. Also if you don't inflate your tyres regularly and both tyres on the same axle go all the way down to zero then this system wont call it up as a problem.


These work off of battery operated sensors fitted inside the wheel, sending a signal to the cars computer every 3 seconds. It will signal an air pressure problem if the pressure in any tyre drops by more than 3psi. The problem with this system is that you should reset the TPMS system every time you inflate your tyres. (Some cars reset themselves every time you drive them).

With these direct systems the sensors only have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, they are also fragile and can easily be damaged when filling up with air. We at Hometyre carry both spare parts and complete sensors on board our Van's and can easily repair or replace sensors.

Still it is still down to you the driver to check your tyres yourself on a regular basis, if you need more information just give our team a call on 0333 444 5454.


Audi tyres in Storrington

My last job of the day was an Audi A6 in Storrington the owner wanted to have all four tyres replaced with budget tyres, plus have the best of the old tyres fitted on the spare. The existing spare rim has a small crack in the alloy and the existing tyre on it has a split.

I started on the four new tyres, jacking the car up and removing the wheels one by one. The old tyres were removed and the new ones fitted, they were inflated to the correct pressures, balanced and fitted back on the car, tightening the bolts to the correct torque setting.

Checking the old tyres I found one of them was only a year old and still had 6mm of tread left. This would be fitted to the spare. Because of the small split in the rim, the owner wanted to keep the wheel as a spare only, but it needs to be able to stay inflated. To help with this I added a liquid rubber sealer to the rim before mounting the tyre. Once inflated any excess sealer was pushed into the split which helped seal the tyre to the rim.Audi_a6

Due to some uneven wear on the front tyres I used our supertracker equipment to check the wheel alignment on the car. With this car the trackrods are above the front wheels which makes it difficult to adjust. Luckily the figures showed that the tracking was well within the tolerance for the car and didn't need any adjustment.

Once completed I took a payment from the customer by card machine and emailed a report on the car along with the receipt.


Slow leak caused by corrosion within the wheel

One of today's jobs was a Daihatsu Sirion where both front tyres would lose around 10 psi every week. The owner thought she had punctures in both tyres and called us at Hometyre to fix the tyres or replace them depending on what we found. Daihatsu_Srixon

I arrived at the address and after getting the car keys from the owner checked the pressures in all the tyres, both rear tyres were fine, but both fronts had dropped considerably in pressure. I jacked the car up and removed the first wheel. This was then taken into my van where I checked all around for a puncture, not finding anything I used a leak detector liquid, which showed bubbling from around the edge on the tyre. I then deflated the tyre and removed it from the rim. Checking the rim it was easy to see bubbles in the lacquer inside the rim, this was allowing air to leak out causing the problem.

I wire brushed the area back to bare metal and then applied a bead seal, which is like a liquid rubber. A new rubber valve was put into the rim, the tyre was then replaced back onto the rim and inflated to the correct pressure. The bead seal fills any small imperfections between the tyre and rim drying to form a rubber seal.

The wheels was then balanced and put back on the car. I then went through the same process with the other front wheel, which turned out to be the same problem.

Once complete, I made up a report for the customer, which will be emailed to her. Payment was taken using our onboard card reader.... Job complete.


Ford Fiesta Tyres and TPMS replacement.

I was called out to a job in Tangmere, the owner of this Ford Fiesta had a punctured tyre, but had then driven the car for around a mile to get it home, totally destroying the tyre.

Since he was about to sell the car, he decided to change all four tyres. I arrived at the job and saw the shredded tyre, the problem was that because he had driven on it, he had actually damaged the TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensor) cracking the main housing. Since the car was on a 2015 plate, it has to have fully functioning TPMS sensors to pass an MOT.


Luckily we at Hometyre carry complete sets of replacement TPMS sensors along with a diagnostic tool that can scan the data off of the old sensor and replicate that data onto a new sensor.

I removed the old sensor and removed what was left of the old tyre, I then programmed the new sensor and fitted it to the wheel rim, before fitting a new tyre, inflating it and balancing it. It was then fitted back on the car, and i moved onto the other tyres. Once they had all be replaced and the wheels put back on the car, the nuts were then all torqued to the correct settings.


I then took the car for a test drive to ensure that the TPMS sensor light had disappeared off of the dash.

Once everything was OK, I then completed a report, took a payment using our onboard card reader and emailed the invoice through to the customer.


The problem with painted wheels

Today I was called out to a Land Rover Range Rover in Pulborough with nice black 22" wheels, the TPMS light kept coming on, letting the customer know there was a tyre pressure loss. The owner called us at Hometyre as they thought they had a puncture, we also took a new Continental Cross Contact LX Sport tyre with us just in case it wasn't repairable.


I soon had the vehicle jacked up and the wheel removed, took it into my van and checked it over. I soon found the problem, the wheels had been painted black, but hadn't been done all that well! The paint was lifting in some areas inside the rim, allowing a small air seepage.

The only option is to send down the inside removing all of the loose paint. Once clean, a sealant is added, the tyre re-fitted and inflated. It is then re-balanced using our fully mobile wheel balancing equipment and the wheel put back on the vehicle, finally the nuts are torque to the correct setting for the vehicle.

Painted wheels often have this problem if they are only given a light rub down before painting, the ideal option is to have the wheels powder coated, this is where they remove all of the old paint using an acid bath, they then repaint the alloy and bake the wheels giving a stronger finish.

If you have a problem with newly painted wheels in the West Sussex area, give us a call today! We are happy to come out to see if we can rectify the problem!

0333 444 5454


Does your TPMS light come on at odd times?

Tyre pressure sensors are designed to go off when there is a pressure drop, so that you can be alerted of a puncture. With indirect systems that work off the ABS system, that pressure can be as much as 10psi before the alarm goes off. With the direct system where there is a sensor fitted to the valve in the wheel the pressure drop can be as low as 3 psi to cause an alarm.

With winter approaching the change in temperature will cause the pressure in a tyre to drop and this can be enough to set the alarm off. It is recommended to inflate your tyres by an additional 2 psi at this time of year. You should also check your tyre pressures on a regular basis, a cars manual will tell you this should be done weekly, but if you do it every fortnight you would be better than most people.

At the same time don't ignore the TPMS sensor light as it may be a puncture. If the light comes on you should check the pressures in your tyres immediately, as driving on a flat tyre will destroy it.

Should your sensor valves break or stop working due to a depleted battery, then we at Hometyre can replace them for you. I carry spare parts for most sensors, as well as an array of new sensors in my van, as well as a diagnostic tool to check and programme new sensors.


New wheel rims for a classic mini

A previous customer called me out to fit tyres to his old Mini, he had just bought it recently and was starting to do it up. The car came with steel wheels, which still had good tyres on them. The customer had bought new alloy wheel rims and wanted me to take the tyres off of the old wheels and transfer them over to the new rims. He also wanted me to hide the stick-on balance weights behind the spokes of the wheel so they wouldn't be seen from the outside. This is an easy process, as our balancing machine can be told where to put additional weights to balance out any differences in placement.

I soon had the car jacked up and the old wheels removed, the tyres taken off and refitted to the new rims, the balancing was done and the new wheels fitted back on the car, with a new set of lug nuts.

Should you have an old classic car and need tyres fitting or changing over then give us a call to see what we can do for you.


Part Worn Tyre Problems on a Kia Sportage

I was called out to a Kia Sportage with a flat tyre. The owner explained that he only had it fitted last week and it had lost pressure almost immediately. He had pumped it back up and it lasted for a few days but had gone down again. He suspected a leaking valve, and I was surprised that he didn't just go back to the place that fitted the tyre. He then explained that it was a part worn tyre, and he would preference if we at Hometyre could fix it.


I removed the wheel from the car and took it into my van, first off I checked the was ok. I then checked all around the tyre for any signs of a puncture but couldn't find anything. Finally I used a leak detector around the rim, at which point I found a small leak on the inner edge. I deflated the tyre and removed it from the rim. when I then checked the rim there didn't appear to be a problem. I then looked in the tyre and found that it had dried up tyre sealant all round the inside. This to me showed a major problem in buying a part worn tyre, I guess there is a small hole somewhere in the tyre, but the sealant is hiding it.

All I could do was to apply a bead seal around the edge of the rim and refit the tyre, along with a new valve. There is no way of knowing if there is a small hole elsewhere in the tyre.

i explained this to the customer, who understood. He was not happy that he had been sold a tyre that may have a problem that had been hidden by a sealant.

He was going to check the tyre over the next day or so and if he found it still going down then he would take it back to the part worn dealer to get a refund.

This is one reason we at Hometyre do not recommend the use of part worn tyres, as there is no way of knowing the tyres previous life. At least with a new tyre, you know what you are getting.

For info on checking your tyres click here.


Goodyear Asymmetric Tyre for a BMW 3 Series

Goodyear tyres seem to be becoming more popular at the moment, especially with higher performance vehicles. Since the new Asymmetric 5 was launched, Goodyear have been phasing out the Asymmetric 3. As the Asy 3 was an OEM fitment for older BMWs, customers tend to stick with these as they are fantastic high performance tyre. However, it's known that when changing over tyres, you should have the same brand and pattern on the same axle. But when a pattern expires, what happens? Well, we always try our hardest to match up tyre, but when the UK is out of stock and the manufacture isn't making them any more, there isn't much we can do. When it comes to this, we find a tyre that matches the same specifications as the one on the other side. In this instance, the Asymmetric 5 was the best option. It also allowed the customer to upgrade the other side with ease in the near future.


Upon arriving to the customer, we removed the wheel from the car and inspected the puncture to see if it was repairable. Unfortunately, on this occasion the foreign object was too large thus the plug wouldn't seal the hole fully. It was discussed with the customer that the best course of action would be a new tyre.

We broke the bead, inspected the alloy for any discrepancies and carefully fitted the new tyre. After a thorough balance, the assembly was placed back on the vehicle. We also noted that the alignment was off and would need doing in the near future!

If your vehicle needs new tyres or needs an alignment, give us a call on 0333 444 5454! 


Two APlus Tyres for a Fiat 500

Fiat 500s are becoming more and more popular, in turn, we are seeing more and more them coming through our hands for new tyres. This lady had booked herself in for two new front tyres as they had worn down to just above the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. She had originally decided on two Michelin tyres but decided against that as she only does a couple hundred miles per month. The tyres would deteriorate with age before they got used to their full extent!

Removing the wheel was a simple process, this was then placed on the turntable where the bead was broken and the old tyre removed. After an inspection of the alloy, the new tyre was then fitted back to the wheel. A full balance and a quick scrub later, the assembly was placed back onto the vehicle. This was repeated for the other side. A simple process!


However, we did notice that one of the alloys was buckled slightly. This was reported to the customer where we advised they take it to one of the local alloy repair specialists.

With everything back on the vehicle, we asked the customer to give it a quick test drive to see if they noticed anything amiss. As usual, everything was perfectly fine and the customer was ecstatic!

If you car or van needs new tyres, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send us an email today! 


BMW Locknut removal after removal socket was damaged.

A customer took his car to a well known fast fit tyre depot to have two new tyres fitted ready for an MOT. They took the car into the workshop then cam to him saying that his locknuts were over tightened and the removal socket had broken. They also said that they couldn't help him anymore and he needed to get the locknuts removed first.

After an Internet search he found Hometyre Sussex and arranged for me to come out to remove the locknuts. The car was fitted with McGard locknuts with the revolving collars. We have specialist tools to work on these nuts, it took a while but I soon had 3 removed. The 4th was a problem as the damaged locknut socket had sheared off leaving a flat surface, which our tool cannot get a grip on. The only option was to get in with another tool and break up the revolving collar. Once this was off, I was then able to get in with special twist socket that cuts into the locknut and with a breaker bar unwind the locknut.

The customer had bought a new set of locknuts, I fitted these for him and torqued them up to the correct settings. I then checked all of his tyres, wrote up a report which will be emailed to him. Finally I took a card payment using our onboard card reader.

For more info on locknut removals click here, or give us a call on 03334445454



Another part worn tyre nightmare in Littlehampton.

I was booked in to fit two new tyres to a Ford Ranger. When I arrived, the customer explained that he had a part worn tyre fitted last month, it still had around 8mm of tread and cost him £25 (He thought he had a bargain).

The 4x4 went for an MOT this week and failed on that part worn tyre, it had splits within the tread. Not wanting another duff part worn tyre, he called Hometyre and decided to have two new tyres.


I took off the offending tyre and checked it over, not only were there splits in the tread area, but the sidewalls were also badly cracked. I then checked the date code, this showed the tyre was from 1993, (a small triangle means the 1990's, the 3 is the year, the 26 is the week Number. So it was 26 years old. No wonder it was cracked, it is hard to believe that any reputable company would sell tyres this old and in this condition. The trouble is that we have no laws on the age of tyres in the UK, we only have recommendations.

For this reason we always recommend that drivers steer clear of part worn tyres and only buy new tyres. Even a cheap new budget tyre is safer than an old part worn tyre where its previous use is unknown.

New tyres were soon fitted to the Ford, the other tyres were checked, they were also inflated to the correct pressures. A report on the tyres will be emailed to the customer. Payment for the new tyres was taken using our onboard card reader. The old tyres were taken away for disposal at a recycling site.


To find out more about new tyres and costs give us a call at Hometyre, contact details are here.


Brand New Sensor Valve for a Ford Focus ST

Recently, we had a call from a customer who had just bought a used Ford Focus ST. But, after driving home he noticed that the TPMS warning light was showing.

This normally stays fully on to show a tyre pressure problem, but if the light flashes, that means there is a problem with the TPMS system. Not knowing what was wrong, he called Hometyre for help.

After being booked in, we arrived at the customer's house first thing in the morning before he popped off to work. With the car unlocked, we went around the tyres with the TPMS diagnostics checker which connects wirelessly with the sensor unit and runs a small piece of code that ensures that they are working correctly. Typically the last sensor we checked gave no reading.


The car was jacked up and the wheel with the duff sensor was removed. It was taken to the van where the tyre was deflated and removed from the rim. This showed the problem.... the sensor was missing. My guess is that someone had changed the tyre, broken the sensor and had just replaced it with a rubber valve. In cars pre November 2014 it is ok to leave it, but any car after that date fitted with sensors, must have them working or they will fail their next MOT.

Since this was a 2016 vehicle it needed working sensors. Using our equipment we were able to manufacture a new sensor which was programmed to connect with the Fords on board computer!

The new sensor was fitted to the wheel, tyre re-inflated, balanced and fitted to the car. We then checked the new sensor using the cars computer which showed everything was OK, and the warning light on the dash was now out.

We checked all of the tyres on the car, wrote up a report which will be emailed to the customer, then took a payment using our onboard card reader.

Should you have TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors) which have stopped working or are damaged then give us a call at Hometyre or for more info check out our website.... click here.


Fitting Tyres to a Peugeot 308, without a locking wheelnut key.

A customer recently phoned us up, as they needed their locking wheel nuts removing from their car. But how does this have anything to do with putting their own tyres on? Well, prior to us coming out, they booked in with a rival company to supply and fit their tyres. The rival company decided that the customer had locking wheel nuts and no key to remove them. As this was beyond the capabilities of the rival company (but not for us!) the customer called us to book a slot for a locking wheel nut removal service.


Upon arrival, we inspected the vehicle and noticed that the wheels didn't even have locking wheel nuts! Why the rival company had not seen this is beyond belief, we removed both the front two wheels and fitted the new tyres that the previous company had left behind. The customer was delighted as this got them out of a rather large pickle.

If you need a locking wheel nut removal service or you need new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310.


Incorrect MoT's Certification and a New Tyre

I was called out to a previous customer with a Ford Fiesta who had recently had an MOT, it had called up the NSR tyre as having a split which they had marked up as an advisory. The customer asked us to fit a Michelin to match the other tyres. I soon had the car jacked up and the wheel removed, but when I checked it I couldn't find a split. I checked with the customer who showed me the MOT which clearly said NSR.

Rather than just accept it I decided to check the OSR tyre, so I pulled out a second jack and took off this wheel, a quick look proved it to be the tyre with a split. So the MOT had been written with the wrong information.


Now I knew which tyre was the problem, I deflated it and removed the tyre from the rim. fitted a new valve and tyre, inflated it, balanced it and fitted it back on the car.

I then checked all the rest of the tyres, inflated them to the correct pressures, wrote the report and took a payment from the customer using our online card reader.

This is not the first time I have found an MOT with the wrong information on it!

For more information on tyre replacements click here


One of the dangers of buying used tyres

One of the dangers of buying used tyres

At the start of the week, a customer called in wanting us to fit their own tyres. As we are a mobile tyre fitting service, we obliged and created an appointment for the customers preferred time. The customer also wanted three new tyres. After a couple of days, the customer called back in and informed the team that he had bought the tyre of eBay and was ready for us to come over. With most eBay purchases, we were hesitant as to the age of the tyre, so took a fourth just in case.

The Firestone was indeed new but was starting to show signs of ageing. Looking at the date code, it was manufactured in 1997 and wasn't an extra load tyre as needed for the vehicle!

This, amongst others, is one of the main dangers when you buy a tyre online. The chances are, this tyre was an old tyre that had been used as a spare tyre, was never used and then sold as a 'new' tyre.

The rubber on a tyre of this age has hardened and it should not be used. As a general rule no tyre over the age of 10 years should ever be used.


All tyres since 1980 have a cod printed on one side of the sidewall, The photo shows the code on this tyre it consists of 3 numbers 157 followed by a triangle. In this case the 15 equals the week of manufacture, the 7 followed by a triangle means 1997.

We at Hometyre get our tyres straight from the main wholesalers in the country, generally most tyres they supply are only a few months old, on the odd occasion they can be up to a year old, but that is extremely rare. We would never supply any tyre over 5 years old, yet alone one that is 22 years old.

We would also make sure that we supplied the right type of tyre for the type of vehicle.

The photo shows the date on the tyre.

If you're unsure about the age of your tyres or you're looking at changing them over, give us a call on 01743 861183 or send over an email!


A Blown Tyre and a Two Tyre Replacement

Recently we went out to a customer who had experience a blowout on the motorway. Luckily they came to a safe stop, phoned the AA and got towed back to their house. Instead of going through the AA, they called us out to replace the tyre as we had been to their Nissan Patrol before. The customer had opted to go for two new tyres on the front instead of one as they were both quite worn and were coming to the end of their life.

With both tyres off, we inspected the rims to see if the tyre being blown had caused any damage in the interim. Upon futher inspection, we came to the conclusion that it was all good to go! We then proceeded to fit the new Falken AT01's, balance the wheels and give them a quick scrub as there was quite a bit of brake dust on the rear faces.

If you're looking for new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to arrange your appointment!


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