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Holidays are approaching

Planning a driving holiday, don't leave it to the last minute to check your tyres condition. Some unusual tyres sizes can take a day or two to supply, so don't delay check those tyres now. They are all that keep you on the road!


Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure

Under-inflated tyres cost British motorists more than £2 billion a year, They use more fuel, and wear faster.


Pressure washer damage

Pressure washers can damage the tyre sidewalls – keep the washer at least 20cm away from the tyre when cleaning it.


Tyre pressures

90 per cent of British motorists don’t know their vehicle’s correct tyre inflation pressure, according to TyreSafe


Caravan tyres

Many people are preparing their caravans and Motorhomes ready for the summer holidays. Please check the condition and age of your tyres before it is too late. The caravan club recommend changing the tyres avery 5 to 7 yrears even if there is plenty of tread left, and if your tyres are inflated to over 50 PSI, then they recommend changing them every 3 to 5 years.


Do you check your tyres properly

Many people just look at the outside edge of their tyres. This is not always enough, I have just removed two tyres from a car, where there was 4mm of tread on the outside edge, yet they were through to the inner lining on the inside (Tracking problem). So please when you are checking your tread, get down on your hands and knees and check all over the tyre.


goodwood Festival of speed

Visited the festival of speed today at Goodwood. Some fantastic cars, from ultra modern F1 race cars, Bugatti's, Ferarri's to Vintage cars, wacky racers and motorbikes. Chris Evans even had 7 of his Ferrari's on show.



It must be caravan season, as I have worked on 4 this week, 3 of them with tyron bands.


Knobbly Knees

Weathermen have said it will be around 25 degrees C today, time for shorts in the Van.


Modified Madness

The Modified Madness event in July has been cancelled this year. Pity as I wanted to watch the drift cars up close.


Quirky cars

Fitted tyres on a Figaro today. The wheel trims were a bugger to get off, and the wheels were a small 12" rim size.


Fond Metal Alloys

Hometyre are now suppliers of Fondmetal alloys, call us for details and prices.


Where to put new tyres

It has been proved that you should always fit new tyres to the rear of your car. It doesn't matter if it is front or rear wheel drive. The main reason, is that in wet conditions, should you slip, then you can control the front by steering, but the rear relies entirely on the tyres tread gripping the road to bring your vehicle under control.


Missing locking wheel nut Key

If you have your tyres changed or brake pads changed at a garage, please ensure they have returned your locking wheel nut 'Key' to its storage place in your car. We get called out to many a vehicle, where the key has not been returned, and six months later when you need it, the garage denies all knowledge if it. It keeps us busy, but costs you £££'s


Check your tyres

When did you last check your tyres both for depth of tread and air pressure? Most people do not check their tyres! Let alone there spare. People tend to rely on the annual MOT test to highlight tyre issues. The SPARE TYRE IS NOT required to be inspected as part of the MOT test, but for your own safety, it should be road legal and kept inflated. There is no point in having a spare when you get a puncture miles from anywhere, and find your spare is flat.


MOT and your spare

When did you last check your spare tyre? Most people do not check their tyres! Let alone there spare. People tend to rely on the annual MOT test to highlight tyre issues. However the SPARE TYRE IS NOT required to be inspected as part of the MOT test.


Even Hometyre can't solve this

The A259 has road works near the Wick turnoff causing major delays. Tried going along the old worthing road, to find they have roadworks there as well.



I have been called out to replace 3 TPMS valves this week, where the customer has struggled to remove their dust cap and in forcing it off and has broken the TPMS valve.



New phone - I am lost


Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Tyres

Aston Martin have selected Bridgestone as the official tyre partner for marque's new driver-focused V8 Vantage S, available from May 2011. Ultra high performance Potenza RE050A 19-inch tyres equip the coupe and roadster versions of the 430-horsepower sports car, with size 245/40 on the front wheels and 285/35 on the rear. The Bridgestone partnership with Aston Martin began in the early 1990s with the DB7. Since then, ultra high performance Potenza RE050 tyres have been standard factory fitment on the DB9 and V8 Vantage models, with the Potenza S001 fitted on Aston martin's elegant 4-door Rapide.


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