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Fitted tyres to Jools's car today, CEO of Dizzy the diabities charity.



Called out to a puncture today, where the car had driven over a brake pad left in the road. It put two holes through the tyre. Luckily they were far enought to do a repair on each.


Tyresure TPMS units

Hometyre can now install Tyresure complete TPMS systems to your vehicle (Car, Trailer, Caravan or van.) Allowing you to constantly monitor your tyres for pressure and temperature. Keeping your tyres at the correct pressures saves you fuel, saves on tyre wear and improves safety by giving you the optimum tyre tread area touching the road.


Puncture repair

Called out to a puncture repair, unfortunately the customer had driven some distance with it flat and had damaged the side wall. Had to have a new tyre fitted.



Called out to a Van with a blowout on the A27 yesterday. He had a new tyre that had a puncture, but continued to drive on it till it disintegrated.



Just returned from a great weekend at the National Feast of Lanterns. Fitted loads of tyron bands and caravan tyres, as well as showing off the tyresure tyre pressure monitoring equipment.



Just returned from a great weekend at the National Feast of lanterns, Did a trade event and fitted loads of tyron bands and caravan tyres.



Hometyre was out in force at the National Feast of Lanterns, supporting the Caravaning and camping club. We supplied and fitted many tyres & tyron bands as well as doing our own 'Hometyre' Mini parade.



Just fitted two Maxxis MAP's to a Lexus. The customer said that they were much quieter compared to his old Dunlops


Used car and no locking wheel nut adaptor.

Called out to a car with a flat tyre, the owner had tried to put the spare on, only to find that the adaptor for the locking wheel nuts was missing. We at Hometyre carry specialist equipment to remove these nuts in 99% of cases. But if you are buying a used car, check that the adaptor is available.


Cheap Tyres

Buying cheap tyres is not always a good option. Which? magazine did a tyre safety check and found that in wet braking cheap tyres needed up-to 3 car lengths more to stop. That can be the difference in stopping in time or having an accident.


Tyre Pressures

How often do you check your tyre pressures. They should be checked every month, as over or under inflated tyres can reduce your braking by up-to 50%.


4x4 tyres

If you drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and damage one tyre, you need to check the remaining tread depth on the other tyre on the same axle, as if there is more than 2mm difference in the tread, then it is recommended that you change both tyres on the same axle, otherwise you will cause a problem for your diff.


damaged tyres

Just been to replace a tyre where the customer drove on a flat, that could have been repaired if we had been called earlier.


Caravan tyre pressures

Not many caravan owners know their tyre pressures. Even the caravan manuals don't help in all cases. Why don't caravan manufacturers make it easy to know the correct tyre pressures?


Caravan wheel balancing

Do your normal tyre fitters balance your caravan wheels? We at Hometyre do! You don't want your caravan being shaken around while you drive, so ask for the job to be done properly.


Check those wheel nuts

Just been called to a vehicle, where it had been in a garage for a service. The garage had forgotten to tighten the wheel nuts (They were finger tight only). How many people do check their wheel nuts when the get their car back from a garage? At Hometyre we use a torque wrench to get the right pressure, and we even write it on the invoice.


Caravan club - Festival of Lanterns

Hometyre will be attending and supporting this event.


Tyre tread depth

The law states that you must have 1.6mm of tread depth over the central 3/4 of the tyre in a continous band. For further info check out the hometyre website.


Caravaning Show

Hometyre will be at the National feast of Lanterns offering advice, Caravan tyres, tyron bands, Tyre pressure monitoring systems at discounted show prices.


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