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Stolen Tyres

Stelaing tyres has become big business, some of the performance tyres used on the large BMW's, Porsches, Mercedes etc are worth hundreds of pounds per tyre. Although not easy to remove due to their size, they are easy to sell to motorists looking to save cash. The latest theft happened in Elgin, info from the BBC news:

Dozens of tyres worth thousands of pounds have been stolen in Elgin. About 100 tyres were taken from BS Tyres at the Moray town's Chanonry industrial estate between 17:00 on Thursday and 08:00 on Friday. Grampian Police said the stolen tyres were valued at nearly £7,000.

The force said there were a variety of makes and sizes, mainly for cars. Pc Mike Mulloy said: "The tyres were removed despite large boulders that were placed across the entrance of the premises.

"Whoever is responsible has gone to considerable effort to remove them and then carry off the tyres.

"It is believed that it would have required the use of a large vehicle, possibly a lorry.

"I am keen to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area during these times or who has been offered cheap tyres for sale."


Caravan show London 2012

The 2012 caravan show in London's Excel centre is in February. I have already seen a couple of caravans on the road, so it looks like this years mild winter will mean an early start to the season. If you are preparing your caravan for 2012, remember to check your tyres, as they could have deteriorated after sitting for a few months over the winter. For more advice on caravan tyre safety, have a look on the caravan clubs website.


Bentley Tyres

I have been busy fitting two tyres to a Bentley Continental where the customer had hit a Pothole and split two tyres on the same side. As part of the fitting we moved the tyres around to keep the two new tyres on the same rear axle and the two older tyres on the front. This vehicle was fitted with 19" tyres and has TPMS sensor valves incorporated in the wheels. This is something where special care has to be taken so as to not put any undue pressure on the sensor valves, as they can break quite easily.


Tyre Stretching (The Euro Look)

The BTMA is becoming increasingly concerned at the number of cars on British roads where the tyres fitted are too narrow for the wheel rim widths or conversely the wheel rims are too wide for the tyres. (Often referred to as the “Euro Look”) This trend is believed to be a fashion statement, but leads to serious risks in road safety.

All tyres are designed with an optimum wheel rim width, with an allowable tolerance either side of this e.g. Tyre Size: 205/55R16 Tyre Section width: 205mm Section H/W Ratio: 55% Rim Diameter code: 16 Optimum Rim Width code: 6.5 Permitted Rim Widths: 5.5 to 7.5

Tyre Size: 195/65R15 Tyre Section width: 195mm Section H/W Ratio: 65% Rim Diameter code: 15 Optimum Rim Width code: 6.0 Permitted Rim Widths: 5.5 to 7.0

Deviation from the permitted rim widths causes distortion in the tyre beyond its designed safe capability.

A tyre stretched onto a rim which is too wide, causes excessive distortion of the tyre sidewall. This is potentially very dangerous and could lead to a premature tyre failure. There is also a real risk of the tyre being easily dislodged from the wheel rim.

Consumers are urged to consult a tyre expert or the relevant tyre manufacturer before changing tyre and wheel sizes to ensure compatibility of the two components for the vehicle application.

Note: A change to the original vehicle specification could invalidate your motor insurance. Consult with your motor insurer prior to any vehicle modification.


2012 New Years Resolution

Make it your New Years Resolution for 2012 to check your car tyres both for tread and tyre pressure on a regular basis. A vehicle with at least 3mm of tread and correctly inflated tyres will have improved handling and stopping distances. During 2011 I replaced many tyres that were well passed their legal requirements and also many more that had less than half the amount of air pressure required. So for your safety in 2012 please look after your tyres, and should the tread be low, then give us a call at Hometyre as we can come to you at home or work to replace your tyres, at better than main dealer prices.


Blow out due to nail

Called out to a Motorcaravan with a blown out rear tyre. The cause had been a small nail that had punctured the tread, the driver didn't notice and continued to drive till it disintegrated. This is a good reason for installing a tyresure tyre pressure monitoring system. If interested call us at Hometyre, these systems can be installed in cars, vans, caravans, trailers or horseboxes. They have a dash mountable monitor that will warn you as soon as a tyre pressure changes by more than 3 psi (The 3 psi pressure change is adjustable to a setting you find suitable).


Back down on TPMS checks on MOT

VOSA were planning to do a big change on Tyre Pressure Monitoring Syatems (TPMS) by making them part of the MOT check from January 2012 for vehicles already fitted with them prior to this date. It was pointed out to VOSA that with some vehicles it is not possible to get replacement valves that will work with the monitor as they are obsolete (e.g. Rover 75). This would mean all of these vehicles with obsolete vales would fail the MOT, and would have to be scrapped as parts are not available to keep them on the road. VOSA have now seen sense and have said that any vehicle equipped with TPMS systems from the end of 2011, will have them checked in their MOT when they become due. They have also said that all new vehicles must have some form of TPMS system from Dec 2012. There is still a concern with the TPMS check, as it is possible to buy an aftermarker valve cap that includes a Pressure monitoring system, so in theory drivers could fit this to their cars just to get it through the MOT. I think that VOSA will have to look into this more clearly and come up with some strict rules, otherwise the MOT system will become a farce.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems - Valves (TPMS)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems - Valves (TPMS) Some vehicles namely, Lexus, Chrysler, Peugeot, Ford, Skoda and BMW have some form of tyre pressure sensor, there are two types (Indirect as used by BMW which uses the ABS system. Or direct systems which use a special sensor valve.) Hometyre only deal with the direct sensor valve types. These generally have a 5 to 7 year lifespan, at which point they fail to work and you get a warning light on your dash. We can replace these with original manufacturer parts at prices that beat most main dealers. From Late 2012 all new vehicles will have some form of pressure sensor fitted, and we have been informed that they will become part of the MOT system.


Icy roads in the South

Frosty mornings and Icy roads have arrived in the South. Please ensure you have at least 3mm of tread on your tyres or you will find yourself slipping more than usual. Winter tyres are also an option.


Old tyre problem

Customer fitted her 9 year old spare tyre to her Jeep last week, within 5 days it had blown. I replaced it with a new tyre today.


All weather tyres

Have just fitted new all season tyres to a Skoda, the customer is travelling to Europe over the xmas period, and to drive in some European countries you must have either winter tyres or all season tyres fitted. Are you considering travelling to the alps for a skiing trip? What are your tyres like? In some countries if you have the wrong tyres fitted not only can you be fined, but if involved in an accident, then your insurance becomes void, and the driver is responsible for any costs. Call our sales desk for advice before you travel.


Part worn tyres

I have just removed two tyres with bulges on from a Porsche, once removed from the vehicle these tyres look OK. This is the type of problem you can get with part worn tyres, they look fine until fitted and put on a vehicle, then the weight of the vehicle adds to the pressure and can force a bulge out. If this is on the inside of the wheel it can go un-noticed and is dangerous. Would you wear someone else's pants? No, so why would you use someone's cast off tyres.


Runflat puncture

Had a customer today who had had his runflat tyre sealed by a tyre depot as it was continually loosing air. He called me out as it had gone flat overnight. Turned out the seal was not the problem. The tyre had been driven flat, and the actual sidewall of the tyre had perished and was leaking. Soon fitted him a new tyre and he was on his way.


Nail in tyre

Called out to a lady that had a nail in the shoulder of her tyre, unfortunately for her, that area counts as the sde wall and is unrepairable. We carry charts that give an exact measurement for each tyre size, showing what we can and cannot repair.


Check the inside of your tyres

I have recently pulled off a few tyres, where the tread on the outside still looks legal, but the inside is right through to the canvass with wires sticking out. Not only are these illegal,(3 penalty points per tyre + upto a £2500 fine) but the are extreemly dangerous as they can burst at any time. Drivers need to get dowm on their knees and check the tread on the inside of the tyre, not just look at the outside.


TPMS Valves

How many people who have sensor valves (TPMS) fitted have had them replaced with rubber valves when they have failed or broken? From Jan next year, they become part of the MOT system, and you will all fail the Mot test. Hometyre can replace any missing or damaged valves at prices that are better than most dealers.


Is snow coming

Is there winter weather on the way? I have just fitted another set of winter tyres, and all customers are now waiting for the snow. They will notice the benefits in handling and braking as winter tyres work better than summer tyres in the cold.


New tyre Or Puncture repair

Called out to a lady with a flat tyre this morning. She booked a new tyre, but on arrival I assessed the puncture and informed her that it was repairable and that she could save money by having it fixed. As there was still 4mm of tread left it was worth doing. Also the tyre would continue to wear at the same rate as the other side, and next year she could have both replaced at the same time, giving even wear across the axle. Tyre repaired, customer happy.


Van rescue at Tescos

Called out to a van with a big hole in his tyre at the Tesco's garage in Durrington. Soon got him back on the road, with a nice new tyre. Don't forget it is not just car tyres we fit, it is also Vans, 4x4's, caravans, etc.


Winter tyres Are not Snow tyres

Winter tyres are most efficient in temperatures below 7°C when the rubber and silicon compounds in normal tyres are affected; reducing their flexibility and resilience. In such temperatures, winter tyres will significantly reduce stopping distances and offer more feedback to the driver. However, when slush, ice and snow are on the roads, motorists must remain as cautious as ever and still leave more distance between you and the vehicle in front, just because you have had winter tyres fitted and are able to stop more quickly, other vehicles around you may still be on summer tyres.


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