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Jaguar's New F- Type prototype to be shown at the festival of speed

By Paul Hudson Of the telegraph. 22 Jun 2012

A development prototype example of Jaguar's F-type, which is expected to go on sale next summer, makes its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The two-seater convertible will be driven up the Goodwood hillclimb by Mike Cross, Jaguar's acclaimed head of vehicle integrity.

A coupé version is expected to follow the soft-top. All-aluminium construction keeps weight down, while supercharged V6 or V8 engines drive the rear wheels.

Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar Cars, said: "The Goodwood Festival of Speed is focused around the dynamic hill runs where the public can see, hear and smell the cars – this is why we have chosen it as the place to showcase an F-type prototype. The development programme is progressing with vigour and we look forward to showing the world the F-type in production form later this year."

The F-type is currently undergoing development, including extremes of heat and cold and handling assessments, ahead of the launch.


Goodwood Festival of Speed

Festival of speed starts this Thursday with the Moving Motor Show, your chance to see some of the latest models on offer, and for the lucky few a chance to drive them. From Friday the main event starts, this will showcase all types of vehicle from F1 down to rare vintage cars. Famous drivers like Sterling Moss, Hamilton, Button, Surtees, etc will be around and up close. Watch them take their cars up the hill climb. Look out for the Hometyre Van, we will be there.


Tips for saving fuel.

If you want more miles to the gallon, or as I put it more bangs per buck – read on. Oh and save your money, the best fuel saving tips doesn’t involve buying any gadgets or fuel additives!

You can start saving fuel even before you start your engine, and no, top tip 1 isn’t ‘walk’ – perhaps it should be!

1 - Check your tyres

Check your tyre pressures regularly (at the very least once a month). An under-inflated tyre can increase fuel consumption by 3% or more, not only that but you’ll be wasting money buying tyres more often than you need to.

2 - Forget "warming up" the engine

Not only will your insurance company refuse to pay out if your car is nicked when you’ve left it running on your drive! But it causes excessive engine wear, and wastes your precious fuel. Better to buy some decent de-icer and drive off straight away.

3 – Get your car serviced

Skipping routine servicing is false economy. A car that’s serviced regularly will run smoother, use less fuel and pollute the atmosphere less. Oh and you won’t break down so often!

4 - Avoid short trips – walk lazy bones

Look, I know it’s tempting to jump into the car for the pop down to get your papers, but that short journey can use twice as much fuel, as the engine won’t have had chance to warm up. So why not walk?

Ok, so you’ve got to drive. So try these tips to reduce your fuel consumption

5 Look ahead and read the road

How often does your right foot go straight from the accelerator to the brake pedal – come on be honest!

Every time you brake you’re converting your momentum – that you’ve just spend fuel building up – into heat. It’s a total waste of your fuel.

Look ahead and get your foot off the accelerator, let the car decelerate. This way you’re getting every possible inch of value from your fuel. Obviously you’re going to have to brake if some idiot pulls out in front of you but it should be the exception rather than the norm.

6 - Drive smooooooothly

Ok, so we’ve all seen Clarkeson and Hammond tearing away from the lights but out in the real world it not only makes you look like a prat but it wastes fuel too, so try to pull away smoothly and gently. Imagine a saucer of water on your lap!

7 - Use your gears!

Most cars are at peak performance and fuel economy around the 2000 rpm mark so use your gear and change at this point. It’s not always true that you get better fuel economy in the highest gear; if your engine is labouring you’ll be wasting fuel. A lot of advanced drivers will frequently miss gears out, both going up and down through the gearbox. You can save around 15% of your fuel by making full and proper use of your gears.

8 - Don't over rev the engine – especially going through tunnels!

Another Clarkson moment, great fun, sounds great and costs a bomb in fuel!

9 - Stick to the speed limits

There’s a direct link between speed and fuel consumption

Driving at 50 instead of 70 can save you around 30% to 20% Driving at 70 instead of 80 can save you around 20% - 10%

Not only that but you’ll only add minutes onto your journey time, get to your destination less stressed and there’ll be less wear and tear on your engine.

10 – Put your window down vs turn air con off!

This is a bit of a catch 22, winding your window down when driving at speed will increase drag and use more fuel. Turning your air con on will use more fuel.

So what do you do? Well the drag doesn’t become an issue until your speeds over 50mph so driving at 50mph is a real win-win: lower fuel consumption from the lower speed and lower consumption as you can wind your window down and turn the air con off.


Is your car a Death trap?

Thousands of motorists are driving potential death-traps because they have bought part-worn tyres. A recent survey carried out by Trading Standards & tyresure, found that 98% of the used tyres they bought were illegal.

More than four million second-hand tyres were sold last year, but many are unfit for the road, researchers found rusty nails embedded in the rubber, botched repairs and hidden patches.

With new tyres costing up to £1,000 for four, cash-strapped motorists have been seeking ways to cut costs, without considering their safety.

That has seen the development of a thriving black market in illegal and, in some cases, lethal, second-hand-tyres.


BMW 3 Series to be fitted with Bridgestone tyres

Luxury car manufacturer BMW has selected Bridgestone tyres as original fitment for the new 3 Series model. A combination of standard touring and Run Flat Technology (RFT) tyres have been selected to run across the BMW 3 series range. With a strong focus on safety and balanced performance, the chosen tyres have been introduced to the European market for 2012. Edwin Van der Stad, Director Sales, Consumer Business Unit for Bridgestone Europe, said: “Bridgestone is proud to continue its long-standing partnership with BMW in the development of premium touring and high-performance tyres.

“Today nearly all BMW models, right across the range, are fitted with Bridgestone conventional and RFT tyres as original equipment.”

The 2012 BMW 3 Series is fitted with ultra high-performance Bridgestone Potenza S001 RFT tyres and is available in a range of six sizes for 17-, 18- and 19-inch rims.

Standard and RFT versions of the Bridgestone Turanza ER300A Ecopia touring tyres are available in two sizes to fit 16-inch wheels.

Should you need Runflat tyres for your vehicle, call Hometyre, to see what we can offer.


Sussex police & Tyresafe team up

TyreSafe and Sussex Police unite 15 June 2012 TyreSafe has announced Sussex Police has joined up to support its campaign to boost knowledge of tyre safety among road users.

The campaign aims to inform motorists about the potential dangers related to tyres while giving them tips on how to keep them up to a good standard.

TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson said: "The force enjoyed considerable success when it partnered Chandlers BMW at several events during last year's Tyre Safety Month, so it knows the benefits of getting involved and the positive outcome it can achieve."

This is not the only campaign put on by TyreSafe - the organisation also targets various markets such as logistics companies and young drivers.

Pc Phil Barrow, Sussex Police road safety officer, said: "Being at the sharp end I see the painful human cost following a road traffic accident, many of which have a tyre-related contributory factor. What's even more galling is that most could have been prevented by just a few regular simple tyre checks.

"Therefore, we fully endorse TyreSafe's ongoing campaigns to make drivers aware of the issues surrounding defective or illegal tyres and will do everything that we can to help it in its future activities."

Keeping tyres up to date is an essential part of safe motoring. However, accidents can still happen, so ensure you're prepared in the event of a tyre blow-out with breakdown cover.


6 Wheeled F1 car

Goodwood Festival of Speed: Six-wheeled March F1 car to tackle the hillclimb A six-wheeled March 2-4-0 Formula One car will be in action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Fittingly for an estate owned by the Earl of March, one of the craziest cars to be in action at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month will be a 1976 March 2-4-0.

The experimental six-wheeled Formula One car was built by March Engineering in Bicester, Oxfordshire and tested in 1977. It never raced, however, due to a lack of finances.

The March followed in the footsteps of the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 F1 car, which had four small front wheels to reduce drag and two at the rear. The March however had two front wheels for steering and four driven rear wheels for extra grip.

The Cosworth-powered car will join a group of other Cosworth-engined F1 cars, including a 1970 March 701, 1974 Maki F101 and 1977 Wolf-Cosworth WR1, for a timed shoot-out up the 1.16-mile Goodwood hillclimb.

The Festival of Speed takes place from June 29-July 1, with the Moving Motor Show the day before.


Damaged Locking wheel nut adaptor

I was called out to the owner of a Citroen C5 yesterday, The owner had taken his car to a local tyre depot to have two new tyres fitted. Once fitted he drove home and decided to take his front wheels off to replace his trackrod ends. Imagine his suprise to open the locking wheel nut box and find the Key (Adaptor) in two pieces. The tyre depot had broken it and just put it away without telling him. They then refused to acknowledge that they were responsible as he had driven away ! His local Citroen dealer needed 10 days to get a new adaptor, but he couldn't wait that long. He tried to remove them himself, unsuccessfully - damaging his alloy wheel in the process, then called hometyre. It took me around 30 minuted to remove all four lock nuts and there was no further damage to his alloys. Satisfied customer. Guess that tyre depot won't get his custom again.


Felpham & Bognor Floods

Most of Felpham, Bognor Regis, Middleton and Elmer were cut off yesterday due to flooding of the main A259 and side roads. Hometyre Sussex still managed to find a way around the floods and kept customers appointments as scheduled. Locking wheel nut removals in Petworth and new tyres in Singleton. The flood waters are dropping fast, but the main roads are still flooded. There is a way around Felpham using Downview Road and the Roundel estate, but due to the amount of traffic it can take 30 mins to get through.


Michelin publishes an I-Spy book for Goodwood

To celebrate its sponsorship of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Supercar Paddock, Michelin has published a special-edition I-Spy Goodwood Festival of Speed book.

In the tradition of I-Spy books from past and present, the new book is packed with interesting cars, places and people to spot at this year’s Festival and even gives petrolheads (over the age of 21) the chance to win a Porsche driving day at Silverstone by entering a free prize draw.

The book will be available on the Michelin stand at the Festival from Thursday 28 June to Sunday 1 July, while stocks last.


Tyre Wholesaler Micheldever tells pitfalls of Part Worn Tyres

Micheldever Takes a Safety Stand on Part Worn Tyres Part worn tyres are a potential accident waiting to happen according to Mark Harley, Retail Operations Director, at Micheldever Tyre Services. “Tyres removed from vehicles are usually taken off for a reason,” said Mark. “They may have hidden damage which is only likely to be revealed when the car is driven down the road. The reality is that they pose a real road safety danger, are not fit for purpose and in fact offer very poor value for money.” According to a recent Auto Express survey, arranged in conjunction with TyreSafe, the cost per millimetre of a part worn versus a new tyre was getting on for twice as much. Micheldever and its 63 Protyre branches have instigated a policy of disabling all tyres removed from cars and vans. This is achieved by drilling two holes in the sidewall of the tyre thereby ensuring that they do not find their way back onto UK roads. The disabled tyres are then responsibly disposed of by the company according to the requirements set out under the Responsible Recycler Scheme. The extent of the danger posed by these tyres was underlined last year by Birmingham Trading Standards. They found that alarmingly 90% of the tyres they examined failed to meet the minimum legal requirements.


Part worn tyres - Beware

A survey of used tyres - often called part worn tyres - has shown that many are potentially dangerous.

TyreSafe (a not-for-profit organisation) carried out a study which involved the purchase of 50 random part worn tyres from retailers across the UK. It found that 98 per cent were being sold illegally as they did not meet current requirements, but more seriously, over a third of the tyres were found to contain potentially dangerous forms of damage or non-compliance.

"Despite clear legislation it would appear from our investigation that the sale of illegal part worn tyres is a very real problem and needs to be tackled head on by Trading Standards as a matter of urgency. Those who sell illegal part worn tyres need to be educated and stopped as it really it could be a matter of life and death," said Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.

One tyre in its investigation was described as having the "potential to kill" as it still contained a metal object penetrating 5cm through the tread in a manner which was likely to result in sudden and total tyre failure had it been fitted to a vehicle.

Other serious safety breaches included dangerous and unsafe repairs, exposed cords, bead damage and evidence of runflat damage. TyreSafe says that, last year, there were more than 1,200 road casualties where illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres were a contributory factor.

We have to agree. We know new tyres are expensive – and as cars have ever wider tyres, the prices keep going up - but part-worn tyres are a gamble. A part-worn tyre could come from a legitimate source, but most people use their tyres until they are worn out and then replace them. How many MOT failures, for example, have tyres in good condition that you would be happy to use? Given the difference in how long a new tyre will last, you will normally get your money back in the long run. For advice on the best tyres for your vehicle, call Hometyre on 0800 783 9310 or check out our website


Don't scrimp on tyres

Which? Magazine recently studied tyre usage in the uk, and found that during this economic downturn many drivers are buying used part worn tyres. The problem with this is you do not know the history of the tyre. Why was it removed from its previous vehicle? Many tyres have defects internally with the tyres substructure, and this isn't always visible on the surface. If you are buying a part worn tyre, Ask to see the inside of the tyre, and refuse any tyres that show damage, patches, or strain marks. also check the dates on the tyres, as many part worn specialists often sell older tyres. in general any tyre that is over 5 years of age, should not be fitted. Which? concluded that the tyre is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, as it is the only part in contact with the road. o why scrimp on this essential part. You would not fit part worn brake pads...... Would you?


Boat trailer tyres

Do you tow a boat traier? If you do, then when was the last time you changed the tyres. like a caravan, the rubber on trailer tyres deteriorates due to lack of use, and standing in the same place for long periods of time. Ideally you should be changing the tyres every 7 years whether there is tread left or not. Once the rubber starts to deteriorate, it will happen fast, and splits will appear on the side walls or even in the tread itself. Don't become a statistic with a blown out tyre on the side or the road. If in doubt as to the age of your tyres, have a look on the hometyre website, where is shows how to read the DOT code.


Flat Tyre ? It may be your alloy wheel.

Just because you have a flat tyre, don't assume it is the tyre at fault. I was called out to a BMW X5 today with a flat tyre, upon inspection I found a crack on the inside of the alloy wheel. This can easily happen if you hit a pot hole. In this case the customer had also driven on the tyre when it was deflated damaging the inner sidewall, so he will now need a new wheel and a tyre.


Tyre checks can avoid Bank Holiday breakdowns

Millions of drivers are expected to be hitting the roads this Spring Bank Holiday weekend but those failing to check their tyres before heading off risk motoring misery.

That’s the warning from TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, as the country gears up for an extra-long Bank Holiday weekend, giving many a well-earned opportunity to visit family, friends and loved-ones.

“We want people to enjoy their holidays and arrive safely at their destinations, so that’s why we’re urging them to do a few simple tyre checks before they head off and this includes the spare wheel as well. The great news is that these inspections are quick and simple yet pay real dividends,” said Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.

The three key aspects of TyreSafe’s advice are checking the tyre’s Air pressure, Condition and Tread depth (ACT).


Bank holiday weekend, ensure your tyres are prepared for your travel.

With a bank holiday looming, How many people have checked their car tyres before commencing on a long trip. Most will check oil and water levels, but how many will check their tyres. Not just for air pressure, but also check for tread depth, splits or bulges. Don't leave it till the last minute to order your new tyres, give us a call at Hometyre to get your vehicle prepared for your trip.


Locking wheel nut adaptor

I was called out to a customer who had broken their locking wheel nut adaptor and needed to change a blown tyre. He had bought a new adaptor through his local Ford dealer, it took 4 weeks to come, so he wasn't able to use his car for a month. I was called out to change the tyre today, only to find the new adaptor didn't work. Rather than wait another month, he asked me to remove the lock nuts using our specialist tool. He then replaced the lock nuts with standard nuts. It shows that waiting around for a replacement adaptor isn't always worth the wait. Had he called Hometyre last month he could have been back on the road within a day.


Falken's new High Performance tyre

Falken is preparing for the UK launch of what it calls its strongest and quietest ultra high performance tyre, the Azenis FK453. The new tyre succeeds, both numerically and in Falken’s line-up, the FK452, a tyre Falken says has been revered by many car enthusiasts for its blend of performance and affordability. With the launch of this latest product, for the first time the Japanese tyre maker is offering Y speed rated fitments suitable for use at up to 186mph or 300km/h. The new range will be available in a total of 62 sizes, including a 20-inch version, to fit sports and performance cars such as the VW Golf GTI, BMW 1 Series M Coupe, Porsche 911 and Audi RS5


Morris Minor

This afternoon is going to be fun, I am going to put new tyres on a Morris minor that has been garaged for a number of years. The owner has decided to get the old moggy back on the roads, and as part of the restoration, he needs a rolling chassis, so new tyres are the starting point.


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