Goodwood Festival of Speed, Track day support.

One of the services Hometyre supply is tyre support at track day events.


  In 2018 I was asked by Redbull if I could support Mad Mike a leading drift driver from New Zealand with his 'Radbull' Mazda MX5, as he was making a promotional film for the Festival of Speed.

I stayed in the paddock area while he went out drifting for the film, then replaced tyres for him between takes. From this we got to know the Redbull team as well as Mike's team of mechanics.

In 2019 Redbull remembered us at Hometyre and asked us back to supply tyre support for Mad Mike who was drfting his new Lamborghini. 20190627_164405 Mad Mike filmed a promotional event for the Festival of speed with a race between him and a Russian Kamaz truck, which jumps over his car. This was filmed about two weeks before the event and Hometyre was there providing tyre support for the day. Drift_Kamaz_jump

I was then asked to attend the Festival of speed for all 4 days to support Mad Mike and all for the other drift cars in the paddock, where they put on drift shows as well as going around the track. There were teams from the UK, (The most famous being Ken Block with his Hoonigan), teams from Japan, America and the Arab emirates.

After the event Lexus ran a track day for some of their prestigiousLexus_RCF customers and again we were asked to support this one day event where their Lexus RCF cars were doing laps of the motor circuit at high speed. Professional drivers would go out and show the customers how to drive, they would then move to the passenger seat and observe the customers driving on the track. Some of the cars had blow outs and limped back to the pits where we replaced the tyres ready for them to go out again.

This month in 2021 Hometyre Sussex was requested by Goodwood to attend the Festival of speed again to supply support to the teams doing drifting during the event. These drift cars can go through a set of tyres in one run around the track as they do doughnuts at various areas around the track in front of the spectators.

20190706_062520_resized This year there were no drift shows in the paddock so tyre usage was less. Due to covid restrictions Mad Mike was unable to attend the event, so there were only UK based drivers namely.

1. Baggsy in his2019 Nissan GT-R although he had engine problems on day two and had to use his older Nissan Skyline for the last two days.

2.. Kevin Quinn in his 2001 Nissan Silvia 515.

3.James Dean in his 2008 BMW E92 M3.

4.Martin Richards in his 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R


5.Paul Smith in his 2013 Toyota GT86.

6.Alex Claudin in his 1968 Dodge Charger LS6 (Crashed on day Three).

7.Ian Bizz Phillips in his 2004 Nissan 350Z

Plus 3 others.

We also fitted tyres to the Jaguar team for the car they use to drive on two wheels up the hill, these tyres are inflated to 80 psi to support the weight of the car.

Over the event we swapped slick tyres for rain tyres for a Subaru Impreza, as well as fitting slick tyres to the Mustang Mack-E that was trying to set a good time running up the hill.


Should you have a track day event and need support call us at Hometyre on 0333444 5454


Wire Wheel Balancing | Wheel Balancing on Classic and Vintage Cars

One of this weeks jobs was a Jaguar E type with wire wheels. The owner had bought the car a year ago, the body was in excellent condition having been restored, but there were problems with the engine. He took it to a Jaguar specialist, who after checking it said that it needed a full engine rebuild.  The work took almost a year to complete as some new parts were required and these proved difficult to source. Prior to starting the engine rebuild the owner had new tyres fitted at a specialist place in Hampshire.

Now that he had the car back he took it out for a test drive and found that he was getting bad vibration once he reached 60 MPH, after checking with his mechanic he recommended that the wheels needed re-balancing. The owner felt that since it was almost a year since the tyres had been fitted and since he felt the original company hadn't balance the wheels correctly, he didn't feel confident going back to them so decided to look for another company. He searched the internet and found us at Hometyre, this showed that we had balanced wire wheels previously, so he engaged us to come and re-balance the wheels.

I arrived at his home and he showed me to the car. After a quick discussion about the correct jacking points on the car, I went ahead and loosened off the central spinning lug nut on each wheel, I then jacked up the car and removed each wheel in turn taking them into my van.

The wheels are put onto our electronic balancing machine with double cones to ensure the wheel runs true. This showed the following out of balance errors:  Wheel 1 was 10g, wheel 2 was 50g, wheel 3 was 25g and wheel 4 was also 50g. I was able to correct these errors by hiding sticky weights on the inner edge of each wheel, that way they are not seen from the outside. Once complete the wheels were put back on the car and the central nuts hammered back on. 

The customer was then going to take the car out for a test drive to test the results.



All Terrain Maxxis Van tyres

One of the jobs this week was a VWLT35 van, the owner had bought the van a couple of weeks ago as a 'project' he was going to modify it and turn it into a camper van.  The van had already been into a garage and had some work done to the suspension and had new brakes fitted. The garage also pointed out that the tyres needed replacing as they were perishing, this was not something the garage would do, but they recommended Hometyre to the owner.

The owner decided that he wanted to have Maxxis All Terrain tyres  fitted all round. I started by attempting to loosen the wheel nuts on each wheel.  These had been massively over tightened, I could not get them to undo, even using a 3ft breaker bar. Luckily I carry an impact driver and using that along with and impact socket was able to hammer it on each nut and loosen them.  This allowed me to then jack up and remove each wheel from the van. They were then taken into my van and each tyre was replaced with a new Maxxis tyre.   Once complete, each wheel was balanced and put back on the van.  This time the wheel nuts were tightened using a torque wrench to the correct tightness for that vehicle.

 For more info on van tyres click here VWvan_maxxis

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Tyres with Inner Tubes | Inner Tubes Mobile Tyre Fitting West Sussex

Its not often that I get a job where there are tyres with inner tubes but in the last week I had four of them!

The first of which was an MGTC from 1942, it had 19" wire wheels with very narrow tyres. The customer had bought the car from a family member 7 years ago, as far as he was aware the tyres had not been changed in the 15 years that the car had been in his family. So he decided it would be good to have the tyres replaced.

He contacted his local garage but they were unwilling to work on these wheels. He searched online and found Hometyre, he called us and we advised him that we have worked on similar vehicles before so it would be no problem. We recommended that he also have new inner tubes as there was a good chance the tubes were of similar age to the tyres. It was a good job that he agreed to this, as the tyres when checked were 26 years old!

With any tyre of this age the rubber has deteriorated and hardened, the same can be said of the inner tubes. When I arrived I jacked the car up and removed each wheel in turn, the wheels are held on by a central spinning lugnut. This has to be removed by hitting it with a soft faced copper hammer. Once removed there is no noticeable difference in changing the tyre, other than inserting the inner tube. Once inflated, I then balanced the wheels adding sticky weights to the inner edge of the wheel only to keep the outer area looking clean.

The wheels are put back on and the central nut tightened using the hammer. 


The second vehicle of the week was a 1960 Dutch caravan that is hired out for weddings and events, the caravan was at a repair shop having some work done to it. The company involved was too busy to replace the tyres, so the owner asked us to change them as they worked on other repairs to the vintage caravan.

When I arrived I noticed that the jockey wheel was on an angle and didn't seem to work properly, so I put a jack under the tow hitch to support it. A second jack was then used to lift the caravan. Once up it the air the wheels were removed and taken into my van, it was at this point that I found out it had inner tubes.

There were no new inner tubes available, so I had to be careful removing the old ones as they needed to be reused. The tyres were 23 years old, which was a worry with the old inner tubes, the owner of the caravan was informed the inner tubes would need changing as soon as the availability was there. I soon had the new tyres fitted with the old inner tubes, they were then balanced and put back on the caravan with the wheel nuts torqued to the correct setting.


The third vehicle was an Alvis from 1947, the owner has had the car for just over a year. He hasn't had it on the road yet as he has been restoring it. When he bought the car it came with a second set of new tyres, as part of the restoration the wheel rims had been painted and he wanted the new tyres fitting along with some new inner tubes he had purchased..

When I arrived the car was already jacked up and the wheels removed. The old tyres were 20 years old, the 'new' tyres were 15 years old, although they were old they had been stored correctly in the dark and seem to be OK. I soon had the old tyres removed and the new tyres with inner tubes installed, the new inner tubes had smaller valves that the originals, so a small plastic grommet is used to adjust the wheels hole size.

Balancing was carried out and the sticky weights were hidden on the inside of the rim. The customer will put the wheels back on the car himself once restoration is complete.


The final job was an old Landrover defender, the customer called to say he had a puncture and could we come to repair it. When I took the wheel off and got to work on it, I found it had an inner tube. I took off the tyre to find a 4" nail had penetrated it and had put a long split in the inner tube.

This was not repairable so a new inner tube will be required. Since this wasn't available on the day, the customer asked that we put the spare wheel on. An inner tube will be sourced and fitted at a later date.



Locking Wheel Nut Removals in Bognor-Regis

Much like trying to find your keys in the morning, locking wheel nuts have a habit of wondering off into the depths of the car. Nowadays most cars are equipped with locking wheel nuts but these tend to vanish after a visit to a local garage or when a car has been purchased 2nd hand .

In order to remove the wheel, change a tyre or repair a puncture, we need this key as it's a completely different shape to the other nuts. In addition, from one car to another, the key could be completely different!


In order to help the customer get back on the road as soon as possible, we have specialist equipment on the van that can remove the locknuts without the use of welding or cutting if no key is present. Our specialist tools are made of brass that, once hit, conform to the shape of the nut and aid in the removal service. This is the non-invasive method. The other method would be an invasive removal. This breaks the head of the nut and uses a large amount of torque in order to remove the nut.

The nut shown in the photo above is from a Peugeot / Citroen these are one of the most difficult to remove, they are also one of the easiest to damage by a tyre fitter who uses a airgun to try and remove the nuts. These should always be removed and replaced by hand.

Whilst we try our best to remove the nuts, there is sadly not always a guaranteed 100% success rate with either of these removal services. If someone has attempted to remove the nuts previously using a drill or welding, the chance of removing the nuts decreases rapidly.

Over the last 13 years I have successfully removed over 500 locknuts. 

If you need help removing your locking wheel nuts, whether they have been over-tightened, or you've lost the key, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 to book an appointment today!


Caravan, Campervan and Motorhome tyres

2020 was the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic across the entire World, thousands of people had their holidays abroad cancelled and #Staycations gradually became extremely popular. It looks like this is going to continue in 2021, many people have been buying up second hand caravans, campers and motorhomes, some of which haven't been on the road for a number of years.

If you are planning a staycation this year, please check the tyres on your vehicle before you travel. Caravan_in_Thetford

The Caravan Club recommend changing the tyres on motorhomes every 3 to 5 years regardless of the amount of tread left as they operate at very high pressures (Often 70 to 80 psi).

With caravans they recommend changing the tyres every 5 to 7 years. We at Hometyre often see caravans with cracks on the sidewalls or within the tread. This is often caused by lack of use. Tyres need to move to flex the rubber, also if they stand still for long periods then the sun beams down on the same area of the tyre making it harden which doesn't help.

Camper vans are not as bad normally, but I often find that recently these are fitted with larger wheels and tyres. Which if the suspension hasn't been set up correctly, causes the inside edge of the tyre to wear badly.


Quite often I get calls from people in a panic as they are planning to travel the next day and have only just realised that the tyres are in a bad condition. Please take the time to check your tyres now and if they need replacing, call us at Hometyre on 03334445454 or take a look on our website for more information.


Road legal track tyres

Today I had a customer with a BMW M6 who wanted very specific tyres. The rear tyres on the car are 285/35R19 to get good grip he wanted Pirelli Corsa tyres.  They are similar to Michelin Sports cup, these are also street legal track tyres.  They both give great grip due to a softer rubber, but they will wear faster.


These Corsa tyres have an Assymetrical tread pattern, but also they are specifically designed as Right and Left hand tyres. 

The front tyres are 255/40R19, but there are no Pirelli Corsa tyres in this size so the customer wanted Pirelli P Zero tyres.

I arrived at the address and after talking to the customer and getting the car keys and the locking wheelnut removal tool, I then started on the rear wheels, then moved onto the front wheels. The wheel rims were in 'as new' condition, so I took extra care and used additional plastic rim protectors when changing the tyres.

The customer also mentioned that the wheels on the car had been spaced out and extra long bolts fitted.  He wanted to remove the spacers and fit some new standard bolts that he had just purchased.  Except when I went to fit the wheels back on the car, I found he had been sold the wrong size bolts. So I had to put the spacers back on with the long bolts ( He will change the short bolts and remove the spacers at a later date).

For more info on specific tyres like this give us a call on 0333444454. 



Caravan Tyres with Tyron™ Safety Bands fitted INCORRECTLY

I was called out to what should have been a simple job, change two tyres on a Bailey caravan that is also fitted with Tyron safety bands and Tyre Pressure Sensors, but unfortunately it ended up becoming one of the worst jobs I have had in over 10 years.

I arrived at the job and met up with the owner, checked the tyre pressures required, put on the handbrake and took up the corner stays. I then jacked up the caravan and removed the first wheel, taking it into my van.

This is when the problem started, I released the air from the tyre and using the bead breaker inched around the tyre pushing it down. Normally I push a little further down to expose the top of the Tyron™ Band so I can apply a little lubrication so that when I push down with the Tyron™ ring it slips over the band allowing access to the removal bolt.

In this case the tyre wouldn't go over the Tyron™ band, peeking inside I could see that the Tyron™ band was quite loose, also it was twisted outwards where the bolt was located.  

Tyron_twistedThis stopped me getting access to the end of the bolt to undo it. I continued working round the tyre for around 40 minutes, until I managed to push the tyre over the twisted end, being careful not to damage the tyre pressure sensor.

I then found the next problem…. who ever had fitted it originally must have used an air gun and had stripped the thread on the bolt so it wouldn't undo. This was why the whole Tyron™ band was loose!

I tried to get my air grinder into the gap to cut through the bolt but there wasn't enough space. The only option was to cut all around the tyre on both sides with a knife and remove it. This allowed access and I could get the grinder in to cut away the bolt. I then removed the Tyron™ band and the customer allowed me to use a vice in his garage along with some mole-grips to bend it back into shape.

I was then able to fit a new tyre, and refit the Tyron™ band correctly, luckily I carry spare bolts for Tyron™ bands. The tyre was then inflated to the correct pressure, balanced and fitted back on the caravan. All in all it took around 2 hours for what should have been a 30 minute job.

I was then able to get on with the second wheel, which had the same problem, since I had already found the problem and how to solve it on the first wheel, I went straight in with the knife and cut away the old tyre. I soon had this one sorted a new tyre fitted and had it back on the caravan.

It goes to show that you should only have Tyron™ bands fitted by competent fitters who know what they are doing. Our fitters are all highly trained and many of our network have been to the Tyron™ UK Company HQ and undergone full training in how to fit their products.

Should you have Tyron™ bands that need removing and refitting with new tyres, or should you just want a new set of Tyron™ bands fitting, then call us at #Hometyre on 0333 444 5454 or for further info take a look on out website click here for Tyron band info.  We are recommended by Tyron™ UK as a supplier and fitter.


Vauxhall Corsa TPMS problem

Today we attended a job in Chichester for an elderly couple who need their car as they live out of town and with the covid pandemic it is their only means of getting around.

They have a 2016 Vauxhall Corsa which is fitted with direct TPMS sensors.  One sensor kept showingtpms_icon a warning light on the dash which meant there was an air leak. At first I thought there might be a puncture, but upon checking the tyre with a leak detector liquid there was no obvious leak.

I then checked round the rim for corrosion and again there was no problem, finally I checked the sensor valve. This produced small bubbles from around the base of the valve.

To fix the problem, first I had to remove the tyre from the rim, then unscrew the sensor from the valve stem, once this was off I was able to pull out the rubber stem. Some sensor valves have metal stems with sealing nuts, others have a rubber stem.

On our vans we carry with us a set of TPMS service parts, including programmable sensors and stems for both metal and rubber valves. I checked the type required and replaced it with a matching rubber stem, the sensor was then screwed back in place. The tyre was put back on, inflated and the wheel balanced. I then checked the TPMS Sensor using our diagnostic tool. Once complete the wheel was put back on the car and the job was completed.

Direct TPMS have an actual sensor fitted inside the wheel, it is generally fixed to the valve, ideally it should be serviced every time a tyre is changed, as the rubber seals harden allowing air to leak. Indirect TPMS uses the cars ABS system to tell that one tyre on the same axle is dragging compared to the other tyre. With the indirect system there are no service parts.

Should you have problems with the TPMS light coming on on your dash, then call us at #Hometyre on 0333 444 5454


A sensor unit fitted to a valve.


Slow leaks caused by TPMS valves on a Hyundai i-30

While replacing a tyre for a customer, his next door neighbour came and asked if I could check the valves and seals on his tyres as they were constantly losing air.  I wasn't able to do it that day as I was fully booked, but he was booked in for the next day.

When I arrived at his address he told me that he had inflated all of the tyres to 32 psi the night before. I checked them and they had all dropped to around 27 ~ 28 psi.  I jacked the car up and took the wheels off one by one, and checked all around the seal areas, these were OK, so I then checked around the TPMS valves.  All of them were leaking from around the bottom of the stems. This is often found on older valves where the rubber seals have hardened allowing air to leak.  This is why it is recommended to have the TPMS valve serviced every time new tyres are fitted.

To solve the problem we remove the tyre and the TPMS valve and sensor, we then fit a new valve stem and sealing nut to the sensor (This includes a new rubber seal) once re-assembled the tyre is put back on the rim, it is re-balanced and the wheel is put back on the car. 

Once the wheels were all back on the car, I was able to reset the TPMS system on the dash. This should solve the problem for the customer. 

Once complete I checked all of the tyres, wrote out an inspection report and took a payment from the customer.  



Budget Tyres, Puncture Repair, Front to Rear Swap and a TPMS Check for a Nissan Juke - all done during the COVID Lockdown.

This week I was booked to fit two budget tyres to the front of a Nissan Juke. The day before going. the customer called to say he had a puncture in one of his rear tyres. Because we never know what has caused the puncture or if there is any internal damage, we always bring an extra tyre with us just in-case it isn't repairable.

I turned up at the address and met up with the customer.  Due to the covid pandemic, we wear a mask and gloves, plus we sanitise the card payment machine between each job. Should you be isolating we can do a contactless fitting, with payment being taken over your phone.

The customer explained that he also wanted me to do a front to rear swap. ( Moving the half worn rear tyres to the front, with the new tyres ending up on the rear).

First off I decided to check out the punctured tyre, it took a while to find the problem, there was a small sliver of metal about the thickness of a needle stuck in the tread. Once found it was easy enough to carry out a repair using a plug patch. This is where we drill a 6mm hole through where the puncture was, we then rough up the inside area of the tyre around the hole and glue in a the plug patch which looks similar to a mushroom. The stem goes through the hole and the patch covers the inside, with the whole thing glued in place. Once repaired the tyre is fitted back on the rim, the wheel is balanced, then fitted back on the car. (On the front).

I then got on and changed the other two tyres, finally moving the other rear wheel to the front (Re-balancing it before fitting it).

Once complete I then checked all of the Tyre pressure sensors (TPMS) fitted inside each wheel rim using our diagnostic tool. This gives a readout of each sensor telling me the tyre pressure, temperature and battery condition.



Ford Fiesta Lock Nut Removal in Worthing | Mobile Tyre Fitting West Sussex

We received a phone call from a customer in Worthing asking for a locknut removal on her Ford Fiesta. The car had a worn out tyre which she wanted replacing, she took it to a local tyre depot who were unable to remove the locknut as the removal tool kept slipping.

She then took the car to the local Ford dealership, they tried in their workshop to remove the locknut but gave up as it was too tight. Following her experience with Ford, she searched the internet and found Hometyre.

I arrived at the job and after talking with the owner I checked the type of locknut, this was a McGard (Like a flower pattern). We carry with us on our vans a selection of specialist tools, in this case I have a Dynomec tool, which when hammered in, deforms and replicates the original removal key.

The tool itself is attached to an impact driver which when hammered in tries to turn the nut to remove it, because this was massively over tightened it took around 20 minutes of hammering to loosen and remove the locknut.

Once completed, I was able to replace it with a normal wheel nut, complete a report on the vehicles tyres and take a debit card payment from the customer. 


McGard type locking wheelnuts.


Jeep Renegade Tyres in Littlehampton


We were called out to a Jeep Renagade with a flat tyre, the owner was hoping it was going to be a puncture repair and would be repairable. I asked if he had any idea as to why it had happened, to which he said that he had hit a brick step in his driveway. A quick examination showed a 2" split in the sidewall which is, unfortunately, not repairable.

Because we are a mobile service, we always try to bring a potential replacement tyre with us to each job so that we are prepared if necessary. In this case the customer told us in advance that he had Michelin tyres, so that is what we had on board.

The vehicle is also fitted with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors and I was a little worried that he may have damaged the sensor when hitting the step. We carry a TPMS diagnostic machine which checks the sensors. In this case it showed that the sensor was OK, I also checked all the other sensors as part of our service check on the vehicle.


I was now able to replace the damaged tyre check and correct the pressures in all of the other tyres, before completing the job and taking a payment with our on board card payment reader. Finally we checked the customers email address and send a receipt to his email.

For more info on 4x4 tyres click here or for info on Tyre Pressure Sensors click here


Tyres for Tradespeople in West Sussex | Mobile Tyre Fitting


A local builder called us at Hometyre as he needed two 255/60R18 tyres on his VW Amarok, he was working at an address in Storrington and wanted us to come to the work site. He had been recommended Hometyre by a fellow tradesperson who had mentioned we offered to the minute appointments so it was easy to fit us in around his busy work day!


I arrived at the site and got on with the job of changing the two rear tyres, he then advised me that he also had a punctured tyre under the vehicle and the spare was fitted to the front.

Once the rear tyres were completed I took the punctured tyre out from under the vehicle. It turned out that a piece of flint had gone through the tyre damaging it beyond repair. Unfortunately because we didn't know about this before we arrived we did not have a replacement tyre with us. So we had to come back the next day, since the spare was a new tyre it was decided to get the same make, fit it to the punctured wheel and fit it on the other side at the front and put the old front tyre underneath as a 'good' spare. This would then leave the vehicle with four new tyres.

The builder was happy with the outcome as he didn't need to waste time going to a tyre depot and was able to keep working.

Should you be a builder, carpenter, plumber, plasterer, electrician, painter, roofer or any trades person that uses a vehicle for work, if you need tyres then give us a call at Hometyre on 0333 444 5454.



Tesla tyres

Recently I have fitted new tyres to a number of Tesla cars, Model X, Model S and Model 3, one thing many owners have not realised is that there are specific tyres designed for Tesla cars. The Tesla Mark - is the letters TO on the sidewall of the tyre. They also tend to be either 'Acoustic' or ' Silent' tyres, these are denoted by small lettering on the tyre. These 'quiet' tyres are fitted with a layer of foam around 25mm thick all around the inside of the tread area, with the idea that the foam deadens some of the road noise.

I had a customer last week who ordered standard Michelin Pilot Sport4 tyres for his Model3, we took an extra set of 'Tesla Michelins' along as an option. I explained the difference between the two tyres to the owner and showed him on his old tyres that they were TO Acoustic tyres. He hadn't realised there was a difference and wanted to have the same fitted again. There is a small price difference, but for some it is worth it to have the correct tyres that are designed to give the best ride for the car.

For more info on Tesla tyres give us a call at Hometyre on 0333 444 5454




Tyre damage while driving

Last week I went out to a new customer to fit two new Michelin Pilot Sport4 tyres to his Audi A3. I was then surprised to find him booked back in two days later for one tyre, as one of the new tyres had been damaged beyond repair.

I went back to his house to find the spare wheel on the car and the damaged tyre in the boot. 20201108_223712Upon inspection I found that there was a small craft knife blade stuck in the tread. This had caused the tyre to lose pressure and go down. The owner felt a wobble on the first roundabout, but he ignored it and continued to drive on his way to work. It was only when he got to work that he realised the tyre was totally flat and put the spare on.

The tyre from the outside looked OK, but when I took the tyre off the wheel and looked inside, you could easily see that the internal structure of the tyre had been destroyed. ((See photo 2).

I cleaned up the rim, fitted a new valve and then replaced the tyre, finally it was balanced before being put back on the car.

It shows that with todays modern suspensions, most2016_09_20_11.13.31 people don't realise they have a puncture. Which is why since 2012, manufacturers have been fitting cars with Tyre Pressure Measuring Sensors (TPMS). These warn a driver as soon as a tyre looses pressure. These are now part of the MOT check and must function.

For more information on TPMS systems call us at hometyre, we carry parts to repair TPMS sensors as well as having new replacement sensors.


Do tyres have a shelf life?

Date stamps on tyres

Since the 1980's, tyres have had a date stamp added to the sidewalls so that you can see how old they are.

During the 80's it was a 3 digit code giving the week number and year of manufacture. So 218 would equal week 21 in 1988. When we got to the 90s and in order to differentiate, they added a triangle to the 3 digits, so 218 (followed by a triangle) would represent week 21 in 1998. It became much easier to remember from the year 2000 when a four digit code was used, so 2108 would represent week 21 in 2008, see below 3507 means the 35th week of 2007.


The service life of a tyre is usually measured by the amount of tread remaining; in the UK the legal limit is 1.6mm over ¾ of the tread all around the circumference. But we should also be looking at the date code as oxidisation is also a serious concern, and since tyres are made of rubber they degrade with age.

Most consumers in the UK do not know that the date code exists, a survey in 2006 showed that only 4% of drivers realised that tyres becomes more dangerous as they age. A large body of scientific evidence supports that most tyres should be replaced six years from the date they were manufactured. This six year expiration date begins from the day the tyre was made, not from the day it was sold and fitted to a vehicle.

Are your tyres older than you think? Check your tyres and if you're in doubt - call us!

Tyres age dangerously because a chemical process commonly referred to as oxidisation occurs. This simply means that a tyres components are exposed to oxygen. The oxygen particles cause the flexible components of the tyre to harden and become brittle.

Over time, the tyre will fall apart under normal stress, just like an old rubber band. Because this process occurs naturally, it doesn't matter if a tyre is being used, stored as a spare, or waiting on a shelf in a tyre depot... the breakdown process has started from day one.

How old is too old for a tyre?

This is a subject of much debate within the tyre industry and no tyre expert can tell exactly how long a tyre will last. The results of experience of many tyre manufacturing companies including Bridgestone, warrant their tyres for 5 years from date of manufacture. Based on these understandings many vehicle manufacturers are now advising their customers to replace their tyres after 6 years, regardless of tread depth remaining.

Regardless of its age, any tyre should be replaced if it shows significant signs of crazing, or cracking within the tread grooves or on the sidewalls, or if there is any sign of bulging on the tread face or sidewalls. All tyres should be inspected on a regular basis. Do not wait for a yearly MOT or something to fail. If in doubt about a tyres suitability, please consult your local Hometyre representative we will gladly advise you.

The industry in which the age of a tyre is most prominent is the CARAVAN TYRE section. The Caravan Club advises that tyres on a caravan do not pass 5 years in age. This is because most caravan tyres will not be replaced due to worn tread but due to the dangers of age related cracking in the rubber.


The Age (and danger) of Part Worn Tyres

Age is another, in a long list, of reasons that at Hometyre we strongly oppose the sale of part worn tyres. Most of these are either accident recovered tyres (where the internal structural damage is not known), puncture damaged and removed from scrap piles, some have even been found to be 15-20 years old too have become brittle and dangerous. Without any current laws in the UK regarding age, part worn sellers can fit pretty much anything they like to your vehicle.

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Wheel alignment of a Tesla model X

Last week I was called out to a new customer with a Tesla Model X with a puncture in a rear 265/35R22 Goodyear tyre. I went out to meet him at his friends house where I was able to repair the tyre for him. As part of our service we check all the tyres on the car. While doing this check I noticed that the front tyres had worn badly on the inner edges and were almost through to the cords.

I brought out our wheel alignment gauges and checked the car the set up for a Model X should be +1.5mm, this car was at +4.5mm which is why the tyres were wearing badly. Due to time constraints the customer had to get off, so we agreed that I would correct the alignment at a later date.


He called in and arranged for me to do the wheel alignment on Friday afternoon. We met at the arranged time and I set the car up with disks under the front wheels, checked and adjusted the tyre pressures all round. I then loosened off the locknuts on the tie rods, which on this vehicle are at the front of the wheel.

The Supertracker laser equipment was put on the wheels, the steering wheel was locked in a level position. I then was able to carry out the adjustment, once all the figures were good, the locknuts were tightened back up. All the equipment was removed from the car, and I asked the customer to take it for a test drive. He came back from the test drive with a smile on his face and said that it all felt good. I was then able to make out the invoice and take a payment for the work, with a receipt emailed to the customer. Job done. The front tyres will be replaced at a later date.

Should you have a car where the tyres are wearing badly on one edge, it pulls to one side or the steering wheel is on an angle when driving in a straight line, then you may have an alignment problem. For more info on wheel alignment check out our website click here


Buying a used Caravan? Check the tyres before you travel!

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, travel to other countries has become extremely difficult over the last few months. Due to this, many people have been buying second hand caravans and motorhomes, so that they can enjoy a staycation in the UK.

Many people who are new to caravaning do not realise how important their tyres are.


Because caravans do little mileage the tyres often have lots of tread. But there can be cracks forming between the tread blocks. These can lead to a blow out when travelling. All tyres benefit from constant use, the rubber flexes which is good for the tyre. Caravans stand around for months without moving, the sun beats down on the same spot on the tyre causing further perishing.

We at Hometyre take advice from the caravan club, they recommend changing caravan tyres every 5 to 7 years regardless of the amount of tread remaining. Even some insurance companies are insisting on regular tyre changes. This is because when you get a blow out on a caravan the driver doesn't always realise and continues to drive, at some point the tyre comes off the rim and takes out the side of the caravan causing ££££'s of damage.

Should you need new tyres call us at Hometyre on 03334445454, we bring the entire fitting service to you wherever you keep your caravan (home, storage area or even a camp site).

I was called out to put new tyres on both of the caravans in the above photo, one has replaced their tyres regularly and they were 7 years old. The other had tyres that were 23 years old, they were full of splits, they owner wanted to take the caravan out on the road and called us to replace them.

Another option to consider is adding a set of Tyron safety bands to your caravan wheels, these help keep the tyre on the rim in the case of a blow out. We at Hometyre can supply and fir tyron bands for you. Some insurance companies even give a discount if you have tyrons fitted. For more info on Caravan tyres click here


Why You Shouldn't Buy Part Worn Tyres

I had a job today where a customer had a flat tyre on her Audi A2 and wanted me to either repair it or replace it depending on what I found.

When I got to the job I noticed that both of the front tyres were one size and the rears were a different size. They should have been the same size all round for this particular vehicle! I asked why they were different, she told me that part worn tyres were fitted to the rear two days ago.

The part worn place told her that they hadn't got any of the right size tyres, so they fitted the next size up.

One of those tyres was the one that had gone flat. I jacked up the car and removed the wheel, taking it into my van. I then used leak detector to check the tyre, It was soon obvious that there was a small hole in the sidewall of the tyre which caused the leak (Sidewalls can not be repaired).

Audi_2_seriesUpon further inspection I saw a crack diagonally opposite also on the sidewall, ideally this tyre should never have been fitted. All part worn tyres should also have the wording 'PART WORN' in at least 4mm letters printed on the sidewall otherwise the tyre is illegal. These tyres did not have any wording.

The old tyre was removed, a new valve and new tyre were fitted to the rim. I then balanced the wheel, and fitted it back on the car.

As I explained to the customer, part worn tyres have been thrown away for a reason. For this reason we always recommend that you do not buy part worn tyres. Had the owner of this car been pulled over by the police, she could have been fined up to £2,500 and had 3 penalty points on her licence PER TYRE for having a defective tyre.

Don't take the unnecessary risks of buying part worn. Once you do the maths on how many miles you will get from a set of part worn tyres in comparison to that of a brand new tyre, you will soon see new tyres are not only much safer but also much better value for money.

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