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Fiat Ducato van

This week I was called out to a customer who was recommended to use Hometyre by his neighbour. This customer has a lawn mowerFiat_Ducato business where he services mowers in his mobile workshop (Fiat Ducato Van). Being mobile he needs to keep his van on the road and time lost in a tyre depot is a waste of his time. HOMETYRE also being a mobile service, came to him at a time and place of his choice to fit Maxxis Commercial tyres.

Should you have a business that relies on keeping your vehicles on the road, without loosing time in a tyre depot, then use Hometyre - the Mobile tyre service in Sussex.


Alfa Romeo tyres in West Sussex

Had an interesting job this morning, a customer has two Alfa Romeo Duetto's and wanted the tyres taking off the rims on each


and swapping them over. One of the Duetto's has nice repainted wheels, with od tyres, the other had old rusty wheels with newer tyres. Also to make the job a little harder, they are all approx. 15 year old tyres fitted with innertubes. Suprisingly for their age the tyres are in very good condition, as the vehicles seldom go on the road and are kept garaged.

If you have any vintage / veteran vehicles where you need new tyres, or tyre swaps, then remember to call out the Hometyre mobile tyre service in West Sussex.


GT Champiro tyres for a VW Tiguan

Here I am in Brighton Marina having just put two new 18" tyres on this VW Tiguan. VW_TiguanThis is a regular customer who I have been to a few times. (Once on Brighton sea front when he had a blow out). He has been using the Hometyre Mobile Service for around 3 years now and on different vehicles.

If you require tyres in West Sussex check our prices on the Hometyre website 


Mercedes Vito with a blow out

Today a decorator in Bognor called to say he had hit a kerb and had blown one of his tyres. He needed a mobile tyre service as he could Merc_Vito not drive anywhere and he only wanted a budget tyre fitting, which was not a problem. I arrived at the job to find a Mercedes Vito van with a big hole in the NSF side wall. I soon have the vehicle jacked up, and removed the wheel and old tyre. A new Commercial tyre was soon fitted, allowing him to get home that evening. So if you require premium tyres, medium range tyres or budget tyres in West Sussex, then give Hometyre a call.

You can check our website for a list of online tyre prices, where we have both Expensive top of the range tyres down to cheap tyres, and if we can find any sales at the wholesalers we will get you discount tyres in Bognor and surrounding areas.


Bus mans holiday!

Today being a Sunday, I had no tyres to fit, and went to Bognor Regis Golf Club for a round of golf this morning. On the way home I went a different route to normal and on rounding a bend hit a pothole at around 25mph. On the rest of the drive home, I could feel the van pulling to the left, and guessed that I had knocked the tracking out of true.

So on returning home I changed into my work clothes, and checked the alignment out on the van using our laser alignment gauges. As suspected the figures soon showed that the tracking was out, so I soon had the bolts loosened and brought it all back within specification.

Went out on a test drive which was good as the van was driving in a straight line again.


Vauxhall Astra fitted with Pirelli's

Had a job in Bognor today to fit some Pirelli P7 Cinturate Astratyres to a Vauxhall Astra. Arrived at the job to find the owner had lost the locking wheel nut key, Luckily this is a job that Hometyre can do, we have a locking wheel nut removal tool. on this occasion it was not required though, as a second look around the boot and the lock nut key was found hidden behind a first aid kit.

Soon had the new tyres fitted and the customer was happy with the results.


Suspension problem.

On of my jobs today was to fit two Kenda tyres to a Citroen Belingo van, at the same time I was going to check and adjust the tracking of the van, as there was excessive wear on one side of the front tyres.

When I removed the first wheel, I saw that a tie bar had snapped and was hanging loose within the wheel arch area. I advised the customer, that he needed to get it repaired before any attempt was made to correct the tracking, otherwise it would throw the alignment out again.


Fitting a tyre to a Limo

The first job this morning in Chichester was to fitlimo a Michelin Pilot sport 225/40 R19 to a Jaguar Limo. The limo had a screw in the tyre causing a puncture which initially looked repairable, but upon inspection I found a 20mm long tear in the tread that had gone right through exposing the structural chords. This type of puncture is not fixable as a minor repair under British Standards.

When going out to a puncture, we always try to bring a new tyre with us, just in-case the puncture is not repairable, this will save us time in the long run and get the customer back on the road ASAP.

If you have a flat tyre, do not drive on it unless absolutely necessary (to get to a place of safety) as driving on a flat will generally damage the side wall of a tyre, making any sort of repair impossible.


Various jobs covered today

1st job was to track a Vauxhall Vivaro in Petworth, after the owner had new bushes fitted and wanted to make sure that his van would drive straight and would not scrub the edges of the tyres.

2nd job was to fit a spare wheel to a Renault Master van in Lymington

3rd job was to fit two GT Radial 165//R13 tyres to a Caravan at the Arun Self Storage area in Littlehampton.

4th job was to fit an Avon AV9 195/65R16 tyre to a Renault van with a blown tyre in Chichester, this was a lease van.

5th job was to fit two Hifly 185/65R15 tyres to a Ford Focus in Whitely. Advised customer she also really should change the rear tyres as they were cracked on the sidewalls.

6th job was to fit 4 Goodyear efficient grip 225/45R17 tyres to a Ford Galaxy in Aldingbourne

7th job was to fit one Primewell 195/65R15 tyre to a VW Golf in Chichester

and finally my 8th job was to fit a Continental sport contact 3, 265/35R19 tyre to. BMW M3 in Middleton-on-sea


Nexen tyres fitted to a VW Transporter van.

I was called out to Steyning this morning as this customer had previously used a local garage to fit his tyres. They had fitted the wrong size to his VW, he asked us to replace his tyres with the correct size 235 / 40 R17 light commercial tyres.

If you do ever have different tyres fitted to your vehicle, make sure you let your insurance company know, as this counts as a specification change.


Audi A6 required Continental sport contact 3 tyres

Had a job today in Goring fitting 4 Continental tyres to an Audi A6 this evening. Got to the job at 4:30pm, just as it started to get dark. Managed to fit two tyres in what was left of the daylight, but had to finish the other two in the dark. Luckily our Hometyre vans are equipped for the dark and have an LED light panel in the roof, allowing us to work at night.

So when you need tyres fitting after work, call Hometyre Sussex, I will come at a time that is convenient to you.


Conti sport contact 3 tyres for a Peugeot RCZ in Emsworth.

Lady customer hit a pothole on the way home yesterday, split the tyre on her Peugeot. She filled the tyre with tyre weld, and managed to limp the car home. Went on the internet and booked Hometyre to come to her home in Emsworth and replace the tyre. Continental Sport Contact 3, size 235 / 40 R19, sourced yesterday afternoon, delivered first thing this morning, and now the lady is back on the road. All it took her was a google search and a simple phone call. The easy way to change your tyres, call Hometyre.


Bridgestone Potenza RE070 225 / 45 R17 W tyres for a Subaru Impreza

My first job today was to fit these Bridgestone RE070 tyres to an Impreza WRX, These tyres were specifically designed by BridgestoneTyre_B__stone_Potenza_RE070 as Extreme performance summer tyres for the all wheel drive Subaru Impreza WRX STI and the Honda S2000 (Club Racer). This tyre features a high grip tread compound with an assymetric tread designed to combine traction with handling, the semi slick outboard shoulder enhances its responsiveness and increases lateral stiffness especially when cornering.

The customer had previously used a local garage in Worthing, but they had previously overtightened his wheel bolts, and damaged his locking wheel nut. In the end it cost him an additional £800 to have the suspension removed to get to the back of the wheels to drill the bolts out. This is one reason that we at Hometyre put your wheel bolts in by hand and torque them to the recommended settings.

Interestingly, my second job on a Vauxhall Corsa had a similar problem, where the previous tyre depot had gunned the bolts into the hub and had managed to sheer one bolt in half, leaving two threads to hold the bolt in place. I showed this to the customer and recommended having all of his bolts changed, as the chances are, that if they overtightened them that much, they will all have streached and could also sheer at any time.

When you want the job doing correctly call in Hometyre.


Continental makes self informing sensor valves

Continental have come up with a tyre pressure sensor that can inform the driver if a vehicles tyre pressures need to be adjusted to suit the load it is carrying and by how much. Previously a driver could only go by the information with the car showing a full or standard load setting. This new sensor can detect a weight change within a few hundred metres and will then advise the correct pressure accordingly. This feature could be particularly useful when loading up a family to set off on a holiday, for towing a boat or caravan etc. This feature will not only save fuel, but will also offer active assistance in the terms of vehicle safety. (A correctly inflated tyre offers better braking than over or under inflated tyres)


Pot hole tyre damage


I was called out to a Ford Focus car, it had hit a pothole and had split two tyres. This had happened the night before and the lady had to leave her car in a pub car park overnight, she then found Hometyre using her mobile phone and after a few phone calls arranged for her father to meet us awhile we replaced the tyres. She had tried putting tyre weld into the tyres, but being a split, it just run out.

The tyres were soon replaced

_110x75_laser_wheel_alignmentand I advised him that we should check the tracking as a pothole strike, will often put the tracking out of tolerance. The tracking irons were fitted and true enough the laser readings showed that one side was on an angle. The father was quite happy to wait an additional 30 mins, while I corrected the tracking to the manufacturers standards. There is an additional charge for this, but it is worth doing as the car will handle better and if the tracking hadn't been corrected, then the tyres would have worn badly on one side and needed changing far sooner than those on a correctly tracked car.


New tyres for a VW Passat

After going in for an MOT and gettingVW_Passat an advisory notice on his tyres, I was asked to fit two new Pirelli P7's to this VW Passat in Havant, for a previous customer. He was at work, and appreciates how he can save time by having his tyres changed while he stays at work. He even paid for his tyres upfront, saving money as Hometyre have even better prices online.

So to save yourself time and money, go to the Hometyre website and see what we can do for you. We also carry out wheel alignment, puncture repairs and locking wheel nut removals.


Leaking air in winter tyre

This mornings first job in Chicester was to check a possible puncture in a winter tyre on a Kia Ceed. hometyre_vital_for_winter_months

After checking all round for the obvious nail or screw in the tyre and not finding anything, I turned my attention to the rim and valve. Using a puncture solution sprayed on the wheel, I eventually found a small split in the valve stem, causing a very slow leak. Once found the remedy is easy, we remove the tyre, replace the valve and refit the tyre, then rebalance the wheel and put it back on the car. Job done.

Slow punctures are annoying for the driver, but don't leave them - as if you drive on a flattish tyre, you run the risk of the tyre rubbing against the rim, which will damage it. Then you will need a new tyre, if you find one tyre keeps losing air, call us out to investigate and solve the problem, before it gets worse.


Audi A4 Cabriolet

One of my previous customers called today to have new tyres fitted to his Audi A4 in Billingshurst today.


He normally has premium tyres, but this time has opted for some medium brand tyres, saving himself around £150 on the pair. After fitting the tyres, I checked the other tyres to find them 18 psi below the recommended pressure. Like many drivers he doesn't check his pressures and leaves them for the garage when his car is serviced. The problem is that under inflated tyres give less grip, and will cause uneven tyre wear.


Wheel Balancing problem

Had a call from a customer in Worthing yesterday, he felt a bumpy / slight judder from the rear of his Nissan SkylineNissan_Skyline when driving at 40mph. He thought it could be a balancing problem on the front tyres.

i took the wheels off and soon found the problem, there was a slight bulge on the inside of one tyre. This is often caused by hitting a pothole or kerb and the inside structure of the tyre gets damaged causing the air pressure to push out in this weakened area. There is no fix for this other than replacing the tyre, plus it would be an MOT failure.

when you need new tyres or an honest opinion on their condition, go to


Subaru Forrester in West Ashling

Called out to a previous customer in West Ashling, who had almost slid across the road and into a ditch, No_treadhe had noticed his Subaru was a little twitchy on the corners for the last couple of weeks. But after this latest near miss, he decided to check his tyres and found that he was down to 2mm of tread on the fronts. He ordered new GT Radial Champiro's , which I fitted for him on Saturday afternoon.

It goes to show that just because your tyres are still legal (Legal limit is 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tyre), it does not mean they will still work as well as they should. Generally once a tyre gets down to 3mm of tread, you will start to notice a difference in the handling and especially braking distances in the wet. The grooves in a tyre are needed to evacuate water between the road and the tyre when driving. If the grooves cannot evacuate enough water, then you will lose grip and can aquaplane.

For new tyres to keep you on the road, checkout the Hometyre web site. If you don't see the tyres you would like, call us, as we have other wholesalers across the country, and we will check them for you. (Most tyres can be obtained within a day.)


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