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Potholes still causing damage

Called out to Chichester Uni today as one of the guest lecturers had hit a pothole in his Chrysler Crossfire while driving into the college.

It had put a split right across the tyre, which is unrepairable. Luckily we were able to source a Continental Sport Contact 2 tyre for him that same day, and as he told me - at a price that beat the fast fit companies by £20. When leaving the college, I had to steer around two potholes that were at least 18" long.

This is the second car I have been called out to that has had pothole damage this week. (And its only Tuesday). Chrysler_crossfire


Bulge on Hire car tyre.

How many people check the tyres on a hire car when they pick it up?

I had a customer who has rented an almost new Ford Mondeo for a month (It only had 3050 miles on the clock). 3 days after picking it up he noticed a big bulge on the passenger side front tyre. He is absolutely certain that he has not hit any potholes or kerbs in the last few days, and thinks the bulge may have been there when he picked the car up.

He called the rental company who told him that unfortunately as he hadn't taken out the additional tyre cover, he was now responsible and has to replace the tyre at his own cost. Also being a rental car, they will not allow you to put a cheap budget tyre on the car, and it must be replaced with a tyre similar too or the same as those already on the vehicle. In this mans case it was a Bridgestone which cost him around £158. He had already shopped around and Hometyre were around £15 cheaper than any other local tyre dealer, also the fact that we came to his was a bonus.

But this did make me think, I have rented cars 5 or 6 times in the last 10 years, and apart from a quick look around at the bodywork, I have never looked at the tyres. This could be a costly mistake and in future I will add tyres to my check list.

It also makes me wonder what happens if you pick up a car with Runflat tyres, and one has a slow puncture. It could have been noticed by a previous driver and just pumped up, so that the warning light doesn't come on. but over the few days that you have it, it could easily go down and cost you for a replacement (Runflats are non repairable). As a rental customer how much checking of a vehicle do you need to do? Mondeo_1


Rover 75 with a puncture that's not fixable

Had a call from a previous customer to say he had a flat, and could I come round to fix it. Luckily it was just round the corner and was on my way home. Got to the Rover and jacked it up, only to see that the main spring for the suspension had broken and pierced the tyre, putting a 300mm split through the inner sidewall of the tyre.

Unfortunately, this is a job for a garage to repair the spring before the tyre is replaced. So I was not able to help my customer this time. As putting a new tyre on the vehicle would not sort the problem, and the spring would soon damage any new tyre.


Mitsubishi Shogun tyres and tracking.

I went to replace two tyres on a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport today, with 18" wheels. The job in itself was easy enough, as some of these large tyres can be easier than small tyres such as those on a mini.

But upon checking the tyre wear, it was easy to see that the tracking was out of line, I showed the customer, and she agreed to allow me to correct the tracking, as this will give better tyre wear and handling.

I can only guess that the tracking had not been adjusted for many years, and the track rod locking nuts were rusted solid, and with the Shogun there are two lock nuts on each end of the track rod. It took me almost 30 minutes just to get the nuts free, and be able to start the tracking.

Once free, it was a simple case of checking the existing condition (+6) and adjust it to the correct setting (1.8). Hopefully the customer will now get much better even tyre wear.Mitsubishi_Shogun_1


VW Polo with corroded alloys

Fitting 4 tyres on a VW Polo today and came across a problem that is often seen on older alloy wheels. Moisture gets inside the tyre and causes the alloy wheel to corrode on the inside. This then bubbles up the paintwork which allows air to slowly escape, making it look like a slow puncture.

There are two options:

One is to have the wheels properly refurbished, not only is this costly, but it takes some time, so your vehicle will be off the road for a day or so,

The other option which Hometyre can do, is to clean off all the loose paint with a scraper, then wire brush the alloy to remove all the corroded aluminium, we then paint on a coat of liquid rubber to act as a sealer, before fitting the new tyre. This sealer will generally last as long as the tyre, and you just re-coat it when you next change your tyres.VW_Polo


Honda CRV - 4 wheel alignment

Had a customer who has had some abnormal wear on all 4 wheels. He asked me to carry out a 4 wheel alignment. This involves putting the laser gauges on the rear wheels first and centralising them with the front, at the same time adjusting the toe settings to the required Honda requirements. It is then a case of moving all the gauges around and repeating the exercise on the front wheels. Luckily this vehicle has been tracked regularly so the adjusting bolts were easy to undo and move to the correct settings.

Should you need 2 or 4 wheel tracking on your vehicle, call Hometyre and book an appointment at a time and place to suit you. A properly aligned vehicle will handle better, have improved tyre wear and can save fuel.


Vandals damage vehicles in Emsworth

Had an emergency call out today (Easter Friday), to two vehicles in Emsworth. A Volvo & a Ford Transit had both had the valves on their wheels cut in half, can only guess wire or bolt cutters were used. Surprised no-one heard anything as they should have made quite a lot of noise, when they were cut.

From the amount of people who stopped to comment on the flat tyres, I heard that there have been a spate of attacks on vehicles in this area.

Both vehicle owners were only in the area to carry out some work on a house in the street, and needed to get away back to their families for Easter. Luckily the Hometyre sales office was open today, and I was willing to go out and get them back on the road.

Once there, I had to remove the tyres from the wheels and replace the valves, as well as adding a rim sealer, as all the wheels were slightly corroded. I also checked all their other tyres and pumped them up to the correct pressures before completing the job.Slashed_tyres


Tyron bands fitted to a Bailey Caravan

Today's customer is a caravan owner who wanted to feel more safe on the roads, after some investigation he decided on having Tyron bands fitted.

He contacted Tyron UK who recommended Hometyre, I was booked in and went to his house in Lewis where I fitted the Tyron bands. He was happy as he didn't have to hitch up his caravan and tow it to a tyre depot, then wait around to see if they could even fit them correctly.

His caravan was completed within 40 minutes and he is now ready for his trip away this Easter.


A puncture that was not the tyre

One of the jobs I was called to today was a flat tyre on a Range Rover Sport, with 20" wheels. The owner had a flat tyre yesterday, and pumped it up, by today it was flat again. He ordered a new tyre and I went out to fit it. Upon checking the tyre I found there was no problem with it, I then checked the wheel and found a split in the alloy rim that was causing the tyre to deflate.

I informed the customer and put his spare wheel on to keep him moving. His choices now are to source a new wheel or to get his existing wheel repaired.


Does it need changing?

I am starting to think that a tyres condition should be part of the driving test.


One job I went to had a flat tyre, where it had burst as the lady was overtaking a lorry on a dual carriageway. Luckily the lady was able to make it to the side of the road and called out the emergency services to be brought home on a trailer. When she called us, she suggested we bring two tyres as she wasn't sure whether her other front tyre was 'OK' or not. It was NOT - see picture. This is the 'Good tyre' or so she thought.

It's not just the ladies though, as yesterdays job was a callout to a man with a flat on a Mazda, the problem was easily visible... there were 2mm wide cracks all around the tyre in the tread (8 year old tyres). I also informed him that his other front tyre was exactly the same, and really he should have had both tyres changed.

Jobs in and around Worthing & Brighton today

First of today's jobs was a new tyre to be fitted to an Alfa Romeo Spyder, finding the car was a bit of a problem as it was parked on a street, Alfa_Spyderand the customer just gave the address of the nearest building. luckily he saw me going around in ever decreasing circles and waved me down. His tyre was flat mostly due to age as there were cracks all over it. He had ordered a Firestone TZ300 to match his other front tyre. His rears were Pirelli's, and they were showing signs of ageing with cracks all around (Yet it had just passed its MOT). The new tyre was soon fitted and he was on his way.

The next job was 4 new Michelins to be fitted to a Landrover Discovery, this was his wifes car, and he took it for a drive yesterday and noticed that the front tyres Landrover_Discowere right down to the legal limit, with the rears not far behind. One quick phonecall and he had his new tyres ordered from Hometyre.

Being a vehicle that is mainly used on the road they had opted for Michelin MX4V tyres, which have a tread pattern very similar to a car tyre.

The third job was a Peugeot 308 stranded in a pub carpark. This was a rental vehicle being used by a pair of Americans Potholeover here on holiday. They were concentrating on driving on the 'wrong side' and didn't see the pothole till too late. It tore a chunk out of the side wall of the tyre, ruining their day out. I found them sat in the pub having some lunch, and told them to stay in there in the warm, while I went and sorted their car out for them. Being a rental vehicle, means a load of paperwork for me, and phoning through all the cars details before being allowed to start the job. This papertrail can take as long as changing the tyre.

Also being a rental car, means that we have to put premium tyres on it, in this case the leasing company opted for Avon AV5 tyres. Once completed I gave a copy of the paperwork to the Americans, who were then planning where to go with what was left of their day.

Mazda_3My final job of the day was a Mazda 3, this is a regular customer, who is planning a trip up to Manchester for Easter, and wanted to make sure she had good tyres. The old tyres were down to just below 3mm, so it was the ideal time to change them anyway. So if you are planning a holiday this Easter where you will be doing some driving, please check your tyres firs and don't leave it till the last minute.


Puncture repair on a Honda Jazz

Had a call from a gentleman today Honda_Jazzwho had gone out to find his Honda with a flat tyre. Luckily it was just a nail in the tyre and I was able to carry out a puncture repair to British standards. This involves removing the tyre, cleaning up the inside and gluing a mushroom shaped patch over and through the hole in the tyre. This is then covered in a sealer, before cleaning up and replacing the tyre.

Once inflated the tyre is ready to drive on immediately.  


4x4 tyres on a Range Rover sport & a Jeep Cherokee

Not the best of weather today to be out fitting tyres, but when customers need tyres, then off we go.

Todays first job was to fit tyres to a Jeep Cherokee in Rustington, these were 255/60 R18 tyres. We found that the vehicle was fitted with Tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). These are the original sensors and they are 7 years old, the valve cores had corroded, but because the sensors still worked the owner wanted them to stay in place. My guess is that these will need to be replaced in the not too distant future.4x4tyre_lp

The second job of the day was to fit 275/40R20 tyres to a Range Rover Sport. We noted unusual wear to the inside edges of the remaining tyres. Upon checking the tyre pressures they were found to be around 13psi low. Which may well be the cause of this uneven wear. The customer was informed, and told to keep an eye on the tyres and call us as soon as they need replacing.



Tyron bands installed on a Skoda Octavia

A serious accident at the end of last year prompted this customer to want Tyron bands fitting to his car as a safety measure.

Last September he was towing his caravanSkoda_Octavia_adjusted on a duel carriageway, when the near side rear tyre on his Skoda estate car had a blow out. the result caused the car to swerve tipping over the caravan onto its side. The caravan continued to force forward pushing the car up a bank on the roadside.

The caravan was a write-off, and the car needed £5000 worth of repairs. This was enough of a fright to make the customer want tyron bands fitting to both his car and caravan.

He called Tyron UK to ask who they would recommend to fit the Tyron bands and they told him to use Hometyre.

So should you require Tyron bands for your caravan, motorhome or your tow car then call Hometyre, we will ensure that they are fitted correctly.


Citroen C4 fitted with new tyres in Havant, plus fitting winter tyres

One of my jobs today was to go to the council offices in Havant to replace all four tyres on a Citroen C4. Citroen_C4 The owner had replaced the front two tyres with two part worn winter tyres just to get through an MOT (Not a good idea as a mixture of summer and winter tyres will cause handling problems, also part worn tyres are often sent for recycling because they have internal damage).  I found a 2" nail in one of the tyres.

This customer has chosen to fit 215/55R16 Sunitek sport tyres, he had checked the tyre specs and found that these budget tyres had good reviews for this vehicle.

 My next job was to fit two new winter tyres to a Jaguar X-Type, the hometyre_vital_for_winter_monthsowner had damaged the side walls on his existing winter tyres, and since he was off on a skiing holiday in Austria, he needed to have winter tyre replacements. Some countries in Europe have laws that state you must have winter tyres if you are planning to drive there during certain winter months.  So if you are planning to drive on the continent, check the tyre requirements before you leave.


Chrysler Sebring fitted out with 215/55 R18 Khumo's

Todays customer is driving to SpainChrysler_Sebring soon and decided to have all 4 tyres replaced before his trip. He has chosen Khumo's after researching them on the internet as they are reasonably priced and they are supposed to give good mileage.

He also chose to use Hometyre as we were recommended by his son. Unfortunately for me, it was a cold snowy morning, but since my van is equipped with winter tyres I was easily able to get to the job on time.


TPMS Sensor valves on a Chrysler C300

Todays job in Pulborough was to fit TPMS_unit_fitting4 Nankang tyres to a Chrysler C300, this vehicle is fitted with TPMS valves. (Shown in photo). These valves are designed to last for between 5 and 7 years, at which point they need to be replaced. Because these valves were all still working the customer elected to leave them in situ, and will call me to change them when they fail.

Replacing his tyres was a straight forward job, you just have to be careful around the TPMS units to ensure they do not get cracked or damaged in anyway.


Volvo XC90 Lock nut removal & Valve replacement

Todays customer had broken onelocking_wheel_nut of his TPMS sensor valves, he had tried to remove the wheel and used his locking wheel nut and damaged the 'Adaptor' in the process. He ordered a new key from his Volvo dealership only to find that it did not fit properly and kept slipping off the nut when trying to remove it. He called Hometyre out as he needed the car for work and couldn't wait for the dealership to re-order and try to get a correct one.

the original lock nuts were the Macguard type (With the flower shaped top and hardened chromed head, similar to the photo) it took me around 1 hour to remove all four nuts, allowing me to get the wheel off to replace the TPMS unit. He had already got a price for the TPMS units from the dealership and our price was almost half of that cost, saving him a considerable amount of money. 


Caravan Tyres fitted the Gatwick Caravan storage site.

Thanks to a Caravan service engineer Caravan_tyres_Hometyrewho had seen the work Hometyre Sussex carried out on some other Caravans. He passed our details onto todays customer who needed two tyres fitting to his Caravan which was kept in a storage site near Gatwick.

He has chosen to have GT Radial Maxmiler Commercial tyres fitted to his caravan.

Once completed, we noticed that one of the tyres on his Toyota Rav4 was flat, I took the wheel off and found a screw stuck in the tread, this was easily repairable, and my customer was able to get on his way home.


New tyres on a Mini Cooper

Lady customer called to say she had Mini_Coopera blowout on her way home, the RAC had towed her car back to her home, she then searched for a Mobile tyre service on Google and found Hometyre. I went out and soon had a new tyre fitted to her Mini, I then checked her other tyres and found that all 3 were on the legal limit and needed changing. The lady booked me back in to return the following day and fit 3 more tyres.

Part of the Hometyre service is to check all your tyres and give a written report on their condition. So if you want a mobile tyre service in West Sussex look no further than Hometyre Sussex.


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