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Rush to get away on holiday

A customer was in a panic to get away on holiday., his Volvo XC 90 4X4 had a puncture on the rear near side. The tyre was not repairable as the customer had been unaware he had a flat tyre, possibly had been driving on it for some time. I replaced it with a 235/70/18 Continental Crossover. The customer was very grateful and very happy to get to the airport on time. From Bolon to Manchester airport is only a stones throw away thankfully.


Two MAXXIS 255/35ZR 18 Were put on sporty a BMW 3 Series in Clitheroe. The car had two Verdstien, one which had no tread left at all. The other was ok and had at least 5 mil tread left. Because of the size and brand both the rear tyres had to be replaced. The customer was happy to do this and still be in pocket for.

tyres in Horwich Bolton

After arriving at the customer's house in leafy Horwich to fit 2 225/45/18 Nexen 8000  on a Kia Soul, it soon came aparant the owner has had a lucky escape. The 2 tyres I were replacing were the worst I've seen. I will be using the worst as a shock tactic in my networking meetings.

The amount of sidewall damage ie a 8 inch slit on both tyres, a 4 inch gash in the middle of the tread, 2 nails or and no tread at all. After showing the customer the tyres  she was mortified and shocked. A happy and a relieved  customer was left to ponder on what might have been. 


4 new tyres for elderly couple.

A very nice elderly couple in Colne had 4 Event 175/65/14 fitted to their cherished Daihatsu Sirion, not a hot hatch but still their prized posession. The tyres were original when the car was manufactured, needless to say the tyres were badly perished and ready to blow at any time. After showing them just how bad and how lucky they were, a cup of tea and sit down was called for.l

4 tyres fitted at police headquarters

4 new Nexen NBlue eco 225/45/17. Were fitted to a sergeants Volvo S80. They were fitted at Hutton police headquarters near preston. The meeting place at Padiham had to be changed due to two of the tyres had slow punctures. The sergeant's car was parked in the area of the police dog handling compound. After an hour of being barked at and seen as breakfast the job was done to a very high standard (nervously I must admit).

Hawkshaw Golf GTI

Two Dunlop Sport Maxis 225/40/18 90W were put on a Golf GTi hot hatch. One the of the alloy rims had to be replaced  and one was being sent away for repair. The owner was putting all the blame on her husband, saying he can't park to safe his life!!.(I do question the blame)

Repeat customer at Clifton

After recently replacing two front tyres on a Ford Galaxy, I advised the Police dog handler owner that he still needed two more for the rear. When he was on his way to work today, he discovered that he had a puncture on one of the rear tyres that were in need of replacement.  Because the puncture was on the edge of the tread he had to replace it as it couldn't be repaired but sooner than was anticipated. An Event 215/55/16 was fitted. At least he only needs to replace one more now on pay day!

Clifton tyres....

Tyre replacement carried out near Clifton recently! The owner of the Ford Galaxy -  a police dog handler - realised in time that his tyres were at the limit.

I replaced the two front tyres with 215/55HR16 Achilles Sport Extra Load tyres and recommended he had the rear replaced asap too. One happy customer who'll be having the others replaced at next pay day!!


Mondeo tyre problems in Burnley

A young mother with two children asked me to check her tyres. The two front were badly worn - almost bald in fact & the rear only had 2mm of tread left.

I replaced all the tyres with a new set of Avon ZV5 205/55V16. These represented the best value given her usage/mileage and driving style

After chatting with her and explaining the legal requirements she was very grateful as her husband works away on the oil rigs and only comes home to sunny Burnley fortnightly.


First repeat customer - Blackburn

Third 195/65/15 Continental tyre fitted for this customer due to neighbourly parking dispute! All the tyres taken off had small slashes on the side wall rendering them un repairable. Mindless action that has caused upset, cost & inconvenience. Thankfully we were able to do the work outside his home being totally mobile.

Spa & pamper day verses new tyres

A nice young lady arranged for one of her tyres to be replaced whilst she was enjoying a spa & pamper day near Blackburn with her friends, (birthday treat).

After doing the deed I checked the rest of the tyres on the vehicle. I noticed one of the other tyres had a nail in it, When I had taken the wheel off I found not one but two nails, the latter right on the edge of the tread meaning it was not possible to repair.

So two 195/65H15 Maxxis tyres were fitted ready for it's MOT. One happy birthday girl enjoying time at the spa while her car becomes roadworthy again without having to flex a muscle...Perfect job


Kerb damage in Briercliffe/Burnley

After noticing a wobble on the steering the customer called me out to inspect her tyres. In doing so I noticed a bulge on the inner wall of the front offside tyre of her Ford Fusion which needed replacing. She chose an Event budget tyre 195/60/15. The customer is very happy with the 'shiny alloys' on all her wheels after giving them some tlc with some tfr as she wasn' t expecting them to be cleaned for her and will definitely recommend our service to all her friends.

Pot hole damage in Nelson

Had to replace a Pirelli 195/45V16 on a Ford Fiesta in Nelson because the customer hit a pot hole recently. The tyre kept going down in spite of no visual damage. After removing the tyre it became clear the extent of the damage. The inner lining of the tyre wall was badly perished. The customer was amazed that a mere pot hole could cause so much damage. 

If you have hit any pot holes recently give us a call to check for any non visual dsmage. 0333 444 5454 


Check out our latest tyre promo vid!

Short, sharp and catchy! We've put together a really quick promotional video for East Lancashire so you can see exactly who'll be turning up at your work or home to fit those new tyres.

If you're new to this type of service, sometimes it helps to be reassured as to whom you'll be dealing with. Rest assured, it'll be me that turns up to look after you!

Looking forward to meeting you one day.....



Tyres in Manchester and Oldham today!

While Paul recovers from a broken ankle in that area I've been down covering a few jobs for him today! Van tyres, car tyres and locking wheel nut removals all going on.

Tyres fitted today ranging from budget options to Continental. Blackburn Hometyre mobile tyre fitting to the rescue!


Lexus 4x4 Tyres

Four new Hankook 225/60R17 tyres fitted to a Lexus RX300 in Burnley replacing a set of previously fitted over sized tyres. Customer extremely happy with competitive price & prompt service (not to mention handling difference!) It's a little difficult to understand why the wrong size had been fitted by the vehicles previous owner as they looked dreadful!

Another tyre job now being completed!

Two New Nexen 165/5514R tyres fitted to a Ford Fiesta in Blackburn. Wheel alignment carried out to complete the job for smooth running, fuel economic efficiency. If you want to add more miles to your tank call us on 0333 444 5454

Wheel Alignment


New tyres fitted to Focus

Fitted 2 new budget tyres to ford focus in Blackburn today, Customer Had hit a pot hole and take their two passenger side tyres out.

If you need New tyres or a puncture repair please call the office 0333 444 54 54


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