Tyre awareness on Caravans

It's time when the Caravan contingent start hitting the UK roads. But the question is are they serviced and ready? Many overlook the the tyres in depth, ie the condition and the age of the tyres. Even though the tread may look excellent,the age of the tyre is paramount. The recommended age for renewing the tyres is now 5years. Because they are stood over the winter months in storage the tyres being a natural substance deteriorate, and part of the process is cracking and perishing. Regular checks are paramount. We also recommend the fitting of Tyron bands when possible. The Tyron bands are fantastic invention, not only can they save the owner thousands of pounds but they could more importantly save there life's.

Part worn/part safe

One of the worst we've ever seen!

Part worn perils

A very recent visit to a customer in need of help has once again highlighted the serious dangers associated when buying used tyres. The owner of this object had paid £80 for a set of replacment tyres. This one was 14 years old None of the others were fit for road use either with varying unrepairable punctures and damage.That was £80 spent on scrap tyres that could easily have cost the owner and his family their lives. Scary.

The obvious question is that, would you sell your tyres if they still had life in them and you didn't need to??  


Preparation for caravan season

While winter hasn't yet imposed it's full potential on us all, you may well already be starting to consider the spring and summer season ahead?Caravans and motorhomes typically remain dormant and static for five or six months from October through to March. It's during this period that potential issues will start to arise and cause you problems at time of next use.It is vitally important to have you vehicle properly checked over before recommissioning. After all, you don't really want to spend the first six hours of your long awaited holiday camped up on a hard shoulder - or worse! Early preparation is the key!1. Even after taking time and care to prevent ingress of damp into your vehicle, this can still occur. It's always best that soft furnishings are removed during prolonged storage but if that isn't possible, check all items thoroughly for signs of mould or mildew - this could lead to a source of a leak or run off area for condensation. A good wash and proper drying out of the vehicle should get it all fresh!2. Check window seals for a build up of moss or mould. These often retain moisture and will quickly bloom when left unattended. Clean back all the seals on both faces and use a mould/mildew remover to get stubborn marks off. This will also help create a better seal for the colder evenings out and about!3. You should really call upon the services of a reputable mobile caravan/motorhome service mechanic. These guys know what to look for and what to pay particular attention to to maximise your safety. If you use gas - which most do - a Corghi approved technician would be preferable to cover all the bases. Water pipes, gas pipes and heater units can all be covered at the same time as well as ensuring the vehicle is properly ventilated! Braking systems and wheel bearings should both be in perfect working order - as should the towing mechanism. While a good DIY mechanic can check these items, it's always best to use a professional!4. Ensure your tyres are up to the job! Good tread is not an indication as to the tyres suitability or condition. Rubber is a natural product and ages from the moment it was manufactured. Ideally, a tyre should be replaced at six years of age - regardless of use or mileage. Prolonged periods remaining static - especially outdoors - can have a dramatic effect on a tyre. Bleaching from the sun can cause extensive perishing of the sidewalls and tread area and the tyre can literally change shape from round to a 'D' shape having sat in one position for months on end. Did you know a tyre has a date of manufacture stamped onto the sidewall? Read here for more info. 5. Consider adding TYRON bands to the safety features of your caravan/motorhome. They offer real peace of mind and many insurers will also offer premium discounts with proof of fitment too! Find out more here or call us for more information on 01743 8611836. Don't forget to check your towing vehicle too (for caravanners). No point going through all the necessary precautions and preparations if the vehicle you are towing with is unprepared. Towing a caravan adds considerable strain on engiine/suspension/brakes/drivetrain and tyres. Any fault or failure on any of these components could have very serious consequences. Ideally try and tie in a full annual service on your towing vehicle just before the holiday season begins - this will avoid further costs! Ensure your tyres are also in good condition - not too old - and that the best ones are fitted to the rear too! Inflate them to the correct setting and don't forget to lower them back down again when your towing is completed for a duration of time.Many of the incidents and accidents involving leisure vehicles are a direct result of poor maintenance and preparation. It really is worth your time and safety to get it right before you turn a wheel!Written by Hometyre Group 16/01/14 All Rights Reserved 

Locking wheel nut disaster in Burnley

After noticing the tyre inflation warning light coming on her BMW 3 series coupe ,the customer called Hometyre to check for punctures. After arriving at her place of work we noticed the rear tyre was leaking on the outer side wall. On removal of the wheel nuts it soon became apparent that the nuts were extremely over tightened.  

In trying to loosen the nuts the two foot breaker bar was bending in the process. And when the locking wheel nut was attempted it snapped in half completely. After a period of time trying remove the remaining locking wheel nut the only option was to have it drilled out completely in a appropriate garage.  

This is the reason why all wheel nuts are torqued to the correct setting for that particular vehicle. Eventually the tyres were removed and the rims cleaned replaced with 235/45/18 Maxxis VS01.


Flat start to Monday morning.

After realising his wife's car had a puncture and being unable to take the wheel off the three year old Ford Ka, he discovered the wheel was siezed on solid. He was unable to remove the wheel so he called out the professionals:. All the wheels stuck due to corrosion were removed and cleaned.Hometyre East Lancs mobile tyre fitters. Once we arrived we assessed that the car needed two replacement tyres.

The punctured tyre was down to the minimum tread depth along with the opposite tyre. So both were replaced with Maxxis 195/50/15 and swapped to the rear. The rear tyres were taken off and fitted with new valves and rebalanced. All the wheels stuck on due to corrosion were removed and cleaned

If you have a puncture call out the professionals and save yourself time and effort:

Hometyre East Lancs freephone 0333 444 5454/0800 783 9310


A common theme

Could this be and become a common problem?These tyres were replaced today on a customers vehicle. The car is a 2012 Mercedes CLK with 30k miles on the clock.The gentleman was unsure how to check his tyres properly but recognised that some of the bulges on the front tyres were perhaps cause for concern. The problem facing many motorists now seems to give rise to this worrying trend of vehicles running on seriously worn/damaged tyres.The issues:1. Service intervals on modern vehicles due to developments within components durability and oil technology have increased to over 30,000 miles in some instances.2. Traction control, ESP and intelligent braking systems, coupled with vastly improved internal noise transmission mean that drivers are less aware when tyres have gone way past the usable and safe window of operation.3. New vehicles only require an Mot after three years. These annual checks for many motorists often represent the only time in a calender year that tyres are properly inspected.4. Wide tyres on low slung vehicles are often very difficult to properly inspect for many motorists. The nature of the suspension set up of many modern vehicles to improve cornering means that inner sections of tyres often wear away much more rapdily than the outer. 5. People are busy making a living to pays bills and often simply overlook something which can often feel fairly trivial but can be a very real killer.Those that have had lives lost or forever altered would always wish for the chance to do it differently a second time round. This particular driver was obviously quite shocked to see the extent of the wear and damage and very relieved not to have suffered as a result - certainly given the wet of late. A series of reasons had occurred as to why these tyres were allowed to go this far.The scare should prevent this happening again for this driver though. Folks, the message may be coming from a tyre retailer so some may just disregard this - but if this scenario sounds familiar to you or someone you know, just take a few minutes to look into it!Wherever you get them replaced and whoever by, it's simply not worth the risk to leave them to chance!

Tyre awareness day

After arranging to do a free tyre and pressure check at a local business centre, twelve people came forward with vehicle details. All vehicles were checked for pressure and tyre wear  ranging from a Kia Picanta to a Mercedes C Class. All but two vehicles had tyre wear issues such as low tread to badly perishing. From budget brands ie Events to Continental and Michelin.  One vehicle had two 14 year old tyres  a badly perished 1 and a odd winter tyre fitted. 

If you are not  able to check the tyres regular then get professional advice.  Not only for legal reasons but for your own safety reasons.  


Tyre awareness

One tyre ordered,  but 3 tyres were needed.  After arriving to replace a  tyre on the Ford Fiesta, it became apparent that the customer needed 3 tyres due to either no tread or being badly perished. 3X 195/55/15 Matador tyres replaced the Kumho ones.

Regular tyre and pressure checks could have prevented the costly outcome.

The narrow cobbled street where she lived didn't help with tyre wear because the owner was having to park on the kerb, causing damage to the side walls of the tyres.

Regular tyre and pressure checks saves money and more importantly saves lives.


Mobile Tyre Fitting awareness

I spent most of yesterday leaflet dropping to local businesses in the Accrington, East Lancs area to highlight awareness of my Mobile Tyre Fitting, Puncture Repair service.  On 3 separate occasions I indicated that some vehicles were in desperate need of new tyres as they were either illegal (less than the minimum 1.6mm) or unroadworthy.

New tyre replacements are being arranged for later this week for an Audi A4; 4 x 225/50/17 Continental Premium Contact 2, a VW vanette; 4 x 215/65/16 Nexen N'blue and a Ford Transit; 2 x 215/65/16 Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV.

If you need someone to check that your tyres are still safe and road worthy then give us a call on 0800 783 9310.


Bad start to the day

After getting ready for work the customer realised she had a puncture. After taking the wheel off it became apparent the tyre had been driven on for some time. The inner sidewall was badly damaged, and once I'd taken the tyre of the rim the inside of the tyre was full of disintegrated rubber. Therefore I was unable to repair it. 

Luckily I had a replacement in the van a Sunny 195/55/16. A budget tyre but still a tyre to get the customer back on the road.

The tyre with the puncture was a Continental with excellent tread but unrepairable due to being driven on whilst flat for some time. Regular tyre checks can prevent costly repairs and replacements. 


Fist car eye opener

A 18 year old birthday surprise was a Ford Fiesta 1.2L. After driving it for the first time she noticed it pulling to left  and having a bad vibration on the steering.  A wheel alignment and balance was recommended.  On setting up the laser alignment equipment, it soon became apparent just  how far the tracking was out. Once that was adjusted the four wheels were rebalanced.  On one of the wheels it had a inner tube fitted inside a tubeless tyre, which was taken out and replaced with correct valve and balanced with only 15grms of weight, not 135grms.

 The four tyres all looked new but having had a closer inspection the year of manufacture varied between 2002 and 2005 thus meaning the oldest tyre was twelve years old.  The customer was recommended replacing the tyres asap. 4 Nexan NBlue 185/55/14 have been recommended for the amount of milage that the vehicle will be doing. 

 It just goes to show that tyres can look new but on closer inspection they can be old and unfit for purpose not to mention safety aspect.


Repeat customer in Clitheroe

A repeat customer in Clitheroe with a Vauxhall Zafira has had a third tyre replaced. Due to hard times he his changing the tyres 1 at a time. The first being the worst etc. Although the tyres are legal they have started to perish on the sidewall due to age and deterioration. Event 205/55/16 although a budget brand its still adequate for the customers needs ie low mileage. 

Not only should the tread depth be checked regularly but the condition of the tyre is just as important, if not more so.  


Lancashire Police dog squad kept on the road with new tyres!

Second police dog handler kept mobile this week. A female dog handler had two Bridgestone 245/65/17 tyres fitted on her Mitsibushi Warrior L200 4x4 crew cab.

A straight forward job of replacing two tyres for worn tyres. Two more will be required in a couple of months. Hopefully at her station in Blackburn and not in Kirkham this time!

It's really important to regularly check the tyre pressures on all vehicles. On this type of heavy four wheel drive with really large tyres, incorrect tyre pressures can have numerous consequences:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency due to excessive resistance
  • reduced handling ability and more difficult steering
  • increased likelihood of irregular tyre wear

    Not sure what your pressures should be? Call us for help! 03334445454

New years day tyre misery

A customer woke up on New Years day to find he had a flat tyre.

It was new years day and everywhere was closed so he tried to change the wheel for the spare himself.  Soon he realised the locking wheel nuts were badly damaged.  After trying unsuccessfully for best part of the day the following day he called the professionals out, yes Hometyre!

When i arrived at the customers house not only had he made the locking wheel nuts harder to remove, on one nut he had jammed/wedged a socket on it. As you can imagine this was the mother of all locking wheel nut removals. But after two hours of grunting and groaning I'd removed all four nuts to the relief of the customer.

And after all that there was no puncture, just corrosion on the alloys. This is a very common occurrence on many older vehicles wheels where the paint has eroded or chipped and allowed water in to cause corrosion. In most cases the wheels can be salvaged on site. 

If your car regularly loses pressure from alloy wheels without obvious explanation, call us! We can check them and repair accordingly!


All about PC tyres in Hutton

Another Police dog handler needed two tyres for his Nissan X Trail 4x4.

Front two tyres were only twelve months old and needed replacing. Two Hankook 215/60R16 were preferred to the the Continental contact sport 2. As previously, the job was carried out at the Police dog handling headquarters in Hutton near Preston. And as usual the dogs wanted me for lunch!!

For new tyres on your 4x4, van or car - contact Hometyre. We make the whole tyre purchasing process far easier!


Slow puncture in Padiham

A Vlovo C 60 with a large screw in middle of the tread  could not be repaired due to the locking wheel could not be removed.  It was damaged by previous tyre dealers using power tools to remove the said wheel nut. The customer was happy to remove it himself to save costs. Hopefully if he can remove it he is happy to call me out to repair the tyre.

Puncture repair

A new VW  Golf  with only 3k miles.had a screw in the middle of the tread. Because of the location of the screw it was repairable, and the new Pirrelli 202/55/16 P7 was not needed. Saving the customer money in the run upto Christmas. The tyre was repaired outside her office window on a small industrial estate in Blackburn, so there was no loss of work time.

Networking works

Whilst getting to know people at a local networking meeting at Accrington Stanley football club, a landscape gardener asked if I would check is tyres for him. His Peugeot Expert van needed 2 front tyres replacing, in which he asked me to do for him. The following morning I fitted 2X 195/70/14 Triangle GLS on his van whilst he was at a customers house attending to their garden. No loss of work time for him and we get a new client. 

Repeat customer in Ramsbottom

A repeat customer from Egerton near Bolton needed 2  Continental 235/65/18 crossover tyres for his Volvo XC80 4X4. The only problem was he needed it to be done at his place of work in Ramsbottom near Bury. But because we are fully mobile it wasn't a problem at all. Happy days.

Cold call

After  dropping a leaflet off at a small industrial uniton outskirts of Blackburn and Oswaldtwistle,  the gentleman asked if could call back to repair a puncture . On which I replied yes of course.  But before I left I decided to check the air pressure in all of the tyres, in doing so I found the tyres were either low in tread or badly perished.  I informed the gentleman of my findings, in which he then went on to order 4 new 195/55/15 Event tyres.  I went back the following morning to fit  the new tyres.


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