New Maxxis Tyres for VW Transporter in Accrington

After previously providing 3 Firestone tyres for this customers VW Passat estate, I was asked to check his Business vehicle, a VW Transporter High Top.  The findings were that 1 tyre had a nail on the inner edge of the tread which rendered it unrepairable.  The other tyre was down to 2mm tread and had severe cracking and perishing.


2 Maxxis 205/65/16 Commercial tyres were supplied and fitted at the customer's home, whilst a complementary wheel alignment check was also carried out leaving the VW Transporter in a perfect road worthy condition. To see more about Commercial tyres read more here


Motorhome tyres in Darwen this week

Tuesday was a busy busy day for motorhome owners in Darwen. It seems as though I went from one to another all day. From a Citroen Relay based conversion to a big Hymer. Motorhome tyres are often slightly different than standard commercial tyres. They are able to take a much higher pressure (often up to 85psi).


As we often find, motorhomes are stored not just at peoples houses but also at caravan storage sites around Darwen. They are prone to degradation from exposure to sunlight and standing for long periods. Hence we seldom replace worn motorhome tyres - they are usually badly perished or simply past there usable date of around 5 years old. Read more about this here.


We're Which? approved!

While we don't get involved with other third party subscription recommendation sites, when Which? approached us about joining their Trusted Trader scheme we jumped at the chance. Unlike other platforms, to become Which? approved we had to undergo a series of inspections and audits to ensure that  are services are professional and have in place proper systems and practices to protect you, our customers.
Which? is highly regarded as the number one reference and review site in the UK and will only accredit businesses that pass the tests. The Trusted Trader facility has been set up as a not for profit scheme to give potential customers real peace of mind about the businesses they can consider.

We're already getting some great reviews left by served customers and we're really looking forward to hopefully serving you in the future!



It beggers belief !

After a recent tyre and safety check (free) a young mum with two small children asked me to check her Mercedes ML 350 AMG.

It soon became apparent that all four tyres needed to be changed.  Front tyres were severely worn, illegal and a different size to the rear 275/65/17. Not a uncommon issue as they are normally smaller at the front.

 The rear tyres not only smaller than the fronts 255/60/17, but only 2mm tread left and one tyre a winter tyre.

After explaining the issues she was faced with and advising on the correct size she settled on the Nexen N fera RU1. A good solid tyre with excellent EU ratings.

So after 10 minutes of her time and a free, yes free tyre and safety check the lady was happy that her children and herself are now driving round on safe and legal tyres again,. 


Why not part worn in east Lancashire?

After chatting to my daughter the conversation turned to her cousin needing two new tyres. Because my business is Hometyre East Lancs, i said let me get her a price for her.

For two budget Event tyres, the price was very reasonable. Not only that but we supply and fit wherever you and vehicle is. We have a fully equipped mobile van. Saving the customer time, money and ultimately life's.

A single parent with two lovely children obviously struggling for cash at this time of year. Her reply was to see if she could get cheaper ones ie part worn. Yes they are cheaper but to what cost in tne long run.

After explaining that 98% of part worn tyres are illegal due to illegal repairs or damaged and not fit for purpose. To the naked eye the faults are not visible.

With this information she quickly changed her mind and chose to have the budget tyres. Which in the long run will save her money. As for her children you can not put on their safety and wellbeing.  

We offer a friendly no obligation advice and a very friendly mobile service.

If you need any of the above  please call on 0333 444 54 54 /

0800 783 93 10 


Costs of underinflation in tyres.

The most common answer to the question what are the pitfalls of your tyres being under inflated? 1. Tyre damage 2. Road handling 3 .Fuel economy The most scary and most overlooked is that a road survey from the NW Motorway Police states that 164 UK road deaths are blamed on under inflated car tyres in the past 5 years. #roadsafetyweek Regular checks are paramount not just for pressure, but general fit for purpose. Who checks their tyres on a regular basis. not many. We at Hometyre East Lancs are more than happy to do this free of charge. Any issues found a report is given to the vehicle owner. Because we are mobile with a fully equipped van we save the customer time, money and ultimately Lives. For your free tyre pressure and safety checks call 0800 783 93 10 / 0333 444 5454

Summer to Winter swapover time.

It's November and officially now is the time to swap onto those winter tyres! Don't be too fooled by some late warm weather either. A prolonged cold snap with possibilities of considerable snowfall has been warned by a number of weather stations around the uk. Temperatures are already tumbling away to low digits. Coupled with the damp and often foggy conditions normal to this time of year and your cold weather tyres are about to pay dividends! Especially in the East Lancs region, where a number of local towns and villagers can be easily cut off. Why winter tyres? Just the dramatically improved braking distances alone make them worthwhile. When temperatures drop to 7C or below, a cold weather tyre maintains amazing grip through the tread design and compound differences. A 'summer' tyre hardens and low temperatures and significantly loses grip. What is best for you? Give us a call to discuss options. We can supply replacement tyres for your existing wheels or supply complete set of alternative winter wheels and tyres from a huge range of styles and sizes. Have them fitted at home with Hometyre and you avoid any additional costs of tyre 'hotels' provided by fixed outlets too. Store your own tyres stacked up in the garage or shed/basement - wherever! Be safe this winter. One of the most harsh winters followed a hot summer and warm autumn back in 2009/2010. We could be heading into the same again!

A MOT in Simonstone Lancs highlights dangerous tyres

A routine MOT on a 58 reg Volkswagon Polo in Simonstone Lancs found two of the tyres needing to be replaced asap. Although the tyres were not illegal, they had two separate issues. The first issue was that one of the tyres had uneven wear on the tread, the reason for that is the wheel alignment or tracking needs to be re adjusted. And the second problem is that the other tyre had cracking on the inner tread. This is not a failure on a MOT test but something they thought needed to be addressed. For us at Hometyre we see it as a major result. Because they do not fit or replace tyres, the customer called Hometyre East Lancs. Who are a completely mobile sevrice, who offer a tyre replacement, puncture repair, locking wheel nut removel and a wheel alignment service. Two Firestone TZ300 195/50/15 were fitted and a wheel alignment to correct the uneven wear on the new tyres. Regular checks would of spotted the uneven wear and prolonged the life of the tyre. Which also improves the fuel economy.

From a simple puncture to a costly experience in Accrington.

What seemed to be a simple puncture after examination turned into a costly experience. After checking the customers tyre it was apparent that the tyre had a piece of metal about 4 inches long stuck in the middle of the tread.

The tyre was not repairable and it was the only one that was legal or fit for purpose. This sporty Mercedes SLK had two tyres on minimum tread depth, one odd runflat tyre. Just having a odd runflat with normal tyres completely throws the cars handling out of sync. Not to mention the legal complications.

Being on the outskirts of Accrington Lancashire the customer often takes the car on the surrounding countryside lanes.

To put this sporty little beuty back legal and safe the customer had 2 x 205/40/16 & 2 x 215/35/16 Primewell sport 910, a good quality mid range tyre.

The moral of the story is not to mix run flat with normal tyres, if you are not sure call Hometyre for friendly free advice. On 0800 783 9310

Burnley tyre issues.

High speed blow out in Burnley

The driver of the vehicle was totally unaware what was about to happen. Travelling at 70+mph one of the tyres had a blow out due being so badly perished due to age and deterioration.

This is a common problem with tyres of a certain age. After the initial shock of the explosion the tyre very quickly started to fall apart. The driver and the passenger where obviously very shaken, but very lucky. He was able to get the car to a safe place on the busy duel carriageway.

After putting the spare wheel on and finishing his journey home he called Hometyre East Lancs out to replace the blown tyre, it soon became apparent that not only did the need one but all four tyres needed to be replaced. A new set of Goodyear 205/55R16 Eagle tyres were ordered and fitted at the customers address in Burnley

It was a miracle none of the other tyres had done the same as they were all in such poor condition. Severe cracking and perishing on the tread area and sidewall was so bad when taking them off the rims they were falling apart.

All tyres had legal tread depth of 2mm but we at Hometyre always inform people that the condition of the tyres is just if more important.

We are always happy to give free tyre safety and pressure checks. For yours call 0800 783 93 10

Mobile camper van in Blackburn with the right tyres.

From putting four new tyres on this customers niegbour's VW camper van,he asked if Hometyre supplied the correct tryes for his Fiat Ducato camper. The reason for asking is that having previously enquired and being told that its a specialised tyre.

Four tyres were needed on this vehicle also due to severe cracking on the outer edges of the tread. After advising on tyres and prices he was more than happy with the advise and not to mention the price. Which was all inclusive and being fitted on the customers drive.

The tyres recomended were the Maxxis 215/70/15 109R comercial which is reinforced with extra steel bands for light trucks. Making the tyre more than capable of the needs of this camper van.

In the space of one week eight tyres have been fitted to two happy camper vans on this quiet street in Blackburn Lancashire. Thanks to the friendly mobile tyre fitter from Hometyre.Friendly free advise giving the correct information on the needs and costs to suit the customer.

Call now on 0800 783 9310/0333 444 5454


Camper van in Blackburn now heading for Lake Garda

A repeat customer of Hometyre East Lancashire needed his camper van tyres checking over before setting off on their trip to Lake Garda. After checking all the tyres it became apparent that they were not up to the trip. Although they had plenty of tread [5mm] they were nine year old tyres. Due to the age they had severe cracking and perishing - not only the sidewall but the tread as well. 

The customer ordered 4 new Continental 195/70/15 commercial Vanco 100 to be fitted at his home the following Thursday. Because of the tread depth he never thought about the consequences of the age and the issues that come with that. Over a period of time because rubber is a natural substance it starts to break down (like the rest of us!)

The following day the customer and his wife were heading for the continent. Lake Garda no less - which brings an all new meaning to the expression - 'happy campers'.

For camper or caravan tyres - call us today! We also supply and fit Tyron bands too!


Audi A4 Estate S/Line

After a recent networking meeting in Blackburn Lancashire a member contacted me to see whether we fit tyres on new alloys. After a couple minutes and a few probing questions it was clear he also needed 4 new tyres yoo.

His preference of tyre was the Goodyear Eagle F1 asymmetric 2, but unfortunately the size required for his new alloys made it difficult and expensive. 

After looking at the options of tyres on hour website, he chose to go for the Continental Sport Contact 5. Avery good quality tyre at very competitive price.245/35/19 98Y.

He was do impressed with our service he asked me to check is van tyres (ford transit connect). This vehicle needed 3 tyres also due to the 2ml tread depth, not mention the severe cracking and perishing on the outer sidewall. For this vehicle he chose the Nexen CP661A, 195/65/15 91T.

Not only do we come you whether it's at home or place of work, but we offer friendly advice. Which you can call on 0800 783 93 10 or check out our website at

If you are in East Lancashire area you get to meet the Safety Crusader (thats me Chris). 


Perils of incorrect wheel alignment.

Incorrect wheel alignment can cause a number of problems. Not to mention the extra expense, which can run to hundreds of pounds. 

For example a Audi Q7 with a tyre size of 275/35/21 two tyres replaced for £205 each for Pirelli Scorpion Zero. Unnecessarily worn unevenly due to the wheel alignment not being set correctly. 

The fuel consumption is affected dramatically also, because the vehicle is not running true. The vehicle has possibly hit a number of potholes for this to occur.  

Regular tyre checks for pressure and uneven wear can extend the life of your tyres dramatically. 

The roads around Blackburn and the surrounding areas of Lancashire don't help with these issues. 


Clean sweep

After a routine maintenance and inspection an ex council road sweeper was found to have two badly perished tyres. The vehicle was due to be sold. 

The tyres had at least 5ml of tread left, but the were in a poor state and not fit for purpose.

They were replaced with two Event ML609 225/80/16 c. The tyres were put on the rear of the sweeper, to ensure that the vehicle had matching tread and depth all round.

The seller of the roadsweeper based in Harle Syke in Burnley was now confident and happy to sell it on knowing the tyres were safe snd legal. 


Ambulance conversion.

A second hand Ambulance/transporter being lovingly restored as a camper van. Almost a complete refurbishment is required to bring it the required comfort level needed.

The outside is in excellent condition for the year of the vehicle, a Renault Master. The front tyres (Michelin) have a good even tread with 6ml  left on and only two years old.

The rear tyres are six  years of age, with severe cracking and perishing. Especially on the outer side wall which  are so bad they look as though they have been slashed with a knife. 

They were replaced with Continental Vanco 225/65/16c commercial tyres.

Once the interior is completed this ambulance/camper will give miles of joy in the years to come.  


Free tyre & pressure checks

Here is a brief description of what we do and why we do it. 

We offer free tyre and pressure checks for employers in the area who offer car park spaces for their staff. This service highlights any defects on tyres which may have gone un-noticed by the drivers.

The reason why we offer this service?

Most people do not check or consider the safety aspect of their tyres on a regular basis, often leaving it until their car is due an MOT or it goes in for a service when' the garage' points out that is need of attention.!

Using 'the garage' can not only be a n intimidating experience especially to the females and the unassuming male! but also a costly one.

An MOT will only look at the legal tread depth of a tyre to pass, whereas the condition of the is overlooked. Rubber is a natural product and has a lifespan of around 5 years, during which time the rubber begins to perish. The tyre should then be changed, regardless of the remaining tread depth to avoid any hazardous experiences. The tyre may start bulge in the weakened tyre wall often resulting in a blow out if left un-checked. 

We very strongly about the safety of drivers and particularly the un-necessary accidents caused due to worn out tyres. Did you know that the breaking distance in wet weather of a tyre with only minimum trad depth is almost 12m longer than a new tyre at 50mph? Quite scary!

We realise many people are very busy and do not want to take up their valuable time at weekends by spending time in a dirty garage waiting room......

Hometyre come to you, so taking the hassle out of the whole process.

The service we offer will only advise on issues that need attention:excessive wear, uneven wrar, perishing rubber even flat tyres are the main problems wr find. Hometyre pride themselves on offering a trustworthy service and does not pressure sell if any work needs to be carried out.  


Vehicles that lose their locking wheel nuts.

All Hometyre mobile tyre service vehicles are equipped with specialist locking wheel nut removal tooling to safely remove security devices where the original removal device is no longer able to be used or has been lost.

How we do it !

Where the nut or bolt has NOT been overtightened when previously installed, our technicians use two different means of removal.

1. Invasive. Where a tool is used to quite literally break into the head of the item and force it off with torque application. This method may permanently damage the locking wheel nuts/bolts and replacements may be required.

.2. Non-Invasive. Where a unique tool is used to mould to the shape of the installed device and replicate the missing/damaged item. This will not usually damage the locking device at all.

This service cannot be booked online - please call our support team now for POA on 08007839310 or 03334445454 


Latest technology in Goodyear/Dunlop Tyres

Tyre giant Goodyear Dunlop have announced a breakthrough in microchip technology for car and tyre development.

Utilising a chip embedded into a tyre and information relayed real time back to the cars onboard computer, it is now possible to use accurate live information relating to tyre temperature, pressure and performance in order to vastly improve driver awareness and safety.

The battery-less system sends data that enables the cars central computer system to automatically refine control algorithms according to the dynamic changes occurring within the tyre throughout the course of every journey. It is stated that improved braking distances, corner control and all round driveability will be felt.

The system has been tested using the leading Dunlop SportMaxx RT range of tyres and distribution into the marketplace will be announced shortly.


The Ultimate Tyre

You'd really need to own the type of car worthy of a tyre of this calibre - otherwise it'd be a bit of a waste - but for the road and track going type of motorist, the new MICHELIN PILOT SPORT CUP2is something else!

Now offering up to a 50% longevity improvement on track (not to mention the potential for faster lap times) than its predecessor the PILOT SPORT CUP+, the new product is once again a road legal ultra-high performance monster of a tyre.

 Fitted as original equipment to some of the worlds most incredible cars including theMercedes SLS AMG Black and the Ferrari 458 Speciale, this tyre has even had a completely new development created for it to make it more distinguishable visually too! 

Michelin Velvet Technology® was created to use light absorbing techniques in order to enhance images and information on the sidewall! Flash or what!Described here by Michelin: "Perfectly synchronised to the demands of the best sports cars. Lower rolling resistance for better fuel consumption.Road legal reduced tread depth tyre for road and track use.Fitted as original equipment to Porsche 911, GT2, GT3 and the BMW M3Dual tread compounds. Motorsport outer compound for outstanding dry grip, "full silica" inner compound to optimise wet grip.

Road legal reduced tread depth tyre for road and track use.Fitted as original equipment to Porsche 911, GT2, GT3 and the BMW M3.Dual tread compounds. Motorsport outer compound for outstanding dry grip, "full silica" inner compound to optimise wet grip.Not the cheapest of tyres though, as you'd expect! Check out this 305/30R20 Porsche fitment  available for fitting by Hometyre today from £382.65



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